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SemLast Tier hopefully confirmed tonight, just my input here

Rv/gcrsem is correct he has the best Intel.

ok silly beans just so you have a little understanding of what's going on right now there are 7 trustee and there are different tiers we are slowly watching the 7 trustees receive their release of funds when all seven have been released then you have and are me right now we have confirmation of three and one is in signing what does that mean we more to go but of course I don't know what I'm6 talking about and I make this s*** up as I go so good luck with that that's entertainment.

fYI just so you know Madame Wu and General Li in Atlanta did receive their funding they got their money from China so the general 64 can start now also to trustees in Canada did get their release of funds and the Admiral's group that everyone here is waiting for should get their start in the morning they've been cleared for the go as far as the rest you historical bonds 1 cashed out Friday night handle TRNs to go live in Atlanta only as of this day the TR into our lives nationwide you can ask your bank for the new money if you pay for it they cost the same as it normally would in the meantime bond will start paying on Thursday and the groups have started there still some that still need to get started and of course as you know privates have been moving for a while now buy-sell agreements the bottom line is that the 12 the day the government is supposed to shut down is also probably your announcement of your Republic.

Do you really want to know what's going on?  The global pay was 100% confirmed. Yes the money got into the account and 100% it was not released at 9 a.m.
However silly beans …100% confirmed that we have more than 3 trustees in two different countries that have received the release of their money's.

The United States Treasury is sequestered right now… what does that mean?  wow we always said it would never happen on Monday but it could happen on Thursday.

However, the United States is in this big proxy ploy to just see the public and make it look like Obama saved the world with the gold backed Reagan wanta protocols.

In the meantime the banks are wanting a haircut and the Bail in well.. guess what kids… that has nothing to do with the Treaty of 2009 …so that means that they are still lying to us because the treaty will swallow the derivatives.

There are 7 trustee and there are different tiers. We are slowly watching the 7 trustees receive their release of funds. When all seven have been released then you have, and are me (RV/GCR).

Right now we have confirmation of three and one is in signing… what does that mean …more to go.

Gt:Afternoon Clues.....

A TRUSTEE agreement between the Banks, IMF, UST, et al (has been released so the RV can get started)

We're NOW in COUNTDOWN Mode (Tomorrow Starts the 3 Day Holiday in Iraq)

We see snow.....AGAIN

Making a Fire at the Fireplace & Getting Ready for SANTA


You've done Damage.....

You DON'T Know how to Cook!!!


12-8-14 R.V. / GCR: Hint hint …over the next three days Iraq holiday there is sixteen thousand people taking buses to Baghdad and they expect their money

If not all the tires in back that will be on fire by Friday at mosque because the promise took for way too long and the people have an expectation

As of right now the cheese looks like Thursday at bank opening

The truth as we see it right now… first of all the global pay account was signed but not released yet according to what was and is

However, I have heard in the background somewhere today that there has been a release of some money… this is cool but in the meantime the media is going to tell you guys all about the Republicans and how they are the bad guys are going to shut down the government

And then you're going to hear all about and Barack Obama and the Democrats save the world today with the new gold backed asset-backed money and then Barack Obama will be carried into the room on everybody shoulders and you guys can all have a savior and then rush to the bank and thanks Barack Obama and kiss his feet

I wish you well… I love love love love love the fact that there's still deception coming from all four sides… happiest of cameras days..timber. 


@JCR3758: Good Morning all. Well we are waiting to hear the results from meeting with Iraq and IMF today. Also there is a pending announcement to WTO.

JC ‏@JCR3758 39m39 minutes ago Results from both meetings were highly favorable.
JC ‏@JCR3758 41m41 minutes ago We are in a window. IMF has timeline. Iraq plans on getting it done. US is in agreement. The rollout is on track. Relax & let it happen.





Felix has gotten for  THREE WEEKS!

The funds have been released for our trading…Things are happening

okdad > OMEGA MAN Were they released today, and once released is there a time frame for our exchanges? Having to wait a couple of days.

R.V. / GCR > okdad  Thursday....As of right now the cheese looks like Thursday at bank opening....

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OilRat December 8, 2014 at 10:30am

@JCR3758: Good Morning all. Well we are waiting to hear the results from meeting with Iraq and IMF today. Also there is a pending announcement to WTO.


G T December 8, 2014 at 11:09am New Clues......

Wells Fargo exchange centers in Atlanta and Wichita are working & Mirroring each other

Still a Coinflip for 2014 / 2015 exchange

Bank Tellers have received Memos of new Electronic Systems with NEW CURRENCIES Available

Should see these NEW CURRENCIES on Forex


Highlights of Tonys CC.  I will not get to go back through the notes for anything I might have missed until this evening.  Going Christmas shopping!!! - Sunny

 Letter Tony received: "this has all the hallmarks of the manipulation of a large group. If I was running a psychological operation this is almost textbook."

Tony: Other agencies tell us that an agency is giving us BS.    We do have a plan
DC: people think we are getting lied too. Right, I am getting lied to a lot of time, but why, how, . . . what is their motivation?. . . Info is still good to sort through.  Why would political folks who are sensitive . . . seeing how fast important racial incidents have erupted so quickly . . . why would they allow a ticking time bomb to occur?
My opinion is they know full well this is about to happen. . . All the contract rate will be hushed up because of NDA's.  I'll bet there are those who want to be reelected that care about what is going on. This will make Watergate look like a "walk in the park.”
DC: it does not take a high ranking person to screw up last few days in office. Just push it out on the internet. everyone knows they are sitting on a nuclear bomb here . . . Just explaining that if they mess around too much it will blow up in their faces.  Why don't we want to push boundaries? Frankly I want to get paid, try to keep everybody calm.
IRAQ:  Abadhi back in country. Slow work week in Parliament.  They were ready this weekend. Friday there was a 36 hour window. Sunday morning Iraq asked for a few hours and when Iraq tried it again the US delayed it.  It’s widely known inside Iraq they are waiting on the US.  Information is leaking out of Iraq and they changed the announcements TV and in the mosques.  Everyone is aggravated at the US.   
  • Celebrations: Three day holiday starting tomorrow.  
  • TV/ Mosques: No longer giving a date for economic reforms, but saying the ER are ending, “economic reforms close to being done . . . ER completed in a few days.”  
INTERNATIONAL: US, Bank of England, IMF, CBI all working with coordinating everything.  DC: "Peeps pretty disgusted with the start stop.  Everybody pissed about it."

UNITED STATES:           
  • Delay:  DC said the reason for the delay from the administration "did not make sense." In the US everybody was prepared. Was delayed. Everybody is upset
  • Banks are ready to go, to execute.  They continued to pay out this w/e.  They prefer it during work days.
  • 800#:   Only one bank will take everyone. (probably WF since they are the clearing house for the UST)  The other majors, Tiers 2 & 3 will be individual and if you want to do business with them you will need to call them.  AFTER THE 800# IS OUT.  NOT NOW!!!  Tier 2 and 3 will be calling their select customers.
  • Rupiah:  unchanged at $1.05.
  • Reserves:  unknown what the process is until the packages come out.  DC says their could be a massive amount of time involved to get reserves.
  • 800#:   Only one bank will take everyone. (probably WF since they are the clearing house for the UST)  The other majors, Tiers 2 & 3 will be individual and if you want to do business with them you will need to call them.  AFTER THE 800# IS OUT.  NOT NOW!!!  Tier 2 and 3 will be calling their select customers.
  •  Groups:  Tony:  I could be totally off base here.  I did not believe in groups for ever. Since found out 400 groups and rate was from .30 to $32.00.   . . .
  • TRN’s (treasury reserve notes) . . . Get direct from treasury that TRN’s are traded among banks and countries.
Q & A:

Caller:  Will we be strung out past the holidays?  DC:  I don’t think we know. . . . Regardless if it’s a day or a month. 
T- We see them bringing people in, see them having their meetings and saying it’s the last meeting before we do this. . . .  Yes, we keep getting disappointed like you guys.  Everyday I personally have less and less confidence in them.  Nothing else to do. . . Iraq has done it all. . . in the gazette, loaded cards internationally, paid people here, paid out the rates.
DC:  By exchanging all of these people they have accepted Iraq RV'd on Oct 30th. . . We got so many people exchanged... fundamentally the world has accepted it . . . I see that as positive. The more people they pay out, the better. . . it kinds of forces . . . to make dang sure this happens.
Caller:  Do you think we will get this RV before Christmas?  DC:  I do!   Tony:  a meeting was taking place this morning and we don’t know what happened yet because we have been on the call.  Constantly told by democrats they want us to have this.

Is there person preventing this?  DC:  It is not personal. They are viewing it as a political move back and forth.  Is one person holding things up?  Yeah, but not alone.  Supposed to be a good reason.  Some days I think there are and some days I don’t think so.  It’s never been personal, about us and one particular person, individual or bureaucrat.


DC:  Iraq is ready, tried to do it thre’s this week end.  Another time scheduled very quickly.  Hope and pray everybody does what they are supposed to do. . . Pray everybody has their best mind sets for this thing and it goes through.  Remain cautious. . . no doubt in my mind it will go through.  Everything continues to reaffirm we are next to go through . .. they have allow these many to go through and we are right behind them. Have a plan together.
Pam:  You guys are amazing.  Our members, our listeners are so lucky.  I’m so proud to be with you guys. 
Ray:  Marvelous money, making Monday.  Enjoy!
Tony:  Everything is good.  Weekend window closed.  Right now we are looking at next 3 days – the holiday.  They say they are working on it.  We know that is their goal. . . We are just close.  A bunch of people went through on the weekend and a   bunch people will be paid tomorrow. . . If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.  Have your plan ready.  There is no “I’ll do it when it happens.”  There will be so many things, so plan now.  I’ll send out a tweet if something happens and if nothing happens I’ll see you on Wednesday.


TNT Call notes 8-Dec-2014
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, December 8, 2014.  Hope everyone is doing well, we are expecting a great day and a great week here if nothing else.  We’re going to do something a little different today.  We will explain what is going on, and then what could be next, and what you should be thinking about next.  Info first… DC?
DC:  East to west… we have got Iraq prepared, Abadi is back in country and they have passed a few more laws. They have been working at lower pressure because they have a three-day holiday starting tomorrow, so it’s a low week in Parliament. Everyone has their act together, coins are in the right place. They were ready this weekend, three different time, and it was punted twice by the US and once by Iraq.  The US delayed it Friday, on Sunday morning Iraq wanted a little time to coordinate, and when they got underway again, the US blocked it again.  People are upset in Iraq, and they have changed some of their news notifications to say “the economic reform is occurring, will  be done in a few days”.  However, it is widely know they are waiting on the US, so people are pretty aggravated at the US for obvious reasons.  Iraq is very much ready.
Tony:  Friday we knew there was a window, and there was too much time – it was 36 hours, and they announced the time themselves.  It didn’t happen.  Last night and this morning there are meetings going on.  The celebration starts tomorrow.
DC:  They were planned for this weekend, and now they are planned for the three-day break.  Let’s pray that they happen this time!
Tony:  They are not saying “by the 5th or the 8th” but they are saying “economic reforms are ending.”
DC:  In the US, everyone was prepared, and the UN is now upset at the US administration for blocking this again.  I haven’t heard the reason why it was delayed (or the reason I heard didn’t make sense). The banks are all ready, and they would prefer it during the working days.  They continued to pay folks out this weekend and continue that today. They are having meetings right now between all the major players here, in Iraq, Bank of England, etc, trying to coordinate another time right now.  The one I know of started two hours ago and we are waiting on the conclusion of those meetings.  Everyone is mad and disgusted with the stop and start of this situation. It’s sometimes hard to hear, and I don’t like to give this information, but that’s where we are at.
Tony:  Let’s have a discussion here for a moment so that you know what we really think and where we go from this weekend. First, an email:  “We all appreciate all you do;  it’s thankless job.  This has all the hallmarks of manipulation of information to control a large group so there is nothing we can do after it collapses.”  And more of the same. “Would it help people if you could indicate the organizations or intel people to confirm this is NOT being manipulated?  You must be sick and tired of the string-along.”  OMG. You have no idea.  DC says that we do this three times a week and it looks like nothing much has changed, but in reality it changes every hour.  The details change, but we are still waiting because they gave them too much time to think about it and something else came up as it always seems to.  I’ve said many times that I don’t work for the government, banks or exchangers;  it’s just information and we give the best as we get the intel and sort through it. We get bad information every day, but we know that they are putting out some false stuff, and that’s why we sort through it, to give you guys the best we have.  We still have help in those areas, and some agencies actually tell us when other agencies are giving us BS.  We have to sort through that every day…
DC:  A lot of people say, “You’re just getting lied to…” and I am, but why?  What are they trying to distract us from?  Information is still good, whether lies or not, because it’s all pieces of the puzzle and ways to test what you hear.  You can still work out what is really going on.  If the person is where we think and they are spouting this information, are they doing it for their personal gain, because their boss told them to, because they dislike us personally?  They all have patterns, and we have tracked them all.  Even if I know something is BS, I want to understand why so we can reverse-engineer the true intel.  Most of our sources are straightforwardly giving the best information they have, just to help people out and be nice. 
Tony:  We have a group that is pro-RV giving us stuff.  We have a group that wants to destroy us in the government, and another group that thinks we are doing the right thing. We have to go between those two groups.  Doing something like this, you have a hierarchy of information.  If you’ve been in the military, you get that there are officers who go to meetings and make decisions, and then the NCOs do the work and make their own decisions in the moment.  The officers may say “don’t tell people that” but the NCOs may decide to tell the workers what to do and why, to make it work.  The officers may know what they are talking about, but the NCOs actually do it.  Some people in this situation who are doing the right thing regardless of what they say, because they are not going to lie for the higher-ups.  We combat that stuff every day as we receive information from every level and piece it together.  Some people want us to create trouble!  We’ve had many questions about congressional enquiries, for instance.  And we do have a plan!
DC:  Lots of folks are worried about what will happen, and it’s all about common sense. What happens is this:  we have basically so many people who have been exchanged and done everything else, here and in the rest of the world.  The world has accepted this RV process as something they are doing, by exchanging all these people – they have accepted Iraq revalued on 31. October.  I view that as a positive thing because it is a forcing function – the more people they exchange, the better, especially if they crank up the numbers and include me!  That forces the folks who have been resisting to get into the process. They cannot block it any longer, no matter how much they want to. They cannot keep those folks quiet.  Good reporters and law enforcement people will go round and us people like Tony and myself to find which rocks to look under.
Nobody is naïve here – most are very bright.  This administration has world-class PR and communication types.  They are very, very good.  Why would folks who are that sensitive to what’s going on  and who know how fast information can get moving… why would they allow this PR time-bomb to sitting there, ticking?  A lot of people know where all the bodies are buried, with massive documentation who are willing to come forward and do the right thing.  My personal opinion is because they know that this is about to happen, even if a few people are still nit-picking Iraq at the final moment.  All this will go through, although the contract rates will get hushed up through NDAs, etc., because it’s embarrassing that some folks got paid 13 months in advance.  Once it’s out, it will be water under the bridge and no one will care.  That’s why communication directors in DC are comfortable sitting on a nuclear bomb.
If they get too ****y or arrogant about us knowing all this information, that is fine, but their Democratic buddies will make a difference.  This will make Watergate look like a walk in the park, because many politicos have already been paid a lot of money.  Many are highly worried about the message this would send.  It doesn’t take a high-ranking person to screw up your few remaining years in office by pushing this out on the internet.  I’m not trying to be controversial;  I’m just trying to explain that this could blow up at any time.  We don’t want a big twitter campaign because I want us all to be paid out.  People on both side of the aisle are saying “this is what we are trying to do to get you people paid, and if it goes to hell, that will really hold things up.  Keep everyone calm please.  The guys nit-picking Iraq to death are nearly done…”
Tony:  I got word on Friday that some people wanting to expose all the places that are exchanging, and I’m saying NO because they are preparing to pay you!  That could just be a show, and that’s what some of you are saying. They know what is coming, and if it is a show.  If this is just a manipulation and four million don’t get paid a dime out of this, then we have what those in the background don’t have.  You have to be prepared to do this right if it happens.  We’re aware of what it took to prepare the Arab Spring.  They went through Occupy Wall Street, and we’re told those people are getting involved with “I can’t breathe’ campaign. If those guys get involved in this RV issue, it wouldn’t take much to blow this up.  Last year during the twitter campaign, there were people standing in front of the banks saying “We are the people!”   If this goes up, it will be a wildfire. We feel they are going to do the right thing, because they know what will happen if they don’t, with all the people we know were paid out, all the documents we have, and all the support.  Those people who have exchanged will go to court and testify, and they know all that. We feel they are going to do the right thing, and until they do the wrong thing, we should not do anything, although we can prepared to do things if that occurs.  If there is something other than a personal agenda going on, I cannot force them to do anything. If there is a justifiable reason I’m looking at that involves the government doing something for the US citizens or economy, then I’m not going to do something that will affect 360 million Americans.  Once this happens, we can come back and recover.  If this happens and we people still get exchanged, or if they announce that we are not going to get exchanged, we have to wait and see what they are doing.
Have some confidence in what we are hearing.  Yes, some people want to destroy this for their own reasons.  We have to try to be that central cog that makes everything work right now – getting you’re getting the information, making sure you get through the process the right way, and helping you create your legacy afterwards.
Here’s the problem with this very call we are doing right now:  I have been through it. I ‘ve been responsible for 15,000 people in networking marketing, and every decision is based on how it affects those 15,000 people, who will do what I do.  I am assuming responsibility for 250,000 people here, and making sure we make the right decisions at the right time.  Now I have to be really careful because it affects everyone’s family.  Everyone wants to know what I do for Christmas and New Years, and if it goes wrong, it’s all Tony’s fault.  I understand that, but you need to understand I’m doing this reluctantly.  We are talking to the right people, getting the right information, and if the time arrives when we need to burn it down, I will tell you that.  We are all suffering through this, and I’m suffering with you.  People who wish they have my life?  You have no idea. 
You need to see that we are just that close.  It could be any day, any moment.  We still don’t know the real reason it was delayed this weekend or why it’s taking this long.  I know there have been some political reasons, but it has to be something greater than that.  I cannot see this current administration saving something for the next administration, that’s for sure.
DC: We believe from everything we are seeing that we are all going to eet paid, but not before Iraq is paid. The US has stopped it many times, yes. If they allowed it to get so close, then everything must be completely and they are ready to go!  There can only be minor items and political baloney going back and forth. I have no idea what caused the three delays.  I know everyone is really pissed about it.
Tony:  But three-day holiday coming up!
509 caller:  I’ve only been in this since July, so I have a zillion questions.
Tony/DC:  How lucky you are!
Caller:  When you go to the bank, you said you would exchange and then find out the rates afterwards…?   I don’t like the idea of signing the NDA and finding out the rate afterwards.
DC: Before you sign anything, you need to know what you are getting into.  You need to understand the facts upfront.  Nobody is expecting you to do so.  If you end up with the contract rate, they don’t want you to blab that rate, so you need to sign the NDA before accepting that rate.  But it’s set up to be straightforward and easy. Only a few will get that contract rate;  the vast majority will get the street rate.
Caller:  Sometimes the calls are kind of choppy;  it would help if you could repeat the question every time so we could hear that as well as the answer.
410 caller:  Are we really going to see an 800 number, or is it something different?
DC:  Right now, we understand each bank will take care of its own.  Only one bank has agreed to accept all of Dinarland.  The other banks (tier 1, 2 and 3) will go through their select customer base instead of one bank coordinating everything.
Caller:  So how do we know when to call any particular bank?
DC:  When we send out the tweet and when the new rate shows up at the CBI.
Tony:  Sending out the tweet will be the signal for the main bank, and the rest you will have call on your own.
352 caller:  I don’t think the government gives a hoot about what we think. The way I look at it, there must be something holding them back. You say that you hope they will do the right thing, but there has to be something pretty real as to why they don’t want to go through with this, especially given they are holding up the Iraqi party every week.
Tony:  I don’t think that WE are the holdup, although some people are suggesting it’s so that WE don’t get paid – and that means that the Iraqi citizens don’t get paid.  They don’t need to delay this to cut us off, they could just cut us off.  They couldn’t possibly get away with that after paying out so many people already.  If they do that, there are many people will to testify in front of Congress. If they are asking ME to go in front of Congress, they are asking a ton of other people in front of me, and they will be in serious trouble.  I don’t work for the government, and I will play the recordings and show the documents to protect myself, and many others will do the same because that’s the right thing to do. Their boss might have told them to do things they knew were wrong, but their boss will throw them under the bus.  We have four years of documents, meetings and all the rest.
Caller:  Do you think the government is blocking the release of the gold-backed notes?
DC:  I don’t think that matters.  The people I’m talking to don’t care about that.  I don’t think the government cares about the stop-and-start, or the three delays this weekend – not one iota.  But they do care about potential problems, such as “what happens if some dirt gets out”. That they do care about.
281 caller:  [Appreciation]  I have a question and a comment.  Since have been going through all this, you guys have been more forthright.  My wife and I have considerable dong;  can you say what the limits might be on the contract rates?
DC: It’s 50 million dinar, and dong was 100 million, but I think they might adjust that down (on the dong).  There were also levels, and they keep changing it.  It stuck at 150 million for three months, then they adjusted it down again.  I expect it will stick at between 50 and 100 million dong.
Caller:  If the cap stays at 100 million dong, and if I have more than that, what’s the best way to handle that to have the best returns. 
DC:  The dong rate right now is about $1, which is phenomenal.  You might just take over 100 million at the international rate and move on. You might give some to your church, foundation, charities, or whatever, or you can give some to your kids, your wife, or someone else so that you each comes out at less than 100 million.  Divide it into buckets.
Tony:  Asking these questions, we are giving out a lot of information that is causing them to delay because it gives them ideas that they then want to block. They have written new rules following our calls here.  If the limit is 50 million, I could show you how to control 400 million with a very simple process.  You just have to think it out, but we don’t want to discuss it on this call.
Caller:  So my spouse and I can have different appointments?
Tony: Yes and if you don’t have kids, you can borrow mine!
Caller:  I voted for our President, and I’m very disappointed at how our government has responded to this opportunity.  As Americans, we have bought this like lottery tickets and eventually our numbers will come up. But the people of Iraq – I am very saddened that our government is so bound up with their own selfish political ploys that they could be do something this despicable to the Iraqi people.  I know that if our President so desired, he could change this whole circumstance.  Leadership starts from the top!
Tony:  I’m trying to respond to you without being put on the Most Wanted list. There is a lot of stuff that if more people were aware of them, they would feel the same way you do.  There is a lot more going on that we wouldn’t agree with, but then you have to make business decisions sometimes to maintain the lifestyle that we live. Sometimes that is how it has to be done for us to maintain our own freedoms – it has to affect someone else’s abilities along the way that have to be done in that time and moment.  I don’t care if the country is doing something for all of us;  it’s wrong when someone is holding these things up for personal, selfish reasons.
DC:  I agree with the caller – leadership starts from the top.
719 caller:  I would be better if I were at the bank and not talking to you… I agree with the caller, I’m in the same position, and I’m so disappointed in our government.  I am so impressed with PM Abadi – what he’s done, the cohesiveness he’s brought in – and I cannot believe what our government has done to him and to Iraq.  If you want to bring in democracy, this is not the way to do it.  I need a little clarification on something… we were so disappointed last Christmas, and the Christmas before, we’ve been let down for so many holidays… will we be strung along until after the holiday this year as well?
DC:  I don’t know.  It was supposed to go this last weekend, and now there is a new time.  If no one gets in the way, it will get done. 
Tony: We have heard all of that as well, that they want this in the New Year.  Follow the actions, not the words.  We see them bringing people in, the specialists for the exchange, and having their final meetings.  So someone is telling the banks that this is going, but we keep getting disappointed.  Do we have confidence?  Well, every time we hear it’s going and there is nothing else to do in Iraq, and it still doesn’t get realized – well, I have less and less confidence. Everything is going apart from the Iraqi citizens getting paid and therefore us getting paid.  I know it’s inevitable that Iraq gets its money sometime, and then we will have to get ours or we will have a “US Spring”, and when that happens I’ll be as surprised as you guys. But every time they stop it, I have less and less believe. They keep saying “this is it” and it could be, because there is nothing to stop it except the guys who keep stopping it!
Caller:  What happened to the Iraqis rioting in the streets last week?  I thought it was supposed to make it go;  are they not pushing this?
DC: Everyone is pushing this. The Iraqi finance ministry is having fits because they understand what is happening.  We’re getting tons of information out of Iraq because they are so aggravated at this.  All those issues and worries about leaks and dirty secrets being aired are there on a daily basis.  “You may be moving the goal posts, but I’m facing riots in my country, so get a move on!”  Getting this done is the top topic discussion on these daily calls from Iraq.
Tony: There is a three-day celebration coming up, so either they will get it or there will be a three-day riot instead!
248 caller:  Vietnam has been exporting for years without an RV;  could that happen in Iraq as well?
DC:  Iraq has a plan and very bright people to execute it over the last ten years;  otherwise the Iraqi dinar would just float on the market.  They have done many studies and very worked out plans over the last ten years to deal with explosive growth. Vietnam has done some of that, but not as publically, so they cannot really say what the dong could justify.  They are having to use reserve-based theory to revalue their currency.
Tony:  Any  country can say that they want to raise the value of their currency.  There is a Global Currency Reset (GCR) for 200 countries based on Basel III protocols, and those 200 countries are not just wandering around saying, “Hey, I wonder if there is gold under that mountain”.  That has to happen to do a GCR – they had to have a foundation, and they chose the Iraqi dinar.  China chose Vietnamese dong, because everything in China is built in Vietnam.  So Iraq has discovered all these new oil wells, and Vietnam found all these assets to bring up their reserves.  Any country has foreign currency reserves, and that adds to the artificial manipulation designed to create this CGR.
 Caller:  You said we cannot exchange unless the Iraqi citizens cash in.  How can we do that?  Is that legal?
DC:  It is legal.  They have used ‘forward-based contracts’ and since the end of October, the CBI has been crediting the banks for the dinar exchanged.  So it has in essence revalued since the end of October.
Tony:  They are paying out certain categories of people in Iraq as well.  They are doing the same thing over there. Unfortunately, we are part of the masses, and we are waiting for their masses to be paid out before we can exchange.  Over the weekend, we had more members whose banks contacted them over the weekend, saying this should be happening soon.  The banks are contacting anyone who has contacted them about currency, but that doesn’t mean you can call them and get on that WM list.
DC:  Pam just texted me because I said that the vast majority of people will get the international rates.  Who will get the contract rate and why?  China made a deal with the UST saying they would pay more to the groups that packaged their people together, so that they can get the oil credits, like coupons.  Some others then said, “Hey, if the groups made that agreement, I want some of my customers to get that rate as well.”  China set up a pool where people could exchange at that higher rate.  Before March, it looked like those oil credits would go behind the scenes, and the twitter campaign was to shine a light on that.  That was fixed, in theory.  They agreed to have a percentage of the general public to have a contract rates similar to what the groups are getting.  It is NOT a majority of the general public, but here is a good amount, a fair amount, that will go to general public exchanging at contract rates.  We know groups and some people are being paid out through the summer, and now they are cranking up that number significantly.  Some have exchanged at contract rates, and there is still plenty for us.  However, only those who are lucky or quick to dial in will get that access.  The banks do not have the numbers because it depends on how much dinar any individual brings it.  It’s still a legal obligation for them to allow that to the general public.  Also, some people have warned us that if they screw with us, they will make any dirty tricks very, very public.  The most senior people in government are looking for any abuse as well.  Some people have had their accounts frozen, and some bank people have been fired and are being prosecuted. So we do have backup if that really becomes an issue.
Tony:  Will they ask you and DC for your list, have you publish the 800 number, or will be have to wait for the public offering?
DC:  We don’t have a TNT list.  The only list I have is my personal list of friends and family.
Tony:  Can I get on your list, DC?  We don’t have our own list;  the 800 number will do out to anyone on this call.
614 caller:  I’m a first-time caller!  I’ve only been following this for nine months. 
Tony:  Hold on, I was reading a text and I want to clear something up right now for everyone.  I got this from the boss lady!  I could be totally off base here, because I didn’t believe in the groups forever, and I found out there are 300+ groups, some leaders are stellar (although some are crooks) and the rates go from 5 cents to $28.  I think it’s really sad that some just  tried to make money off their lists when they could have helped people.  The TRNs or Treasury Reserve Notes are something we’ve been hearing about for years, that we are going to have new currency notes overnight, without educating anyone, and oh, yes, we’re going to have a new government overnight as well.  I’ve been hearing for years that these TRNs are coming out this Friday with all these craziness going with it.  Then directly from the Treasury, I heard that these TRNs are notes that are traded between countries and banks.  I got that directly from the Treasury, so I don’t want you all to think that we are having new dollar bills this week.  If the general public doesn’t know about this well in advance, 300 million people are going to think it’s fake money.  That is not going to happen without a lot of public announcements.  Iraq has had so much trouble just getting their people to use the lower denominations!  Only the people going to the bank that day would even get the new money, and nobody would accept that at the gas station, grocery store or movie theatre!
DC: The TRNs are just about institutional notes back and forth, and the timing has nothing to do with the RV and our ability to exchange.
Caller:  Your explanations have been great today.  I am a tax professional, and my boss talks faster than DC!  When you talk about what Iraq has accomplished, it feels like there was a storm and the sun has come out.  About the dong, I work with a CPA from Chase, and I have a wealth manager and a trust attorney.  He has told me that he will call me when this happens.  Should I just sit back and wait for him to call me, or keep in touch?
DC:  I think you should keep in touch because wealth managers prefer to work with people they already know.  If he doesn’t call you, when you get the tweet, call him!
Caller:  I got a family member involved and that person pulled in a friend who then gave me a million dong with a card.  Should I get a gift letter as well?
DC:  The more documentation, the better.
Caller:  I’m not in the forum, but I have signed up for one of the events with my husband. 
Tony:  I thought we had shut that off because we’ll have to have everyone sign up again when DC gives me the go-ahead.
Caller:  This site has the events, all the banks, and spaces for the 800 numbers.
Tony:  That is the same site!  We got everyone registered, and then were told we should not do the events, but now it seems we might be able to.  I want to do that as quickly as possible and coordinate with the banks to do the ‘sudden wealth’ workshops while you still have the bulk of your money.
951 caller:  Last November when the politicians got theirs and there was a big ruckus, your calls told us that everyone would be happy and we would get the high rates, etc. Now it seems like the rates are going down and they are controlling the contract rates. That seems very unfair!  Can you elaborate on this?
Tony:  I think it’s unfair, too, but reality is what it is. There will always be privileged people who get more than others. In this case, they are the officials we elected.  After this happens, you will be one of those privileged people, and 350 million people will  be asking why they didn’t get what you got.  Last year, they tried to cut us out entirely, thinking that was only for them, the VIPs.  Because we raised a stink, they backed off. The reality is that there’s not enough to go around for everyone to get that same rate. The VIPs will get the highest rate, and for the rest of us it’s a lottery.  They will allow a percentage of us gets the highest rate, as selected by the banks AND everyone will get paid much, much more than when we all though this was going to be 10 cents.
Caller:  Why is the international rate lower than a few months ago?
DC:  The price of oil is the driving function.
Caller:  Why is the head person of the UST making all these delays, and President Bush was telling him to back off?
DC:  What are you talking about?  Secretary Lew?  I don’t read the other gurus.  Secretary Lew has bosses, so it’s coordinated, but he is involved.  His bosses have said, “this T needs to be crossed” or whatever, and his is the go-to guy.  It’s not one person doing this.  There is one person in charge of the executive, yes, but it’s a whole team. There are now people on both sides saying “Get over it and move on”.  There is a lot of inside maneuvering going on… and that will not hidden in the end.  They know what this will cost them when it comes out.  It’s not personal; don’t make it personal.
Caller;  Do you think we will get this before Christmas?  In your heart of hearts?
DC:  I do.  This weekend, the delays were 18 hours and ten hours.  It’s hard to justify days or weeks now.  It’s hours.
Tony:  The meetings took place this morning and we don’t know the outcome because we’ve been on this call.
DC: Everyone loves to say “Oh, it’s President Obama” blocking my ability to buy Christmas presents, and it’s not like that.  Yes, one person might be saying the word, but there are people around and above him with their positions and opinions.  Some are afraid of their shadows.  It’s not about one person doing something or not doing their job.  We are like the free press, calling the shots as we see them.  We are like the announcers at college football, saying “He’s on the fourth yard line, and crap, he’s been intercepted!” Don’t get mad at the announcers – it’s not their fault!  Everyone was blaming us for a while, and now they have calmed down quite a bit.  They don’t like our information, and some don’t even like my voice!  We don’t see this as a personal attack on those who created the delay, we just report there was a last-minute punt on Sunday at 10am.
Tony:  We are reporters, arbitrators and advisors to both sides. We are just trying to do the right thing for everyone involved so that we can be done with this and move on with our lives.  That’s our position.
618 caller:  Last week I was interviewing wealth managers in southern Illinois, right cross the river from a major metropolitan area.  I set up an appointment at 5/3, and then they backed off because “it hasn’t happened yet”.  Well, I said, I am interviewing wealth managers, and you are saying you don’t want to do business with me?  You had better tell your wealth manager what he just gave up!
DC: A lot are getting eager, but a lot of the bankers are nervous and don’t have much insight into the timelines. They feel like they are at the end of the whip, and they never know when or where they will end up.  First hey are not handling any public, then they are told they handling all the public exchanges.  So don’t give up on that guy;  he might not know what he is dealing with.  But you’re right – they should at least meet with you because they don’t know what you already have.
954 caller:  First time caller from Texas!  Has there been a date for new currency to be issued on Iraq to replace what they have?  Under international banking law, I understand there is a two-year window that they have to accept the old currency, and after that, it becomes null and void.  Is the government trying to get us past that two-year window?
DC:  I am constantly told by opinionated Democrats that they are actively trying to push this through for us.  Iraq has issued new currency, but not as replacements – it’s the lower denominations that they have refreshed or renewed. They have not declared the older currency, and they would have to do that to make our larger notes invalid.  In the US, a thousand-dollar bill is still valid, you just don’t see them outside the banks.  They have paid so many people over the last year and a half and it’s easy to make that about us, but it’s just the US and Iraq holding off for political reasons.  Iraq has to go ahead of us, if it’s only by five minutes, and they need to have the US on board to do that.
Caller:  [same again]  They could use that as an excuse to shut this down.
DC:  It is not their intent to do that, from everyone I’ve been talking to.  Those folks behind the scenes are giving no indication of that.  Last Thursday, a Senator called and said that we needed to have a press conference because he heard misinformation hat someone was trying to leave the Iraqi and US public out of this after paying the select few. That campaign has been going on for over a month and he got caught up in it.  It’s very bad form for a Senator to be lied to, and they want to avoid that kind of problem.  Even a Senator will come out and raise hell if anyone tries to screw the Iraqi people out of what they are due, and the same for us as well.
Caller:  Please could you say anything about rupiah rates?  And what the reserves?
Tony:  There are some pushy Texas people!  The rupiah has stayed the same for ages:  $1.05.  Every time I talk about another currency, the rate goes up.  The Zim went up by $300 last week – the dealers are making money just off you asking questions.  As of last week, one bank said that they would not deal with reserves;  they were only handling dinar.  At another bank, they exchanged all four currencies, but they still didn’t talk about reserves.  We don’t know what the policy will be with the reserves until this goes live and we get the package.
DC:  The amount of time to get reserves can take a while just because the dealers have so many customers.  Every bank could have a different policy.
Iraq is ready, tried to do this three times this weekend and we have another time scheduled now and it is quick. We hope everyone does what they are supposed to do and that this goes through. Banks, UST, IMF and CBI are all ready.  The fact that folks have gone through confirms that we are next to go through.  We’re right behind them. Have a plan that includes a certain amount for paying taxes, some to make an income, and the rest to enjoy!
Pam:  You are amazing, and our members are lucky to have you and to be on this call.  We discuss the info before the call, so I always know what you are going to say!
Ray:  This is marvelous, money-making Monday – enjoy!
Tony:  The next three days is a holiday in Iraq, they say the end of the economic reform is near, and we are waiting on that.  A bunch of people went through over the weekend, more are scheduled for today and some are being called now.  If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  Once this happens, you will too busy to plan, so take this time to plan. I’ll tweet when something happens;  otherwise, see you Wednesday.


12-8-2014   Newshound Guru tlm724    ...the investment promotion phase has been completed to the fullest picture...stage is set, tariffs will be imposed on all imports and this will open the door for investment, getting the money flowing back INTO Iraq!  

12-8-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    My take - things are in overdrive right now...Abadi appears to be working overtime to get all kinds of reforms and elimination of the old guard put in place...there are some points of contention within his political structure - but he seems to be having some success up until now...he has promised (and delivered) change in the Army, Intelligence, CoM, Judiciary, CBI (coming)...Currency reform was a very public topic... shortly after the elections...however it appears they are balancing the government (and maybe going to deal with Allaq) before they are able to address the Dinar but to me it's all moving at "break-neck" speed...[forget Allaq do the dinar first.]  He's the Gov of CBI - he's the trigger man...

12-8-2014   Intel Guru SteveI
   [Based on what you know and what you [Guru] Ray are hearing, is the budget the only holdup right now, or are there other things as well?]  After trying to figure this out...what sure seems to be pointing to the last accomplishment is the budget...had the budget been passed before the necessary laws, would it have worked? Answer - No. Now that HCL is agreed upon, and may laws we never heard about, we are sure on our way. [it was said...that the budget has nothing to do with the RV, that CBI is in charge of when they release the new rate and at what rate, regardless of the budget.]   ...the budget and a currency value do go hand in hand. Yes, the CBI is in 100% control of the currency rate is a part of the model of a plan that can be achieved over a period of time. This partnership has to be on the same playing field (for the lack of better term). This will be done as one, not one against another.   [post 2 of 2]

12-8-2014   Intel Guru SteveI   Iraq wants and will get this new budget done before the New Year.   I still think this is our year, so get your plan in place.
  [ I believe the article was on Dec 1st that stated the budget would be ready for Parliament with in 7 to 10 days? Have you heard whether this time frame has changed?]   Yes, the time frame is correct. We believe that the closing of the 2014 and rolling it into the 2015 budget, and adjusting it to a real number based on the oil price has finally been done.  I truly believe it will get done before the new year. Date? not yet.  Rate, Yes, same as my previous predictions...it will be close to the bordering countries. [ I have read some articles stating that stability in the country is getting much better?]   This is absolutely true. Our sources say that is pretty much under control and not an issue.  Huge progress   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-8-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday 

12-8-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday  
 Article quote: "confirmed Tamimi that "next year will witness a qualitative shift in the Iraqi market position through the practical application of the ground and create the conditions necessary for the construction of the Iraqi economy."  SHE IS SAYING THAT THEY WILL HAVE BY NEXT YEAR ACTIVATED THE LAWS IN WAITING TO TRANSITION AS THE CONSTITUTION STATES...  THEY HAVE TO HAVE A REALITY EQUATION IN ORDER TO ENTER FAIR TRADE...IT IS GLOBAL ECONOMICS. [Will we see the move before the end of December?]  WE DONT KNOW BUT...THE REALITY OF THE ECONOMY IS THE FIRST STEP -- THERE ARE THREE TO ENTER A MARKET ECONOMY AND THE FIRST IS THE REALITY OF THEIR ECONOMY  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

12-8-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday


  • FIRST GOOD NEWS FROM PLATFORM Felix has gotten for 
     the funds have been released for our trading
    Things are happening

Gt:New Clues......

Wells Fargo exchange centers in Atlanta and Wichita are working & Mirroring each other

Still a Coinflip for 2014 / 2015 exchange 

Bank Tellers have received Memos of new Electronic Systems with NEW CURRENCIES Available

Should see these NEW CURRENCIES on Forex

Vinman :New electronic banking system sending global memo to bank tellers of new currencies.

Ra:For those looking for clues, please read the posts this morning from Exo that are news articles (outside of Iraq news).  Not saying news from Iraq is not important, it is for the dinar, but Iraq does not live to itself.  The world is currently being setup for a change.  As I have stated as well as others, the RV is a process. As Exo's pics have shown many times, the stage is actually being set.  He will probably post those more often since this is truly the case.  
There are some serious issues at this moment going on in the global economic environment.  My folks are aware of this and have made plans.However, be careful what you THINK is going to happen, or I should say HOW you THINK it will happen.  This is a chess game and soon someone is going to call CHECKMATE.  What state countries are in that point will determine how they will fare.  As it stands now, the new ptb are working hard to prepare these other countries so they do not suffer as much.  And I will note they (the new ptb) know how to play chess very well.
There are a lot of things going on in Saudi Arabia right now.  And the rise of the dollar is of course suspect as we all know.  The stage is definitely being set.  The year 2015 will see a lot of positive changes provided your mind is set on a global community that is being freed from this dollar domination slowly but surely. That is not a prediction, that is a fact.