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FRANK: Delta wants to talk to you tonight! Come on in brother … how are you?

DELTA: I’m very good … real excited!
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FRANK: The CBI released an article today … that showed denominations. The picture might be old but THE INFORMATION IS NEW!!! 
Knock yourself out Delta … and tell us about it!

DELTA: Greetings family. Greetings everybody. I decided to come on today and basically explain and try to clear up some confusion that some people are having. Apparently the article that came out two or three weeks ago about the 50,000 and 100,000 dinar notes … and a lot of people are getting confused about that.

I’d like to explain what the CBI is doing and what’s going to happen.

Today this article was posted by the Superman (WalkingStick) the computer that never sleeps ;) … he posted an article that made us happy for many reasons. We sure appreciate him!

We all know what’s going to happen … what the CBI and the media is doing.

This article should make you EXCITED and ready to celebrate … give you the confirmation that we are very, very close. No doubt about it.

This article really made me smile!

Basically what the article is saying is the new currency that Iraq is going to come out … they will be able to trade/exchange it inside and outside of Iraq. That should make you very happy for so many reasons.

Question … so why this new currency? Why be able to trade it inside and outside [of Iraq] – Why were you not able to do that before?

What happened?

(Frank whispers: “Article 8”) ;)

What do you think Frankie?

FRANK: I got a funny feeling that somebody lifted the value of the currency and qualified them or Article 8 and the IMF and the CBI are in coo hoots to slowly bring that information out … but first starting with the citizens inside … then outside to the rest of the world. I think. ;)

DELTA: You are 99.99% right!

Remember when we told you a long time ago … the IMF dictates something to Iraq … (that a lot of people keep forgetting because a lot of you visit other forums and listen to other guru’s) …

I get a lot of PM’s telling me saying that it’s the end of the world because with 50,000 and 100,000 dinars that it’s a done deal … [basically wo is me].

But you’re forgetting something … the IMF clearly stated that the only way they were going to help Mr. Iraq out was by making their currency International. We are going to give you Article 8 … but they needed to do two things.

Lift the 3 zeros … because IF you don’t do that, you will never see your currency trade-able/international.

So would a 50,000 dinar note qualify Iraq to get Article 8? Of course not!

The article says that we are going to be able to use this currency inside and outside of Iraq <<< that give you a lot of clarifications!

Like Frank said … they are going to raise the value, Article 8, and lifting the 3 zeros. How are they going to do that (lifting the 3 zeros from the exchange rate?)

The 25,000 … 10,000 … 5,000 … the 1,000 … they are basically going to stay for a long, long time – until they phase them out!

In regards to the pictures on Post #190 … the two notes in question were pictures of an old 1 dinar note (from 1984) … and another 5 dinar note (old) … and then the coins.

Indirectly … those picture are telling you that the lower denoms are just about to come out!

You don’t see pictures of 50,000 dinar notes. They don’t even have a 50,000 dinar note!

This article was very, very clear that the IMF, the World Bank, the US Treasury and the CBI GOI they are all now in agreement to raise the value by them lifting the 3 zeros.

About 3 or 4 years ago I translated an article … a deputy for Dr. Shabibi (who was a part of the plan from day one) said exactly what

I’m going to say right now … “We are going to lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate.”– that means the value of Iraq’s dinar.

The CBI will announce a new exchange regime … announce that they are “Article 8” … and they will announce a new rate … and new denominations. The 50 and 100 dinar should come out together.

Remember … the 50k and the 100k that they talk about right now is based on this rate … which they are telling you right now … the 50,000 dinar is equal to about $43. So what are they trying to do?

They are coming up with 50 dinar … but why the articles about 50,000 and 100,000?

By the law of the CBI … they cannot tell you directly that … “Oh, we’re coming up with 50 dinars and we’re going to revalue and it’s going to be .86 cents.” <<< NO!!!

But they tell you that by coming up with those denominations (large notes) … keep in mind … the translation … of just one word … is going to change the whole meaning.

So what are they talking about here? Large note … meaning LARGE IN VALUE – LOWER DENOMINATIONS <<< that’s what they mean by LARGE.

So … the other night I made a post to Frankie … (Arabic) … and just to let you know … it was part of a plan that the CBI had a long time ago.

THIS IS NOT RUMORS! This is 1,000 CONFIRMATION. And I got you the link from the CBI … and guess who wrote that plan? The advisor for Dr. Abadi.

Basically what it says is that the 25,000 dinar consists of 3/4 of the money supply in Iraq.

So about 80% of the money supply that they’ve got is mostly 25,000 dinar notes.

So the plan is to bring in the 50 dinar … 100 dinar … and the 200 dinars and by doing that they will reduce the money supply from basically 4 billion notes to 1.8 billion notes.

So how are they going to do that?

They’re NOT going to do that with 50,000 dinars!

If you go back again … even though it’s in Arabic … you can translate it and you can see what I’m talking about.

Now … if you click on the link that I got for you too … directly from the CBI … that was the plan … the payment system … that by doing this people won’t have to carry a lot of cash with them … do you think a 50,000 or 100,000 note will do that? Of course not!

This was the plan from day one!

So two days ago … guess who said that they support the CBI’s actions? The same adviser who put this together with Dr. Shabibi a long time ago! ;)

The plan too was to confuse people at the same time … to eliminate speculators.

So that article was very important and shows you exactly what is going on.

WS posted an article (audio in Arabic) … which was talking about the CBI … how the plan would make things easier …accounting …

the payment system that works from bank to bank for wire transfers and with the Qi Card/MasterCard … that the 50 dinar would reduce the paper supply and finally … the interviewer (TV reported) said that the CBI is trying to make people get used to using dinars and get rid of USD.

Everyone knows that the USD is king in Iraq. But the plan is to come up with some denominations that would be equivalent (or equal) to $100.

Where have we heard that before Frankie … on April 14th when I told the family that the reporter came out and said … that the financial committee in the CBI said that within 2 weeks the exchange rate of the IQD would be very close to a dollar. Now we know that it didn’t happen within 2 weeks … but honestly … this audio tells you the same thing.
The plan for the CBI is to get rid of USD’s … which will enhance the value of the IQD … which will give more CONFIDENCE … especially INTERNATIONALLY!

Now some articles state that nothing is going to happen inside of Iraq … and they are right. For those people who have no money … let me explain it this way …

For someone who get a salary of 1 Million Dinars a month … when the CBI comes up with the new denominations (the 50 dinar) … (which is equivalent to about $850 at the 1166 exchange rate) …

now when they lift the 3 zeros … this guy won’t get paid a million dinars … (25,000 dinar is about 40 notes)

… so when they come out with the 50 and 100 dinar notes … when he gets paid with the new lower denominations … guess what’s going to happen?

They are going to pay him a 1,000 dinar note … and that ONE note will have the SAME VALUE as the old 40 (25k) notes.

So … the CBI by doing that … 1,000 dinar note is equal to about $850 … that reduces the number of notes (from 40 notes … down to ONE note) … and he’ll get what he used to before … [just less paper to haul around]. ;)
So this is now they are going to delete the zeros WITHOUT them LOPPING the CURRENCY!!!!!!!

So while it may not give them much power of purchase … for those who have accounts … for those who have money … when the CBI announces that change … it won’t affect their wealth.

Meaning … if you had a million DINARS in the bank … once you exchange it … that million DINARS … (at .85 cents) … will be $850,000.

But in Iraq … about 9 million people in Iraq have no money and they live check-to-check.

Out of 33 Million people … only 1% are wealthy.

The cost of living … food … everything is expensive in Iraq.
So now the plan of the CBI is to introduce lower denoms with more VALUE … so what’s going to happen is … automatically you’re not going to see the 25,000 dinars … you’re not going to see the 10,000 dinars …

and whoever has money … they can go to the bank … open and account … which about 10 to 20 million people will have an account … that never had one before.

So the good news is … every investor outside of Iraq … they are all going to be rich. Keep in mind … the .85 cents for Iraq … that’s not the true value.

The article said today … by them coming up with a new currency … they will be international. That’s Article 8 … which must be a TRUE VALUE … around .85.

The exchange rate has to change no matter what to become international.

I hope I cleared up some confusion. You have to be very, very careful when trying to translate articles.

That’s my report.

FRANK: You just made a masterpiece … thank you! May I ask you a handful of questions Delta?

DELTA: Yes ... but I really feel that this may be the last conference call. ;)

FRANK: I appreciate that … and I’m not trying to give anyone false hope because I got a message from a lady today who said that she is tired of me saying that I don’t care when the RV happens because she and her husband are about to lose their home. I apologize. I do care.

Delta, would you agree with me that we have been seeing articles since last summer … teasing us … we’re about ready to change the value of our currency?

******* <<< SORRY AUDIO STATIC ISSUES AGAIN >>> **********

DELTA: Absolutely! We don’t know the date but the Iraqi citizens are waiting for this.

FRANK: How many articles have we seen that say that are going to raise the value of their currency … constantly teasing … hopefully before Ramadan? ;)

Question … How many articles did we see they are going to release a 50,000 and 100,000 dinar note?

Answer … ONE article! One article. ONE stinkin’ article … that was mistranslated … that perpetuated across the internet … like it was something factual … when in actuality … we were seeing a sea of other articles stating that they were going to lift the 3 zeros. One article was able to weaken people that much.

I have a feeling that Maliki was the problem … with the counterfeiters, etc. I think we will now see people start to pour into the bank. The 3 zeros will still be in existence.

DELTA – Yes … when you hear that … that should actually get you excited family … because that means that the notes that you hold are still valuable right now … for however long it takes to phase them out.

That means that you don’t have to rush to exchange … they should have 2 or 3 different revaluations after the .85 cents.

FRANK: At least … over a year and a half at least … .85 to a dollar something … to $2 something … then an RI in the 3 range to a 4 after they RV.

DELTA: At some point they should get close to the value of Kuwait.

FRANK: All along the value has been increasing … while many were impatient.

If they don’t get this done by Ramadan … they are going to continue to work … which is sacrilegious to work during Ramadan … the Peshmerga army will continue to protect during Ramadan. This is a year of expectations and exceptions.

These zeros will coexist for awhile, aren’t they?

DELTA: Yes … they might not even cancel them. They’ll phase them out over time. They are not going to screw-up people who helped them out. We are seeing 3 to 5 years to exchange them out.

We got the confirmation from the CBI … they have more than 98% of the money supply in Iraq … 98% in the vault in the CBI … that is why they are flooding the market with USD’s right now.

Remember when the CBI said they were going to reprint the existing denoms … (only 5 Trillion). Now if you have … <<< *** sorry audio break up here *** >>>

They will not lose a dime after the reserve.

Ration card (food stamp) … they will give 25,000 to those who qualify (which is only about 6 million people) … and those 25,000 notes will cover them for an entire year … (are you kidding me) …

that’s about $21 to cover the whole year.

Now we know what’s going on … if they come up to .85 cents … and these people had … let’s say $21,000 … that will force them to open up an account.

Just to let you know … $21,000 is nothing. In Kuwait … each year their citizens get “profit sharing” because of the oil … remember when the Kuwait government told the citizens that whatever debt they had would be paid off … and they could go to the stores and shop for groceries and the government would pay for it?

We think this will go before Ramadan. A lot of stuff is connected. The credit rating, etc.
We believe that he CBI is about ready to release the 50 dinar note … if they don’t it will be a disaster.

FRANK: There is no way we are walking into a LOP! 

DELTA: Do you think that the Kurds would be happy to put their language on a 50,000 dinar note? Hell no!

Why would they do that? Why would they spend all of the money to print a 50,000 when you can take two 25k notes and come up with the same thing?

They have done an excellent job of confusing people … and I don’t blame them.

FRANK: I feel like the citizens. They have been hoarding the 3 zeros … but they don’t have to fear things anymore. We (that hold dinars) it’s now our turn. I think that we’re in that process right now. We are super excited about what we are seeing.

DELTA: They have to raise the value. Why did the World Bank give them money? No more loans! They won’t get another penny from anybody until they raise the value of their currency.

Without money … you have no security!

Libya the exchange rate is .74 … and they’re problems are ten-thousand times worse than Iraq’s.

FRANK: Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!

DELTA: DAASH just came out with a new currency … and they claimed their value at $4.00. (LOL!)

FRANK: Yeah … ha ha ha … they beat the RV! (LOL LOL LOL) The IMF’s plan was ingenious … QE my foot!

DELTA: This is amazing! The World Bank never gave out a loan to any nation with like a 1% interest rate. They need to get this done. Private sector … everything … the CBI is ready to pull the trigger!

FRANK: Any final words?

DELTA: They need to reduce the money supply … fix the payment system … it will bring a lot of jobs to Iraq. I’d like to thank you and hope we have helped. God bless you all! Hopefully this will be the last cc … but we’ll see.

FRANK: How’s that for a conference call? ;) I am very, very happy. Be at peace with God. Please don’t look for a date. Know that I pray for those who look for a date. I know that a lot of people are hurting.

I love for you and pray for you. Please pray for me. Money is necessary … but not the solution.

I don’t want you to have a love for money … (and I know you don’t) … but have a love for God first … and He will take care of the money. If you are leaning on this money … I don’t think that money will not help you. Lean on God. Lean on the cross and remember what it did for you.

Call ended with prayer.

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