Friday, February 6, 2015


Frank26:  "Parliamentary Finance confirms that determine the time to delete the zeros..... That time is not right now" .......... Really Mr GOI ? Then what the #$%&! time do You think it is? (See Article Below)

HEY ! FRANK !! 26 !!! .......... I did not say such a thing !!! .......... Just ask me !!!!

LOL...... That's funny but if not You then who?

Mr. Frankie You know very well that Fridays are Holy days here where nothing much happens so the media puts out this re-cycled regurgitated re-worded re-hash nonsense supposedly from us at the GOI.

I know ....... I know besides it may be true that we now have a GOICBI but only the CBI will be given the permission of Power to lift the 000's not just for the Citizens but the Budget and Economic explosion that has been lite.

Yes Mr. Frankie the 26 ......... Let it be KNOWN to The INTERNATIONAL WORLD that the GOICBI no longer waste time on the MR (Monetary Reform) nor argue in difference but instead on nearly ALL issues and matters we ............ Agree.

Hmmm .......... I tend to agree too. But for now I forget about the Zero's to go travel with my wife to be with our grandchildren that find us as their ........ Hero's.

Aloha Friday Family...... KTFA   Frank


walkongstick :  Economic parliamentary: Investment Law is working to lift the economy and improve the stability of the currency and
Date: 02/06/2015 12:43

considered the economic and investment commission in Parliament, on Friday, the investment law as a "red line" he works for the lifting of the Iraqi economy and improving currency stability, and while confirming that the upgrading of the Iraqi economy is everyone's responsibility, called for activating the role of the private sector and facilitate the investment process.

said committee member and fulfillment in a fight, told / information /, "It is the right of the investor to submit a complaint to the courts if pulled him investment license because the law will do it justice," noting that "investment is a red line law being worked in order to raise the Iraqi economy and improving currency stability . "

She added that "Iraqi law protects investors and provide them with the necessary facilities for investment," asserting that "the upgrading of the Iraqi economy is everyone's responsibility and we support him in all fields, especially the creation of a favorable environment encourages investors to invest in Iraq without fear on the investment universe Iraqi law protects investors and their investments . "

She stressed the importance of a fight "investment and activating the role of the private sector in building a strong Iraqi economy."  LINK


Servon29 :As a curfew is lifted, Baghdad is at long last partying again



Frank26: KTFA Family this is crucial ........ THINK about this !!! Give it thought.

KTFA   Frank.





Frank26: We shared at start of 2015 that USD would level off as Gas prices did the same in the 4th week to the first week.

BOTH in the last two weeks have bobbled at a specific level.

Neither have lost nor gained on a means average graft.

For TEAMS and I ......... On course. KTFA   Frank

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