Thursday, February 5, 2015


tman23  ...it should be obvious...that currency reform is taking place RIGHT NOW...

Take into consideration that Shabibi once stated that the reform would be an 18 month project in 3 phases... That being said; We do not know exactly what phase the CBI is in... 

The fact is that the CBI has opened foreign accounts and vice-versa...The Master Card (Qi card) has issued some cards to those receiving pensions and labeled it as "pilot program"... and they are being used international...

There are some reports of people saying the cards are not working correctly... they do not display the correct balance at the ports... 

From what is being said it appears zeros are not showing up on the cards. That said; it is reasonable to assume that the project of lifting the 3 zeros is in motion.



Gswoo13: This should be......a worldwide market moving day. The Asian markets and the Europeans...are all feeling the pressure today....just wait until the meeting in Greece/France..............and watch the US markets retreat......

Rrrr: Sooo much to be done, as this RV comes hither. The times spent in this room, will evolve to a slither. But this space filler called Chat, filled with moments we’ll hold, so warm in our hearts, to be savored and told. We’ve learned Ohhh so much about currency and rates, but more important than that we’ve learned patience and faith. Enduring all these trials, tribulations and strife, have merely made us more focused for when we start our new life.

 1st and BEST WINDOW IN THE UNITED STATES is 11pm-3am PST, 12am-4am MST, 1-5am CST, 2-6am EST: Minor window opens at the close of US markets 4 EST. Other important times are when Iraq banks open at 8am and Muslim prayers before 6:58am creating a possible window at PST = 7-9pm / MT = 8-10pm / CST = 9-11pm / EST = 10pm-12am

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