Wednesday, May 27, 2015

K BOOM POST FROM TNT :Same Song- Different Verse, 27 MAY

    • K Boom said
      11:12 AM May 26, 2015
    During today's call, I remembered that this is not a new occurrence. This is the same scenario that happened over a year ago. I distinctly remember DC telling us that there were instances in the past when the RV was supposed to go, and it was deliberately sabotaged.
    Also recall the global chess game. What is put in the press for our consumption vs. what is really going on behind the scenes. It remains my opinion that all news out of Iraq is a distraction. I don't believe Ashton Carter's, nor Joe Biden's comments have anything to do with the RV, other than to  create more smoke. And it works because Dinaria is talking about it.
    For me this event boils down to 2 sides- Those in Power not wanting to cede it and those pushing to bring freedom and prosperity to the globe. May the "white hats" find a way to finally push this across the line!

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