Tuesday, January 20, 2015

IRAQI DINAR 123 NEWS : Iraq Has One of The Best Hard Cash Reserves in The World, 20 JAN

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- On Sunday, the central bank of Iraq issued a statement that our bank reserves are one of the best reserves in the world to stabilize the Iraqi economy and it covers currency for half times. The bank also said that we have controlled the financial problems to restructure the economy and to modify sources which besieged Iraq. The governor of the central bank of Iraq said in an interview to the media that the CBI sustained a large amount of best reserves in the form of hard currency in the world. He also added that these hard cash reserves are still covering the money supply for half times.
The governor said that these reserves are changing on a daily basis, but it depends on the oil exports because we export oil and collect dollars from these exports. He also said that we are covering different imports with variable elements, Iraq is facing financial problems for a long time and now we have solved internal and external issues with getting loans. We are restructuring the economy through the budget for a long term solution to give good reasons for spending money and variation in income sources and to attract the foreign businessmen in Iraq. The CBI announced in October 2013 that we have more than 76 billion and 500 million dollars as hard currency; it was the highest amount in the Iraqi history.

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