Friday, January 9, 2015


1-9-15 Tlar: I have avidly followed the dinar since Nov 2008. One thing I have seen the CBI do over and over is try to get the government on board to monetary change. IMO the facts to me show that Shabibi was ready as far back as 2010 and with each passing year he set up deadlines that he had hoped to hit on currency change. This was all before the laws that some feel now are so important or before any budgets.

In fact the CBI stated not too long ago they will do this when they think the time is right, with or without the budget being done. Monetary change is in itself a goal stated by the CBI and IMO it in itself must be independent of everything else.
The job of the CBI is to protect the currency and IMO that's what Shabibi was doing in his last years by trying to institute this program.  The most important thing that bleeds through all the years is government support. Had he had the support of the government and its institutions it is my belief this would all have been over years ago but one can only speculate why Maliki has adamantly fought this all the way.

Government support was needed then and today we finally see that in place. That's why I think we are so close you might be able to touch it. This weekend will see if I'm right or wrong. I think they are as they themselves have stated "ready".

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