Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fabian Calvo: Global Economic Reset Happening Now, 11 APRIL

By Jane Landers
My regular listeners know the Global Economic Reset is coming – is in fact, under way. Mounting evidence of this is everywhere, and will become irrefutably clear to all when the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency. To follow the unfolding catastrophe, keep your eyes on accumulating internationally significant developments seemingly adverse to US interests, but increasingly out of our control.
Putin is, in my opinion, now seeking the destruction of NATO. Over the last six months, he has taken over Crimea, captured a Lithuanian fishing vessel and arrested an Estonian spy on his native soil. Clearly, Putin is directly challenging NATO and clearly is testing its strength and NATO has failed miserably, revealing itself as more or less impotent.
Yet as our allies decline, our adversaries strengthen. Over the next year, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a group that is something akin to an Eastern version of NATO, will have on board India, Russia, China and Pakistan (all nuclear countries.) It is also bringing in Mongolia, a country loaded with resources. And how long will it be until BRIC nations join in, countries like South Africa and Brazil? I say it won’t be long because what we are seeing is the formation of an Eastern Super-Bloc extending farther than the East, including major South American countries like energy-rich Argentina.
Meanwhile, Brazil is conducting major army drills in its Amazon region, fearing that its rich natural resources make it vulnerable to foreign invasion. Off the record, Brazilian insiders even suggest that the United States might launch such an invasion. This kind of thinking reveals a widely held negative view of our country notwithstanding Obama’s failed attempts to rehabilitate our national reputation. Our national image has been badly tarnished by a powerful shadow government of globalists who put at risk the entire World Economy with their dollar-printing, derivative manipulation and shadow banking system.
Note the increasing intensity of larger-scale regional wars. Note also, as reported in The Financial Times of London, Russia is adding the US as an “adversary,” for the first time since the Cold War ended. Another interesting development: China recently signed bilateral agreements with Canada and another huge agreement with Qatar, an OPEC member. So now we are seeing Qatar dealing directly with China in the Chinese currency.
Even Western countries like Germany and England seem to be reading the handwriting on the wall. England has, for the first time, issued Chinese currency bonds, even as Canada is increasing its trade with China up to five times.
Even the European Central Bank is considering including the Chinese currency in its reserve.
So the Global Economic Reset is underway and is unfolding even as we speak. The world is fundamentally changing, but I don’t want you to take my word for it. Research these issues for yourself, because there’s going to be a big difference between those who are prepared with this information and those who are not. LINK

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