Monday, May 11, 2015


S3A :

  • MARKET ACTION - extremely favorable for TOMORROW!!
    • Blackjack7 wrote
      2m ago
      Just got a call from a good friend of mine and he was told last night that some his people have exchanged at the high rate and it is just about our time
      • Military is still setting up across the country for the takedown of the cabal/foreign usa gov. they are on notice to STOP. all Treason. The military is about to flip and the problem is many have been paid all ready to finish a job. The usa will rid itself of these fleas
        • Awesome!
        • I would sure love to see Jamie Diamond (CEO of JPMorgan Chase Bank) hauled off in cuffs!  That would almost be as sweet as exchanging my currencies... well, almost...   :)
          And the Boards of Directors of Northrop Aerospace, Lockheed, Monsanto, Glaxo Smith Klein, the FED, Exxon, BP, Bechtel, Halliburton, the NYSE, Pinkerton Security... (ok, you get the point... )   
        • AMEN!

      • Iko Ward wrote 
        2m ago
        Reviewing the Dong, it is now in its twelth day of remaining flat and not trading. In spite of what the press has put out, the dong has only devalued 00.99%....Ecuse me... That,s .0099%... Essentially nothing.

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