Friday, January 2, 2015


1-2-2015 Bluwolf Many blessings for this new year to all. Many changes are transpiring worldwide especially in Central and South Americas.

Their new inclination is towards the brics and they have all given out there new latin american name ” estamos unidos ” and things are being pushed rather rapidly by Russia , China and India leaving the estados unidos (usa) quite alone by their greed.

This year will be a great year for our investment and it should be coming along at any time.

Iraq is ready, our UST is ready, our banks are more than ready, our paymasters are already tuning in to things, our economy is heading in the correct direction.

And the presidents legacy is already being written how it’s suppose to have been written truthfully without the political rhetoric.

All is now kinda of silent and this is good and it shall arrive as a thief in the silence of the night.

Someone of great importance to your country sent this message out to me and i will share it with all.

He said   " Sit back and relax and just let everything unfold naturally. ” There were a lot of folks with their hands in this cookie jar stalling and milking this RV, but as we speak these are no more and they are all going down as scheduled, so this very important person stated

I now wait, relax, for it is heading our way now and timing is on our side.

Please have everything ready for it shall all be out before all the noise starts again in your political houses.

Na’maste Bluwolf

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