Thursday, May 21, 2015


Post From Peoples Dinar By Marine1 (Has multiple OCC / Treasury Contacts)

 Marine 1:   Guys and Gals..........the revaluation of a countries currency is a massive undertaking...even without terrorist intervention. The GOI is pressing forward in the face of multiple setbacks from ISIS to oil prices plumeting to internal political  issues from the Sunnies, the Shites to the Kurds....

you have all read the massive amount of mostly favorable information coming out of the Iraqi media to the absurd interpretations of some of the "clowns" singing for another 10 bucks to get their VIP info....really sickening! Here's the real deal.

As many of you know, my partner and I now have multiple OCC/Treasury contacts that have recently offered " off the record" info regarding where we are in this investment....it ain't all good ..but it's real

no links....just a synopsis of high level Treasury guys chatting around the water cooler ....I'll finish this tomorrow after another chat with my partner...I think you will be pleased with the reality of the info.
So........I can give a little info that from sources close to the top of the OCC and UST.....I'll just refer to them as OUR GUYS.........

My partner, EXPECT MORE.....has been invited to chat with a few of OUR GUYS at high levels in our banking and treasury management....understand that we are talking about any countries money/currency worldwide.

 In a discussion a few days ago, OUR GUYS indicated that even though the authority for the reval has been released to the CBI (it went from 1600 pennsylvaia ave to the UST....to the IMF/WB, and to the CBI)

As you know and have been reading, one source in the CBI wants to pull the trigger and another strongly opposes because of the current security concerns in the country.

You also know from the info on the forum, that the current acting GOV of the CBI is a proxy position and that ABADI is in the process of replacing proxy positions.

It is doubtful that a reval will occur with proxy leadership (Maliki's guy) and the country in the process of retaking lost territory to ISIS.

OUR GUYS also indicated that if a reval occurs before stability is clearly evident in the GOI AND militarily, the US ( the worlds reserve currency )could simply not exchange Iraqi dinar... effectively not recognizing or approving any peg to the USD.

Unlikely that ANY country would exchange if ultimately the US pegs the dinar as worthless.
The bottom line to this discussion is twofold....

first....we all already know and have been told by Steve and Ray years ago that stability in the GOI would be a necessity before monetary and economic reform could be completed.....also that the Iraqis' have to get it right the first time....essentially no do overs.

Now we have the ISIS incursion that MUST be remedied to our satisfaction before monetary reform can be completed.......what really floored me was the incredible power that this country has over all currencies that are dependent on the worlds reserve currency.

We have all read these things, have discussed them with many very knowledgeable forum members....but to hear it live from OUR GUYS sitting just down the hall from the sect treas of the country, really changes the dynamic for me. You might be surprised to know that many in our Gov are invested.

So...really, nothing really new or earth shattering, just more confirmation of things that we know and that our investment is still in play and that EVERYONE is working feverishly to stabilize all areas.

Hang in there ...it's a little scary at times but it's TO BIG TO FAIL  marine1

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