Monday, March 30, 2015


    • Spartyville said
      11:54 PM Mar 29, 2015
    It is currently 2:35 am eastern standard time March 30 th.
    Last night at work , Sunday the 29th of March at approx. 11:00 pm this was over heard from a group of our guests.

    First...I work for a company in the entertainment business in Michigan. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    I was retrieving a vehicle for one of our guests who was leaving our establishment.
    There were two couples.....two men and two women waiting for this vehicle.
    One couple entered the car the other couple walked off into the parking lot towards their car.

    After these people left, our doorman who is also a security guard over heard the women stating " tomorrow (Monday) will be interesting at work. We have to implement a new banking procedure that we have been working on for over two months now. We have so many glitches in this new system, but we were told to proceed with activating the new system."
    She was heard stating " this will be total chaos once we release this to the other 30,000 using this system"

    Now....we have no idea what bank she works for or what they are implementing later today March 30  2015.

    Take this for what it's worth and how ironic that this was over heard by someone who is invested in this....CRAZY...I agree.

    This may have nothing to do with the GCR....then again...who knows.

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