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Hello Everyone. The news to share with you today is so good that I can hardly wait. It is all verifiable and backed by reputable sources such as articles, news media and sources inside Iraq.

Today’s NewsToday is Sunday May 17th and still no RV and just 14 days till June - all I have to say is TIC TOC, TIC TOC  to all that say this will never reach June.

Some say it will never reach a June timeframe. Really? They are now slowing changing their tune as we get closer to June.  NO SECURITY, NO NEEDED LAWS = NO RV!

I can hardly believe it that even after I have written about 10 news letters already on why I think Iraq is not yet ready to RV. Some just still put on their RV filters and are only reading what they want to read from my news letters.

So now let me once more clarify my stance on some information.

I never said it was just about PASSING the new laws. Heck that does Iraq absolutely no good. They need to IMPLEMENT these laws. Since in the past Iraq tends to pass legislature and then sit on it for months. The USA wants now to make darn sure these new law are not just passed but carried out and implemented. They are getting tired of the stalling by Iraq in these matters.

I am not predicting a June or July RV timeframe.

I am not saying this RV will be held up until 2016 timeframe.

But what I do want to give you in the information on the status of the RV and what is impacting it.

Iraq may desire to RV and even come up with timeframes in which to do so. The process may even begin but it will be stopped, since the USA will sit in meetings and agree to a timeframe and then later stop it. This is the same old game they have been playing now for over 18 months. They will continue to stop them until they are satisfied that needed SECURITY is in place and the NEEDED LAWS are implemented. Iraq needs it sovereignty not just on paper but in reality. They must fully make this break from Iran. Can I be any clearer? We are never meant to know about these intermediary RV timeframes and what is going on in this area of concern. It is in fact none of our concern.

Wikipedia definition - “SOVEREIGNTY is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources” or Merriam-webster definition - “unlimited power over a country. : a country's independent authority and the right to govern itself”

Once again it is at the beginning of the month and we are witnessing Iraq paying out their obligated pension plans, retirements, ration cards, salaries, etc. As usual like clockwork once again some have to scarf up this information and turn it into some RV drama. Must we go through this every month?

So here is the article related to this hype about these recent payments. It is in black and white. What else do you want? Can it be any clearer? This news is not even related to the RV.

Article follows: Initiate action to "exchange workers' salaries from the card holders"


The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Thursday, firing workers' salaries creditors exchange of smart card holders for the months of March and April 2015.

The ministry said in a statement, "The Department of pension and social security for workers of the ministry completed the distribution of salaries to all holders of the smart card measures in coordination with the General Administration of the Rafidain Bank."

The statement added that "according to the law of retirement and social security for workers, the retired, who has a service 30 years and older receive a salary of $ 400 000 dinars for two months, and the retired who has less than 30 years service receives a salary of $ 340 000 dinars, while a retired family receive the deceased which has more of the three beneficiaries a salary of $ 300 000 dinars, also two months, noting that "a retired family of the deceased, consisting of two beneficiaries receive a salary of $ 280 000 dinars, while the deceased retired family that has one receivable Vtstlm a pension of $ 260 000 dinars, for only two months."

The ministry called through a statement, "the retired workers insured banks to review each according to his residence area for the purpose of receiving their salaries Mstsahban smart card with them."

We are also seeing disputes between Baghdad and Kurdistan over the agree share of oil revenues being paid for the month of April. This seems to happen in the early part of each month. As we stand on the side lines watching it many can not figure out the strategy of the GOI as to why they do this every month. There is an article that tells us why. I have included it today.

This delay of course angers Kurdistan and only gives them more leverage and justification in a continued plot with the west to split off Kurdistan from Iraq. After all most of the oil is in the north and so who needs the rest of Iraq and it problems….lol…(just being sarcastic). Personally I do not think Kurdistan will ever spit off so don’t worry. It is just leverage used by Kurdistan and the west at the negotiation table with the GOI to get what they agreed upon.

So why do they keep doing this? Is it intentional?

No - I do not believe it is intentional and it is only one of the many symptoms to the liquidity problem Iraq is facing. I will explain this in more later in this news letter but for now you can see a clear case where they desperately need these new 50k and 100k notes for inter banking of large transactions on a regular basis such as these monthly payments to Kurdistan and the other provinces.

We have known for many months now, in fact for almost a year. that Iraq is paying out different rates for the various social programs. Can you remember back in February of 2014? This was the first time we heard solid news of citizens using their SMART cards. The finance ministry gave us multiple articles telling us the various rates for the various programs. This has not changed so why twist it now and try to make it hype as if it is somehow meaningful and related to the RV?  Do you also remember the pressure from the anti-Maliki riots? A year ago they had to give the people something. Under pressure they had to finally payout. So I tell you today this had absolutely nothing to do with the RV.

So once again I am not making this up. Simply read the article I sent you now and in the past. Read them for yourself. So now here is yet another article on this topic of payouts on the cards and the problems they are having. Again it all expected and happens at the beginning of each month.

Article follows: Rafidain Bank uses modern techniques in exchanging retirees salaries

Saturday, 09 May 2015 09:36

Shafaq News / Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday, using modern techniques in paying salaries of retirees through the smart card in its branches in the country.

“The bank has put its capabilities in providing services for retirees and pay their salaries in appropriate time and without delay ,” The general director of the bank , Basem Kamal al-Hassani said in a written statement received by Shafaq News”.

He added that the bank is one of the main pillars and is a national bank leads its services to all sectors ranging from government , private and issues related to citizens who need direct humanitarian service.


[SMART Card Pilot Program]

Iraq is now aggressively piloting a new SMART card roll out and plan to use it (and only it) for paying out excess oil revenues (as part of Oil and Gas law). Through these cards money will be given to the citizens beginning for the very first time in the June/July timeframe. The important part is that these cards is the ONLY instrument  to be used to distribute the oil revenue  funds to the citizens. So if they want the payment they must get a card immediately. If they intend to participate in this program since the program is due to begin soon.

This information has been on all the news channels in Iraq and citizens must go to the banking centers to receive their new cards or complete the signup process to receive a new card. This process began a couple weeks ago and they even opened the banks on Fridays to accommodate the large crowds needing service. Did you hear about people being lined up at the banks in Iraq? Simply put this is why. Not a mystery or secret news. I was all over the Iraq newspapers. I am telling  you it was NOT related to the RV in any way and they were not lining up to exchange currency.

I also can guarantee you of that when Iraq finally rolls out to the international world, the last thing you will be seeing is lines of people at the banks in Iraq in order to exchange their 3 zeros note currency. Why?


Some of the intel is also trying to tell you that large groups of people have exchanged or are exchanging now in Iraq. Not True, why?


So where do they now get all this currency from?

[How long can they hold back the RV?]

Just as long as they desire, however it would seem amazing if it was to go beyond the summertime timeframe.

So will this current situation soon spillover into the 2016 and thus the democrats make it an election campaign issue in the USA? It is not very likely.

Will they then use the elections (once again) as their new legitimized excuse for a hold up?

Or maybe the RV is really being held up because of legitimate reasons like SECURITY and the much needed IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW RECONCILIATION LAWS.  Maybe these are the areas of concern we should be watching instead of getting all hyped up over something that may never occur.

LAWS are needed to fully implement their constitution and Reconciliation Reforms, a full requirement by the USA prior to any RV. This has been said over and over again by USA president Obama if you closely listen to his speeches on Iraq and its movement forward. It is now part of their plan.

SECURITY so investors can flock into Iraq. Remember they are trying to establish a capitalistic democracy and not just a democracy. This capitalistic democracy machine, a combination of democracy and capitalism, takes on a new face as it gets turning and running. It needs the democracy entity for stability and security, and capitalism to provide the funds for development. But once it is moving the cash flows are amazing and all can benefit, if the government, banks and businesses also perform, behave work together accordingly.

In this process the average citizen will benefit greatly as well as the many entrepreneurs and businesses. We are not talking now so much about the small mom and pop shops in Iraq. We are talking about large housing complexes, car and truck assembly lines, new farming practices, new airports, new hospitals, clean water and fully restored electricity to all of Iraq.

This is all possible through revenue generated from taxes, tariffs and investors in their currency. Money has to flow. Cash flow is the key. This is the engine I am referring to.

So how does this cash flow?

The banks play their role since they are the intermediary that holds the capital and disperses it out in legal projects in the form of loans. Where do they get this capital from?

Many incentives are being given to the citizens to try to get them to use the banks. The banks need their deposits. Business and contractors too should use the banks as their accounts are also needed for progressive loans.

Then oil revenue program recipients and businesses pay taxes, exports and imports pay tariffs. The government is the collection agency. Like the banks they then can decide where to use the money for the benefit of all.

The new laws tell the government then where to spend the money based on the citizens needs. So you can see some of the many functions that must be implemented to get this giant engine of prosperity kick started. This is now the effort underway. This is some of the news I bring to you today. Think of this effort as an old WWII era battleship sitting in dry dock. It lays dormant. It has everything it needs to run on the high seas but until it is fueled up and those massive engines are running it is a helpless, lifeless hunk of metal. So too is Iraq and its fuel for its engine are these revenue generating items in both the private and public sectors.

The revaluation of their currency is just the aftermath of the process and many want to put the cart before the horse. Can’t be done! So we will just have to wait and watch while all the pieces are in place. Soon the engines will be running  and Iraq will begin to run on full throttle. Then they will RV their currency somewhere in this process but we can only try now to predict when. The optimistic side is this is very nearly all done.

So you see it is not just all about the RV. The RV alone will not bring the wealth and prosperity. There must also be this engine of capitalism and democracy in play. I hope this all makes sense.

Like I said a thousand times holding back the RV is leverage and one of the remaining tools that the west has for forcing Iraq to do what is right for themselves,  in spite of themselves. Remember Iraq has been set back by 8+ years of the Maliki syndrome so the PTB (Powers To Be)  are behind on their plan for the middle east. They need Iraq to move aggressively now. They can not afford another mess up.

The new prime minister has done some amazing things in the short timeframe he has been in office but the legislature is still very slow and debates and rehashes over and over again the same issues. They also tend to be absent from sessions and luv their long holidays in between.

Do these new laws really matter?

Yes- these new laws matter a great deal!

We have seen the parliamentary holiday for May being delayed because of the urgency in getting these much needed new laws passed and IMPLEMENTED. Why? Because Iraq desperately needs them for their SECURITY measures and INVESTMENT and BANKING thus priming the engine, which is about to be kick started.

[Update on the Project to Delete the Zeros]

In my last news letter these was an article by parliamentary committee member Nora Albjara. She claimed that the government has completed all the mechanisms relating to the draft deletion of zeros from the currency since the year 2013. Iraq was able to complete the project as required and on time She also noted that no application of the project to completion did not take place “for political and economic reasons."

The deputy and confirmed in her statement the most appropriate time possible in the past to implement the project to delete the zeros of the currency was in the year 2012.

We know that Iraq has a serious liquidity problem. I tried to outline why this was a problem to you in past news letters. Soon there after Abadi announced Iraq had a solution and would tell us in the coming week. Then in that next week they announced they were going to revive the effort to print and use the new 50k and 100k notes.

They said this was in response to solving their liquidity problem at the banks.

Then we remembered back to 2012 when they first made the announcement about these new notes for and it was right around when they wanted to complete the project to delete the zeroes and RV their currency. Do you remember this timeframe. Dr Shabibi even announced that the distribution of the new coins would take place in September of that year. We then witnessed the political side (Maliki government) blocking the RV at that time and telling us they would complete it in early 2013. We then witnessed what happened to Dr. Shabib and the CBI later the year. That was an end to this effort at that time.

So now we see a revival of the effort to get out the 50k and 100k notes. Why? This is something that should have been done back in 2012 along with the RV and maybe they never would have had any liquidity problem and many of the other economic problems they have encountered since.

So just recently out pops another article (found below) from the finance committee member Masood Haider telling us the CBI now decided to go ahead with the printing and distribution of these 50k and 100k notes. This was WOW news to me. How about you?

Also and most importantly he also told us they fully intent to complete the removal of the zeros project (meaning RV their currency) in the coming period. Yes in the coming period.

Massood Haider also just verified and backed up what Nora Albjara told us just days ago. Who am I to believe these two creditable sources from the Iraq finance committee in a published article OR some obscure and unknown news from intel “gurus” with  “Iraq contacts” who tell us it will RV every day / every week and still nothing ever happens?  Do you get my point now?

We don’t know when exactly this RV will occur but this is the exact same language we were getting back in 2012 and I am very, very excited. These are the kind of tones and messages from the CBI we hope and wait for. It is an excellent article and is telling us so so much. These are facts we can hold on to and not rumors from some obscure and unknown Iraq sources.

Article follows.

Parliamentary Finance: Central Bank will print large cash categories to create the removal of zeros


Tomorrow Press / Baghdad said the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Masood Haider, Tuesday, the central bank decided to print large cash categories to create the removal of zeros from the currency in the coming period, stressing that the decision-maker and thoughtful and to be implemented.

He explained Haider for "tomorrow Press," that "the Finance Committee discussed with the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords in its last meeting the subject of currency printed in the case of the availability of financial liquidity," noting that "the central bank decided to reprint some of the larger denominations to create the removal of zeros from currency during the coming period."

He added that "to be printed fifty-categories and one hundred thousand Iraqi dinars," pointing out that "thoughtful and decision-maker for more than two years and only implementation remain."

So then over the weekend we get another article on the topic of the project to delete the zeros. We can tell it is now a very HOT topic and they are aware of its necessity to complete it.

[Update on the National Guard]

I have stated that I believe the National Guard law is passed and waiting to be announced and fully implemented. Implementation will take money and trust. It will also take a careful diligence since they do not want to re-arm yet more militias. This is the problem with establishing these units throughout the provinces.

What they need to do is to make them para-military much like they do in the USA with their State Guard units (now called National Guard). Send them to military boot camps, train them and indoctrinate them. Then send them home and allow them to work normal jobs while drilling periodically. Maintain and store their weapons and supply in a safe armory.

The problem is that most do not even yet have a stable job to go to when they are not connected with the new National Guard. So what do they do when not drilling?  Many politicians believe the answer is to give it time. Let the economy grow and supply the jobs first before implementing the National Guard units. This is an ongoing debate, however they need to fill these units now.

[Other Needed Laws]

I am not going to speak much about the other needed laws today since Iraq has been very quite lately on the status of them. This is typical and just an example of what the USA has been saying. Iraq hurries to legislate then stalls in the implementation phase. This is why the USA is demanding FULL IMPLEMENTATION prior to any RV.

[Battle for MOSUL]

I am hearing they are still softening up ISIS with daily bombing raids on strategic locations. Coalition forces in the meantime are staging equipment and logistics for the coming battle ahead. I am still confident this will be a decisive and very significant battle in the fight against ISIS. We know this battle is not planned to occur until sometime in early June however I am already getting feedback that they have moved on ISIS in Anbar.

Peace and Luv To Ya All.

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