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sydneysam2 :Frank or admins, would you mind clarifying something?  On Monday's cc, I believe Frank said if this does not happen by ramadan, there is NO WAY it will happen until after, because it would be sacreligious to work on it during ramadan.

However, on last night's cc, I believe I heard Frank say the opposite ... that they are considering this year 'a year of exception' and they WILL work on the MR during ramadan to get this done.  Which one is correct?

Frank26:  Each CC improves ....... Evolves WITH our intel.  Therefore.    Consider the latter.

They will work durning Ramadan .... Fight ..... Eat when they CAN.

Right now ....... Nothing can stop this Lava Flow but ........ God.

KTFA    Frank


walkongstick :Wide participation in Iraqi banks Beirut forum about mechanisms

Baghdad ~ / my day

Iraqi banks participated in a forum about Beirut dry up the sources of terrorism and combating the financing of terrorist groups Daash mechanisms. The head of the Iraqi private banks association meek ​​Nuri al-Handal in a press statement, "The meetings of the forum dry up the sources of terrorist financing, which concluded in Beirut two days ago, it is of great importance especially in this stage where the different areas in the region are exposed, primarily Iraq, to terrorism Daash, which calls for the need for concerted efforts to expand the horizons of work direction which serves the goal of countering terrorism.

 "He explained:" that Iraq had an active contributor in the dialogues held by the Forum over two days, representatives of the Association of Iraqi private banks, as has been discussed a working paper group Financial Action Task Force on Combating the Financing of Daash and terrorist groups, as well as discuss the issue of / know your customer and client customer / according to the degree of risk and verification procedures, as well as how to find out banking operations that can be exploited and the method of monitoring the operations and the movement of money of suspicious and unusual, with the participants in the Forum is keen to identify developments in the international standards to combat money laundering and terrorism financing "He called bitter melon banking sector in Iraq, to show more concern for the FAQ application and work in accordance with international banking laws, especially those related to the monitoring of the movement of financial and bank transfers, control, stressing the great need to apply to the disclosure of systems liquidity and maintaining the validity of the confiscation of funds related to the financing of terrorism and the application of the regulations precautionary related Bha.utaba:

"The banks in Iraq dominated the day vigilance and warned the case of very high, because the banking system is one of the arenas war on money laundering and terrorism financing, where most of the Iraqi private banks originated in exceptional circumstances, by the year 2003 and beyond. "and that" the Iraqi Central Bank pays today great importance to the phenomenon of money laundering in the light of the ongoing transformation of the economy of Iraq toward a market economy, where the CBI is working to issue a new law to combat money laundering and create advanced and integrated modules in Iraqi banks to increase the intensification of control ".ofatt to" that Iraqi banks now operating in accordance with modern mechanics and according to international standards to enable them to monitor and follow up the money transferred through it, stressing that "the fight against money laundering crimes and terrorism financing, is to protect the national economy and the soundness of financial, banking and commercial operations, and to all sectors.

" He explained Handal "The Forum concluded important recommendations are consistent with the provisions of international law concerning the fight against terrorism, which has become everyone senses the risk and its implications for the present and the future of Arab societies, particularly the risks posed for the sectors of the economy and money in the forefront of the banking sector."   LINK

Landa Global Wed. 5-20-15 Conference Call: “Blackout”



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