Saturday, February 7, 2015


islandg1211 :The curfew was "put into place by US troops in 2003." My point exactly. Doesn't anyone else recall Frank discussing why, for legal reasons to meet the definition of sovereignty, the US had to pull out prior to Article VIII and the RV? We had this discussion back in December 2012.

Some of us actually do have notes that far back. Lifting the curfew, IMO, not only sends the message that Baghdad is safe and secure, but SOVERIEGN.

I've been wondering if and when we will be told that Iraq has a holiday during our three-day Presidents' Day holiday. Dr. S may want a three-day holiday. Just wondering.

Frank26:   Greetings KTFA Family:  I'll try to make this short.
YES ........ The curfew lifted is good but not because security has increased BUT to increase it.

I will explain deeper on Monday's CC.

As for 2:30 today ........ Yes ......... It took a pen that Prez got 8 to 9 days ago.

You need to know about the next 3 days OR LESS ........ Should take us to Monday so we can explain the event on Wednesday to come.

We said they would NOT tell You ......... But trust me ...... Abadi is dying to tell You the mula is POURING IN LIKE A WATERFALL at this very nano second. THAT ACTION ........ IS SECURITY !!!

For what?

The Economic Reform of Iraq.

Also have to tell You about Ports .

A Cherry taste to the Port?   No ...... Just on Top of it.

Finally ......... All will be in ARABIC.    DELTA ........ Yours.

KTFA     Frank....... The others are saying ....... What?


Aggiedad77:   Hello Family…..Remember.....the BEST is yet to come!!!

Thanks for sharing Frank…..Aloha   Randy

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