Saturday, April 11, 2015

Formation of a committee to issue coins of 50 categories and 100 dinars pave the way for the abolition of zeros, 11 APRIL

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - April 11: a prelude to remove zeros from the Iraqi currency, the parliamentary finance committee revealed the formation of a committee to issue coins of the two categories of fifty percent dinars, noting that the "Getting Started in issuing such currencies does not affect the Iraqi currency balance against the dollar." .

In this regard, committee member said Masood Haider, Saturday, that "the central bank governor and the problem is studying the matter and study the safe aspects and compared with other currencies in preparation for the start of release," pointing out that "there is a procedure to remove three zeroes as necessary to the existence of large groups of coins to replace the 50 thousand coin shop of 50 dinars category, for example. " Admiral ended SOURCE

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