Friday, October 31, 2014


@JCR3758: Guys don't be alarmed about the quiet or lack of update available. Things are still active but I will not spread bs. #wearethepeople

 Really wish I could give you details but it's best that we let it play out. There was a slight time adjustment but we are in the window.


Rv/Gcr:The Republic just worked out a deal to have the marine tahmoorsi released from their prison thats who is in charge NOW

If we are not in the banks by Tuesday I will tell you all what happened.....since last night because lots has happened and the bad guys hahaha they said DONG....Timber

GT: Latest Clues (From EXO About An Hour Ago)........

That theirs an INVESTIGATION (LIVE) of The FRIENDS & FAMILY Private Exchange 


Because if they DO......That will be a BULL$$HIT Excuse!!!!

These Inveatigations will be happening WAY AFTER THE EXCHANGE PERIOD!!!


FOREX: .000047

BUY: .000057944

SELL: .000037





The Status and Speculated Future of the Iraqi Dinar

As our listeners and readers know we have been waiting for action by the Central Bank of Iraq to make the Iraqi Dinar IMF Article 8 compliant. 

 We anticipate that this action will consist of an announcement that the Central Bank of Iraq is dropping the current peg to the US dollar and adopting a currency basket comprised of 5 separate currencies. These 5 currencies will more than likely be the 4 existing currencies of the SDR basket plus the Chinese yuan which is slated to be the next addition to the SDR basket.

When we see the announcement from the CBI about this we anticipate that there will also be an adjustment to the rate of the IQD which will be the result of the associated total of the backing basket percentage rates which collectively will equal the value of 1 Iraqi Dinar. What the basket currencies percentages will be is unknown but it could be as low as 1 IQD = .05 cents to as high as 1 IQD = .85 cents.

To be safe one would be wise to expect the lowest possible return of .05 cents per 1 dinar and hope for the highest return of .80 cents per 1 dinar.

We are still watching for the temporal marker of “the shot heard around the world” as an indicator of the timeframe of this announcement and associated rate change.

So that is where we stand at this time…hope for the best and be ready!



VMHMOBILE:Can someone tell me what the last know rates are for Dinar; Dong; ZIM; and Ruphia?  Thanks

RAYFULKRange is all over the board....

Rumor has the dinar from the low "pennies" to the mid-double digits... ($30 plus)
Dong: Again, pennies to a contract rate has been thrown around of up to $6 by Tony (long time ago)
Zim: Even funnier.... could be some of the prettiest wall paper you ever saw up to .31 with a six zero lop.... (don't hold your breath) and everywhere in between...
Ruphia: unsure... haven't researched that one... I recently heard it a little over $1 as a speculation...

See last word in last sentence: SPECULATION.

I have often looked, dug, wondered, and prayed about this AS WE ALL want the highest rate... I can only trust that I will get what I am SUPPOSED to get and be happy that I got any of this at all... Try and conquer haste and think hard about what Tony and DC have been saying about budgeting, taxes, and getting your money to work for you safely...

Best wishes....


10-31-14 Millionday: 

[What is better for the Iraqis to do, come out with a higher rate or lower rate to control their inflation?]



Sunny:This is the highlights of Tony's CC and will be updated as the call progresses - Sunny

*** Iraq for Tomorrow, Saturday:  Announced the coins will be released tomorrow; Qu cards have been mailed out nation wide; fully ready to implement the release of the three 0's. 

Tony:  . . . “looking for one hell of a day tomorrow!”   DC – “Yes, they are!”
QUOTES: Security – Tony - what they will do about fraudulent, or smuggled currencies, here or in the Middle East --- even some guru's are gonna get the shock of their life! 
DC: "Everybody is really ready to go and very, very eager. . . Let’s pray this is the final, final thing.” 
  • Parliament continues to meet
  • ISIS - more progress made against it.
  • UN is quite eager and NATO partners ...doing their parts, final checks being done.
  • BIS and IMF is working like dogs to make sure everything is ready to go and lining up.  DC everyone across the world all lined up and happy.
  • USA:  Administration is supportive and happy.  House & Senate: the different committees, financial, etc. fully briefed & eager to be done.
  • UST in lockdown. Running successful checks.
  • Exchange:  expect to get us all done in 72 hours
  • Contract Pool:  Know it’s available but don’t know the % of it.
  • Groups:  US roll out is supposed to be controlled.  Financial as well as information groups.  They are half way there.  Some groups have 5, 10, 20, and some have 1000's.  There are 300 groups. Some have gone through; some of the big ones with the public are holding off. Those groups/people with a banking relationship are going in now.  Tony's listeners are considered an informational group. Are currently on alert to be ready.  Those wil SKR's will redeem when it RV's.
  Tony said, -- ALL groups will NOT go thru -- some who put groups together are on the LIST to be picked up. 

Lost Receipt  without a receipt it will be considered earned income. (higher tax rate than capital gains)  Military:  will need your orders from when you were there.
  • Currency Ownership: Approx. 5 million peeps hold IQD. 200,000-300,000 have VND and less than 10,000 have the ZIM.  Most people have 100,000 of dinar.  10 million or more is held by 2,000 – 3,000 people and less than 1,000 people have 50 million or more dinar. T- “They have been tracking these numbers for years.” 
  • TNT Sphere of Influence:  300,000 listen to the call. 30-60,000 listen to the TNT recorded call in the 24-48 hours following.  DC said he'd been told "we have what they call a 1.4 million field of influence."
  • DC Addressed Rumors about him and Tony:  SDC   Sterling Currency and others was making "incredible amounts of money before they came along" . . .   DC: they are monitored closely by the UST. . . Plus they're constantly audited . . . scrutinized by the FBI, SEC. . . .we are all about to make an enormous amount of money . . . the money is too great here to worry about making a mistake . . .- why risk it for some petty law? . . .who would I be working with? . . . . It's immoral to do things like that.
  • DC revealed much about himself today.  IMO, reading between the lines of what he said and Tony contributed, DC has had much to do with the planning and preparation that went into the RV.  
  • All About DC:  Tony said DC is a scientist, has a photographic memory, attended MIT and undergrad work at Baylor. In his military career he attained an unusually high rank for his tender age; knew about the RV plan a long time before us and during his tenures in Iraq his position had him interacting with Maliki.  He got the name “DC Guy” because Tony pulled it out of a hat.
Childhood:  DC said he grew up on a ranch where he started helping out on when he was six years old.  He would be in the field from 6:15 am to 6 pm.  Said that is where he learned his work ethic. (For you youngun’s that was the way of life not so many years ago and all hands are needed on ranches and farms).
Professional Career:  When he went to MIT he was amazed a “farm kid” was hired for this selective, federally funded program, a “think tank.” He’s been involved with quasi government programs.  Militarily he focused on battle command, surveillance; coordinated artillery and air for army, air force and marines.  He said he loved working there. DC had a broken vertebrae so could not see action. DC's had both technical and covert jobs, where he did classified work with coalition partners.
DC – “My point in mentioning it, I love the military and after 911 everything got much more real.”
After 3 times in Iraq he rethought his goals and began contracting his services and started several IT businesses.  Said he knew as a child he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
Personal:  He had two children, late in life, which are his treasures and that he doesn’t answer a phone on weekends as that is family time.  He’s been married for 15 years.  Likes travel, bird hunting, fly fishing.  Reads several books at same time.  Like biographies, mystery’s, financial reports along with one international paper a day and several national.  Does no social media.  Talks fast to allow for more people to get in on the call, but says he is capable of talking slow.

He’d been out of the military style work for 10 years when he remembered his IQD in the drawer.  In November, some people started getting paid out. Some were cash, some SKR; some SKR with 1% access fee, etc. which was unsettling to everyone.  A lot of very, very good folks, on both sides of the military aisle, around the world, IMF, BIS, around the world started saying this isn’t right.
Told his government contacts he was going to help Tony out.  Has strong connections in UST, IMF, CBI, security and defense contractors in Iraq and Washington. Has developed connections because of his background in intelligence.  He learned how to get around basic things and kind of keep things above board and talks on the radio so he does not get him self in trouble. 

DC, "I’m trying to protect privacy of those who were talking.  Don’t want any classified info or anyone “snooping” around."  Thought he’d only be doing this for 2 weeks.  He keeps thinking it’s done.  Been so close.  Thinks it could have gone 100 times since April.
POST RV Plans:  Going on vacation and plans on starting businesses and three foundations.  One foundation will be for disabiled learning children.  Said he was one.  Another foundation will be to feed hungry children.  Third foundation will be to revitalize neighborhoods through parks.  He's very excited about either partnering with a museum/research facility or creating his own to record the history, process, politics, etc. of the RV and GCR.  This is one of the reasons he asked for our personal stories.

DC:  Everybody in Iraq geared up , ready to go. . . . Don’t know a time.  Think it will be very soon.  . . . pressure so immense (to get everything done.)  . . . have a plan.  For the love of God, have a plan before you start spending money.  Hope we helped everybody.  Pray to God this is the last time.  Thanks.
Pam:  You know Tony served in the Air force for 15 years and served our country.  Now you know how DC was in the service and served our country. . . (expressed gratitude for their service and to mods, transcribers, members, etc. – Pam talks fast too.)  Wanted to thank you all.
Ray –  Continue to enjoy this fabulous Friday and we’ll see what the upcoming hours bring us.
Tony:  I know this sounds like goodbye.  Everything pointing to goodbye, but we don’t know when.  I like the weekend play . . . it’s the one that really makes sense.  Numbers are good . . . really good.  Where they should be.  Not the nonsense.  . . This thing was supposed to go in 2010 and they are saying it took 5 years to accomplish this, not that another 5 years (is needed).

Have said, “they are absolutely ready.”  . .. Nothing else they need to do to do the RV.   It is all there.  . . . This should finally be it.  Should be over.  Promised people it should be done this weekend but they have promised before. . . If we don’t see today or tomorrow, don’t get depressed.  We are looking forward to your next call to be your 800#.  Let’s hope it happens.  Anything at all that is exciting, event changing, world changing . . . we will tweet it out.  . . . I will let you know.  Enjoy your weekend, enjoy Halloween. . . I’m feeling really, really good.
"There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think." ~ Winnie the Pooh.  


TNT Call notes 31-Oct-2014

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 31, 2014.  I hope this is the last time I say that.  Happy Halloween, hope you have a great time with your kids tonight, let them eat all they want, they will be sick tomorrow and you can do what you need to do over the weekend. I did say I like the weekends better…

DC: Everything looks just amazing, and I pray it stays that way. Iraq is ready, running the same things about currency reform on their television in the next few days. They are double-checking with the CBI and the central banks and BIS systems.  

Parliament finished up a few more ‘nice to have’ laws.  They’ve had a few more wins against ISIL, and also gearing up for what happens with the RV, with last-minute checks.

Everyone is getting excited in Iraq, and we’re seeing some new articles about removal of zeroes in the next few days.

Tony: The rest of the coins are being released tomorrow, and the rest of the cards have been mailed out;  they are ‘fully ready to implement the deletion of the three zeroes.’  They re looking for one hell of a day tomorrow.

DC:  At the UN, they are eager and ready with their NATO partners, pushing to get this done.  In DC, the BIS/IMF have been working like dogs to get everyone lined up.  They have done their final checks and everyone is happy throughout the world.  The House and Senate are focused on the election, and the financial committees are ready to get this done and move on.  The administration has made sure everyone is ready, including the UST;  they have done their final checks as well and they are ready, too.  The banks have done their checks as well, exchanging a few people but not enough to get made about.  Even the banks who said “Call me when it’s done” are also 100% ready, and that tells me that this is for real. The banks and other countries are eager and ready to get this done.  

There are preparations for crowd control, with groups (including informational groups) before the mom+pop dinarians. There is contract money still in the pools for us…

Tony:  The exciting part is that banks that dropped out of the process through frustration, that told their people this wouldn’t happen until next year, those are the people who have re-engaged at this time, including their trained staff, security, etc.   They are being briefed and that’s what causing so much excitement at this time.

DC:  Banks, countries, security have all been running final checks.  They are running crowd control exercises, and procedures are in place against terrorists and fraudulent currency. What’s different is that everyone is engaged and pray this is the final thing.

Tony:  Thank you all so much for your letters and stories, and the letters of response you’ve sent in from your Senators and congress people.  I’ve read three that have actually acknowledged that this RV is real.  The rest of them, I don’t know how they are going to explain how the man in the street knew more about this than they did.  We are making these into a book that we will give to President Obama, the elder statesman who helped us, and also some other Senators and such. 

DC:  This morning, four of my friends called at 4am from Iraq, and I got to thinking.  One thing I have not done… we will have to sign NDAs for 15 years and we don’t mind doing that. Because of that, the lawyers, reporters and law enforcement and all the rest who cannot put this together, here is some information about me.  My name is Winston; Tony just pulled DC out of the air as a nickname.  I didn’t want to use my real name because I didn’t want reporters bugging my kids.  I have two small kids and I’m a devoted father, so I turn off my phone when I get home.  I had kids later in life so I appreciate them a bit more, I hope.  On the weekends I don’t answer the phone because that’s kid time.  

I’ve been married to the same woman for 14 years.  I like to travel a lot, I’m a pilot, and I love bird hunting and fishing.  I love reading, especially historical biographies, mysteries, and also financial reports.  I read the Journal, the Post, the Economist and one international paper again. 

 I talk fast because I think fast, and also to get through the information so that we can get more callers into the call.  We record the calls so you can listen again and there are notes.  I grew up on the farm with my parents and grandparents; from the age of six, I started working on the ranch in the summers from 6am to 6pm, so I grew up working and I grew up fast.  Some who know my age understand why it doesn’t correlate with the connections I have because I started early and I work 14 hours a day, typically.
After college I was a business and IT consultant, then worked for a technical think tank – a federally-funded research association.  

Tony gives me hell for being Ivy League, because this was a branch of MIT, and it is connected to several intelligence agencies.  I loved working for that think tank, and grateful they employed the farm kid from Texas. This was before 9-11, and I specialized in battle command, recon and coordination systems.  I love the military, brother and father were in the Navy, but I couldn’t’ serve because most of my bones were broken at one time or another.  After 9-11, it all got more real and serious.  

A lot of the battle command systems didn’t work well together, both within a given service, but also with the coalition partners. 
My point is this:  frankly, I was a young guy doing all that stuff, and until 2007, I worked over 100 hours per week.  I solved a few problems, and not knowing how politics worked, some senior guys pulled me up and had me work on some stuff for them.  The dinar stuff came up in the 1950s, then the 1990s, and when the Iraq war came up, a top-notch group did economic, security and banking development, and they deserve their name in lights for their work.  I was a tiny, tiny part of that, and that’s why I couldn’t talk in the dinar community until 2013 when my ten years ran out there.

I was a techie who could handle myself in dangerous situations.  

Part of what they loved about us in that think-tank world was that it was a quasi-government position, without all the bureaucracy of a government agency.  I had a knack for handling myself and other people in dangerous systems, although I was out of my league! 

 That exposed me to some great stories and also it had a tremendous and humbling impact on my life by introducing me to politicians, intelligence officers and others who were central to this RV process. They knew I wasn’t a lifer!  I had an overt job and then a cover job that is still classified.  A lot of that overt stuff… few knew I was doing what I was doing, and because there was a lot of flexibility, I had teams in different countries and partners.

After the surge in Iraq I saw the writing on the wall.  I was way too young for where I was and where I wanted to go, and as I saw more bureaucracy coming along, I wasn’t into that.  I have always wanted to be a entrepreneur from the age of 8, as I was hauling cotton.  

So I started several IT companies that did pretty well.  I’ve built out some other businesses, with a spread of success, and that is my background on all this.  I still do some volunteer work to maintain connections and help out where we can, and because I’m still grateful those who pulled me out of obscurity.

The Dinar planning group:  I mentioned helping that group a little bit.  After that ten-year lockup, I wanted to help.  I’d been paying some attention to the online stuff, and I had actually forgot that I had some dinar in my sock drawer.  Then a friend asked me about dinar, and that sounded familiar, so I started to pay more attention.  In April of 2013, I called one of my old bosses, and said I’d help these guys out for a few weeks, and you’re going to help me.  

I mentioned Tony because he makes me laugh, plus I could tell he had strong connections with the UST, IMF and banks, and I felt I could fill in with DC connections.  So Tony and I talked and here I am.
Now Tony and I are under a microscope by law enforcement, intelligence agencies and political types.  

Tony is a good guy and I’m comfortable with him because he’s trying to help people and then move on.  I could tell he was doing it for the right reasons.  I called him, we talked, hit it off, and at first he and the team were highly skeptical because I sounded kind of half-assed – and I am just a farm kid.  So he checked on me, and that’s how the TNT came about.  I helped Tony with certain aspects, and also helped some others before I got on the air.  

Then in November of 2013, I suggested I came on the call so that Tony had someone to bounce off.  He said fine, and he pulled the name DC out  of the hat so that my kids don’t get threatened at school.
So here I am.  I have nothing to hide, and just like anyone else, there have been some failures as well as successes.  

I’m not online much.  I just want to help people stay in the game. Just hold on to some of the currency, because it will absolutely change your life.  The sources I helped cover are people in Iraq, at the CBI, security/intelligence/defense contractors in Iraq, contacts in the coalition – not so much the highest contacts as the boots on the ground.  I have several contacts in the UN, JSOC, and military/intelligence folks. 

With these sources, around November last year, some started getting paid out. Some got cash, most got SKRs, and all that was unsettling because of the fairness issues.  We’ve already beat that to death.  At that time, my sources, and Tony’s sources, started noticing that they were getting paid and others were not.  They were angry about that, and my sources promptly quadrupled as people wanted to help us with information. 
Some sources I talked to 4-5 times per day, some once a month. I will never reveal my sources, and that has caused a lot of frustration with intelligence and law enforcement.  They have my phone book, and I’ve learned to live with that. In my life and career, I’ve learned how to keep some things hidden – not because they are wrong but for reasons of privacy and security for those talking to me. 

 I don’t want classified information and I don’t want anyone snooping around those secure systems.  So we set up basic safeguards about how we communicate with some of my secure sources.  That has aggravated a lot of folks, but it is to protect their privacy.  I will never talk about that, even after the NDA.
Some fair questions fro those just looking into this.  

You all called it a lot, it’s looking good, and this is the date they promised everyone to get to.  Some asked if we are pumping this and the answer is NO.  I thought I’d be here for only two weeks, and I’m amazed that I’m still here 18 months later.  It’s been cued up, ready to go, over 100 times from April.  Also, this is a lot of money and why risk that for some stupid law – it’s not worth it to me.  

And who would I be working for?  How would we know exactly how that would work out?  We have no way to correlate what we do to buying from any particular dealer.  They were doing incredibly well before we came along and will continue to do so without us.  It would immoral in any case, PLUS they are heavily regulated, so how long would they get away with something illegal and immoral.  

The dealers would be idiots to push this around when they are under constant scrutiny by the UST, FBI and all the rest. Crazy people might still think we are making money here, but we cannot fix that.
I didn’t have my name out there because I didn’t think it mattered and I thought I’d only be here for a couple of weeks.  

If you don’t like our information, that’s fine;  we can have an intellectual discussion about it.  The other gurus are also trying to help with their own sources and perspectives. 

 It’s a good debate to have, but bringing in the personal information like posting my address and kids’ pictures on the internet – that’s a job for law enforcement.  

They are taking down people who are scamming people and we are helping them with information, so it would be stupid to do anything wrong when we are in constant contact with the law enforcement. 

 The guy who put my name out was a vindictive jerk, and now I have to have extra security and people at my kids’ school.  We have been attempting to help people though the biggest financial shift of all time, and nobody deserves to be punished for that.  I’ve gone through a lot of the same financial problems others have mentioned on the line, and I can empathize, so that keeps me attempting to help them as well.

After this?  I’m going on holiday, then I’m starting up a few new businesses. They are private because I like to stay in the background.  I’m starting three foundations.  One is for learning-disabled kids because I was learning-disabled just like Einstein, Michelangelo and Churchill.  The second one is for hungry children.  I hate that the US is the richest country in the world and we don’t feed our children.  

I am an outdoors sort of guy, so the third foundation is about parklands and revitalizing neighborhoods. 

 I’ve been asked about going into politics on both sides, but I cuss and drink too much. I’m fiercely independent and also not too patient, so that would be a tough sell.
I am going to do whatever I can do to get these key players to open an exhibit at their libraries or museums, then I’ll start my own exhibit about this RV and how it came about, including the pain and toil it took to get there and to study the effects of the RV and GCR on the whole world.  I want to thank everyone for being a part of this.  

I hope we have helped some folks, and kept people engaged and moving forward.

Tony:  I never in my wildest dreams thought you would give up that much information today!

DC:  I’m going to be locked up for 15 years with an NDA, so I wanted to tell my side of the story.

Pam: That was awesome!

Tony:  Since you talk so fast, I’m going to tell them what you said! 

Tony:  I went to Baylor for my undergrad, but didn’t finish my grad studies at MIT because I was never going to be a lifer.
 DC has a photographic memory, and he spent time in Iraq, in the room with Maliki.  He knew the plan before we did, and was a part of it.  [DC:  In a minor way]  At such a young age, DC’s rank and position pissed off a lot of people – it was a very high rank.  And coming to us, they said I was less full of shoot than the others, so he was ‘voluntold’ by people who have multiple stars – military and equivalent. 

DC:  I am grateful to these people and friends with them, not working FOR them when this all happened.

Tony: I called him ‘DC guy’ because of his level of contacts, both in terms of information  and requests – but we’re not naming names here!  We did this at great peril, and people have been listening to our phones, our every word. DC told me that he looked in my file and knows what gas station I go to!  That’s why we joke that he is my handler and is assigned to me.  I appreciate you being here, and everyone else is texting me and saying thank you for taking part.  I know the level of sacrifice involved. This idiot who has put out videos and such, we did a complete background check on him:  he know his last two jobs, he is unemployed now, lives with his parents, and we even have their psychological reports. 

That will all be taken care of later.  I don’t mind going through all this for four years, but it’s not right that DC and Pam have to go through this, but they did to help all of us and all of you. There are many, many people who are grateful and appreciative. 

 Every call I’ve every done has been recorded and it’s all part of history.  The sites, the posts, your letters, those will all be part of history. We will give it all to the government, and we are signing a 15-year NDA;  mine says that I can’t be in politics.  It was the right thing to do and we are good about doing it.  It’s amazing how many people have sent us support and information and we want to say thank you to every one of you!

DC:  I’m going to get shut down so I wanted to share my side. I’ve made mistakes but I’ve also had some wins.
Tony:  You guys are my first priority, and I’ll do as much as I can do to get you through as smoothly as possible.  We will see what they want us to do and what they will let us do.  I may not be able to tell you some things because of inside information, so remember what I have told you up until now.  Hopefully when I sit down to read this, I will do our four events, because I think we all deserve to meet each other and cement friendships.  Also, I hope Wells Fargo will still classes.

DC:  I have been told that 30-60 thousand listen to the live call, and maybe double that listen to the recorded call – maybe as high as 300,000 within 48 hours.  We understand that on the different recaps and other sites, we have a sphere of influence of about 1.3 million.  We are interested in what that 1.3 million might ask. 

Tony:  Can you give us the numbers for dinar, dong and zim?

DC:  About five million people have dinar, 2-300, 000 have dong, and fewer than 10,000 have zim.  The average dinar holding is 100,000 dinar.  The number of people who have over one million dinar is 10,000 and over 10 million dinar is maybe two to three thousand.  Those with over 50 million dinar – probably less than one thousand.

Tony:  They say “Oh, these people will be broke in two years” and that is why we have been educating you these last four years.  Most people feel that half a million dollars is a lot, but you will run through it quickly if you don’t accept it properly, plan, and get your money making money.  Pay your taxes and make your money work for you.

435 caller:  We had dinar on layaway on Sterling and we got a text yesterday that they took the money and paid it off. 
Tony:  I do want to say this.  I like Sterling, and I have bought from some other dealers, and some places you have no business trusting them.  I think Sterling is very professional and I  don’t’ see them switching up. They have a great crew there and I respect the way they do business.  They didn’t’ do anything for me that they don’t do for anyone else.  

AT one point we discussed having them advertise on our site, but we wanted to make it clear that NOBODY is paying any of us on this site, EVER. Google and others would have paid us but we didn’t do that because it wasn’t about the money.  If the people don’t care enough about the site, then it will disappear.  Something like 30,000 listen to every call, and at most 500 people have donated to keep the site going. 

 We just don’t’ want to advertise because I think the site should carry itself and also if anything went wrong, every agency in this government is looking at the site, been on the calls, and they would be down on us – on me – in a NY second.  They are looking at me all the time, and I’ve never said anything that was not in your best interests!  If I know that, why would I be doing something stupid, when I know there is a list of gurus that they have prepared indictments for.  I know this for a fact!

650 caller [yet again]:  It sounds like we are finally at that place when this is over for us.  [Question about deletion of zeroes, again.  This has been answered already!]

DC:  We will NOT see that before we exchange.  Just for fun, how much were you paid to be on the call today? Nothing?  Just the phone bill?  Hmm. In-country, Iraq has different values in different areas on different cards and with different merchants, ranging from 1.18 to 3.71.  It has got much worse since 1. October.  Joe Blow public are doing their business with laughable amounts of actual currency or their cards with the right rates on them.  

 In the US, those notes have value, and many are exchanging those for rates around $3.50.  So a 10K dinar note is worth about $30,000 plus.  We know this because we have actual friends and contacts exchanging, and we would like to exchange ourselves!  So when my friend exchanges at $3+ and then they offer me 75 cents on the same day, that’s not going to wash. 

 There are very few three-zero notes left on the street. The CBI says that 97% have been taken in, so only 3% are left.  The movement of physical money is so fast because there are so few out there that the notes themselves are being taped together. 

Caller:  If they do the exchanges here at $3+, when will that happen for them as well?

DC:  At the same time.  We understand that the rollout here will still see the groups going through earlier for crowd control and security, which is a good thing, and they will do it even slightly earlier there.  There are maybe 300 groups out there, and many are a few dozen, while a few groups have thousands.  The big groups have been held off a little bit. 

 Let’s say I have a group with my cousins or someone has bank connections… the bank wants to get high-value clients into the banks because that is what banks do.  Those are really test cases, and there are so few and it’s so close that we don’t give a darn.   I‘m happy they are going in and hope that I am following closely behind them.
Tony:  Unfortunately, not all groups will go through because their organizers are on the list, and you’ll have try to get your money back and/or get paid.  It may work for the larger groups.  Those not in an group may go and exchange tomorrow, but there is a procedure for the groups, and they’ll have to work it out.

210 caller:  Last week before Wednesday’s call I had gall bladder surgery, and I was listening to the call.  I fell asleep with the phone in my hand, and my doctor was standing there.  He said he wondered how I could sleep with my arm up like that – he was dumb-founded.  [Appreciation]  My son is in real estate, and he says the brokers and escrow people might ask where we got the money from to buy the house.  After the NDA, what should we do, because we cannot tell them…

DC:  They just want to make sure you have ‘proof of funds’.  In the past, I’ve just said that I’m under an NDA, but that some wonderful investments and I can show you deposits at a reputable bank. They can talk to your banker directly to make sure it is okay, or you can get a Clean and Clear Certificate (CCC) from the bank.  I’m not comfortable sharing details because I’m a pretty private guy… apart from talking to 250,000 people.
Caller:  WF says it won’t be exchanging zim because it’s so volatile.
DC: We think it’s been put back in this first basket, and if so, all the major guys will handle it because it will have a strong value and they want that money.
Tony: These people are telling you what they are being told, at their levels.  If they are just reading articles, they don’t know what we know, at the levels we get intel from.  They are not lying to you;  as far as they know, they are not going to do it.  Zim was supposed to go in June and it didn’t meet the qualifications, but by the beginning of October it did!

Caller:  Where is our group in terms of exchanging?

DC:  There are groups where they have already collected the currency and have all the paperwork, and they are going through.  We are an informational group here at TNT, and then there are SKR groups who have already exchanged with Safe Keeping Receipts.  All those will go within in short time.  We understand that we will be tweeting out the 800 number and instructions – calling that number makes you part of our group. 
Tony:  Some SKRs will show that you actually have a (pending) deposit at the bank.  Other SKR groups have taken people’s money and given them a receipt, but it’s not at the bank.  Law enforcement is trying to get that currency bank now.

775 caller:  This is the first time I’ve ever been on the call.  I am a modest holder of VND, soon to be VNN. I learned about this a year ago.  I live near Reno, and heard about dinar and as a former banker everyone seemed to be down on dinar.  [Appreciation]  I was able to get my letter in.  My plan is to invest in annuities with a floor, and save the tax money, and help some people.  I don’t know if I’ll make the celebration or not, because I’m a private person, too.

Tony:  The VND will probably yield more than dinar, in the end, but don’t rush out and buy more.  If I were a modest investor, I would set aside 50% and let it appreciate in the bank.  I would put enough in annuities that would give me the same income I have with my job. That would double my income.  I’d pay off my bills and anything pressing, then put what I am freeing up into stress-free investments.  A stress-free life can be achieved at any level.  But you cannot buy a 100K car and then find you cannot pay your tax bill or give money to your kids.  That’s what I would do, anyway.

Caller:  You are a blessing to us all!

Tony:  Sorry you have to live in Reno, though!  I can’t stand the cold… or that white stuff!

954 caller:  [Appreciation]  What if you don’t have receipts?  My son brought some over from Iraq, from when he was in the military…

DC:  You need the orders when you or he went back and forth.  The receipts are for the tax man, because if this turns out to be taxed as capital gains, then you need to have the dates when he went to Baghdad and when he came back with the currency.  Otherwise it might be taxed as short-term capital gains (when you’ve had it under a year).

407 caller:  I think you all should get the contract rate after all you have done for us.  Do you think we will still be treated fairly as a group?

Tony:  Months ago I got calls from outside the country that they were trying to get a group of 40,000 approved. At that point, they thought NOBODY would be paid apart from the groups, so they wanted to put a contract group together for me.  They started at 20K, and I got them up to 40K, but I really didn’t want to have a group because I kept warning people about groups. 

 They offered me this percentage, and I said NO, and that I didn’t want anyone to use it against me, because I would have plenty of money anyway.  So then they came back and said that they would consider everyone following me on the internet to be a group.  I have had bank people who offered to put me on this and that list so that I would get paid, and then I was told I would not get paid until everyone gets paid.

We know people who have been paid, but apparently we are too high profile – and then we can’t to the call because we would have to sign the NDA. That’s how that group concept came about, but we don’t have to do it up to this point.  The people who listen to the call or get the tweet will be considered part of that internet group. They will make those appointments first, and then explain it to the tellers.  Okay?

Caller:  Thank you very much.  I’m shocked by DC opening up the book like that!

727 caller:  [Appreciation]  Are there exchange centers in Florida?

DC: Yes, many – most in the metropolitan areas, and after the initial chaos, you’ll also be able to exchange in the smaller banks that handle foreign currency.  How did people hear about dinar?  First from the military, so where there are military bases, there will be exchange centers.  Evangelical churches often have currency, too, so Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, St Louis will have currency holders.  Also where government agencies know about this, like DC, there will be more exchange centers.
Tony:  DC was very humble in setting the record straight earlier, in terms of who he talks to on an daily basis.  There are other gurus with some very good contacts, one of whom was an intelligence officer.  Others can say some things we couldn’t’ say because of time frames and sensitivity – we couldn’t’ come right out and say that immediately after a meeting, say, because it could be tracked too easily. Other gurus have contacts in different places, and it can take days to filter down.  Sometimes they would get intel before we did, and we’d have to verify it! That’s how we figured out who was getting real information.  Eventually we will all come to the final conclusion, and that’s where we’re at.

609 caller:  I see a lot about the Admiral’s group;  when do we go in?

Tony:  My understanding is that we go in when it’s announced globally. The largest groups out there will not go in until we go in.  We’ll go in at the same time.  We have been put on alert numerous times, and many windows. But the people going in right now are the smaller groups of 5-20 people or those with a relationship with the banks so that they can test their procedures.  It’s NOT the banker’s cousins, but people they have chosen almost at random, because their name came up.

DC:  Not a lot of people have gone through compared to last time. These are mainly test cases to make sure that everything works properly – not the huge amounts like before

Caller:  Let’s say it RVs tonight and the 800 numbers – is that our clue to go to the bank?

Tony:  They want to start paying people within two hours of those numbers coming out.
We didn’t get a lot of questions today, but what DC gave you was better than questions!
DC: Everyone is geared up in Iraq and in the States, including those banks that have been holding off for months. The pressure is immense to get this done.  I hope everyone has a plan including taxes and then making money before spending money.  Thanks for listening, I hope we helped, and I pray to God this is the last time.
Pam:  Tony was in the Air Force for 15 years, and now you know how DC has served and continues to serve our country.  All those in the background who are serving our country – it’s amazing the amount of information and cooperation this team has received. Thank you to all the Mods;  we couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks to transcribers and all who have been helping other members on both sites…

Ray:  I’m glad I don’t have to remember which name to use any longer! Continue to enjoy this Fabulous Friday and we’ll see what the upcoming hours bring us!
Tony:  This sounds like goodbye, and I hope it is.  The weekend plan always sounds good to me.  The numbers are where they should be, not that other nonsense.  Iraq put out an article about dropping zeros in the next five years, but it’s been five years since they should have done this!  They have come out and said they are absolutely ready, in the CBI and finance ministry.  There is nothing else they need to know – it is there.  All the side issues have been negotiated and there is a plan to go forward.  They have  promised that It should be over by this weekend.  If we don’t see it today, it just means that something happened and we need another couple hours.  We are looking forward to the next call, l which should have the 800 numbers.  If anything happens at all, we will send out a tweet. Otherwise, enjoy Halloween and the weekend.  I’m feeling really, really good with the information we have.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


10-31-2014 Guru BGG I'm not saying this is happening now - I am saying once you see Fils - they will have to be worth more. Period.

10-30-2014   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
[...how many laws can parliament vote on at a time? Is it possible that they could act on 2 or 3 laws in the same day, or do they have to take a breather between each of them. And how much time does it take for it to be entered in the Gazette after it is approved.]   Theoretically, they can vote and pass as many as they want in a single session - there is no law preventing this. Regarding getting it in the Gazette, I have it on good authority that once these particular items are done and there is an official change in the rate, we will see it published in less than 24 hours. 

10-31-2014   Newshound Guru OOTW
  no new laws at the gazette...we wait.  I'm afraid IMHO there's much more to be done...we need some laws and to re order the judicial food chain., that's just my opinion...it will be a while yet me thinks.

10-31-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

10-31-2014   Newshound Guru Enorrste
  The IMF was quite clear in its recommendation to Iraq:  move to a "free float" exchange regime.  No where has either the IMF or the CBI talked about a managed float.  Therefore, I believe that once Iraq moves to Article 8 and opens the door for the dinar worldwide that adding or removing large notes will be minor in comparison to the basic speculative demand worldwide.  Therefore, I see the currency rising quickly...   [post 2 of 2]

10-31-2014   Newshound Guru Enorrste   While it is true that basic supply and demand for currency within any given economy (Iraq, for instance) can have an affect on the overall value of that currency, there is another factor that is much more important once Iraq moves to Article 8 and the currency is recognized as a valid world currency.  That factor is speculation.  Speculation in world markets is the primary force that drives its value.  Other forces are supply and demand, economic growth, interest rates, and a country's balance of payments situation.  It will be speculation, however, that will be the driving force in the case of the dinar, in my opinion.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

10-31-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:  "Nora Albjara member of the committee of economy and investment in the House of Representatives revealed that the central bank completed its preparations for the issuance of metal coins of seven small groups, in conjunction with the implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the paper currency is currently in circulation"  CBI IS DONE WITH ALL 7 COINS THEY ARE GOING TO USE AND READY TO RELEASE THEM AND REMOVE THE 3 ZERO CURRENCY ACCORDING TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.   IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE CHANGING THE RATE.  WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WE SEE IT -- BUT WHAT PURPOSE WOULD THE COINS AND LOWER DENOMS BE? YESTERDAY THEY ANNOUNCED THAT THEY ARE LAUNCHING THE GLOBAL MARKET LINK TO GLOBAL BANKS AS WELL.  KNOW THIS IS HUGE HUGE NEWS.  YOU SHOULD BE DANCING IN THE STREETS...

10-31-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
 [via BulldogFord65]   On Iraqia TV, the CBI announced the monetary reform is done and they are ready to release coins, complete with the Kurdish language; however there are still some things being done, the bank notes with the 3 zeros with the Kurdish language are being distributed.   IMO, the coins are utterly worthless at 1166, the only way they have value is if the rate is increased.  IMO,  it will come out at 1:1, and we have seen the 0.86 rate being held as a test.  The increase of the rate may be gradual over a couple of years, and when the float hits a couple of dollars, the rate can take a larger increase. IMO, the rate was released on Sunday as an algorithm, and the evidence is that the Qi card has been used in Iraq.

10-31-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

10-31-2014   Intel Guru Delta
[via BulldogFord65]   ...looking at the ISX, they have changed to Xstream, yet as of today they are not trading internationally; however, as of Oct 24, the Arab Federation of Exchange does have the ISX and IQD appearing for the first time – with no rate; everyone is waiting for the rate.  IMO, the rate has to change before any implementation of their plans.  Representative of the finance committee related that the rate will increase gradually so as not to confuse the Iraqi citizens.  IMO, the rate will come out around $0.25 - $0.35 and gradually increase...the CBI is saying they are ready to go now, not a year or two years from now; no matter the rate that it comes out at, it will increase rapidly...within months possibly, and the lower denom coins will roll out in conjunction with the lifting of the 3 zeros – this means the VALUE must increase [post 2 of 2]

10-31-2014   Intel Guru Delta
the information from the CBI which was announced on Iraqia TV;  read in Arabic first, and then translated that the CBI is about to introduce the coins, there are 7 coins, and likely the 1 and 2 dinar coins will come out first; IMO, the CBI will gradually roll out the coins as the rate increases.   On Iraqia TV, the CBI said they are ready to delete the 3 zeros; the coins are at banks ready for release; the 5 trillion in new notes with the Kurdish language are ready for distribution.  ...it will not take 5 years to raise the VALUE, they will take 5 years to pull in the 3 zero CURRENCY; it will still be legal tender, but will be phased out, replaced with the lower denoms as the rate increases.  IMO, the rate needs to be on par or higher than Saudi Arabia’s riyal (SAR), and it’s possible, IMO, to see the rate come out at any time. 


R.V. / GCR October 31, 2014 at 1:00pm

Just heard that the Privates will start after the close of the market today.........Timber

I am not here to say any one is wrong or right....about the admiral I have heard both today as well I have also heard their are no more oil contracts who does that make sense too? I did hear that after market close today the privates will start I also heard that Asia did revalue so who does that make sense too? see its a very fluid situation if I was to bring you everything I have heard this morning you extrapolate and you tell me what you heard