Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ISHMAN UPDATE :And Now the Rest of the [RI] Story..., 20 JAN

ISHMAN :Have you wondered why it seemed a group within the current Executive Administration were pushing for 2015?  And it was so obvious, in plain sight.

While pundits are already faulting the focus on the upcoming State of the Union speech as insufficiently recognizing the importance of US security and acknowledging the existential danger of radical Islamic Jihad, the White House has shown its ability to continually shape the political landscape the way it chooses.  You have to give the White House credit for turning defense into a very capable offense. 

As we hear about the inequality of wealth distribution and the need for new policies to grow the middle class by what seems to be a call for return to populism, the Administration is setting the stage for a "never-ending-story" about its creation of a solid foundation of economic prosperity going into the 2016 elections.  Nothing like taking credit where really no credit is due.  This is shear brilliance, and though my principles run toward life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you have to give political kudos to where political kudos are due. 

With the delays which have occurred (by cause or effect), the current Administration has always intended for the release of the RI / RV to coincide with a key election, like maybe the 2016 election?  The President will frame the discussion around "the economy stupid," doing an updated version of the Clinton pivot.  So our expectations for timing of the RI / RV release fit beautifully around the State of the Union speech, with the worldwide focus on economic growth by a quantitative easing bluff providing cover.   And it is perfect timing for the Administration's plan to propose more of the same tax and spend policy labeled as wealth distribution under a banner of fairness, because its working so well (as we see over the next 18 months), and secure a platform for a serious challenge by the Dems for another 8 years running the Executive Branch of government.

As we secure a legacy for our families from the RI / RV, it will be hard to complain too much.  I encourage all to vote their principles and not be fooled by the rhetoric flowing freely over the next 18 months.
Go RV.

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