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** The comments made by Frank26, TopShelf and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! *

FRANK: Next Tuesday … AggieDad will be leading you in Bible Study … and Andy will be doing our first Sunday of the month prayer calls. TopShelf has found some LIQUIDITY in the CBI spreadsheet that he’d like to share with you.

 Interesting indeed how they are paying things.  Today we see more money pouring in … millions … billions … the IMF … you see Abadi telling the international world to come in. Help us! 
TS – I’ve been waiting all 24 hours for this! You’ve got the best newshounds in the business! What’s different here (at KTFA) is with the guidance from you (with knowledge) your Teams, they know where to look for information and knowledge.

QUESTION – How much is a 25,000 dinar note worth right now at today’s exchange rate?

ANSWER – around $23.00 USD

QUESTION – So two 25,000 notes equal … 50,000 dinars … which would obviously be around $46.00 USD

How long have we been telling family … that to remove the 3 zeros … and we’ve been going with the theory that the 50 dinar note would be a LARGE VALUE NOTE … on the revalue happens …

 if they remove all of the 3 zero notes … if they came out with a new 50 dinar note … the old two 25k notes … would be equal to a 50,000 dinar note … would only be worth $46.

So a new 50 dinar note … would be equal to a 50,000 dinar note … under the new structure. I’m not taking into consideration at all … any of the additional liquidity behind the dinar.

This is what the CBI is saying with numbers. Numbers translate the same … no matter who (or what) it is. It’s a universal language … a language of numbers.

A 50 dinar note … up and coming … is technically the same thing as a 50,000 note today – once you remove the 3 zeros.

The internet and the people who laughed at us months ago are just now catching on to what we’ve been saying.   But … do they understand what is coming next?

Do they understand the numbers that are coming out?  How much value is there?

Do we let the number play themselves out?

The knowledge and confidence is there.

I’m bouncing off the walls right now, waiting for what is coming.

There is great expectation … I know it’s not over until it’s over … but … there is just too much LIQUIDITY there … and the timing of debt servicing … you can’t mess around with that … you could lose it all if people figure it out … before it happens.

We’ve talked about how they are increasing their value and paying off all of this debt … and a lot of people mocked it.

The auctions are there … they never went away.

No one can find it … but the numbers don’t lie … they are there. If you walk into the CBI and ask for those auctions you can find them. You know which banks put an auction in on those. It’s there.

The assets over the last 2 years … 10 to 30% a month … 120% … 240 times the assets … and they’re paying off debt? Why? They are the cat’s meow! They’ve got it all! There is not a single thing that is not done.

They’ve got the people … its ready to go!

You need to have SECURITY for the lower denoms!

You bring those 50’s in … and you can print a ton of lower denoms!

For every 50 dinar note … you could get 2 twenty’s … 1 five … and 5 ones. (If those where the denominations).

A dinar is a dinar! They don’t necessarily need to track note count … rather they want a supply of notes!

Liquidity has nothing to do with supply … digital currency doesn’t show that way.

I can see the physical … and the digital … and when you put those number together … it’s very interesting. I wish I was there working for their government and had a chance to spend with that!

When everyone else finally catches up … and says … “oh … what they meant by the 50k note … is that it would have a lot of value … it’s a high value note!”

We’ve been saying that ever since it was brought up!

There are good newshounds out in dinarland … but no one could quite put it together.

People can’t comprehend the numbers … but the numbers don’t lie.

Normally when the public catches-up … it’s because they can’t hide it anymore.

FRANK - That’s what causes people to get excited. If you and I saw BIG-FOOT … and we have the evidence … we see the huge footprint … and yet still people wouldn’t believe us … that it was real.

TS - I don’t know if I’ll be back on KTFA because there is very little knowledge left for me to pass on … on this topic. I don’t talk about date and rate … because it’s going to be whatever the rate is!

Just don’t give your dinars to anyone. Everything will be a private exchange. Private. Private. Private. Every bank transaction you do is private.

Did you notice the slip today they made in the media today – that they have their new weapons? OOPS! If they can’t handle them … well … they must have them. LOL

FRANK: LOL … yeah … that’s funny!

TS – Please remember to hang onto your money … to your wealth … because you can’t believe everything you see on the news. If you’re patient … you can. Because then you find out what’s real and what’s not real.

Don’t believe that alternative media is not making a bundle off of that slant of the news – because they have their own agenda. They monetize things like crazy.

Don’t be just another number. Be wealthy in knowledge. That will allow you to help others. If you have your principle amount … hire professionals to help you … (you have time to do that) … no need to rush through everything [when it comes time to exchange] … and lose an extra 10%+ because you were in a hurry.

The assets … it’s six times higher than it’s ever been … and that’s even after paying things off. They still don’t have all of the assets accounted for … but they don’t need it. They price it high because they get more from it. There are two sides to every balance sheet.
The GOI has money to spend comin’ out of the gate! Guess what’s rolling into Iran?

FRANK - Weapons.

TS - What kind?

FRANK - Tanks came in about 9 days ago … apparently they’re not that great … wholesale leftovers. They think its state-of-the-art.

TS - How do you like the new helicopter they introduced to the US?

FRANK - Kind of like the F35

TS - Allows them precision to clean-up. Amazing stuff! Just going thru my notes … things here have been crazy for the last 4 -5 days.

Abadi has made it clear with the Kurds, Sunni’s and the Shiites … that they understand that they need to … well … they are leading … and there are reasons for what leaders do.

 I think in the next 48 hours … the family will understand more of exactly what happened over the weekend … and how quickly it turned.

 I was hoping that last week it would have turned back immediately – but they’re kind of slow-playing it. Which is ok … but they’re up against a deadline.

I know certain people … (based on history in this event) … how they could see that it may take more time … but I see an event happening that is really positive … a see a very good thing … everything will be orderly.

 I would say that things are very well SECURED and I’m waiting to hear a report that would confirm your statement yesterday … the certain locations … have those crates … in possession at location on site.

FRANK - If you find one … let me know … because then we’ll have two.

TS -I’m waiting to see when one of us gets the word. Normally within 3 days of you or I finding out … then it comes out.

In regards to the spreadsheets … if this was a company … they would be 100 times better than Apple!

FRANK: Between now and next Monday … you will see more numbers … they will multiply … bigger … pay attention to information on oil.

TS: Can I ask you a question since we’re still on the BLUE COUCH? So you know where we’re at right now … as far as the public goes … we’re still showing April 8th … (on the spreadsheet) …

 but there are numbers … but they still have it back-dated to April 8th – remember … they were further along than that. I’m assuming … based on what I’m seeing … there is a spot for it …

I kind of leaked it last night if you picked up on it. Two arms are done … the third on is not. Is that where I need to be looking?

FRANK: That’s one. I’ll tell you tomorrow on the phone.

TS: Thanks for all that you do! I’m honored to be considered to be a part of the family.

 Thank you for your comments tonight!

TS: That one topic that we haven’t come back to … I’m now free … I know that’s it’s coming … but let’s talk over the phone first. I appreciate you protecting my family.

FRANK: Real quick … let’s move the talk about the VND Dong to next week … don’t be in disappointed when you see the banking systems have been degraded – last year and this year. That is not a bad thing.
Vietnam has amazing control over their inflation. They are expanding and growing the way they are. Degrading is how they control core inflation rates. 
They joined the trade pack … so the currency now has to go through some “hoops”  … and you will see … the Dong is going through what the IDQ went through about a year and a half ago.

POST #122 by Purifiers – talks about QE and currency … you need to read it and compare it to the MR of the IQD.

** The comments made by Frank26, TopShelf and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! **
Frank:  These cities are not ours yet … they will be … but not totally yet … you will read more about more cities … probably next month … but it’s coming.

I’d like to thank BLUEDOG (POST #126) … he was talking about the Salahuddin … which is an area that is being acquired back. They don’t talk about all of the cities.
You’ll read about it soon enough … they are calling it the “joint security forces” (it’s the coalition) measures. Right now is not the time to talk about it.

We already talked to you about the four cities. They are also in Anbar … these cities have banks … that belong to the CBI.

I’m sorry to hear of the attitude that Pres. O has towards Iraq.

VP Joe Biden has been sent to Baghdad to see Abadi … because Abadi is steaming hot! You every insult an Arab? They are going to ride you forever.

Ashton Carter … said they don’t have the will to fight? (There will be a rain cloud over his head for the rest of his life).

Time for big-time damage control from the Obama administration! So Joe Biden is on his way to iron things out.

We did get excited for a second about the article that WS showed us an article. We thought for sure that section 10 was talking about Article 8 … but it’s not … the article is of the budget report and had nothing to do with the IMF Article 8. Bummer.

WS #181 – you might want to read this again    
The CBI … (this proves LIQUIDITY) … TS is telling that a lot of payments are being done by the GOI. Liquidity doesn’t just vaporize.

This liquidity that they are paying left-and-right … how? … I don’t know. When will we see it? God only knows.

Article #181 … the CBI supports TRILLIONS. They are enticing the citizens to come into the banks. But they can’t do jack Dr. Shabibi … can you … until they raise the value of the IQD. The CBI is sending signals … they have trillions of dinars … enticing them.

Oil … is going to fuel the 2nd stages of the 2015 budget … Iraq’s oil will be spilled all over the world … even the spreadsheet of the CBI … oil will be spilled all over the world … but they will need Article 8 compliance to do it. 

WS #193 … Islamic banks … laws … laws … laws … coming like they are on sale! The banks are growing.
MasterCard releases the International Card outside of Iraq to retirees of Iraq … telling them to hold on to it … you’ll know what to do with it when the rate goes up.

Today’s Wall Street Journal – “Why fight for Iraq, when they won’t fight for themselves?” <<< That is an insult! I don’t like when one journalist copies the work of another journalist without doing their research. Who says they aren’t fighting?

WSJ – “Islamic State Gains Reveal Prowess on Battlefield” … new weapons? Yes … too late … we already know about that.

I told you that there was going to be a QE. India revs up new leadership. What happened to the Rupee? The same thing that happened to the IQD and the VND. LOL

Join us tomorrow at 8pm for our BioCell call.

TS - I’d like to leave you tonight with something solid.

Go to the spreadsheet at the CBI … there is stuff that they don’t show the public … but there’s ways around that.

This has to do with the auction numbers from Feb 19th … to April 6th    

If they did stop them … it shows they have no auctions … but if you count the actual days … that auctions were held … and just give it an average … you’ll see a ton of money going in.

The auction numbers coincide with the business days … and when it coincides with the business days … the numbers don’t lie. They’re not showing you the auctions … but the auction numbers increase like they were going on.

So there is full disclosure that they did have auctions. They’re just not reporting what the numbers are. 
You have to wait for this to happen … you made a good decision to get into this.

This is a blessing … it is coming … what you do with it will make it a blessing.

Don’t give up on your knowledge and your wealth! You’ve worked hard for this. You are vested in this.

FRANK: I asked you a question on our forum today family. If I was “silent for a week or two … what would that mean?”
Some of you said that I overdosed on cookies. Some said I broke my phone … LOL … but if I was silent for a week or two … it’s because … well let me tell you this …

when we tell you something … we tell you that we’re cooking it … and it typically takes a week … and then we tell you on Mondays. So if I saw something … (let’s see … 7 days + 3 days … that’s about 2 weeks) …

so if I saw something and I don’t want to talk about it … LOL  Our Teams have that ability and we have proved that to you again and again.

CC ended with prayer.

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