Sunday, January 18, 2015


IKO WARD :Here's another interesting tidbit. 60 days ago I deposited a residential installation of a Bloomberg Terminal (sophisticated hardware and software to monitor markets). I have been dreading a phone call from the rep saying its ready and when would I like them to come? He called me Friday to apologize because they got SWAMPED with orders from existing customers who take priority. Now why would all these people suddenly want terminals in their homes?

Guys, what normally happens on Sunday evening at 5PM EST is the Tokyo markets open and about an hour later Forex posts it's first pairings. But today ain't gonna be normal. More like the opening kick-off at a Super Bowl.

JCR@JCR3758 :It is my intention that when I get the exchange instructions & details that the tweeter family share the info first b4 it is copied 4 others

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