Thursday, April 16, 2015


4-16-15 Delta: The rate of the Iraqi dinars has to increase to .85 or .86 cents and at the same time they should introduce the 50 dinar. About a week ago...one leak came out of a Kurdistan newspaper and someone said that they saw the 50 dinar note is ready for distribution. And they looked at it, and said that it had the Kurdish language on it.

We all know that there is a lot going on behind closed doors. They are ready to do that and the second question is are they going to wait until they basically collect all of the [old] 50’s which are due to expire by the end of the month? It’s possible that they might do that but they might not because...you hardly see 50 dinar notes inside of Iraq.

They might wait a week or 10 day before they pull the trigger.   ...based on all of this information...it looks like the 50 dinar note is ready and could come out at any time  BUT...they cannot introduce it without changing the rate first.  Reports are that they expect to see the rate change at any moment.

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