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Awake-in-3D  April 8, 2015 at 10:52am


In my opinion, the writing on the wall is becoming clear. The USA power brokers and their Central Banking allies have been able to deftly utilize the IMF/BIS infrastructure to effectively hold the GCR (and the Iraqi RV) in front of the world as an economic hostage in their attempts to reshape the financial world in their image.

Clearly the old world fiat Establishment, built upon an exclusive World Reserve Currency mechanism - the U.S.Federal Reserve Dollar, Petro Dollar and Euro Dollar "trifecta" - has, thus far, been an effective roadblock in dragging the GCR process out much longer than necessary.
Since the IMF/BIS was likely the existing infrastructure of choice for globally administering and executing the GCR tactical process, it stands to reason that this very infrastructure made a natural choking point to control the GCR and world wide participation.

Now, we see a completely new infrastructure being brought to bear on the world stage. The AIIB and CIPS (SWIFT alternative) appear to be a viable new mechanism for delivering the GCR to our doorstep.

In an effort to put the pieces together in this grand scheme, one has to ask, is the AIIB merely purposed to invest in Asian infrastructure projects or is there a much larger and broader strategy in play?

Furthermore, what if the AIIB could be utilized by sovereign nations globally as a clearinghouse for GCR-related currency exchanges and transactions?  This option becomes plausible when one considers the fact that most of the G20 nations and many other nations around the world have made clear intentions to become Founding Members of this "Asian" financial entity.

Also, todays news that Iran has officially been accepted as a Founding Member of the AIIB with the "approval" of Britain, France, India and Italy speaks volumes.

What if the AIIB is positioning itself as the transactional hub for our currency exchanges?

What if the primary "Buyer" and source of funds for the Private Group (including the Internet Group) is the AIIB?  Certainly, the Oil Credits would make a solid asset class foundation for this newly formed Investment Bank.

How much longer will we have to wait before this global roller coaster ride reaches its inevitable end?

I would venture to say not much longer.

Could the fact that Iran, which is widely rumored to have its currency in the first RV basket, being formally accepted as a Founding Member of the AIIB be the last piece of the puzzle?

I say yes and the IMF (and its Old World masters) roadblock is about to be detoured.
P > Awake-in-3D April 8, 2015 at 11:05am Very nicely written! The AIIB bank certainly looks like a detour. I hope they are ready to go!

wilbur grodin  April 8, 2015 at 10:52am MARKET ACTION EXTREMELY FAVORABLE AT THIS TIME


tsr April 8, 2015 at 12:31pm  R.V./GCR  said yesterday (April 7) that the Pass over does not end till  the 11th....and you will not put your desire for money before God.

My observation:  There will be deliverance for us on or about the April 14th (14th day of the month representing deliverance).  I am looking for great action starting the 11th and on through next week.....Blessings


Jim Beam April 8, 2015 at 12:25pm I was just reading jester's post I believe they are exchanging people as I text this but they are doing it very quietly the same way they will do for you and I.

No big explosion, announcement or anything like that.

Our turn will come some before others. My thoughts from what I'm hearing and seeing.

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