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TNT Call notes 27-May-2015
Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, May 27, 2015.  I hope everyone is super-fantastic today.  Here’s what I’ve been doing… I start the call at 10am, and because it takes a few minutes to get connected, I wait until there are 25,000 on the call. So if people come in earlier, we could start on time.
I don’t have DC to go back and forth with because he’s in the middle of something.  We did have a conversation this morning, but their timing is the same as our timing.  Here’s what si going on:  this is One-question Wednesday and I’ll answer as many questions as I can.  Today’s call is like yesterday’s call, with verification.  The RV was authorized, nobody blocked the authorization, and it went all the way through.  When people started processing, that’s when the problems came in.  For the last 11 years, the problem has been authorization. That is now through – the banks received memos, they brought their people in Sunday and Monday, government people were on lockdown over the holidays, with their calls and movements being monitored.  People were told they would have appointments, and bankers/government people are upset all over the world. Iraq is upset with the meetings we told you about, and people received the information afterwards.  People in Parliament are upset because this makes them look ridiculous to their people.  They are trying to find out if it was a system glitch or sabotage.
They are retesting the system today, globally.  They think they have fixed the problem and today they will find out for sure.  So far, every test run has been perfect.  They are testing the complete system again today, and after that they will determine when to go live. Authorization has already been given. They don’t have to do that again;  the issue is with the system itself, with the processing.  They started processing people, and then the errors came up.  Today, the banks have dinar on the screens with no holds or pending notifications. The other currencies are not on the screens yet.  Some people who tried to process it came up with an error code again, although there are no administrative holds.
We have people who were sent to Atlanta over the weekend to do the processing;  they have been sent home and told to be ready at an y moment.  The heads are still in Atlanta, waiting. Bank people have been flown into various locations, and asked to wait until Friday, so everyone is anticipating this week.  As soon as the system is tested again, they will try to process exchanges again.  I’m not saying who it was or who they believe it was, because it is what it is. 
This morning, nobody in Atlanta was bummed out because they were told they would be heading back almost as soon as they get home.  Bank security is on standby.  The banks are still seeing the good rates.  Most people are looking one group or one area, saying they are to blame, but nobody’s positive until they go through the system. It is being tested by the CBI, UST, BIS and IMF, so see what level it’s corrupted at.  They say they havef fixed it, and now they are running tests to make sure. They do have a date they want to see this by.  Contractors in Iraq say their cutoff date is 15. June, and if it’s not done by then, they are pulling out.  Other contractors say that if it doesn’t go by 1. June, all agreements are off.  People are still cheerful because the authorization did actually go through.  As far as exchanges, we have not heard of any changes in procedures.
562 caller:  [can’t hear]  Can you go to the next caller and come back to me?
209 caller:  Good morning!  I know it’s One-question Wednesday, and I’ll stick to that.  I know we don’t know the deal on the taxes yet;  how will they notify people when they make a decision?
Tony:  I don’t know either!  We haven’t had any guidance on taxes at all. 
562 caller:  I bought the books you suggested, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and I just want people to read that book so they don’t lose the money when they get it.  When I read that book, I am a hypnotist, and I can just see the patterns in myself from my father living through the Depression.  Also, did you get enough donations to cover you?
Tony:  I can’t say we have, but it will be what it will be.  I don’t want to keep harping on donations and money.  I’m glad she brought up the books.  I was sitting down yesterday with an MBA guy, a legal guy, and others from all levels of society. We were all talking about this money and how to prolong it.  One guy says he needs 10 million and another said 20 million and someone else said “That’s too much money!” so we said, “Give it to us, then!”  So many people have had money and gone through it because they thought it was endless money.  They have gone through millions and millions of dollars because they didn’t work for it, they played the lottery or someone gave them money and they think it will last for ever.  They had bad habits, spending 100K per month, buying luxury cars and treating everyone.  I want to caution everyone again:  many are not getting ten million, maybe only a million, and that is not all it’s made up to be.  It doesn’t take you ten years to get through ten million – these guys went through it a whole lot faster than that.  This is NOT forever money.  It could be 300 million like Mike Tyson had, and he went through it.  It’s not forever money unless you protect it and put it to work before you spend it.  Don’t spend your way out of your future because it’s easier to do than you think.
301 caller:  The call yesterday, you stated everything went through and you didn’t want to point the finger…. I just think this is something the US is doing to hold this up.  You give us great information on how we can remain rich, but nothing is happening.  So my question is this:  What percent do you feel this will go through this weekend?
Tony:  I got a phone call this morning from someone with information, and they said every thing I said yesterday was right on. They do know where the glitch is in the system. They said, “This is the guy who did it and this is what they did.”  If he could do that, how come he can’t do that forever?  If they let him get away  with that, why shouldn’t he do it again?  My response:  You cannot hold a country hostage forever.  Iraq has to get its act together. We have documentation of how many people have been paid and how much and at what rate.  There are too many documents out there saying this is NOT a scam to hide this from the public.  There are too many people who have already exchanged for this NOT to happen. It’s inevitable, and the only question is when.  Once we cross that threshold of authorization, and it has been authorized, then they just have to fix the system.  How many days can they go when they have the best computer people in the world and they cannot fix this?!  Do they just need to figure out who sabotaged this? They find hackers all the time, so they can find this.
Caller:  They have been working on this for years, and now every time we turn around, there is another excuse. This is not fair to Iraq, nor to everyone else who has been waiting.
Tony:  I fully agree with you, and they cannot use this excuse again, and not do something about it if you agree with the authorization.  If you do this again, that will be in public and bring disgrace to people and countries.  Iraq will fully expose to their people why what Abadi said would happen didn’t happen. That’s what Abadi is angry about because it makes him look bad;  that will boil over and we will see it on 60 Minutes and there will be a reaction.  Hopefully it doesn’t get that far.
310 caller:  Are they taking all denominations of the zim?
Tony:  I have heard 100 trillion and 50 trillion notes, and that you had to have 100 trillion at least to exchange.
404 caller:  As for these authorization codes – I hope we don’t run any risk of them NOT being reissued, that they are set in stone.  Is that correct?
Tony:  I don’t know the answer to that question.  I heard that they have authorized the release, but that is why we are testing the system again. So far, I haven’t heard that they need to re-authorize anything.  I have heard that they have fixed the problem, they are testing the system, and then we’ll be on the way.
Caller:  I hope we will have THE call very soon, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.
Tony: They are talking about Iraq on CNN right now.
503 caller:  You’ve answered most of my questions.  Have you had any contracts with US Bank?
Tony:  If they are doing foreign currency now, they should be doing exchanges.  Yesterday there was a question about the other currencies.  All the big groups were simply exchanging dinar.  That is how their rates were set up, and they are only exchanging dinar.  We do know one guy who exchanged zim at seven cents.  I don’t remember anyone who did rupiah, and someone exchanged dong but I don’t remember which country.  As far as groups and packages in the US, they only exchanged dinar.  After yesterday’s call, Pam and DC reminded me of what happened.  I’m man enough to say I was wrong;  once every ten years isn’t bad!  <laughter>
775 caller:  I only purchased dong.  Is the whole basket going to go?
Tony:  Absolutely.  When it was scheduled to go over the weekend, all the rates were in place. 
703 caller:  I’m super-fantastic!  [Appreciation]  You said ‘processing’;  do you know what is involved in processing?
Tony:  Processing means going through the process of exchanging.  They were exchanging people and that’s how they found the error.
410 caller:  I’m sorry you don’t feel you can expose whoever did this.  I know it’s important to handle this carefully but it will be out of our hands soon, and that person had better appreciate that.  [Appreciation]  Austin or Vegas, either one is good!
Tony:  We may say Austin, Austin, Austin, but we’re going to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  I get all kind of requests to expose this person or say that, but people are really sensitive right at the moment about their legacies and what people think about them.  I have been asked to be careful, and really we just want to get through this.  Right now I’m trying to explain where we are in the process without upsetting the apple cart.  They did that over the weekend, and we didn’t have to get involved in that at all.  I am giving information so people can understand where we are.
701 caller:  How are you today?
Tony:  I’m great as long as it keeps going in the direction we are.  If there is another moment of sabotage, that’s a different issue, but it’s only a matter of time for us to see what direction we’re going in.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  I’m excited about what is going to be happening very shortly!
562 caller:  My question’s been answered. I would like to remind people that the next election people need to get out there and vote.
301 caller:  I’m standing on tiptoe in anticipation.  When you say they are trying to determine caused the glitch or error, is that a country or an individual?
Tony:  That’s a good question.  Even though they are running the tests right now, people have an idea of what country and who it was.  For me to tell you guys… it was outside of Iraq, is what we are hearing, but it doesn’t help to bring it up right now.  The people who need to know, do know, and we don’t’ want to piss anyone off.
Caller:  Vegas is great, but I hope for Carolina!
Tony:  Carolina is definitely happening too!
585 caller:  I feel for those people in Texas and Atlanta anticipating more floods.  Too bad we don’t have a water pipeline from Texas to California.  There are only two countries I think could have stopped this, and if it’s not Iraq, it must be the other one. 
Tony:  That’s your opinion and you’re sticking to it.  I’ll tell you what DC would say:  I cannot confirm or deny what you just said.  <laughter>
Caller:  So all they have to do is to bypass that address in DC.
Tony:  I don’t know where that address is, so… What I want to accomplish here is to let you know it was a system problem.  They say they have fixed that problem and they are testing it around the world.  All we have to do is wait to see what happens tomorrow or the next day, see what they pick to be the next time they say the system is fixed and let’s go.  It could be Thursday night, Friday morning, Friday evening, Saturday morning.  I am not looking for football season,  I’m looking by the end of this month.  Things change on the 1st, the contractors are saying they will pull out otherwise.  Everyone wants it done before Ramadan starts, and they have been trying to make this happen for two months already. Iraq wants this to happen right now, not next year! 
352 caller:  Let’s say the system is fixed tonight.  Where does that leave the TNT dinar people?  Where are we at in the line?
Tony: We will not go until it is pubic in Iraq, people in Baghdad being paid. They are still not getting it, although other provinces have been paid at 86 cents.  People in Kurdistan with relatives in the US are using their cards internationally, and they are getting that international rate.  How it can be international through MasterCard, and the banks here are showing the rates on the screen without admin hold… but our person tried to run a transaction, but it came out with an error code.  When it goes, we are supposed to go.  There is an order and a plan for this chaos, and our part doesn’t start until it is fully live in Iraq. The Iraqi people as a whole should get it before we do in the US.
Caller:  So if it goes tonight and people start getting paid, but Baghdad doesn’t go, then we don’t go, right?
Tony:  Some people jumped the gun, and the banks had people in, but people will not be paid out here until Baghdad is paid.  As I said yesterday, there are three possible scenarios to let you know it has gone.  The TNT site will go static, and we will tweet once there is a change.  I can tweet out that we are still waiting, but you already know that!
254 caller:  We’re 85 northwest of Austin;  the flooding is not affecting us although we have had heavy rain this week.  No one is paying me to make this call, despite what they say on Twitter!  If they go with the first notification procedure is used, then clicking on the tabs on the site won’t do anything?
Tony:  That’s right.  It will be read-only;  no one can talk to anyone in chat, or send private messages or post anything.  The site will be static until they tell us what information they want us to tell you.  And if they are saying on Twitter that callers are paid, that shows what kind of idiots they are.
I wanted to do a short call just to get us back on schedule. Authorization has been sent out again and banks have sent out memos for their people to follow all international law.  They tried to process exchanges, and errors came up in multiple places.  Was this some glitch in the system or sabotage by someone who wanted it to look like it could go through while actually preventing it.  They say they have identified the problem and now they are testing the situation globally.  The release could be any moment;  I’m waiting for a phone call.  Let’s get this party started!  Have a great day, everybody!

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