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Ml February 6, 2015  I listened in on the Big Call last night -- just love the tone of that call. There was a caller that said his friend received a call from his WM at USB - a bank in Switzerland that they were expecting exchanges to begin that night through Saturday. It added to the air of expectancy that the event is close.

G T February 6, 2015 So The Picture Clues Reveal we Should Look For Our Blessing By The 12th of The Month (I'm hearing it should arrive Before then)

R.V. / GCR February 6, 2015 at 1:23pm Moving quickly to the end of phase 3 ...moving into phase 4 …unpegging of countries currencies and moving re-valuations... where’s the basel 3 treaty hmmmm.... Id tell you but you already know ....so really ,wheres the currency exchange? You’re last, but the currencies are nudged in between the next two phases....ciao...PT

 February 6, 2015 at 1:09pm Copied From Twitter:

@JCR3758: Ukraine unpegged. :)   http://t.co/Ptd7c5rhbL

GT:  So The Picture Clues are Saying We're Looking For Germany & Ukraine to UNPEG & UNCLIP From The Euro????

R.V. / GCR > G T  Ukraine just did. Germany is tomorrow

Ian H > R.V. / GCR  Germany is tomorrow .....woo hoo. Let the games begin!

Vinman:  Not sure what Exo is trying to say here with respect to Germany.  They can't really "unpeg" since the Euro is not only their currency.  They can, however, drop the Euro for the Mark since they have already printed marks years ago.  Now THAT would crash everything.

HealthyDoc > Vinman, you are one smart cookie!


pebbles February 6, 2015 at 8:30am  

Ukraine forex market in confusion after bank removes unofficial peg

Feb 6 (Reuters) - A move by Ukraine's central bank to ditch an unofficial peg for the hryvnia has plunged the foreign exchange market into confusion, with buyers of hard currency putting off purchases and sellers holding out for higher levels.

The hryvnia lost 30 percent against the dollar to trade at 24-25 on Thursday after the bank moved closer to a free float by abandoning the foreign currency auctions that had effectively pegged the exchange rate. 




Hollande, Merkel go to Moscow to discuss Ukraine without consulting US – report



Sqwatchy February 6, 2015 at 2:11pm


Friday, February 6, 2015

Some Kurdish oil exports suspended February 6, 2015

Some Kurdish oil exports suspended

LONDON - Exports from the Kurdish north of Iraq through Turkey are suspended while payment negotiations continue, Gulf Keystone Petroleum said Friday.

"This is expected to be a short term measure until a regular payment cycle can be established for sales via the export route," the company said.

In the meantime, the company said it was working on finding ways to get crude oil from the Shaikan development in the Kurdish north out of the region through pipeline networks.

Last month, the company announced with its Hungarian partner MOL it was now producing oil from seven wells in the Shaikan development in the Kurdish north. Production and export sales from the region increased nearly 300 percent last year.

Gulf Keystone was upbeat when, in December, the Kurdish and Iraqi central governments brokered a deal ending a simmering impasse over who controls what parts of the oil sector in the country.

The semiautonomous Kurdistan Regional Government under the terms of the agreement funnels 250,000 barrels of oil per day to Baghdad and agrees to use the federal State Oil Marketing Organization for marketing.

"Further to the oil export agreement between the KRG and federal government of Iraq reached in December 2014, and the recent passing of Iraq's 2015 federal budget, we remain confident that a stable payment cycle will be established in the near term, and we expect to receive payment for all past and ongoing oil sales from Shaikan," Gulf Keystone Chief Executive Officer John Gerstenlauer said Friday.

As of Dec. 29, Gulf Keystone and MOL said a record number of 354 trucks crossed the Turkish border with a combined 58,000 barrels of Shaikan crude oil for export sale.

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