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Highlights of Tony's CC.  Updated as the call progresses     
Tony is not depressed and DC is in the house.  

DC: re:  Birthday greetings.  Will read everyone of them.  Holy cow, some of you are very articulate.  Enjoyed everyone of them.  Thank you! . . .About Monday, I was just working.  

Tony:  Info out there about Okie, that he is not feeling well.  Will call and let everyone know.  Poppy3 had another stroke.    

CURRENT WINDOW: DC: In final, final 9th inning, bases are loaded, ahead in a major way.
                          Need one person to hit a single.  Talking about as early as Thursday (tomorrow) in Iraq.                          (At the end of the call DC said the window of Thursday goes through next Wednesday.)

Tony:  People sitting at bank counters, computers waiting on this.. . People on standby. Abadhi telling people in a few days. their TV saying phase 4 is coming to an end. People in other countries waiting on . . .pins and needles. Happening now. Iraq has no physical currency. Now they are taking the USD because no one has no dinar. None of that suggest to me it will be 2 years from now. 
DC: Agree with Tony. Plus, they have made promises on payment, etc. where they cannot avoid doing so.  Major disinformation campaign going on . . . info leaking . . . IN FACT pushing this.

IRAQ:  DC: Sum up Iraq in one word: “Frustration.” Dealing with a lot of politicians demanding this to be done, others concerned US will make money off of this and the speculators have actually funded the CBI.  It’s an education campaign in Iraq.   More contractors in Iraq than ever before waiting for this to go through.  A number of contracts started April 1. Causing problems that Iraq does not have the money to pay them.  Dr. Abadhi has gone through the provinces again and he is scheduled to meet with Pres. Obama, meet with all financial people and at the UN.  

Administrative hold last weekend was on behalf of the IMF in conjunction with Dr. Shabibi, Abadhi and his senior staff  It was the IMF's call.  Some were quite surprised.  Most issues worked out and everything back on track to get this done.
  • Parliament vote in yesterday put into law all the agreements.  Tony:  Should be seeing that in the next 48 hours.
  • Citizens highly frustrated  - all sorts of issues.  Rioting was mentioned and not talk about it in the same breath.  
  • Banks  stuck in a precarious situation – part of Iraq paid for three weeks now.  Causing frustration and anger that others have not been paid. 
  • Media:    TV and Mosques still announcing the economic reform is about to be complete.  Also use the wording of "days," "coming days." 
  • HCL:  Kurdistan passed in their Parliament what they were going to pay their citizens.  Kurdistan Parliament could not do this until there was an agreement in place and operational with Baghdad.  We are NOT waiting on this.
  • 50 Dinar Note:  deadline for USA is April 15th.   Does it make sense for the RI to happen before the 50 note expires.  DC:  They would like to do it.  Not a big deal in Iraq.  T:  Not a big deal here as they don’t care here if it’s exchanged or not.    
INTERNATIONAL:    RV/RI is a co-ordinated effort between IMF, BIS, Dr. Shabibi at the CBI and Dr. Abadhi.
  •  Rates  about where they were.  Caps still the same.    
UNITED STATES:  Administration not involved.  Waiting on BIS, CBI and IMF.  They are also frustrated this has not completed.  House finance committees is amazed it's not gone through.  Dr. Abadhi is scheduled to meet with Pres. Obama, House finance committees and the UN on his US visit.
  • UST:      
  • Banks: been on lock down and exchanging people for sometime.  Getting regular updates. Staff with family members who own currency is growing and problems are being for seen with this.  Regulators upset and saying this is not right. Tony:  every day this goes on the bank employees find out this is real. . .  Banks had meetings with WM's over the weekend.  Tony:  Even though we wait, Twitter account says 242K and word out so it’s now 257K.  We are growing right here in the middle and more people finding out.  Some are bank employees.  DC: A lot of banks send out a memo update from Tony and DC to their execs on the dinar team.
  • Reserves -  DC:  The likelihood of those who have reserves being able to get contract rate is extremely limited. Contracts go faster than you can get reserved currency.  Tony:  This is not to buy more currency today.  What you have in hand when you walk in there, is what you will get contract rate on.
  • Contract Rate Details:   
    There is a pool for contract rates for general public. It’sunknown who long that will last but the it guesstimation is 2-5 day’s mixmum.  Each bank has a little different contract rate policy.  Some are, first come first served.Another said it doesn’t matter to them if your exchanging 1 note or 20 million.And another bank is looking for people who present and act appropriately, not bragging about their wealth or actingirresponsible.They want people they can work with.  
    One bank will only have 4-5 locations to exchange at contract rate.  Cap for dinar is 20 million for contract rate.  It depends on the bank policy if you will get the contract rate at the exchange or in meeting with a wealth manager.
EXCHANGE PLAN:   DC said a plan is being discussed to lessen the impact on the banks by having 10-14K people a day exchanging. That the banks at this point have "cherry picked" people to exchange based on their asset level, currency holdings, etc. Others saying it's kind of pointless when it's supposed to be public tomorrow anyway.  Tony volunteered, joked, he would give them a list of TNT peeps to exchange.   A slow roll out plan was already planned and this is just a modification on that plan.

DC:  Do not call the banks,  Do NOT call the banks, DO NOT CALL THE BANKS!
DC:  Let's see if we are allowed to go thru -we will let you know.  If we cause a ruckus, it'll cause issues..... very important to let this play out. 
Tony:  Don't call, show up or email the banks - if it becomes open to us - we will have a call - what we wanted to do was be sure that you all know the process is moving - they are enlarging the number of exchanges - it's a good thing


During the call DC talked about a King who, as he traveled through Egypt he handed out gold coins and it upset the economy for 10 years.  DC said to anyone who could tell him what king and what country the king was from he would take 20 of them out to dinner.

DC:  It was King Croesus. Rich as Croesus was saying.. . .Why does it matter?  For intellectual stimulation and the destructive nature of what money does, disruptive nature of the dinar.  Some folks are worried cause a bubble in cars, houses, etc. Lots of folks have worried about hyper inflation . . .this king just threw out gold coins, thousand and thousand. More than most people made in a life time. Disrupted family lives, people went broke, caused erosions to social issues.  Same mentality.  Even thousands of years ago human nature hasn't changed. Handle with care, make the gold last as long as you can.

Everything else is keyed up. Pausing being cleared up. Getting ready for it in Iraq as soon as tomorrow through next Wednesday. Other aspects are US and rest of world banking system highly frustrated and may allow early exchanges to go through. Not decided yet  I am a massive supporter of that.  Gets lots of folks taken care of and lessons the impact on the economy.  . Do not Call the banks.  (said 3x’s)

Pam: I will make them cover all you guys. no problem. Don’t send in contact info. NOT making a list. Tony already has it.  Do not send me emails - we are NOT making a list - we already have a list of members and donors - do not send it to me -
David M said early - there are front men and roadies and both are essential to the success of the show. Daz said the roadies run the show - want to give thanks to sunny gal, transcribers, banner people and mods.  Zebra Girl who transcribes the entire call verbatim.  For Tony, DC, Ray and the rest, thank all of them for making TNT work
A special member, Dakotaman, lost a lot of people along the way, our hearts are with you
Dakotaman goes above and beyond to help people on our site. Our hearts and blessing with you dakotaman.  (Dakotaman buried his mother Sunday)

Ray:  At the beginning of the call I said this is, Wealth of information Wednesday. DC, next time you hold a contest, you need to tell them how to contact you. Had two winners came in on my line.
Tony:   We get an 800# will send it out to you. Just giving you info to let you know things are moving. On Twitter someone posted they have an appointment for tomorrow. It’s coming. Becoming more and more prevalent for anyone to see. Everyone is not under the NDA - they get excited, telling others. Don’t run to the bank. They have their own system. Let them use their system. Let them get it done. Get in early, more power to you. Just means our turn is that much closer. Iraq still being told a "few days."  After noon today, eligible to do things, early exchange start. They could. Everbody very positve, ready for this to go. . . . make it as fast and easy as we can for you.  Banks already know what's going on. If we have to do another call we are here to do it. If not, for any reason, still stuff we didn't tell you. .. DC didn't want to upset the apple cart. Remember what we have discussed in the last five years in the 1st mouse. Enjoy your day and hopefully tweet out something later.

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