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Rafidain Bank announces the issuance of card "MasterCard" to its customers inside and outside Iraq  LINK

Robdel:  Walkingstick or Backdoc ….Isn't this the mother of all news? Isn't this INTERNATIONAL STATUS!

  This is an INTERNATIONAL move by an IRAQI BANK with an international INSTURMENT caused by GOICBI LAWS that were just recently established and publicized to desperate WORLD ECONOMIES at recent meetings.

NOTE: There is no PROFIT for MC to do TRANSACTIONS at 1166.

This is not illogical ....... This is posturing.  This is simply .............. Good.

Why?  Because they are TELLING YOU SO !  KTFA   Frank


Robdel » 
  Not much noise is being made about the MasterCards of Iraqi banks! Come on! This is the grand hoopla of news!

Many Intel providers have said once we see this it signifies international status!

That's what we're waiting for! You're blessing is here family, jump for joy! Shout out louds?


Aggiedad77:  Cause for excitement I agree......but in my humble and analytical heart I see this as a mere paint brush stroke with but a single color....

I still await the master artist in preparation of unlocking all the brushes and paints.....the CBI who holds the real treasure....there is the true and real artist.

Wait for it.....the BEST is yet to come   Aloha  Randy


Big Iron: OK EY remember what the IMF said last time. Oh and don't forget the 20% for inflation.


:  You are either on a roll or just in a real good mood....YES!!!!!!!!!!   KTFA  Frank

(See Article Below)

walkongstick :  Minister of Finance signed an agreement with Ernst Young EY for the development of the banking sector in Iraq

BAGHDAD / ... signed and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Saturday, with a representative of Ernst Young ( EY ) humans Bakr agreement for the development of the banking sector in Iraq.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance's "Eye Iraq News" received a copy of it, said HoshyarZebari met with representative of Ernst Young and a number of the company's experts to discuss a number of financial and accounting issues and the process of rehabilitation of government banks. "

The Ministry of Finance contract with the International Financial Advisors Company several years ago to develop Iraq's financial and economic situation .anthy 1



  Thank you WS. Am I the only one reading these articles, and not to mention the Earnst and Young article and thinking this is HUGE NEWS?


  Frank/ Delta article 38 is still missing...but they did give us 2 article 39's.

Walkingstick:  Urgent .. Parliament vote on Article 38 of the draft budget, which provides for the continuation of bank Rafidain and Rasheed lending to the public sector law

Parliament vote on Article 38 of the draft budget, which provides for the continuation of bank Rafidain and Rasheed lending to the public sector law

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives voted on Article thirty-eighth of the draft public finance federal budget for the current year, which provides for the bank continued Rafidain and Rasheed lending to public companies and departments and government institutions that suffer a shortage of money; to enable them to secure their members' salaries and meet its obligations. Ended k h



Frank26: I am pleased to see You still remember what DELTA shared with You because we feel it will eventually come into play. THINK:

They show YOU 99.9% of the budget but NOT this one section ......... It that logical ? ........ Is that normal ? NO ..... IOO ........ It is a broken pattern and those type of things attract our attention.

We call it an anomaly. When we find these we chase them down like a cowboy rope steering a calf. We are also taking note of where LAWS are glued to. This match-up is telling us much like the priority of many issues.

This DAILY sequence also reveals a pattern. At KTFA we do not TEACH by copy and paste from others ......... We apply a scientific gathering method of all data ..... Empirical or not in order to make a proper decision with Time and Evidence. Most of it not seen ......... Kept to ourselves. To protect to be polite to be descent to be correct. YET......

The GOICBI are like a sleeping GIANT that is SLOWLY rising to his feet. Problem is that they are now SO BIG that it is difficult to notice this movement.

We shared that Last December You would see nothing because the budget was DONE .......... Shared that in January You would see the budget then shared that it was PASSED in this month ......... Finally shared that in March You will find ............ Well You know ..........

Look at Your notes from last October 28th. These are TIME FRAMES of STUDY not dates of an RI/RV.

Fascinating isn't it?  Aloha  Saturday ........ KTFA  Frank

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