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3-12-15 Dinan: My Personal Bank Story March 12th!

Hello TNT. I want to share my personal bank story.  But before I do, please understand that I will not respond to countless amounts of PM's, nor will I give the exact bank location and or names.  The following is my personal bank experience, not yours, mine, and in person...period.  I do not care to see any lame feedback and or negative nelly comments.  This April will be my 11th year in this investment.  I am not a newbie by no means.

I care about everyone in this forum and believe that we are all in this together.  With that said...here goes.

On March 11th, Wednesday, I met with a Personal Banker at one of the major banks where I reside.  The Personal Banker was very polite, polished and well versed.  He made me feel very comfortable.  My visit was to establish several personal accounts that I needed.  He was extremely informative on the products and services that the bank would be happy to render along with my accounts.  I was again, very impressed and he made me feel at ease.

Forty-five minutes into the meeting he learned that I worked for an airline and traveled extensively internationally. I took advantage of this window of opportunity, and then asked what all foreign currencies did his bank currently exchange.  He looked on his desk top and advised what all currencies they currently sold and or exchanged.  He mentioned the KWD as one of them.

The conversation continued:  PB (Personal Banker) WM (Wealth Manager) and ME.

PB - "Is there a particular currency you are needing to acquire and or exchange"?

ME - "Why yes...the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) and or the Vietnamese Dong (VND)...I added.."they may also be listed as IQN and or VNN respectively".

PB -  "The VND, (he said VND), I am able to possibly acquire for you".

ME -  "Well no..actually...I am interested in exchanging either currency".

PB -   "Well, I do see the Kuwaiti Dinar here but I do not see the Iraqi Dinar".

ME -   "Interesting..there are Forex Sites that list the IQD (IQN) and the VND (VNN)."

PB -   "Sir, one moment, let me get a WM that will be able to further assist with these currencies".


WM - "Hello my name is XXX XXXXX, I understand that you have inquiries about a currency'?

ME -  "Hello..yes...two...the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong".

WM -  "And what are your concerns"?

ME - " I have no concerns...just simply inquired if your bank exchanged these two currencies". "I understand that amongst the five major banks, this will be one of the major banks elected to exchange both these currencies".

WM - "Yes..I have had recent memos on that..and recently assisted a client with the Iraqi currency" (I was not shocked but presently surprised to hear these words.)

WM -  "And how much of these currencies do you have'?  (I responded with the amounts.)


WM - "Thank you for waiting"..."I placed a call to our Central Hub for Currencies and spoke to XXXXX-XXXXX".  "She is wanting to meet with you along with two other WM's and a Private Banker on Friday the 12th at 2:00PM".  "What exchange rate are you anticipating"?

ME - "I have been advised that the market exchange rate currently showing on bank screens is $3.90 for the Iraqi Dinar". "I am also aware of the fact that this particular bank has exchanged high net worth clients for the past year at market and or contract rates".

WM - (she reached for a calculator then said).." $3.90..I believe we can do a little better than that".  (Again I was pleasantly surprised.)

PB - He chimed in onto the conversation and asked the WM,.."so are we going to exchange these currencies"?

WM - "From what I have been told by XXXX-XXXXX from the Central Hub..yes".  "So is Friday the 12th at 2:00 PM good."  "Again..you will be meeting with myself (WM), the person from the Central Hub along with 2 other WM'S and a Private Banker".

ME - "Fine".  (We said our goodbyes and exchanged further pleasantries...etc.)

I left the branch and from the parking lot I called everyone I knew and relayed the whole experience to them.  Some cheered extensively, others were in shock, and my business partner was in disbelief! LOL


This morning at around 10:00 am PST, I received a call from the Personal Banker confirming our appointment for tomorrow, Friday the 12th at 2:00 PM. He advised that the WM I met yesterday will also follow thru today with a call with additional information on the Iraqi Dinar.

4:25 PM The Call from the WM today the 12th.

I just received a phone call from the WM from yesterday’s first meet.  She (WM) advised that she received a call from the Central Hub for Currencies contact that she had spoken too yesterday, and relayed that their Corporate advised to cancel the meeting for Friday the 12th...reason being...this major 5 bank will not participate in the Iraqi Dinar exchange.

I thanked her (WM) and the PB for their time, and recapped that I had spent an hour and half of my time with both her and the PB at the bank in reference to the exchange of the currency...I was courteous in relaying...you got your contact within the Central Hub for Currencies involved...she, the Central Hub contact, in turn advised for a meet with two other WM's and a Private Banker...you (WM) acknowledged that your bank was involved via your recent corporate memos along with your admission that you had recently assisted a client with the Iraqi Dinar....and you also added that you would be able to do better than $3.90 on the exchange rate.  You personally wrote down all my personal information and point of contact to...NOW... you are relaying that Corporate advised to cancel the meet..and that they will not participate in the Iraqi Dinar exchange.

I said..."Well XXXXXX, you and I know for a fact that your bank will be involved with the exchange of the Iraqi Dinar...maybe not now at this moment..but soon...you have my information and point of contact...call me at any time when you learn that your bank is publicly exchanging.

And there you have it folks. First a complete flat out admission followed by a corporate retraction!

But...no worries...I am fortunate to have had this experience firsthand. I am completely now more than ever convinced that this blessing is going to be bestowed upon us all!!

Have a great day! 


The alleged Wells Fargo letter that is going around asking for account numbers is 100% BOGUS. Do you really believe that Wells Fargo would be that negligent to request your personal and sensitive info via an email? NO BANK CONDUCTS BUSINESS THIS WAY. It's that simple, do not fall prey to such a foolish request FROM ANYONE. All my best to you, Debb

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