Wednesday, May 27, 2015


@JCR3758: A lot of you are aware of my position & why I can't divulge detailed information. However I can say that conditions are highly favorable now
wmawhite - [So they want to Increase their money supply or no?] 

 It is a fine line…they need the notes in order to buy/sell…However, the fewer notes country wide the more value there is.  Folks, all this talk in Iraq about the currency/notes is really not about what we want. It is needed in a sense because they will need the correct mix of notes in order to participate within the economy.  However, when they speak about value with smaller notes, then that is dependent upon the value of the IQD outside of Iraq   …keep in mind when you hear “increased purchasing” power that only happens for the Iraqi when the costs of goods decrease, i.e. the prices on the shelves go down. This will happen when the currency that is buying those goods increases in value.   the reason this is such a requirement is because 90+% of all goods in Iraq are purchased outside and imported.

Folks, for the last 9 months the dollars that you own have actually increased in value over 25%. However, the notes I have still had the same numbers on them. My checking account did not increase either. In other words, the USD became stronger but we didn’t notice it inside of the USA.  However, had you flown to any other country and exchanged the USD for that country’s currency you would have received much more that a year ago.  So, when the value of the IQD increases it will be noticeable over many months in the jobs and stores inside Iraq. The big change will not be of benefit to the Iraqi unless he travels outside of Iraq and exchanges the IQD.  

[Are you expecting this to start out at 86 cents?]  

JIMO…the like value of $43.00 is just an example it will take much more than $0.86 to get those prices down to make it seems as $43.00.  In other words, much greater than $1.00.

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