Wednesday, April 29, 2015



5:30 am pt Blackjack7 wrote good mornin y'all
Blackjack7 wrote I am prepared for my appointment...phone has been quiet so far still have the ringtone set even if it is not at night LOL
frazier2013 wrote Blackjack....just wanted to wish you all the best at your appointment today

Blackjack7 wrote thank you frazier this should be an awesome day for us all

Blackjack7 wrote my emotions have calmed somewhat from yesterday just trying to stay grounded
Blackjack7 wrote like I said yesterday my wm would not be setting up the attorneys for the trusts foundations etc without knowing something as that is a huge expense
APPALOOSA wrote BLACK JACK - yes, I discovered yesterday that it costs around 5K for an attorney to set up a trust.    
Blackjack7 wrote actually I have been preparing for a couple of months...he had called me from vacation saying that it was here back in March but things were put on an admin hold


Blackjack7 wrote I cannot actually speak to the Iraqi people, God knows they deserve this more than we do as this is their currency...
there are really no conditions to setting up the trusts and foundations accept to pay for the attorneys to set things up     
Blackjack7 wrote Of course the initial set up will be taken care of thru the bank and then I pay the bank back...I want to have everything set to go so that I can exchange thru the foundation...this is another layer of protection

Blackjack7 wrote Folks the most important piece of advice I was given is have your money work for you not you working for your money...if you invest wisely then you shouldn't even be touching the principle...you want to leave a legacy behind
5:55 AM PT  Blackjack7 wrote guys I just received a text from my wm everything is set with my accts trusts and foundation...be back shortly
baseballwife wrote I heard some guys signed NDA yesterday. A high govnmt official. My fathers friend.... I heard tomorrow is the big day!!
baseballwife wrote That could mean 2:00 eastern time for everyone.


6:30 am pt  Blackjack7 wrote Ok I am back    
titleistpro wrote ok blackjack so what happened?  
Blackjack7 wrote Gm titlest don't know if you saw but I received a text from my wm saying the trusts foundation and accts were set and ready to go...accts for deposits
GodlovesYou wrote he just told us.....his Bank set up his trusts.....a very expensive expense......so he can deposit directly into them.....it is a smart move.
Blackjack7 wrote Also with setting up a foundation and exchanging thru the foundation there is an extra layer of protection
Blackjack7 wrote the bank that I am using has their own trust department so everything is done in house 

about getting to talk with RayRen... he had wanted to contact him last night

      Blackjack7 wrote No, I was not able to speak with him as I had something come up during open mic...I am hoping to connect with him before the call and my appointment     
Blackjack7 wrote I should be getting called shortly to go in

Blackjack7 wrote I just want to say again thank you for all the kind and encouraging words even though there were some haters this is well worth it    

6:50 AM PT  Blackjack7 wrote I am awaiting the call as we speak...I know that the papers are being drafted for me to sign once I arrive

Iko Ward wrote I know we're all hi on BJ's ride, but everyone in this room has different circumstances and will need to develop an individual plan that suits their needs. Remember the golden rule...sit back, take it all in, get varied opinions, then make your decision. You will have time. it takes years to set up final versions of any plan, and that plan needs to be flexible to take into account an ever shrinking world economy.
imperium wrote Blackjack...Just for clarity, are you exchanging or signing papers for your trusts, etc.?   
Blackjack7 wroteI was told to bring everything to the meeting

Blackjack7 wrote I should be getting the call anytime to come in

Blackjack7 wrote So I may not be back before the call, (CC) we will see


7:30 am pt about his other contact, not the bank...

      Blackjack7 wrote Just heard from my friend and all I can say WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
zzzzzzzz wrote Blackjack... what is the reason for the big woooooohooooooo??

    Blackjack7 wrote can't say that but with my friends info
 I am quite sure that is coming here in the room today..
Blackjack7 wrote zzzz the info that I received is very exciting but has to be kept on the hush hush but it affects us all ... info from my friend who is in the know

Blackjack7 wrote My friend told me I have created a tremor in the RV force LOL
 goldenhawk wrote BJ, more like a tsunami......... lol

me: A good tremor or a bad one?
      Blackjack7 wrote good    
FUZE wrote GM TNT. Just heard a rumor out of NC. That the Admirals group was notified 1:30 A.M. that exchanges are starting now.. can anyone confirm or deny rumor?

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