Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Jenni2:On the call this morning Tony and DC wouldn't talk about the next 11 currencies. 
Does anyone have any ideas? I've invested in Indian Rupee, South Korean Won, Chinese Yuan, on top of Vietnam Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah.

Carden:Zambia, Nigeria, S. African Rand, Mexican Peso, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and you definitely got it right with Rupee. Oh, and don't forget PAPUA NEW GUINEA! All of these and more are viable and I'm guessing here. All and more are undervalued based on the country's assets versus debts, etc..


CARDEN:YES and it's currency is grossly undervalued. Poor country has struggled for years under the dictator COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT and, you better believe they want a republic! They are ready for change! What do you think about that?

Dave:Mongolia,Laos ,and my dark horse Iran

Flattop:The Iranian Rial's rate is in the gutter compared to it's historic value. It has no place to go but through the stratosphere!


Janie:Iran is interesting - it has potential for a lot of movement. There isn't much news, it's buried underneath all the subterfuge of Iraq and the RV. I bought one note, since I had a bit of cash in my pocket but I've been talking with a friend about "maybe" increasing our holdings there. :) 
shhh..... maybe we shouldn't be saying that! ROFL

Flattop:Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, South Korea and Vietnam


11-5-14 JCR: Fact: rates are not live on any teller screens. Holder rates are on the back screens with ADM hold. Rollout is still going & there's a plan to exchange the general public. The exchanges going on have to be completed before we all go. Don't let that trouble you. Our time cometh. Be grateful. No contract rate is guaranteed however the Intl rates are quite good. Plan on Intl rates and ask for highest rate. Comment

11-5-14 OMEGA MAN: Lots of folks say tomorrow or Friday will be superfantastic..just sayin' TIMBER.

RV/GCR UPDATE:"Adjustments for all countries currencies should be able to be seen tomorrow at open of business", 5 NOV

R.V. / GCR November 5, 2014 Adjustments for all countries currencies should be able to be seen tomorrow at open of business for the bank institutions.... its important to bank with no dirivitived banking institutions ....JUST SAYING

R.V. / GCR  Did someone say THURSDAY? yes THURSDAY....again, its supposed to be real this time....Timber

RRick W > R.V. / GCR  Seen by the public (us), PT?

As in LIVE for all? Not hidden on some apparent back screen?

R.V. / GCR  someone said Thursday........................PT


11-5-14 Frank26: BUDGET IS SET. HCL is HOT right now. 

11-5-14 Adam Montana: After having been involved in the Dinar for so long, there are a few things that I take for granted these days...one of those things is the knowledge that Iraq NEVER gets anything done on time, and that's actually one of my primary reasons for never giving a "date and rate" type of update.

Recently, though... they have proven me wrong a few times, and that started when Abadi came into the picture. I do not think this is a coincidence.  In fact, the longer this goes on, the more confident I get that we are finally on the right track. FINALLY!
We've seen a ton of progress over the last decade, but compared to the last couple months... we were only in 1st gear then. Since Abadi has come into position, I'd say Iraq has shifted to at least 3rd gear, and is picking up speed!


11-5-14 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#



Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 5, 2014.  I can hardly, hardly believe we are still here doing this today.  But hold on because things will change. Before we start the information, I’ve had some letters and comments from people, from Senators and Congressmen.  We can take this to one more level because of some stories and genuine information you will hear today.  To continue with our historic moments here with TNT, #wearethepeople and everyone.  IF you received any letters from any banks saying this is a scam and they don’t sell dinar, etc., send them to this address for the book. Send us a scan or hard copy of your BANK STORIES and/or responses to:

Tony Renfrow, PO Box 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, Folsom CA, 95630
Anybody that actually bought dinar from any bank prior to when they stopped selling, especially from banks that said they NEVER sold dinar, please send it in.  We would greatly appreciate it because it authenticates it even more.  We are definitely going to present this information to those making this a success, and will ask them to include it in their Library or other exhibits, or in DC’s museum.  You can tell your kids and grandkids that you were part of this.  Because of some things that happened yesterday, we all agreed that it would be terrific to include those letters as well.

DC:  East to West, as usual… Iraq is always first because it is their currency. They have been meeting even over the holiday, and they are doing well.  The CBI has been held hostage by the US but are now scrolling on television that the currency reforms are in process. There are a lot of very frustrated people asking what the heck is going on because of all the different rates. The coins are being given out, and people don’t  understand why because they will not be useful until the RV is public throughout the entire system.  So they are very ready.

They continue to rout ISIL in various areas.  The coalition are getting better are working better together.  Iraq is 100% ready.

Tony:  The coins are out, the RV is in process, they are being publically challenged as to why this is not out yet…?

DC:  That’s right.  Good old US of A is who we are waiting on.  The UN is highly aggravated that the US has held this up – they are blown away by what is going on and it beating up every in sight.  The UST officials are hunkered down and not answering the phone in some cases.  The administration is what we talked about on Monday.  The highly political folks didn’t want this to impact the Senate results and block it until after the election   no one thought they would win, but we were waiting for the Senate leadership to be clarified.  The Republicans now hold the Senate, so the political guys have nothing to lean on any longer. Nobody thought they could delay until now, including them.

A lot of folks are getting set up and ready to go now.  The UST, IMF and BIS are gearing up for the public reveal.  They did exchange quite a few people from Friday evening to last night.  We’ve been asked not to say how many.  It was a mix of contract and international rates.  They did it because they had people trained in certain areas with security, and the rates were live.  Why wasn’t it available in all banks?  Because banks were not willing to take the chance on making exchanges and not getting their money.  We are told that the banks have paused for a few hours, getting ready for the rush after the public announcements.  Everyone is prepared and ready to go NOW.

Tony:  On Friday, we were told the cutoff was Tuesday.  It was only scheduled to have payouts for those four days – that’s what we were told.  Today they are not doing any and we don’t know why.  Is it a reset?  Or are they changing their procedures?  The ones who were exchanged were at the bank’s discretion.

DC:  It was mainly people who expected to exchange last January but who didn’t want SKRs and told them to call when they could exchange for cash.  There were VIPs and connected high-flyers, and also some random people to test the systems.  I don’t know whether exchanges are going on today or not.

Tony:  The large groups, their leaders and WE didn’t get paid.  Nobody in the limelight got paid.  They made sure of that, and they did a great job.

DC:  We begged and pleaded, but they wouldn’t be moved.

Tony:  We are coming up. Banks are saying its so public in the banking system that they cannot keep holding it back.

DC:  I got on chat last night and explained something I want to explain again.  It was live last night at $3.58 for dinar, and I hope/expect the rate will stay there.  It is live at certain locations, and some have exchanged at that rate.  More and more folks are being brought into the loop, mainly wealth managers. Up until now, they have kept it quiet so they don’t lose the entire workforce.  Let’s hear some real, live bank stories…

Ray:  One person had an appointment set for this morning, so they got to the bank and found ti was go over some investment opportunities.  When he asked about the dinar, the banker said that they would never deal with dinar, and our guy presented his receipts for the dinar he had bought at that very branch. The banker made a call and got very red in the face.  The meeting didn’t end on happy terms.

Tony:   they don’t know – they are going on what they are being told.  Their memos were worded perfectly so that people will read it as “we will never do this”.  They will believe their superiors over you until this actually happens.  We talked about this last year:  why would they tell all their employees that they could spend a thousand dollars and once the RV happens, they will exchange and walk off the job?  The banks are protecting themselves and I don’t blame them for it.  I have receipts myself!  So let’s bring in those letters and make it part of history.  Ray, you have another story?

Ray:  There were several appointments yesterday that we are waiting on updates from.

Tony: You had someone else who had a 4pm to do an exchange, and now you can’t get hold of them?  [Ray agreed.]  So I am assuming that they are not talking because of their NDAs.  That is the case for some people we know.

DC:  So let’s talk about the NDAs.  We have heard that one NDA has gone up to 17 pages, for a contract rate.  I haven’t seen that one, though.

Ray:  Let’s review what the history book is for again?  I have some people here who think that it’s a profit move of some kind.

Tony:  It’s not a profit move, because I will be restricted for 10=15 years.  The dinar, dong, zim and the other currencies I’m involved in, the last thing I need is to profit off a book that will only make sense those who are already part of this.  The reason I did this is to present the history of this process – presenting your stories to the elder statesman who helped us and did things for us that you will never hear about.  Hopefully we can eventually say who that is!  It was made to present to the statesman, the President and a handful of Senators who helped and supported us. It’s not a commercial thing, it’s to go into the archives and museums.  Nobody is trying to make money off this! Every time we do something right, some idiot assumes we are doing it for money.  Some things are just the right thing to do.  We all have businesses, investments and industries – we have plans for the future.  We don’t need funds from a book that only a couple thousand people will read or understand.  Anything else is just the idiots at it again.

DC:  All of us are going to do so well on the revaluation, and we can make a lot more money doing something else, given the profit margins on books.  We just want to show our thanks to the leaders who helped everyone get through this, given information and support to all of us.  They have already been given plaques and whatnot, so we thought it would be great to give them our stories instead.  After a certain stage, you start thinking about your legacy, and we thought it would feel good to know they were part of this.

I’m a history buff, and I like to collect and look at what everyone is doing in the process, including the military, intelligence agencies, politicians in the US and Iraq, and everyday people in the street.  This is such a remarkable change that I think it deserves to be study.  This is huge, and it’s good to see the implications of this going forward. What are the second and third order effects, and the global impact.  All that should be studied and I plan to devote time and money to that, as part of giving back.  We need to understand this – not just us but future generations.

Tony:  There are two volumes now in five parts, and it will probably go to a third volume.  It costs $1,500 just to print them up with leather covers, and we’ll also offer it on flash drives, etc., so that those interested can track every call and letter from the UST, CBI and all the other agencies and people taking part. It’s not about making money because we couldn’t bring the book out for 15 years!  We couldn’t sell it if we wanted to!  After the NDA, we can’t even give this away. The fact is, idiots are idiots, and they don’t understand when people are trying to help people.  If you could send those bank responses in, that would be a great part that we want to include.

They were paying out yesterday, so what’s happening next?

DC:  We don’t know if they are paying people out today or not.  We were told there is some last-minute stuff to get ready here in the US and also meetings with the IMF, etc., to prep for that.  There is an immense amount of pressure for the US NOT to change their minds again, and the US is now saying, “Okay, the mid-terms are over, so we agree.”  Everyone is exhausted by the constant delays. There were meetings yesterday and final meetings today.  The intent is to roll it out, either with the shotgun effect, or the slow rollout.  One part of that has been the last four days, to get the crowd numbers down and the high rollers out of the way.  The other part of that plan is to release to everyone but to inform folks through TNT and a few other sites focused on internet dinarians.  Then the general public will catch up after we have gone through.  This will be posted in a few places, but basically it’s supposed to trickle out.  We cannot be specific because we’ve been told there are several windows.  Everyone and her mother is beyond ready to get this done, so we are just waiting on those time lines.

Tony:  We have been told the rough timelines, but we don’t know for sure when it will come out because we’ve been told that since February, that some people wanted to delay until the elections, and here we are..  They asked us this morning if we are still willing to help.  Of course we are!  We want to explain it to you so you understand the NDA and the contracts, so that when you see it, you’ll be familiar with it.  It would make it so much smoother and faster for everyone, but even though they said that earlier this week, it could all change again.

407 caller:  One of the things that’s been mentioned is that we are asking Wells Fargo, and that’s causing problems.  Why don’t they get an injunction?  Banks have lawyers! Their not doing that seems like a sign that they do know about this and it’s for real.

Tony:  I really don’t like that you are giving them ideas!  I have read plenty of letters from Senators and Congressmen, many of them saying that this one guy is perpetuating this. It’s just stupid to put this all on ‘one guy’.  Now, as to your point, there are all these documents showing that the banks have been selling these currencies, even though they are saying otherwise.  It’s best to ride it out because it should be over in 48 hours, and we can get on with living our lives.

Caller:  By doing a slow rollout like this and selecting who will get paid out, it’s that a clear violation of fairness. It gives these people an advantage!

Tony:  We’ve always joked that by the time we get paid, all the cars will be gone!  It is what is.  I can’t get made because they had to start somewhere, it’s just not with you and me.  They are exchanging at different rates, and those who have exchanged now won’t get the chance to wait for the higher international rates.  The contract rates have NDAs, contracts and higher taxes, so it’s a balancing act.  Let me be clear that I wish we had been paid months ago. Thousands got paid out in the last four days, in three of the top five banks – how can they pay them out and not us, when we are helping everyone as best we can?!  That’s not a question we can answer.

Caller:  If people take your advice and they will be set for life.

Tony: We’ve been trying to tell people how to protect their money and make money to create a legacy for the next five generations.  If you look at those ball players who receive ten times as much as most of us ever will, and some of them are broke.  Most of us are only going to receive 300,000 or so at best, and those are the ones who will broke if they are not careful.  If you buy yourself a fancy car and one for your spouse, that’s halfway through your funds!  That is the mindset we’ve been trying to change during the process.

269 caller:  Is there any correlation to the price drop in gold and silver – does that have anything to do with the dinar or the GCR?

DC: I think  that’s a deflationary issue now the ‘easy money’ policies have stopped, and they are no longer pumping dollars into the system..  There has to be an adjustment to hard assets, that’s all.

337 caller:  DC, your throat problems have to do with eating too much crow.  It’s ridiculous how some people talk about you and Tony.  You say we are pretty close now, right?

Tony:  Yes, and from the things we’ve been seeing, we don’t think the banks would have exchanged people over the weekend unless this was ready to go. Also, the book so far costs $1,500 just to print, and the leather covers are DC’s responsibility.

303 caller:  You have no idea how important you guys are to all of us.  As for DC’s gracious disclosures in last Friday’s call, I have to wonder how hard-drinking, touch-talking, farm boy would be called something like Bobby Joe.  I am putting some of this into my doctoral program, and I would love you to be on my committee.  And you bring great people on the call!

Tony:  I can’t take credit for that – he was sent by somebody higher up who thought enough of you guys that they asked DC to do this.  I mean someone in Washington.

DC:  I wanted to help and we actually ‘voluntold’ each other;  it got more directive later.

Caller:  There’s something that has been keeping me awake. Over the last two months, we’ve had tangible objectives, and those were reasonable explanations for the hold ups. As I examine proceedings now, the reasons for holding this up have become arbitrary and self-serving. What is in the craw of these people to block something that will help the US economy and the world economy – I’m baffled.

Tony:  Up until today, there were some good reasons, some stuff we couldn’t argue with, and then there were some flat-out excuses.  It was all about getting today, as far as I can tell.  Everything they’ve asked for has been accomplished!  Were they political reasons, personal reasons, or something else entirely?  I can’t say and I don’t’ want to get into a confrontation with those people.  Even if I told you  more, there isn’t anything we can do about it.  We have to watch matters today.  DC says the politicos are kissing and making up, and let’s just get it done… today, tomorrow and through Friday.  There is nothing else to do and we can’t put the spilled milk back in the bottle. We would rather look at the future and the good things we can do from here on.

Caller:  Has a new date been proposed?

DC:  Depends.  There is a release in process as we speak – since Friday evening.  The real question is “When does the internet group get to exchange?” That’s what they are debating right now.  It’s in a tight window, and they have several times that they are hashing out now.

Tony:  The quick answer is Yes, but we don’t know when it will actually come out.

Caller:  I am not on the forum, but I do check Twitter.

Tony:  We will put it out on Twitter, in the Tony Blast section of TNTdinar.com, and on the other sites.

DC:  We understand we will be used as a venue for the information, but we don’t know exactly what form that will take yet.  We have offered and accepted to be part of the distribution of information.

Tony:  Someone sent me a text this morning, saying “I love you <with balloons> but not in a sexual way”.  I thought that was funny!

732 caller:  You seem a little hesitant, Tony.  Any reason, or is it just history?

Tony:  We got a lot of feedback during the last call that people didn’t feel inspired, but all we were doing was to tell the truth.  Some people cannot handle the truth.  We have been here so many times, expecting and being assured it was happening, and it didn’t.  People in Washington were saying “Oh, this is not about the election”, but come on!  Iraq has done everything on the list – which is being added to constantly – and then the US hides people, they don’t answer the phone – it’s so ridiculous, I don’t’ want to talk about it.  But now we are seeing people in the banks, people are being exchanged, and even some of the reluctant banks are starting to take part.   Some banks didn’t believe it was happening and they didn’t’ exchange anyone because they didn’t have confidence. Personally, I’m at 90% confidence, but that small group of people seem to have so much power and although this morning they want to be friends, I’m not sure that means me and DC.

Caller:  Why would they not allow more people to go through?

Tony:  The only reason I can think of is that the weekend plan makes sense to me.

Caller:  But you are thinking this weekend, rather than January?

Tony:  I’m not thinking January!  I hope it doesn’t even wait until this weekend!

DC:  Different reasons like waiting for the weekend, and waiting for tensions to calm down.  Many feel this was nickel and dimed to death since last January, just to benefit a few influential people.  In Iraq there is a lot of raw anger at the people who blocked this.  Some are burned and will not be holding up their heads in a lot of places.  That’s the game they chose, we didn’t’.  There is a lot of ‘making up’ to do there.  In terms of synch-ronizing between Iraq and the banks, but I can’t think of any other reason this would be delayed, at all.  I am keeping a positive outlook, let this be water under the bridge, and focus on the wonderful things we will all do, and not be pissed off politicians who screwed everyone up for a year.

Caller:  This will all dissipate and people will forget, like after having a baby.  Tony, I had an appointment with the wealth manager a while back, they looked at me like I had three heads.  Can we send in our experiences, even if there is no letter as such?  It was a very uncomfortable experience, and I don’t think I’ll be going back to him.   DC, tell us more about the NDA?

DC:  I thought it was four pages, but a few people said, “No, it’s got longer again – 17 pages” over the weekend.  It might be they had a longer one for being exchange earlier.  How many words do you need to say “keep quiet”?  This is going to slow down the process in an unhelpful way.  We hope it will go more smoothly than that.

Caller:  Going from four to 17 pages has instilled some anxiety.  I don’t know how I can read it carefully in 20 minutes.

DC:  Exactly.  That’s why I hope ti’s just pre-release stuff. If you are uncomfortable with the NDA, don’t sign it.

Caller:  I loved hearing about your background and your plan to help those with learning disabilities.  My daughter has some of those, and it’s love to be part of that.  Everyone learns in a different way, and you have to be aware of that. It’s a wonderful project.

DC:  Remember, Einstein had learning disabilities, and he did okay.  About the letters, we are not trying to beat anyone over the head.  We just want to document the process.  A lot of bankers are going to be pissed that they missed this opportunity.

Tony:  In dealing your confession, DC, I got a call from Canada saying he sent an emall to 8,000 saying “DC came out of the closet today”, and got some replies asking for your phone number!

407 caller:  Do you think that things could go crazy where you won’t be able to help us in the process, in giving us the information?

DC:  We have been told that we will be able to help a little in the process, so we think we will be able to help but we’re not absolutely certain.

Caller:  Suppose the dinar is the only one that comes out.  If we have other currency, what should we do with that?  If we have the GCR, we don’t have to wait, but if just the dinar comes out, what then?

Tony:  If that happens, and even if we’re not here, you know to check Forex for changes.  You know how long it took the dinar to come out;  if they wait six or twelve months for the next RV, that gives you time to buy some more.  There are supposed to be 11 in the second basket that we haven’t even discussed yet.  A bunch of countries that are sleepers that will do better than the dinar!  If you have been on the calls and walked through the process, you should at least know how to get engaged.  I’ve told you the limits and restrictions on the next level, and how to band together to be qualified investors.  So you know a lot about how to deal with that situation.  Also, you can go through an exchanger rather than a bank, as long as they’re still in business. Some people don’t’ like them being in business, so pay attention.  But there will always be exchangers at the airport.

Caller:  Will they try to stop people from doing this again?

Tony:  My understanding is that this was never meant for us and they want to stop it going public ever again.

530 caller:  I wondered about the time frame for the exchangers to shut down before the people can go exchange… I don’t see why they couldn’t shut them down two days before.

Tony:  I don’t know, but when they do shut down, that’s when we’ll know for sure!  But it won’t happen two days in advance – that would give people too much notice.

Caller:  As far as the public announcement coming out of Iraq, I heard it had been made. Does there need to be a further public announcement?

DC:   They’ve done enough public announcements;  they just want it to be done.  The rest of the world feels the same.  Iraq will just change the rates, let them go around the world, and announce the rate change afterwards.

Tony:  When they announced it before, it got picked apart by those looking for excuses to hold this up.  Iraq really, really wants to do this.

Caller:  So too many people want this done to hide it any longer, is that right?

Tony:  They are doing what they can do to put pressure on this, like handing out coins…

Caller:  The ISX has been accepted, but not with a reality rate.  When will we be able to do trades there?

DC:   ISX is already trading, and the rates there will change when they change.  The BIS, the IMF and the UST just have to let it to the public. I t’s working in the system just fine, all the codes are going back and forth, they just haven’t done the public reveal.

Tony:  It’s a live rate, it’s just not to the teller level, at which point anyone can walk in off the street and exchange the currencies.  When those three release it, that’s when it’s going to happen.  They have agreed, they are just waiting for the right moment.

225 caller:  This is my first call in.  I understand the banks will be charging 2%;  is that negotiable or not?  [DC:  not negotiable]  And that is also the charge for international rate?  Will they offer market rate as well as international rate?

DC:  It’s not negotiable and also applies to the international rate exchanges.  Banks would probably only offer international rate, although there may be a CBI rate and another rate.

Caller:  If the contract rate is not available, would you take the international rate for dong if it’s only a dollar – when you said $2 only a week or so back?

DC:  Even a dollar is great.  I would take that rate and move on.  I would exchange.

254 caller:  Is there still a contract rate on the dong?

DC:  I don’t know.  I know the rate showing on there is pretty amazing.

Tony:  We are hearing there is, but I’m not sure.  Supposedly dinar and dong both have contract rates.  We don’t’ want to say too much because there are constant changes and we don’t’ want to say anything wrong.  Act like there is not a dong contract rate, and if there is, go for it.

Caller:  Is there a chance that if have to go to the bank for something else, that they could exchange me if I go to the foreign currency window?

DC:  No, only a few locations are even allowed to do it, and they are controlling that from the UST and IMF control centers.  Even if you were digging around on the big banks networks, you couldn’t figure that out.

Caller:  Tony, if you stop telling them to go to the weekend, they might not have to wait for the weekend.

Tony:  You have to admit it does make sense, but I hope they don’t.  Even right now, if they went to the weekend, it would be for the masses and you would have already gone.

Caller:  My briefcase is ready to go out the door.  I’m over-ready!  [Appreciation]

281 caller:  Tony, hello!  And Winston, from Texas – what an anomaly.  [Appreciation]  What are the proper words to use in the exchange appointment?

DC:  It’s VNN and IQN.  The really ‘gotcha’ that I know of from the bankers, is that you have to use the word EXCHANGE.  That’s the only one I know of.

Tony:  We know people who have actually been through the training and they are listening for that word.  Anything else will get you different results.

Caller:  Do we ask for the contract rate, or is there another buzz word.

DC:  What I have heard being used is the contract rate or higher rate.  They are supposed to offer that to the first group of people, that’s what is supposed to happen.  IF they don’t… well, frankly that’s a bit of a dilemma.

Tony:  I don’t know any other important words or phrases.  Treat it as a business transaction and pay attention to what you read and sign.

Caller  You gave us numbers for the dinar holders. Do you have that for the dong?

DC:  Maybe 100k people have dinar in total.

Caller:  For dinar, how many have the largest number of dinar?

DC:  There are fewer than one thousand who have over 50 million dinar, and 2-4,000 over ten million dinar.

Caller:  Can you tell us about the eleven currencies coming up?

DC:  The ones in the system ready to go are the dinar and dong;  we don’t know if the rupiah and zim are in or out. There are adjustments coming and some are surprising although they make sense when you think them through.  I am not going to say more than that and we’ve been asked not to give that information.

Caller:  Your contribution will affect us for generations!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  [Appreciation]

301 caller:  I was so inspired by DC’s autobiography, and I’ll use it to talk to my grandkids about how to become successful:  have a great attitude and work hard.  I’ve been told the Families are financing this RV.  If they don’t release the funds, the UST can’t have an RV.

DC:  All the money is in place, and we’re just waiting for the UST, IMF and BIS.

Tony:  A couple of months ago… can we talk about the flights with the gold?  Money was sent around the world under guard, so that is not the issue.

Caller:  A friend from India runs a leper colony, a school, feeding 4,000 orphans, etc.  Should I recommend that he stack up rupiah?

Tony:  I like rupiah.

Caller:  DC, can you talk about the role of the Families in the GCR?

DC:  This is my take as someone who’s been involved for a while.  Is there a patriarchal family controlling the RV?  No, but there are families who have a lot of influence in the system, in different countries.  They do NOT control the economic system of the world.  The Global Currency Reset is being taken out of context.  It’s adjustments to the couple of currencies that are being adjusted:  the dinar, dong, rupiah and zim.  It’s like an ocean liner.  The super-size economies like the US will feel a little bobble, but probably not more than 1%.  The neighboring currencies will adjust in a bigger fashion because it alters their exchange and commerce with Iraq.  Many have bought dinar as a reserve currency.  Most countries wont change much, although Vietnam and Iraq will change a lot.

Caller:  Did the Families fund the Fed at its inception?

DC:  They set up the Fed because they got tired of bailing out the US government four times.  Read The Creature from Jekyll Island.  It is closely observed. The central banks will change a lot of their relationships.

WE pray to God this will go in the next couple of days.  I can only see positive things.  Have a plan that includes taxes and making money before you start buying things.

Pam:  If you missed DC coming out to the background, go to www.tntdinar.com and it’s posted in the public part of the site.  When they do the books and movies, this will all come out.  Everyone get your professionals and be careful.

Ray:  Continue to enjoy Wealth-receiving Wednesday.

DC:  Even though I knew what DC was going to say, I am surprised at how far out of the closet he actually came.  We told you about the book we are preparing and who it’s for, and I’d like to include your letters from the bank and experiences with the bank.  I think the President will be interested and might call you up to find out more, or they might send someone to interview. I know that many lost people waiting for this to happen, and I suggest you start something in their name like a foundation, fund or scholarship. Their dinar is still here, and you can create that legacy for them, even if they are not here for the event.  We found out that Wethrin’s mother passed two days away;  he was a big part of our site, and he is going through that right now, so do send your condolences.

We are in a good spot – this is ready to go, everyone is in position at all levels, and everything has been done.  The rates are there – 3.58 and 1.02 or something close to that, on the boards.  They could come out differently, or they could come out just like that, and we’ll see what happens today.  Enjoy the rest of your day and we hope to get back to you later today or tomorrow, as soon as they’re read.  Thanks, bye. 


This will be highlights of today's CC with updates as the call progresses - Sunny

On the mp3 replay of Monday's call, 55 minute mark:   

"DC:  ". . . Basically if the senate clearly goes republican then expect it to go through.  If it is somewhere tied in the balance then the political guys are going to try to do a slow roll out for the next couple of months.  If democrats win, then frankly expect this to speed up too."

Tony's Tweet this morning:  "Today's call is on time.  What to expect now."


DC:  "Our understanding . . . we don't know if it is happening today . . . A lot of my folks believe it has been put on pause for a few hours to a day. . . . Int'l agencies are preparing for public reveal even as we speak . . .  Everybody is prepared for it.  Ready to go now. . . Was it live last night?  Yes, $3.58 and $1.02 . . . dinar and dong.

Tony:  "We don't know for a fact when anything will happen.  The word to us this morning was, 'are we still willing to help?' "Yeah! . . ."

  • Exchanges - Friday, Oct 31 to present: "Quite a few were exchanged through Tuesday."  Rates were live on the bank screens.  They were selective as to where training had taken place and security in place. It was only scheduled for 4 day’s. The cutoff was for this Tuesday. It was live on bank screens last night. T & DC have not heard of any exchanges today. Unknown if they will start it up again or when; if it’s a reset or to change the way they were doing it.  They cannot prove or disapprove what is going on today. 
  • GROUPS:  Tony:  “ . . . Large groups didn't get paid. Leaders of large groups didn't get paid. We did not get paid. Nobody in the lime light got paid. We know they paid thousands of people yesterday . . .So we ask that question, Why aren’t we paid . . .?
  • NEW Release date?  Tony: . . . Yes, there is, but we don't know that it's gonna happen. But we don't see any reason not to now because they've achieved their goal."   Tony favors the weekend plan again. 
  • NDA has increased from 4 to 17 pages.  There is concern this will create anxiety and slow down the process
  • 2nd Basket:  Additional 7 currencies that T/DC cannot name
  • Parliament: Iraq have been meeting everyday even on the holiday.
  • CBI prepared.  Coins released in some areas but bank still has them in other areas.
  • Iraq Media: TV & Print reporting either "economic reforms happening" or "economic reforms in process."
  • ISIS:  have been additional defeats.  Coalition partners working well together to defeat ISIS
  • UN highly aggravated that US has held this up.  Administration/UST is taking a beating.
  • GCR vs Gold/Silver price drop:  DC said it’s inflationary and no correleation between the GCR and metals decline.

Research/History Project:  Tony: “NO profit involved . . . I will be restricted for 15 years.  I can make money on my own .. don't need to make money from book .. wanted to preserve history and present your stories to the people that helped us. Made to present to 9-10 senators/congressman who were instrumental to help us get through this. Tthat was the purpose, not to publish anywhere.  Hopefully to go in archives of some museum."
BANK Stories:
1) Ray told story of a person with an appointment at bank this morning. When he got to the bank and learned it was to go over investment oppurtunities but when Dinar mentioned they denied they ever had, did or would deal in Dinar. He then showed him is receipt where he purchased it from that same bank.  The bank representative then phoned someone and then had a flushed look on their face.
2)  Someone who had an appointment yesterday at 4:00 pm has now become unreachable.  They do not answer their phone or return messages.
Tony said to remember the bankers are not lying.  They are just telling you what they have been told and the banks are just trying to protect their employee base to conduct business.  DC:  "There are bankers, high up, well connected, and still don't know about the dinars."


11-5-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru American Contractor     It is an example of why the CBI will in the future create a large category Iraq dinar banknote of 50k and 100k.  When this happens, Iraq business will start to use the Iraqi dinar in business transactions.  In Iraq, the Iraqi dinar can be converted to any of the major world currencies at any state or private banks.  After the conversion from Iraqi dinar to US dollar an Iraqi based company is allowed to repatriate company profits to any financial institution in the world.  This has been happening since 2004, after a handful of Iraqi banks had been approved for SWIFT transactions.   [post 2 of 2]

 The CBI, Central Bank of Iraq conducts daily currency auctions where private banks along with several currency exchange money stores convert Iraqi dinar to US dollars.  The private Iraqi banks have clients that have a need for US dollars to pay for goods and services because payment in Iraqi dinar is far too cumbersome for Iraq business owners. Imagine having to pay for materials for a prime power station in Iraqi dinar currency. That’s  lot of paper! Iraqi business people like to use the US dollars for the simple fact that it is far easier to use and less notes to handle when conducting business.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

11-5-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23  Anyone can apply for a smart card or visa card, it is no different than here in regards to direct deposit of paychecks etc...along with cash advances and loans. Some of the older smart cards are being exchanged for the NEW version smart card because they no longer work...the older smart card DID NOT have the capabilities to deduct the zeros! FACT! So now that those older cards quit working 11 days ago or so...and the bank telling people they will be able to use the international card outside Iraq "by the end of the year"...Logic and signs point to monetary change before 2015.

11-5-2014   Intel Guru Frank26   [via BulldogFord65]   CH7 is layers, and Iraq is still under CH7 but only for some specific items, however it’s not stopping the MR (Monetary Reform).


11-5-2014   Intel Guru Delta   [via BulldogFord65]   Regarding the governor of the CBI, at the time that Dr Shabibi left and Turki became acting director, he actually had 2 positions in the CBI, and only 1 formal position is allowed; Turki did not have experience as director, however he did a very good job; when Maliki lost to Abadi, Turki also announced he wished to retire; the CBI is governed by a board, and the head of the board is the governor; Ali al-Alaq is the next in line to succeed, but is not sworn in; the governor does not have absolute power, the power resides in the board...So if there is no governor or he becomes incapacitated, the board still holds power, the governor cannot make unilateral decisions, so this means that regardless of the status of the governor of the CBI, the MR (Monetary Reform)  can proceed because power lies within the board.

11-5-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...there is significant evidence and factual examples why...a LOP is not happening, but an overnight RV is not happening either...we believe the CBI will do what the IMF tells them to do...the 2013 Article IV Consultation...its pretty clear. [See Kaperoni's past posts to see what he DOES believe is happening]

11-5-2014   Intel Guru Frank26  [via BulldogFord65]  Turki and Malaki had a fight a couple of months ago inside the GOI and I Team had to intervene to break it up; M was giving Turki direction and Turki refused to follow it; Turki was working with Dr S [Shabibi] and the CBI for the MR [Monetary Reform], and M’s desire was for him not to cooperate.   I Team is no longer guarding these individuals which, IMO, perhaps signals that the reason they were guarding these individuals no longer exists – if they were being protected to accomplish the MR, (Monetary Reform) and now they are not being guarded...Perhaps the MR is complete?   I Team emphasized that the lack of a formally sworn-in CBI governor is not the reason we did not see the rate during October...


Vinman:See-sawing imbalance is fixed.

Level playing field ahead.

Santa is getting ready to show.

Rates accepted in some countries but not in the US, or others that follow the US.... is what I gather.  Plus there are multiple IQD rates within Iraq that are an absolute mess.
Dinar less than or equal to $1.05.  Must be a sucker rate.

Projected exchange (fingers crossed) in less than or equal to 48 hrs.


GT: Wednesday Morning Clues....



What's next after this GCR for you?


They hold the Key to our BLESSING (Scary Thought)

The shadow government......(IMO....Their NOT IN THE SHADOW)!!! 




We're wait our turn......AS USUAL

The yuan MAYBE SLOWY BECOMING the world trade currency (SNEAKING IN .....MOONWALKING)!

ALL AROUND THE WORLD (Hiding in plain site)!!! IMO ....If it does it's going to take a LONG TIME!!!

TSR: Exo:  I believe that the US will allow it to happen before the end of November at least for income tax (2014)purposes.  ...Blessings

VINMAN : So we're next!  Patiently (or not so much) waiting in line for our turn.

What's next after this GCR for you?

Watch both houses of congress, and the shadow government (secret societies...and some not so secret)....as they hold the key to open this box.

Are you fed up....well the political scene is changing.

People that have exchanged are double-dipping.

Friends and Family is full steam ahead....right here right now.  But keep calm because...there are no rules. 

We wait our turn.

The yuan is slowing sneaking in as the defacto world trade currency....all around the world it's hiding in plain site.


Dinar Iraq & Dong Vietnam:THE WHOLE IQD SPECULATION REVOLVES AROUND THE 3 ZEROS…The CBI can play the cat and mouse game only until they go international…THEN they will have to be completely transparent with their currency…The banks are telling everyone the cards will be activated for use outside Iraq by end of the year…So we are in a time frame to know!

IRAQI DINAR 123 NEWS: Iraq Can’t Use its Reserves: CBI, 5 NOV

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- The CBI clearly stated that Iraq cannot invest its money and gold that is lying as a reserve with them. The conditions of the country are economically so unstable that the country may need to use its reserve amounts at any time. 

There has been pressure on the Central Bank by the people and by some government sectors to make investments and utilize the money that is lying without any use. It was clearly stated by an official form the CBI that they do not have any kind of intentions to invest the reserve money.

The Central Bank announced that the bank has 76 billion and 500 million dollars lying as reserve with them. This is one handsome amount that the Central Bank of Iraq has held as reserve in years. This has become possible after the management of selling foreign currencies with other banks and managing other forms of cash to be kept as reserve as well.

It is important that the country keeps its reserves in hand and does not invest anywhere until more stable economically and socially. More steps should be taken to enhance the financial structure and stabilize the different departments and sectors of the country for a better system of management.


This is INTEL because, clearly, some people still don’t understand. No good deed goes unpunished, but all this needs to be said, I think. AB, Mods, please clarify if I’m getting something wrong. Members, please, please, please, post what is positive here and what ADDS to helping others understand.

1-     Exchange Centers.
a.      Tony will tweet us an 800# to call and that operator will then give us another number to call based on the bank you choose and your zip-code. That bank will then tell you the nearest location. If they are too far away, call the 800# back and try another bank.  You can call that first 800# as much as you want. It’s the second one, when you actually make an appointment, where you only get one shot. Do not worry, the banks want us to get there. They will make sure the 800# disseminates when the time comes.
b.      If you don’t get the tweet, go to the Forum at tntdinar.activeboard.com. It will be there.  If that site (the Forum) is closed, go to tntsuperfantastic.net or tntsuperfantastic.com or tntsuperfantastic.info. The 800# will be there.
c.   You can’t make more than one 800# appointment and only with one bank. You will be registered and tracked as of that moment. Don’t try to be slick. You think Big Brother is watching? Well, Big Brother, Big Sister, your evil uncle, and people you’ve never heard of are now watching. Play it straight and you’ll be fine. Remember, the banks wants your money.
d.      Relax, the banks want you to get there. They want to help you exchange your currency. They will be helpful. Be friendly, they are trained to serve. I know some are intimidated by banks. I am too. There will probably be a marshal in the room with you. He is there as a witness, not the Gestapo. Try and remember you are speaking to somebody just trying to do their job. Again, they want your business. Think of yourself as their most valued customer, because you are. And remember  exchange, exchange, exchange. Never say cash in or use the word investment. You are there to exchange your IQN Dinar and VNN Dong.
2-     Rates.
a.      As of this moment, the international (street) rate for Dinar is 3.58 and Dong is 1.02. Both could change. Likely, they WILL change. They will go up after the initial RV.  
b.      If you want to play the rate game, go to www.barchart.com , click on forex, and follow the rate on an hourly basis. If you are lost already by what I just wrote, just take the money and run. Laugh every time you look at your bankbook. Don’t worry about what the other guy did or how much they got. You got yours.
c.      If you can get the contract rate just do it (per DC). Sign the NDA and the Bank Contract and then pay a professional to explain to you what you just did. The net dollars will be better so long as the tax rate does not exceed 60% and the street rate doesn’t go above 10.00 (Do the math). For those of you planning to bring an attorney to the appointment you are already ahead of the curve. This advice is for folks with small amounts who just want to maximize their net. Remember: Contract rate – good. NDA and Bank Contract – do not fear.
3-     ZIM.
a.      NOBODY KNOWS!!!! Just stop asking.
4-     Schedule.
a.      DC favors the next few days.
b.      Tony favors this weekend.
c.      No one else knows. NO ONE. Even the ones that know don’t know.
d.      Forex doesn’t know either. The CBI may or may not print it. Forex probably won’t print it until its 100% public and the CBI has stated it. That could take weeks.
e.      We (TNT) are now a special group. We are going to exchange before the public. For those of you feeling blessed and highly favored guess what­ – we are!
5-     The RV.
a.      Exchange, exchange, exchange.
b.       It actually started last Friday. Yes, big business and fat cats and people the banks think are special have been exchanging for real money. It’s OK, we will get ours. We (TNT) will get a crack at the contract rates. No one seems to know exactly what the contract rates are, probably because they are changing on a daily basis. There is nothing you can do about it so don’t let it get to you. Yes, life is unfair and yes, some people are just lucky. It happens to all of us one way or the other. Please explain to me why the guy next to me got shot and I didn’t. I’d really like to know. But you can’t explain that, nobody can, it’s just the way it worked out. So let them have their due and you be content with yours’. You just made the deal of the millennium. Be grateful. There won’t be a second chance.
c.      Seems the banks currently have discretion over what they exchange in the basket. At least concerning Dinar and Dong. Again, it is what it is, and its only for now as this thing rolls out. Don’t be angry. You may as well pound sand. Learn how to go with the flow. Learn when to fight and when to move on.

This is so wonderful. Step back and feel the grace. How lucky we are to have Tony, Pam, DC and Ray. How lucky was it we got into this forum when we did and now we are here at the head of the line. Maybe not the very front, but get it straight, there are over five million people behind us. I call that pretty darn good. If you don’t know that; if you can’t feel it: you will be one of those to lose their money. It’s a new perspective, learn to discern.  I don’t think there are many of us in the forum like that are left now, but there will always be a few. I think the PTB has come to realize we have matured into a cohesive and educated consumer group. We have their respect. Yes there are some who still may not, they never will (as DC says so often) there be monsters out there, but the majority of the PTB (and the world, for that matter) see us in a different light than they did a year ago. So if we ever have DC in chat again, let’s sit on our hands and listen. You think the PTB wasn’t laughing at that circus tonight? Think before you type. Ask yourself, does my question benefit at least a hundred other’s.  And yes, somebody is still going to ask if they can exchange in some obvious (to the rest of us) little city somewhere. But you can’t see the age of those hands, or the look of concern on their faces, or know where they’ve been or have never been. Not everyone is so blessed. Like it or not, they’re family. Grab another chair so they can have a seat at the table too.

As always, if I have helped in any way I thank you for that grace. If something I’ve said has offended, I take it back.