Thursday, February 19, 2015


2-19-15 Aggiedad77: First...there is not likely to be a "new adjusted rate" ... within the budget ... there is likely to be the "language" that will allow for a rate change. Second ... though it is possible I don't see a rate being announced ahead of the publication of the budget. Third ... depending on what we see within the budget there definitely could be a time frame before we see the budget fully funded ... we don't know that time period though ... it could be minutes, hours, days ... but the longer they wait ... the more we believe they hurt themselves. Do not be excited about something we don't control ... you will be disappointed ... be excited by the action you do see ... the BEST is yet to come! 

2-19-15 TerryK: Article quote: "Iraqi facts circle, on Thursday, confirmed on Sunday that the next date of publication of the Federal Budget Law for 2015 in the Journal of the facts..."  THE GAZETTE GOES TO PRINT SATURDAY ... SO IT WILL SHOW IN THE PAPER SUNDAY ... SATURDAY NIGHT SUN MORNING. 

briscomAlso would like to remind the Saints that Delta said on CC that this Sunday, the new system with the CBI will take effect. 22nd of February – new bank regulations begin. This is the same day the 2015 Budget will be published in the Gazette. I know that this is not a coincidence. It surely adds 'sprinkles' on the desert that's been set before us. Blessings. 

2-19-15 Hawger03IMO, it will be a safe bet that the pressure will be intense ... almost unbearable, to revalue once the budget is published. We know how Kurdistan and the other provinces are when it comes to demanding their due. Before the ink is dry in the gazette, the provinces of Iraq will be SCREAMING for their portion that has been allotted them by the budget. It will be most difficult for them to pay these monies due without the RV first ... unless they plan to kick this can down the road for another year. 

2-19-15 @JCR3758
https://t.co/8pK664LSP7 (budget to be published on Sunday): Very interesting. Hmmmm. Iraq-Kurdish oil deal is slipping awa​y (Kurds fall down on oil production, Iraq owes both NEED this budget) http://t.co/CfUW8ERMQH  

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