Thursday, April 2, 2015


Short ScottiG Chat from GET Wed. Evening.   

ScottiG - cannot stay on long…

Not going to toy around with semantics; keep your eyes on the court systems

We may see some interesting things happen over the next few days

One thing to say - keep eyes on court system - may see interesting things happen over the next few days

Cannot go into details…but not blowing smoke

Could be very positive for us….court system in Iraq
Seen enough smoke over there, maybe see some traction soon……Rate of $3.84

Don't know why we haven't seen it…Hope everyone stays encouraged and hopeful

I think we are in good shape…I think we are extremely close…

Iran is 2d largest holder of dinar (IQD)  I think what they may be holding onto is they want all these sanctions lifted…Iran wants all these sanctions lifted from USA and other countries

The CBI is in control of the release of this…know that the Central Bank is very eager to get this thing going…CBI is very eager to get this thing going

Put all the pieces together and you have a picture

Who pulls trigger? Cannot say…   More than one entity involved

I got a gut feeling they (Iran) are putting pressure on the CBI not to do anything until they get what they want

Don't know if someone is stopping someone else from doing it, or someone standing in the middle of the road - don't know

May see some activity in next few days

Have a blessed evening and safe Easter…Hope everyone has a safe and enlightening evening.

redwolf: Just checked with a buddy who worked at the IMF on the LOI. If no negative issues change in Iraq it can be extended beyond the 30 days. He thinks that this delay is all tied into concluding the Iran nuclear negotiations. Watch the Iranian Rial RV with the other currencies

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