Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There will be no rv/gcr in the usa until after jan31 to make sure the bad guys have no parental rights over their bankruptcy.......thats what i still see....now, iraq do your thing, we can exchange in to fiat then we convert to new usa currency.... NO PROBLEMS. Timber

MarkZ [just waiting for rv!] I doubt you have to wait to much longer. The progress is really gaining the steam we needed. Banking is in place. The US has pretty much run out of excuses. Things are good. 

[Is it true that we will have to wait a bit anyways to exchange?] ...if they were to announce it this minute it would still take some time to get everyone into the bank, logistically it could take 10-14 days to have things setup. IMO.

 [...how are you feeling about an RV this month?] Stellar. [The 22nd seems to be some hot date in this. 

Thoughts?] very.

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