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5-22-15 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, May 22, 2015.  First of all, just like you guys I’m absolutely surprised to be here and not at the bank.  I thought we would be at the banks or at a party!  But here we are on another great day.

We have a bunch of visitors, so we will go through the purpose of this call. We’ll give you the new procedures that are in place. DC know that we are shorter window and a larger window in order for this to happen.  Great news in Iraq, in the US government and the banking system and we’ll give you those today.

We do have a lot of new people and I want to go over the site and the history. But first…

DC:  Who is listening?  From time to time another big group is added into the listening mix. We understand that today we have some newer listeners from political and business offices, such as Iraqi Parliamentarians, from the GOI, the CBI, the Finance ministry and some reporters.  From the UK there are some MPs, Ministers and members of the British press.  In the US, pretty much every office connected with this will be listening in, including some of their bosses, to hear how this is being coordinated.  Some more bankers are listening as well to find out how to advise their new customers.  Some were advised and some were directed to listen today.

Tony:  For you new people, we started this five years ago to help US people understand this is real, why they should be involved in it, and to give the details. That’s always been my purpose;  I thought it was important to educate the people about the entire process, not just from the US perspective but the world perspective.  It’s not just about how the rV works, but also the banking and governmental systems.  Many are thankful they have gone through this entire process.  We have taken scrutiny (and abuse) behind all this, and that’s okay;  it’s part of the process. There has been a lot of misinformation put out to protect their own industries.  Many are grateful to know more about the process rather than getting the money and not knowing how to deal with it.

Many of the government and banking people are now happy that we are helping to educate people throughout this process.  Sources started feeding us information, from people who care about ‘the people’.  Sources come from high and low, and some people have put their jobs and lives on the line to help the people.  The government says that 80% of people will be broke again in two years, and we hope that we’ve helped people do better than that.  We help educate people in the US and in Iraq.

The US has taken a lot of blame because this didn’t go five years ago, or five months ago.  We know this is a global event, and it’s not so much our concern what day this happens – it has to be done right, and there are very large considerations. We feel for the Iraqi people and the abuse they have gone through, and their frustration when they are told it will happen on this day or that day.  It’s not just about the money for them either, but seeing your country’s democracy grow and develop.

We have great reason to feel you are about to receive what you are waiting for.  Between 30 and 80 thousand listen live, and our range of influence within 48 hours is 1.3 million.  We have an unknown amount of emails – 500K or more.  Iraq listens to this call as well, listening in internet cafes.  That 1.3 million refers to who is listening, who they talk to  and pass that information  on to.  We especially want the press listening to understand the range of people listening, and the range of our sources as well.  People put their lives on the line (in Iraq), getting their doors kicked and computers confiscated.  People  in the US have sacrificed a lot to give us information.  We get calls for the highest levels, and emails too.  We get help from Republicans and Democrats;  both sides are helping, and both  sides have asked us to say certain things.  Sometimes we do that and sometimes we don’t.  I just want to get through this, what we said we were going to do.

DC:  This  is all volunteers put together to help others.  All our intel sources (when we originally started) were friends and associates, and then information started coming in from every office involved in the process.  Everyone involved is talking to us, up to the highest offices.  We make judgment calls about what to talk about, and some of it is deep background.  We are just a conduit so that everyone can understand the process.

Tony started this deal about five years ago, and two years ago I called Tony to offer my help because I have some specialized information.  Tony started calling me ‘DC” because I didn’t want the crap associated with having my name out on the internet.  I’m happy to share what we’ve done – I’m proud that we’ve helped the entire situation.  Also, we have become part of the process, like it or not.  We put together a twitter campaign 18 months ago because there were attempts to limit this investment.  This was supposed to end in 2008, and as it’s got later, the information has spread and more have become involved. They were trying to curtail who could exchange, and Tony and I both thought that was unacceptable.  The twitter campaign was very popular and we trended very high at the time, with  260K followers.  Influential people heard that voice and made sure that every day folks can be a part of this.

I assume that if you are listening you know how the oil credits work and such.  If not, go to www.tntdinar.com and look for Dinar 101.   Pam put it up there – she is our better half, and tells us what to do!

This call is extremely informal.  We start with Iraq because it’s their currency, and move west to the USA.  We try to give information rather than our own opinions.  Of course we attempt to interpret what we hear and verify.  Hopefully this will end up very productive both for our finances and globally in terms of helping humanity.

Tony:  To everyone listening, over the years we put out this information.  We said exactly what you said, and every time we said “It’s happening today” and it doesn’t, TONY gets blamed for that – and I have the lashes to prove it!  <laughter>

DC:  Interior, Finance and CBI have been running more successful tests all week – some were internal to the Iraqi state and some globally.

Tony:  What were the test about? How many days?  What was the purpose of the test?

C: Starting Wednesday afternoon in the US, they started running international tests.  Earlier in the  week they ran tests inside Iraq and other banks ran their own tests.  On Wednesday were true international tests, so that when Shabibi says GO, all the rates and procedures work correctly.  A lot of bankers were just told that it was only a local feed, but it was a global test and everyone played their part.  It went swimmingly.  There were a few glitches that were addressed.  They basically did the same thing yesterday afternoon and it went very, very well.  It was prepared well and the procedures went very well. They did some test exchanges, made sure that law enforcement and security were in place, and everything went very well.

Tony: On Monday, the US said that they would not block this any further, so these tests were to give Iraq confidence that everything will work properly.

DC:  It was a multi-purpose test, to make sure Iraq was in change and the procedures went well.  Those tests started in the late afternoon US time and ran until they were done.

In Iraq, in the news and mosques, people were told that this was the coming economic reform, and that the economic crisis would end this weekend. This is a major change in their currency and they need to be prepare.  The problem is that when it is stopped, it whips the end of the chain and those waiting to go in have to stop as well. This created a great deal or heartache.  All the same, they let people know again that this is going through in the next day or so.  There has been a lot of training around the new rates, the new prices, and how to use the banks. They have spent years doing that, training all the people to use the new currency.

Tony: Someone said that he bought bread for five dinar.  In Kurdistan, the live rate is $22 for 25 dinar.  The rates have changed in various provinces apart from Baghdad.

DC: Different regions have allowed the rate to change/revalue because they are so frustrated and to apply political pressure to Iraq and the US.  That makes no sense to have all these different rates throughout the country, but in fact it’s a reasonable response in some ways.  They have allowed certain areas to change the rate, to creep up as the y move forward.  It is still 1166 to the dollar in some parts of the country, and in other places the dinar is 1:1 with the Euro.  It’s very confusing. We don’t fully understand the situation and we get this all from leaks because we aren’t supposed to know any of it.  On a good day, we get 60% of the information, and at times we are clearly missing some key factors.  We get our information from people in the markets in key areas.  We do understand that we don’t understand the entire map.

Re: ISIL, many folks are worried about ISIL in Iraq.  Obviously, in Iraq, ISIL Is in the news, but also on the BBC, and other news sources.  President Obama himself said that ISIL is still a problem in Ramadi and other places.  ISIL is a threat, and there is a war going on with a broad coalition.  ISIL did have a good week in terms of what they are going through, but it’s a minor battle.  Anbar province is very large in territory, but not very populated apart from a few major times.  Ramadi has always been an issue because of the Sunni uprising. ISIL did not take over the whole town of Ramadi.  It’s serious and lives will be lost taking it back, but it could be over in a few days or weeks.

Tony:  We are talking to people actually walking the streets, and they say that ISIL only has one section of the town, and it’s not a big deal.  They feel they are winning against ISIL, that they pushing them out.  It’s very different on the ground than what we see on CNN or the news.

DC: The back of ISIL has been broken and it will be hard work to clean it up, but it’s not that significant.  In the mosques, they are also saying to be ready because this is here.

In the USA, IMF and BIS are ready to go. There have been tests worldwide, and bankers have told their people to be ready to go.  Iraqi security is better than we keep hearing here.

Tony:  In Iraq, their Prime Minister has said that “In the next day or two” their lives will change drastically.

DC:  In the rest of the world, major bankers were involved in these tests, and they were successful.  In the USA, the bankers are prepared. They have pulled in key fire-fighters, meaning technical, legal and management staff are in lockdown.  Their moves are restricted, they have security with them to stop them texting people or leaking information.  They are all there, prepared, in that position, not because they want to spend quality time together before a major US holiday weekend.  They are in place so that if a glitch comes in, they are on the spot to solve it.  There are bound to be problems, but by all the measures we have heard, these folks are doing really well solving them.

Major banks have sent out memos to  get their staff ready for this revaluation.  Some mentioned specific dates, some just said “in the next five days”.  Maybe !% of the bank population have received these memos.  Some banks are tired of ramping up and then being stopped, and they are saying, “Just tell us when it’s done”.  They have ensured that it proceeds correctly through their banks.  Those memos have gone out throughout the world as well as the US banks specifically.

Tony:  We are in the middle of the perfect storm.  The US always preferred a weekend, and even better a holiday weekend.  Last night banks sent out memos with a potential start time.  We can only give you the information as we get it ourselves, not to hype you up.  What makes you more confident, DC?

DC:  Watch their actions, not their words.  What actions have taken place?  Have they put people on notice or pulled people in?  What security has been put on notice?  This is how it should run:  everyone physically in place, with everyone in the right spots. They are very ready for this to  occur when Dr. Shabibi in coordination with the world says it’s a Go.

Tony:  Once he says Go and it becomes live, there are three different scenarios of how this might work.  Before we look at that, I have been telling you to get everything you need off the site.  I’ve told you to get your Ten Things ready.  After we tell you how you will be notified, you might like to have any questions ready right now!

DC:  There are three potential plans to notify people, and we will go over them.  There is one pegged and ready to go, but we don’t’ know which one.  We are not attorneys or financial attorneys, but this is what we think you should know:

A.    SILENT MODE:  They will let word out as quietly as possible.  Dr. Shabibi tells everyone to Go, and bankers will start calling their top clients very quietly. In Iraq, an instructive talk will go out, possibly talking about change prices.  The reasons for that are obvious;  there wll not be public announcements or celebrations.  We are told that we will be pulled in, physically, and asked to put the site on ‘read only’ or shut it off altogether.  The information will be posted on a static (unchanging) site.  Two-way communication stops at once.  It could be  up to 12 hours before we can put out the information we have, whether by a live phone call or a static website.  It will be very quiet and it might take up to 12 hours to go through.

Tony:  The first thing is that the page goes static and you cannot post or respond to anything in chat.  It could be this way for hours until the static page goes up.  We do have to  tell you that people will go crazy if we do it that way and start calling the banks.  We hope it doesn’t happen that way, but that is what it means if it does.

DC:  If it goes that way, at the end of 10-12 hours as we gather information, we will either do a final call (probably 15 minutes) that says goodbye and maybe direction to a further call or the static website.  They are thinking of doing this because it doesn’t rush the system.  The question is how hard and fast this information comes and to coordinate all the changes in rates whilst causing as the least disruption possible.  Tony and I and others will be signing long NDAs; we are tired, and also it’s better to be quiet as the rates change to make a smooth transition.

Tony:  While we are doing this, the news people will put something out as well.

B.    SEMI-PUBLIC:  Let’s say tomorrow Iraq announces that they are now one of the richest countries in the world and the future looks bright.  Be careful of the rate changes.  This will probably be covered by the international news sources like the BBC, CCN International.  We will still probably go to the static website with the 15-minute information call.  We will also tweet the information about the call.

C.   PUBLIC:  They could make a big deal out of this.  That was the original plan, but they decided otherwise because this is too complex.  Abadi, Shabibi, PM Cameron, President Obama, Secretary Lew… all would make huge announcements and make a big to-do about it.  It’s improbable they will still do that, but if they did, we would talk as much as we like on the phone and party until we sign the NDA.

Tony:  How long is my NDA now??

DC:  I have no idea how long it is now.

352 caller:  I have two questions.  When you reserve dong, how do you calculate when it’s long-term or short-term?

DC: That should be figured out when they figure out the taxes; most people are leaning towards short-term.

Caller:  I hope you are right about ISIL because President Obama says that our biggest problem is the climate change.

Next caller:  So  when this happens, we go to TNTdinar.com?

Tony:  Yes. If it goes to read-only, that means something is happening.  It could be ten minutes or 12 hours until we have an announcement or call.

Caller:  So if it’s a public announcement (B or C plans), we will get a tweet?  And otherwise we don’t?

DC: If it is the silent plan, you will not get a tweet, so watch the site.

Caller:  If they start by calling in their preferred customers, do we just have to wait?

DC: We have known for a long time that every bank has a list of people they will call first. They do this so they don’t create a big rush.  All three of these scenarios, they will call those people in first, but it’s a small number, maybe an hour or less.  We will change the page, switch the site over and then get to everyone else.

Caller:  I’m nervous about the possibility of ‘no tweet’.

DC:  You will be fine.  Also, the caps are still the same:  20m dinar, 20m dong, up to $500 millions’ worth of zim.

404 caller:  DC, you say you are in the car, but for two hours?   [DC:  I am sitting in the car waiting for a meeting.]  It’s still separate 800 numbers, right?  What about tier 2 banks?

DC:  Yes, separate numbers.  They feel it’s too difficult to coordinate that many banks.

Caller:  You said PM Abadi said that this is happening right away?

Tony:  On Wednesday night our time, he said, “Your lives will change drastically.” That would be Thursday morning Iraqi time.

Caller:  We would appreciate a tweet;  that is our comfort zone.  May this be the weekend!  And Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

302 caller  [Appreciation]  If the RV has never happened before, how are you so well acquainted with the process?  Also, Tony said that ‘in training’, he was told that cashier’s checks would not be a problem. Have you been hand-picked by the government?

Tony:  This process HAS happened in the past, maybe not at this level.  We have a lot of people in the banks who are exchanging for the banks, who have been trained by the banks to do this exchange.  They are telling us because they want you to know, so that this can be as smooth a transition as possible. We get information from people at government agencies, yes, but no one is paying us to do anything.  We have been asked to convey certain information, and sometimes they have been lies at times.  They had their own reasons over the years by doing that;  they caught a lot of bad guys that way.  But Pam and I are definitely not employed by the government;  I can’t speak for DC!

DC:  Most of us have friends connected into this process.  I’ve been involved for more than a decade, and when I volunteered to help Tony and this call, I ‘voluntold’ my buddies to help as well.  Certain people researched the hell out of us to make sure we are on the up-and-up, and then people started to  pass on more information, mostly through go-betweens.  I started out with seven contacts and now I have over 40.

Tony: I ‘m still amazed at the  level we get some information from.  [DC:  Me, too!]

Caller:  Can you give us a realistic window of when we can go to the bank and exchange?

DC:  Super-conservatively by 1 June, but I would listen to Abadi.

410 caller:  It feels more and more like this weekend, and I like that, but should people be extra-prepared if they are going out of town this weekend?

Tony:  So you are saying “do it!” but just to be prepared, right?  People, I would take at least some with you so that you can exchange a bit and then deal with the rest.  Don’t cancel your plans, just be ready to make your first appointment where it works for you, and then your second appointment.

Caller:  You give us confidence that this will take place as it should. Thank you, and I’ll see you in Austin, Austin, Austin.

Tony:  I don’t know who started that Austin, Austin, Austin.  <laughter>

508:  It’s Memorial Day weekend, and I want to thank all those who have served, and all the people in Iraq who have struggled there for years.

They say that Iraq is proceeding with the destruction of the 50K and 100K notes, and the removal of the ‘coming period’.  What does that mean?

DC:  “The coming period” is from now until November 2016.  The ‘removal of the zeroes’ refers to the physical removal of the physical currency – they have removed 98% of the old currency.  It’s a complex situation and I’m amazed at how well the Finance Ministry and the CBI have coordinated that job. There is not that much currency out there now, and after August 2016, the remaining notes will go on ‘collector’ status.  It’s a two year process, and many articles are out there to explain it.

In firms of the 50K notes, the Iraqi banks now have the latest and greatest systems.  However, Iraq has always been cash-based, and they are bringing Iraqis into a credit card and bank account based system very quickly.  Some people still want to use cash for larger purchases, and those few notes will be orderable for that.  The same is true in the US;  the $1,000 and $10,000 can still be ordered but there is always scrutiny.  This will have not effect on our RV. Our dinar currency will be exchanged and destroyed.

Let’s say you exchange in Boston.  The truck will take it to the clearing house, and the transaction code will attribute it to you.  Each serial number will be credited to you and to Iraq (or whatever country has the oil credit), and then the notes themselves will be shredded and incinerated.

That is if you exchange at the bank.  Dealers go through a different process, but you will still be credited with the US dollars in your account.  The contract rate is only available through the banks.  That should be there for 2-7 days, so if you have reserves, that is not realistic.  If you exchange through a dealer, that will be at international rates.

Some key dealers have physical currency earmarked for you in their vaults.  Some of them have a ‘buy insurance’ deal, saying they will deliver the rest of the currency at a certain rate.  This is typically done overseas, and there are all sorts of legal reasons why it would be difficult to collect from those agencies. Those with insurance issues will probably not get your reserves.  They are not supposed to call them options, but basically they are.

Caller:  What about with Sterling?  And what are the rates right now?

DC: Sterling has your currency in the vault.

3.91 to 4.57 on the dinar
1.08 = rupiah
19 cents on zim
1.67 = dong
1.48 = Afghan currency

Tony:  I want to talk about reserves.  If the rate comes out and they would only give contract rate on what I have on hand, then I would take that rate.  If you only want the international rate, or if you have reserves, I would call to make another appointment as the rate goes up.  Or you can call your dealer to exchange when it hits the rate you want.  It is going to go up and come back down, almost certainly within 30 days. If you have the heart, you have the opportunity to increase your exchange.  If I cannot exchange the reserves at the contract rate, I would be willing to wait until it’s at a better rate, given that I would only get international rates on those reserves anyway.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so just think it through. That is how I one of the ways I would look at it, but I have a high pain threshold.

301 caller:  My mom and dad are in their 80s, and I hope this comes while they are here to enjoy it.

Tony:  My father turns 80 tomorrow.

Caller:  On the website, it says you should only tell them about your dinar.  Is that true?

Tony: That shouldn’t be saying that on our site;  you should tell them about all your currencies.  One person asked if he had to make an appointment IF he only has dong, and he does.  You need to tell them your total volume.  If it says otherwise on the site, that’s Pam’s department!  <laughter>

Caller:  I don’t fly but I do want to meet you all.  Take my number down please, so that we can meet at Vegas, I would appreciate it.  I would fly just for you guys!

Tony:  Ray is also in Maryland all the time, just for the weekend.

Caller:  I want to meet you all!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and I do feel this is our weekend.

Tony:  We’re busy this weekend, so let’s get this party started!

757 caller:  [Appreciation]  What percent do you think it’s this weekend?

Tony:  I was feeling really good until DC mentioned until the end of the month!

DC:  I like Dr. Abadi a lot.  I feel good about this weekend through Monday.  Everyone is ready, and although things could change, I feel very, very good about this weekend.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  We are used to getting blamed for everything – rain, drought, RV, no RV.

256:  You aren’t giving out 800 numbers for regions, will you?  Do we just call the tier 2 banks directly?

DC:  My bank’s home office is about 50 miles away, and I might call WF just in case.

Caller:  DC, could you repeat the first 30 minutes of this call?  <laughter> Lets’ hope this is a memorable weekend.  [Appreciation]

DC:  Okay, guys, hope everyone’s doing well.  Quick summary:  Iraq is ready, multiple worldwide tests were successflul.  Everyone is engaged and ready to go, looking forward to this very quickly. We are not going to buy more dinars from this information, but the banks are ready and I feel very, very good about this situation.

I hope everyone appreciates what this is:  bankers and government volunteers helping everyone out because they care about general humanity and they want to be part of the process.  It’s a neat thing we are doing together.

Tony and I are not attorneys or financial advisers, but make sure you money is making money before you spend a time.

Pam: If you are a member of the forum, you can find transcripts in the Conf Call section.  If you are not a member, you can find the recording information and verbatim transcripts by Zebragirl on the public part of the site.  Someone posted today, “I want to make this money last for many generations, watching it grow not watching it go.”  And someone else said, “Take care of yourself first!”  Both are correct.

Tony:  All that information in TNT dinar is free for you, but not free for me!

Ray:  This could be “Finally going to finish this Friday”.  I’ll finish with this message… [a snipped of I Feel Good.]

Tony:  We appreciate everyone listening to the call, including those who were told to listen to this call as the best way to learn about this situation and transfer information.  Also, I think everyone in the past five years who has helped, especially with the Twitter campaign.  That ensured we maintained our position in this process.  So many of you called us, gave critical information that helped us fit together the entire puzzle – not just what is happening but why, and what it means for our future.  I know many put their jobs on the line;  it wasn’t easy to  send documents, files and memos, and we appreciate.  We are putting everything we have into DC’s museum, including the letters you sent from members of Congress and banks.

I don’t know how the next call will go, so I want to take this time to thank every one of you for being on the calls and members of the site, and taking part in this process right down to the street level.  Happy Memorial Day to veterans and those on active duty. If this happens, great;  if it doesn’t, still celebrate the meaning of this holiday.

I would love, love, love to do a call tomorrow morning or any time up to Sunday evening.  Have a great day!

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