Monday, January 12, 2015


Iraq had clearance from US to go last Fri. night and then delayed to

noon today, Monday and now delayed again with no reasons given.

DC:  some frustrating maneuvering going on.  When will it end?  Frankly, just kind of when they feel like setting up the date.  CBI and finance ministry are frustrated and wondering why we can't go..what is the issue. . . It boils down to when US agrees Iraq can do this. . . All ready to go waiting on US timeline.

DC:  Does the budget have to be done for an RV?  No...just stability.

Tony: We don't think it has anything to do with Iraq or with us . . . or nonsense over the weekend . . . or February . . . March . . . April.  Telling their people they need it immediately to pay the bills . . . operate the country.   This is a whole bunch of BS someone is putting out to get you to panic or . . .  They were told this morning to stop publishing articles and putting out information.  We don't know the reason they are holding it up . . . global issue? . .  .  who benefits? . . .scheduling us to get paid.  Has to be something higher . .  .  I think I know but DC says I can't talk about it.

If we find out it's blatant or dirty - we will say it.  Trying to be logical. . . Is it in-house politics, US politics or global event behind the scenes holding it up?  Got to be about influence, pride, power hungry.  


Caller:  BS reason?  DC:  Your logic is sound!

TNTDINAR:  Chat room week end issue:  Not fair to come into chat and DEMAND something and to expect Tony to stop and answer it.

Tony:  I’ve done five conference calls already this morning and will do it after this call and will continue . . . on the w/e. . . (did one): during my wifes birthday on Thurs; party sat. night.  Pam in the chat room doing the same thing.  Ray on open mike doing this every day.  We don’t do this two hours a day.  We do it all the time. . . 24 hours.  We don’t get paid to do this.  Get some donations to pay for the site.  No gov. . . no exchanger pays us.  We don’t advertise on the site.  No subscriptions. 

WHERE WE ARE TODAY:  Tony: No date, no time, no window, no geared up, no lockdown, no anything!!!.  Could be the quiet before the storm.  No reason we know of for it not to happen tonight, tomorrow.  Nothing out there saying it’s not going to happen till the 20th of the month.  Keeping things calm.  No one is saying by this date or time any more.  

IRAQ: SOOoo Frustrated! Finance ministry frustrated and wondering why they can't go..what is the issue?   GOI is Publishing articles to show their people they are moving forward.  Iraqi people do not know they are ready to go and being held back.   Budget not holding it up.  Budget is waiting on RI or RV.  Projects, jobs waiting on this.  Massive international companies are aggravated and pushing, putting pressure on governments, countries and politicians.

Media/TV:   the messages running are, "must be done, has to be done and Parliament is demanding it being done."
Cards:  still $3.58 
ISX is open.   The finance ministers, Council of Ministers and the CBI all begged the US to let the rate be LIVE when the ISX opened. 
Budget:  DONE! Article came out that 2nd reading was this morning but Tony said they knew it was done last week.  
CBI:  CBI friends frustrated as well as Finance Ministry.  They have been given clearance on an RI rate between $3.20 - $3.90.  Continuing to take dinar in for credits.  

England Exchanges at International rate of $3.51, $3.87, $3.89 and $4.00 in last 10 days.  Dinar trade is located in UK and has a UK web site.
Germany: reports of exchanges happening there.
UNITED STATES:  Sr. parliamentarian's outraged. DC said he'd heard this morning that some Sr. Dem's and Repub's are stepping in to solve this issue. Administration not giving DC any clear answers.  DC felt the hold up is among the people the President has delegated tasks too. 

Banks: ran tests over the weekend.  Not getting a clear signal from the UST
UST:   checks ran over the weekend and not giving bankers straight answers.
Receipts:  If you have millions the banks will want to see receipts, documents.  For peeps with smaller amount the bank may use lost receipts issue as a reason to not do business with you.  (I've heard an affidavit of purchase with date, source, currency, amount - all relevant info, will be accepted. Have not verified that with anyone - maybe Tony/DC could address that next or final call.  Shipping label, check, copy of money order is proof of purchase. - Sunny)
Individual Exchanges:  Tony saw a receipt of someone who just walked into the bank at the right time and was able to exchange.
Rates:  same as last call.
Dates/Times - Long Term:  DC says they are pulled out of some bureaucrat's hat or a . .  and have no relationship to the country, issue or reality.  Often by someone not connected to the situation.  He said pay no attention to long term dates.  
EXCHANGING:  Tony has not received a package yet and that the info changes every two days anyway.  Said you will see an exchanger first and then expect to meet with a wealth manager in 72 hours for perks, negotiation of rate.  This information comes from people who have already exchanged.  Unknown if this will continue to be the early or public process.  

To Exchange:  Dress and speak professionally.  Be polite.  Do not go into the appointment and say, "Tony said."

*** Notable Caller:  Saddened by our countries political wrangling - not made effort to take steps and resolve this issue for the people of Iraq. How much are they still paying for a loaf of bread because currency not yet recognized?  It's an atrocity when Iraq has done all they needed to do.  . . . stepped thru hoops and the people are suffering daily -  . . . to know these people are suffering on a day by day basis.  It has to do with my hypocritical government . . .asked them to get their country in shape when we are not in shape - we asked them to do what we are not even doing - this is despicable!  There are great people in this country wanting to make a difference.  Eye of the world is looking at us. . . . Leadership is everything - pleading with our President on behalf of those who are suffering . . . for Iraq . . . we know it's a lottery ticket but this mindless positioning due to politics leaves a bad stain on the fabric of America.

Tony:  You are absolutely correct...if we are holding up the world, Iraq ...you're absolutely right.. I agree if it's truly politics, all we are talking about is posturing to get better position, holding up the world, entire country for that to achieve a personal goal you are absolutely right and should be ashamed of themselves. Sooner than later it will all come out.  . . . If that's the issue then other countries know it. We are not hearing other countries raising . . . we are not hearing other countries upset . . .it's gonna come out sooner or later . . .if it's just about greed, someone should stand up and say , "enough is enough

DC: my opinion is a lot of folks are using specific, minor things. reason du jour - today it's article 140 (just an example)- tribes been there since 1400's. . . very difficult for me to hear some folks say they want more on budget - NO, they have done it all and even amnesty stuff.  I don't see one issue they are raising that is any issue of real merit.

Tony:  Is it in-house politics, US politics or global event behind the scenes holding it up?  Got to be about influence, pride, power hungry. 

DC:  BINGO!  BINGO!                                      


DC: . . . Iraq ready to go.  Iraq has made progress . . waiting on US to allow them to go through.  . . .do not have a straightforward answer for when . . . US says go.  Iraq highly frustrated . . . saying please stop moving the ball.  Let’s go, let’s go!  Waiting on us to go. Hear more info will let you know.

PAM:  My lips are frozen.

RAY:  Enjoy marvelous Monday.  Take care.

TONY:  There you have the good, the bad, the ugly.  None that bad.  In a good position.  Still going.  Iraq trying to push it.  Could be today.  First call we’ve had since I don’t know when, that we don’t have a window.  . .I like that.  It tells me it could happen any minute. . .  If it’s something bigger then they are doing the right thing.  If it’s personal or some achieved position – can’be about money – has to be about ego’s.  . . just trying to figure it out.  If that’s what people in DC are leaking it out and that’s wrong.  We do have an option. It’s our government, our country, our future and want to be a part of that.  Hope everyone doing the right thing for the right reason. . .  If something significant happens I’ll Tweet it out.  If need to do another call we will do it.  People are getting updated info right now.  Can send out a minor update.  That we can do. . . Enjoy the rest of your day.  Hope to talk to you tomorrow.

 I have no answers either.  I'm a non-prophet!!!   Ta Da!!!  

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