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NanaCarol :  Frank, while just listening to a playback of a news media person responding to President O's usage of the words "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" and why he was using a President Bush phrase in his statement (I didn't listen for the answer as I was shutting off my tv).

Question Frank, but using those words, was President O sending a loud and clear message to the AoP? Just wondering..

Frank26:  John Kerry spoke the words of Dr S last weekend.

O speaks the words of Jr Bush this week.

There is one more coming next week to REPEAT words of the IQDs MR.

M's CC is ............. RED.

Our days .... Are coming to an end.

Our next assignment ........... Will be to serve God.

Think and act .......... Accordingly.

KTFA,   Frank

Evenstar:  ( Frank usually posts in a blue color…..For the RV announcement- he always said he would post in Red??   Or Red Alert??   Hmmmmmmm  )


9-26-2014 Tony: Everything is in motion -- no bad news!!! Everything is done. All are prepared over there and here. They have been running tests again and doing procedures all week.  I am  looking forward to this being my last weekend.  Have a plan of action. We have been this close but not with everyone in agreement.


9-26-14 DCIraq had successful UN meeting and Abadi is back in Iraq.  CBI did some tests yesterday. Pinging did occur yesterday and was described as a dress rehearsal to be sure everyone is ready to go including the CBI, central banks, BIS, etc. You don't do a dress rehearsal a month in advance. It is usually done right before...not saying today but all in the world are ready for it.
Their TV is still saying economic reforms coming soon or immediately.  They are preparing their people for a rate change in Iraq.  It is extremely likely they will make good on telling peeps new RV rate Oct. 1.  It is different this time because the GOI wants to get this done, there is more transparency, the US administration is supportive and all political operatives on board.

Bottom line. Everything looks wonderful. Everyone is prepared. Everyone is ready for this to go through. Not much else to say. 


Bandito.rox:Reno is on Lockdown! and there's arrest going on right now, And it's been confirmed.

Reinstatement rate completed.. 
It's Snowing hard now!
Santa Claus is on his way.


Posted by G T on September 26, 2014 at 5:45pm
Just Spoke To My Contractor Friend...

Not a Lot of Information.
But this "Tidbit" might be important!!!

The announcements on Iraqi TV & Media regarding the ECONOMIC REFORM & Exchange Process are INCREASING......

And now their naming the banks where they'll be able to exchange at (they Did not mention the bank locations before).....

The Target date publicized is STILL October 1st!!!There you have it..


9-26-2014  Intel Guru Tony   Everything is in motion -- no bad news!!! Everything is done. All are prepared over there and here. They have been running tests again and doing procedures all week.  I am  looking forward to this being my last weekend.  Have a plan of action. We have been this close but not with everyone in agreement.

9-26-2014   Intel Guru DC
 Iraq had successful UN meeting and Abadi is back in Iraq.  CBI did some tests yesterday. Pinging did occur yesterday and was described as a dress rehearsal to be sure everyone is ready to go including the CBI, central banks, BIS, etc.  You don't do a dress rehearsal a month in advance .  It is usually done right before...not saying today but all in the world are ready for it.  Their TV is still saying economic reforms coming soon or immediately.  They are preparing their people for a rate change in Iraq.  It is extremely likely they will make good on telling peeps new RV rate Oct. 1.  It is different this time because the GOI wants to get this done, there is more transparency, the US administration is supportive and all political operatives on board.  Bottom line. Everything looks wonderful.  Everyone is prepared.  Everyone is ready for this to go through. Not much else to say.

9-26-2014   Newshound Guru Blue
   Article quote:  "Analysts say the camp Maliki is trying to confuse the government Abadi, through its support of the nomination of Hadi al-Ameri, leader of the Badr Brigade, one of the largest armed militias controversial, to the post of Minister of the Interior, and to mobilize the support of other militias and Shiite Islamist factions to support this nomination.  Observers believe that the camp Maliki knows that this nomination can set off all the signs of reconciliation between the main components of the country, and that the alliance of the Iraqi forces, which represents the Sunni provinces, can not accept this nomination."   This explains why the Kurds smoothly said they are all good with "whoever" the NA nominates... they did not want to step into Maliki's trap.. did not want to allow Maliki to manipulate them. Sunnis seem to be making wise moves as well..  they are cooperating with the operation in Fallujah... Abadi has remained steadfast...Maliki is about to step on a banana peel.

9-26-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Summary:  We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers  to be seated...the Defense and Security ministers...I am told there is very good possibility this could happen in next week’s sessions in parliament along with possibly the budget being voted on. I think the 2014 budget is being held hostage until these ministers are seated. Let us also not lose sight of the 27 demands as part of their Unity Plan (unification of the three major secs) now in progress. Many of these economic demands have a 1 month implementation timeline so we could see much progress by mid October in this area. Then when can we expect the RV? ...we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now fully formed and seated...this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. [post 3 of 3]

9-26-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
    Some say the RV has already happened. I do know for a fact it has happened on paper but the impact is minimal and is being withheld globally due to this new terrorist attacks and the instability it has brought to the region.   To what extent does ISIS have to be controlled in Syria and in Iraq to allow economic and financial stability to blossom in Iraq?   I believe they will meet this criteria when the Iraq government is completed (more stability) and is able to perform the defensive and security measures needed to secure the boarders of Iraq (more stability) on their own.  Then we have a real good shot at seeing this RV.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

9-26-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   ...this week Iraq sessions once again did not get the needed votes to confirm the last of the few ministers.  I am hearing this is once again on the agenda for next week along with the first of the readings on some new laws, treaties and reforms  dealing with the economy and financial reform list. Remember also we were told 4 years ago there would be no RV without the Erbil reforms. This still holds true.  Many of these past Erbil reforms are now part of the 27 reform list. The latest of the reform is scheduled to be completed by February of 2015.     


9-26-14 WCW: Hello and gm everyone. I think that it all is done just waiting on announcements for this to go down. Budget is set for October 1st so RV right before it IMO IMO IMO. 


This will be highlights of Tony's CC, Fri., Sept 26, 2014.  Either there was a lot of info or I got carried away with notes.  Hope you enjoy - Sunny
DC - Extremely likely, extremely likely, they will make good on telling peeps new RV rate Oct. 1. . . in Mosque saying “soon, be ready,; any time.
Tony - The date to get this done has been changing, every week, a week ahead of the date.It’s Friday and the date has not been changed this time.  It did not happen this time!!! (meaning the date was not moved out another week again)
T – The process is alive and well.  Looking forward to the 1st.  butask your selves would you wait till the last day when this is to be loaded on the cards, people waiting in lines at the bank? Read your notes and “Who Moved My Cheese.”  Have a plan. 
  • Abadi back in Iraq.  Legislation complete.  In his interview with Amanpour Abadi said he was not seeing coordination on the ground regarding the ISIS situation and his people were dieing..  DC said that “ruffled a few feathers in the administration” but that the full support is not all there yet.  Needs transportation, financial approval, co-ordination between the many forces since they have not worked together in a long time.
  • CBI testing again of central banks and CIX.  It was a world wide “dress rehearsal” testing in preparation for main event that DC said would not be today.  This was the pinging everyone got excited about yesterday.
  • TV announcements continue on TV and in the mosques to expect economic reforms.  Have now added the word “immediate” to it. 
  • ISIS   Tony “If goal is to take out ISIS, the first thing they hit in last 24-48 hours is their financing, income stream was hit.   Because they are paying people to fight.”
  • Contract Rate is a special rate China is paying. Contract rate has a pool of funds set up.  When that pool is paid out the contract rate is no longer available.
  • NDA is to be simple - 4 pages-  basically: be quiet, never talk about it.
  • Bank Restrictions - rates basd on how much and how long you keep in the bank.   Ex:  mid $3 for 30 days.  Higher rate for a year.  
  • Tax Rate/Tax Brackets:  DC is hearing it’s undecided at this time.
  • CBI:  Being run by committee at this time.  Ishmael is doing the presentations.
  • Iraq’s credit rating has been raised and will be again after the RV.
  • VND Lower Denoms:  No info available on this.   
  • Plan “B”

Don’t expect RV mentioned on news channels.  Probably business channels.  Several speeches already mention they are sovereign nation.
Different this time because . . .  the GOI wants to get this done; more transparency; US administration supportive; senate and house and financial committees supportive and all political operatives on board.
Caller - Which currency are you holding for 2nd basket?   DC - Exchange dinar/dong immediately.  Other ones I will check the rate .. if good .. I'm all out. 
T- If it goes today the majority of people wouldn’t see it til Monday or Tuesday 
  • Currency Verification:  Look it up on line and verify for yourself today.  At exchange you can ask for a de la rue machine; there is a currency book at banks to verify against and at the bank there is supposed to be a security person, Marshall or 3rd person, in the room with you who will sign off on it.
  • CE Preparation -Items mentioned were:  have your lists ready; 2 forms of ID;  800#; cash counted and ready; Dinar separate from other currencies; zip code where you want to exchange; cashiers checks you want;  cash to take with you; gift letters and receipts ready.  Remember IQN, this is a CURRENCY EXCHANGE and the banker does not know what you know.  Everybody’s list will be different. 
  • Appointments:  1 call for 1 appointment.  If you need several appointments you will have to make a call for each.  Your family, friends will need to make separate calls for their appt’s.   When you call the 800# they will ask your amount of currency and zip code your will exchange in. 
  • CE - Currency Exchange -  KEEP YOUR DINAR SEPARATE FROM OTHER CURRENCIES -  Take 2 forms of ID.  They will tell you the rates and you choose.  They will be setting up an account while they are counting/verifying the currency.  To be all done in 20 minutes.  Go back later to set up your tax /investment accounts, etc. 


TNT call notes 26-Sept-2014
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  It is Friday, September 26, 2014.  DC and Ray are both here;  Pam is here, listening in.  Here we are on another Friday, another great day!  Let’s see what happens…  How do you feel, DC?  It’s going to be a great day and a great weekend.
DC:  That’s right.  I feel wonderful, absolutely wonderful!
Tony: do you know something nobody else knows?  [laughter]  The PM was here from Iraq for speeches and meetings;  where does that put us?
DC:  Thanks for all the kind wishes for my daughter;  she is doing fine, and I appreciate all the messages.  Everyone is doing well now.  Good old Iraq have a successful UN meetings.  Abadi is back in country as of last night.  Lawmakers have been meeting all week, also successful as well.  Everything has been completed with follow up going on now.  We understand the CBI is prepped.  They did some tests yesterday, and a few other guru folks have mentioned about ‘pinging’ yesterday.  We got that information as well, and it was described by one friend as a full dress rehearsal including the CBI, BIS, IMF, all banks, security and law enforcement.  We understand everyone is pleased with what’s going on.  You only do a dress rehearsal just before the Big Reveal, so we expect this to be done.  Today?  We don’t know.  We do know everyone is ready, the parliament has voted on it again, all the political figures have signed off again, all the Iraqi banks and merchants are trained and ready to go. On Iraqi television, it says economic reforms are immediate, with specific banks to exchange, etc.  They are preparing people for an exchange and massive rate change.  In the morning mosque, they went over their preparations yet again and said the UN meetings were highly successful with many congratulations throughout the week in Iraq.
Tony: The fact they told everyone they would get paid on 1. October, and the new rate being effective the last quarter of the year….
DC:  That is extremely likely.  We have been asked not to mention certain sensitive information, but it is very, very likely by then. 
Tony:  The third quarter starts on Wednesday and this is Friday.  Last weekend, someone told me that this would be the last weekend going through this.  It’s Friday and we’ve got until Wednesday.  We really don’t have anything else to talk about.
DC:  The US is prepared, from the administration, both parties, UST, homeland, banks, everyone has been running tests again, all week. They had a few tweaks and changes this week, for the better. Hope and pray this is it.  Have we been this close before?  This is different.  We now have an Iraqi government that really wants to get this done, with much more transparency.  We have a US administration that has been highly supportive over the last month.  The Senate and House committees are supportive as well, and everyone behind the scenes is now eager to get this done.
Tony:  We have been this close, but not with everyone in agreement like right now.  Another fact everyone should look at is this:  look at the bigger picture in the Middle East.  If their goal is to take out ISIL, but what they’ve really hit is ISIL’s financing, that is because ISIL is paying people to fight.  So if they can no longer pay them to fight, and others are paying them NOT to fight… watch how things rotate over the next week.
DC:  I want to address something Pam brought up.  Some folks have been doing some idle chatter and they like to crap on Tony, me, Pam, or other gurus that are doing their best to bring this information.  Do NOT give them that petty back-and-forth chatter.  If you don’t like what we say, don’t listen!  If you don’t like me, I’ll get over it just fine.  We are all adults, and it’s just petty on everyone’s part – the work of idle minds and hands.  Also, law enforcement is all over this.  They listen to every call we make.  Why?  Not because we are doing anything bad, but because they want to keep everything straight.  They are also worried about intelligence leaks and such.  If I were an idiot, which I’m not, if we were doing something bad, let law enforcement deal with it.  The very ones who are making claims of law-breaking are the ones under investigation right now.  Also law enforcement has done a great job taking down those we have issue with, like those who have double-dipped, or who have conspired to take other people’s money, they will be taken down after the RV because then there will be multiple charges.  So be adults about this, and if you don’t like someone, just skip the channel.
Tony:  Idiots are idiots.  They come to our calls because they have no information and nothing else to talk about.  I’m not usually called an idiot (apart from Pam saying it several times per day).  Also, Pam says someone copied her twitter account, and sent out a message saying she and we were mistaken, and she was so sorry to take part.  These are fricking idiots!  You will see at the end of this process who gave you the right time, date, who got picked up and arrested for taking people’s dinars, and all the rest.  We do know there is a list already, and we know some of the names on that tlist, for a fact. You will be shocked on who is on that list and who led you down the road. You will see the numbers, and you might have thought it would be low rates or that it would never happen, and then they will all look like idiots.
DC:  There are other dinar gurus who have good contacts who are trying to put it together like we are.  So far as I know, they are not being paid, either.  They are trying to care about their fellow man.  If you think we’re not doing a good job, don’t listen!
Pam:  This is AlreadyBlessed, and I have approved this message!  Just want to say!
601 caller:  You were talking about the contracts the other day, saying that it would take an attorney an hour to read them.  Can you tell us what’s on the contracts?  Because we are going in blind…
DC:  The contract rate is our slang that we picked up from the UST and banks.  We are talking about the contract that China has with the UST or a particular rate.  The contract is very straightforward:  Do you want A, B or C?  A is the highest rate with certain conditions, B is the middle rate with lesser conditions, and C is international rate with no NDA/contract, etc.  The NDA is very simple:  don’t talk about this for X years.  I think the contract will also be more straightforward.  We understand that ‘contract’ really means a rate, not a huge ‘contract’ as such.  I just want to expand on your question…
Caller:  If you sign the contract for the higher rates, what conditions will be attached to it, like leaving part of your money in the bank…?
DC:  Often we use one question to educate more people, because there are often more people with the same question.  Are there rates based on how long you keep it?  Yes.  Let’s imagine it’s $3 if you keep it in for a day, or $3.10 for a year, just as examples.  Also, the Chinese government will be buying it from you, and expect some wiggle room based on how long and how much you keep it there.
Caller:  You don’t know anything on the taxes, right?  But someone did say that you would pay according to whatever tax bracket you are in.  Is that still true?
DC:  That has changed quite a bit, and my contacts don’t believe that has been decided yet. I ‘m personally planning for the highest income tax rate I can pay, which in Texas is 44%. 
Caller:  And that varies according to the state, plus there will be 2% off the top.
Tony:  You have federal, state and ObamaCare taxes.
DC: I’m going to keep 44% off to the side until we know for sure.  Tony will have to reserve 58% because he lives in California.
Tony:  We might be pleasantly surprised, and it could be something totally different.  Prepare for the worst.
Caller:  DC, even though I live in Mississippi, I lived in Texas for twelve years…
650 caller [yet again]:  I’m much more optimistic today.  I thought it was an amazing week, with all the leaders meeting.  How does this help this situation?  Did you see the interview that Abadi did on CNN;  I was very impressed with how articulate Abadi is.  He said he didn’t feel he was getting enough support from the US and the coalition regarding ISIL.  He called out the situation as commitments being made, but without coordination on the ground.
DC:  That ruffled a few feathers in the administration, but Abadi is saying “I can’t relax, my people are dying.”  The support just isn’t there yet, for legal, technical and financial reasons.  It caused some minor bureaucratic problems, but nothing worth getting worried about.  In terms of defeating ISIL< they have a good plan to get weapons and such to the fighters, but the overall strategy is still up in the air without boots on the ground.  Nobody knows how far the armed forces will go.  Abadi spent a lot of time with the administration ironing out the plan, and of course a face-to-face meeting is always better than a video conference.  They didn’t solve all the issues, but progress was made, and it reassured everyone that Abadi is in charge, trustworthy and asking the right questions.  He can basically say if things are going well or not;  he is someone they can work with, and that allowed them to run the dress rehearsal yesterday.  They would not have done that if the meetings were not successful.
Tony:  Also, Abadi said clearly he doesn’t want more ground troops, he wants more air support, and that is what we have been seeing in the last few days.
DC:  It is a mess.   There are how many different aircraft in the air, with different trans-ponders and people from different countries and US air traffic controllers.  None of these countries are used to working together…
Caller:  Look up that interview because Abadi came off as amazingly strong.  Clearly Abadi had meetings with Obama, and also with the UST/CBI. 
DC:  They have been meeting their counterparts, not just the top guys but those actually getting the job done in finance, security, law-enforcement, the World Bank, the IMF… and it’s all been very successful.  It’s not just slapping each other on the back, but creating a well-received working relationship.
Caller:  It was said the CBI Governor was the one who was appointed by Maliki.  Who is actually in charge of the CBI?
DC:  Ishmail has not been formally seated and won’t be for a while, so although he has the authority, it’s a mess on the ground.  Ishmail is the main representative, but it’s more like a committee until it finally gets voted on.
Caller:  You’ve laid out a strong case that this will be done this week…
DC:  There are infinite reasons for this not to work, and the main one is that there is still a small group that doesn’t want this to happen.  However, they are reading the political winds that favor this getting done now.  If something horrendous happened like an attack at the mosques… but they are under tight watch, too.  There are more esoteric issues, but at this point, everyone is so much leaning forward in the saddle, plus there are international rules that they would have to get past.  The people who would have to vote are saying “don’t even talk to me about that.”  In the last ten days, they have been saying, “We’ll give you until X date, but don’t even try to push past that.”
Tony:  The dates have changed a week ahead of the time.  This week, it didn’t happen.  That is a big factor, that this week it didn’t happen, even though we didn’t tell people the date.
828 caller:  I called recently about the exchange centers… DC, for those near Asheville NC, is there an exchange center in that area? 
DC:  Asheville is gorgeous and I want to go fly-fishing there.  My understanding is that Asheville will have at least one center, possibly several.
Caller:  Tony, you keep saying this is done. What does ‘done’ mean these days?
Tony:  It is done in the system;  we have been hearing from everyone to relax, because it is done in the system.  They tested the system last night again, and 4-5 people got paid so that we know that part is done.  It’s not done for us until we walk out of the banks, but we also know they made some large-scale payments that could only have happened if this were done on a global scale.
404 caller [again]:  I am curious that the CBI website has not been updated since the 24th.  Does that mean we are in a four-day holiday?
DC:  There are two main CBI sites, one in Houston, one in Baghdad. They can update those within a few minutes.  Those paying attention have been given a nod to watch the sites, and they have tested that update system in the last few days.  It’s really not a big deal for them to switch the servers or the rates.  Also, there is a new site that will come up when the rates change.
Caller:  It’s just interesting that it didn’t’ change over this Thursday.  Hmmm.
DC:  That mentality is not just at the CBI, to think “Well, I’m not going to repaint the house I just sold”.  Nobody cares if it’s not updated when it’s about to be updated in a major way.  Also, Iraq’s credit rating has been raised, and will be raised after the RV goes through, as well.  It won’t be AAA just yet, though.
Caller:  On the last call, Tony mentioned taped messages being made ready.
DC:  Those taped messages are still relevant, and they can be used or they may give the announcements live.
Caller:  I notice that President Massoum was speaking this morning and talked about a ‘government of unity’.  Is that a coded message?
DC:  That is part of the sales message, so to speak.  Just because there are still news reports about ISIL, it’s still amazing what Massoum and Abadi have done in the last six weeks, and it’s important for Iraq to come across as a mature polity.  It’s not an RV announcement, but Massoum did refer to economic reform and such, and that is code.
Tony:  There have been a number of speeches about being a sovereign nation and such, but that is not announcing the RV either.   You will probably not hear that kind of open announcement;  it will be on the financial channels, not the political ones.
717 caller:  DC, a quick question – in Texas, are you still allowed to strap on your piece and walk around in public?  [laughter]  Tony, do you know the buy and sell price of the dong?
Tony:  Right this minute?  Nope.  I’ts something like $80 per million on Sterling and maybe $58 at Wells Fargo.
Caller:  I got a friend involved and he bought some at AAA.  They gave him such a hard time, the lady said he would go to jail for money laundering!  He needed money, so he cashed it back in, and they only gave him half of what he paid for it!
Tony:  That is not unusual.  Sterling will buy it back at 80%, but each place has their own rate for buying it back.  Next week he will be upset that he didn’t keep it all!
Caller:  When the banks offer the contract rates, who or what determines when the contract rates are over?
Tony:  There is a pool of money, and when that is empty, then the contract rate is over.
Caller:  At one point they said we could cash in a 25K dinar note without appointment.
Tony:  I haven’t heard anyone say No yet to that.  “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”
Caller:  Would that be the contract rate or the market rate?
Tony:  That would be the market rate.
Caller:  I didn’t know who many enemies you had, Tony!  I don’t go on twitter very much, but the one time I went on to read what they were saying, and MAN!
Tony:  They are idiots, and I will be laughing for the rest of my life because they will realize at some point that they could have learned something during this process. Make a note of their names so you know NOT to follow them afterwards.  Everyone will be able to look at this after it’s over, and then that will give us more influence over those people because they will see that we were right. That is why they want us to sign extensive NDAs afterwards.
DC: That’s why I am facing a 45-page NDA!   And what annoys me is that I am just doing this to help, just like other gurus with good contacts, and these idiots are blocking people who need the help from listening and figuring out what‘s going on.  It annoys me that they crap on people who are trying to help!
Tony:  The important thing is for you to remember what we have said, and to look for what we’ve told you after this, the events and what’s happening in the economy.  If you pay attention to the numbers, you will remember even more what we’ve told you.
815 caller:  I have a procedural question and a dong question.  I remember a long time ago that each individual tax number was only allowed a single bank appointment.  But you, DC, are planning to make several appointments…
DC:  Basically, it’s one phone call per appointment, so you can call again for the next appointment but still with the same EIN.
Caller:  Does Vietnam have low denominations ready to pass out, or will they knock zeros off in-country?
DC:  I don’t know a lot about dong.  I do know the rates and that it is loaded in the system, but I don’t have a lot of contacts there.
Tony:  We don’t know how they will handle it in-country;  we’ll just do our exchanges!


Part 2
248 caller:  This is my first time on the call.  Just one question:  how does Iraq become a member of the World Trade Organization?
DC:  Iraq is already a member of the WTO since the 1940s.  They fell into suspension during the Saddam Hussein era, and now they are working on getting back into full standing.  That will allow more trade which will bis more transparent and less corrupt.  That is NOT required before the RV, but it is a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for economic reform.  They have done everything they need to do for WTO.
Caller:  when you do in to exchange your currency, it concerns me to hand over my currency to a banker, and maybe have him call the next day and say it is a forgery.
DC:  It’s just like if you traveled to Europe or Mexico:  they will count it in front of you, and they can look up all the safety features on line to check each bill.  They can then send it to a processing center and then you will be credited in your account.  If you bought it from a reputable dealer, the chances of it being wrong are infinitesimal.  If you bought it online, you need to go online and check those safety features.
Tony:  You can go to Sterling and they will show you how to verify your own currency.  Also, at the bank, there will be a security person in the room to sign off on the currency you brought in.  I would verify my currency before going in to the bank.  Do that today for your own peace of mind so that you will feel confident.
Caller:  Is Dr. Shabibi back at the CBI?
Tony:  He is not in charge of the CBI, no.
704 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’ve never seen so many different opinions, but you guys are the seat belts on the roller coaster!  Please continue!  God willing, we are coming to the end of this roller coaster, and then the next one will start.  This has been a time of preparation, patience and learning, but we will have another roller coaster to go through without your help!  In the next phase, with the 800 numbers and all, I gather you will tell you the bank you want to go through and possibly go to an exchange center.  You can open an account right there in that first appointment, right?
DC:  You will go for 20 minutes, with two forms of ID.  You say (maybe), that you have 100,000 dinar, and you get to choose rate A, B  or C.  They will set up an account for you right there while they are verifying the currencies.  You are cattle in a chute!
Caller:  So they will set up an account for the dinar and one for each of the currencies… do you all the currencies at that first appointment or just the dinar?
DC:  I’m going to do the dinar first.  They don’t have time to open all those accounts;  they will dump all the dinar in one account, and then in your second appointment with the wealth manager you can open the other accounts.  We have heard from many to keep the dinar in a separate account, because it may be taxed at a different rate.
Tony:  If you know what bank you want to go to, open those accounts now, because they will not have time to open more than one account at that first appointment.  They will reschedule you to open those additional accounts. 
DC:  All they will do it to exchange in that first appointment. 
Caller:  I heard that the higher contract rate will have 100% of the capital gains…
DC:  If you are in a 38% tax bracket, the A option will cause you to pay 100% of that tax amount, NOT 100% tax.
Caller:  What are the Ten Things you mentioned in the last call?  I have my currency counted and verified, I know what bank I want to use…
Tony:  And you need to have your gift letters ready, know what zip code you want to exchange at, etc.  Those are the things YOU need to know as you walk through those first ten minutes.
Caller:  I now know that I can only do that first account at the appointment, but I can set up the other accounts beforehand.
Tony:  You only need $50 to set up accounts now.  We have been told for two years that dinar exchanges need to be kept separate.
DC:  That’s why we are telling people all this stuff, because it’s better to be safe than sorry on something this major.  If you have to have separate accounts for dinar and other currencies, and it turns out to be the same tax rate, who cares?  You can shut one of them down later.
Tony:  Remember, that bank person will not know as much as you know!
601 caller:  I had a situation, and I’d like to know what you would do in my shoes.  I have talked to a wealth manager and a CPA, but they don’t want to do anything because they don’t know what I’m talking about and they want to see the money first.  I am a single parent bringing up three grandchildren.  I didn’t get this dinar until after my husband left, and the court says that we never comingled our assets, so I’m wondering if there is some way I can put this in a trust where my ex can never touch it?
DC:  It takes a special person to raise grandchildren on your own, so thank you for their sakes.  In terms of the divorce, talk to your divorce attorney about when the assets are legally split.  Beyond that point, you are fine.  If you bought a car today, for instance, at what point would you own it?  Don’t talk about dinar as this example.  Do set up a trust.  Talk to several trust attorneys, see who is competent, and get a second opinion, just like if you had a medical problem.  In trusts, you can lock it up so that it’s basically yours, and there are per stirpes clauses where only your bloodline can receive it.  That’s what I have with my kids, where a gold-digger doesn’t have any rights to those funds.   It’s important to put those clauses in from the beginning, and that can be done after the initial deposit.  However, check with your attorney to see at what point your husband no longer has rights to your assets.
Tony:  Right after this call, get on the phone and have an initial consultation with an attorney.  I wouldn’t make my deposit until that trust is set up.  I would create my trust name right now, and make a gift to that trust today, before the RV.  You have to exchange the money in the trust.  Just keep out 25K dinar for your personal use.
DC:  You have to so an arms-length transaction, and make sure that the assets are IN the trust before exchanging the currency.
Caller:  He is adamant that our assets are not commingled, but when he finds out that there is a lot of money..
Tony:  Do create the trust right away, with a lawyer.
Caller:  What currency will you hold onto for the second basket?
DC:  I plan to exchange dinar and dong at contract rates right away, and then I’m done.  If there are other currencies that seem worth holding onto, I will put them in a safety deposit box until later.  You have a good brain, good questions – you work it out.
718 caller:  When you say ‘next week’, do you mean next week or this week?
Tony:  Iraq said that by 1. October they will be under the new rate, and that their Qi cards will be loaded by then for the last quarter.  A lot of things have to be done by that date.  We have been given notice a week ahead of time, and we haven’t been given such notice this week, so that is a strong indicator, too.
DC:  It has been announced in the mosques to expect this any time.
Caller:  I have a sister who works in the banks and she doesn’t know what screens you are talking about.  If it goes today, will we be at the banks tomorrow?
Tony:  The general public won’t see it until Monday or Tuesday.
Caller:  What won’t we see it until then?  The banks are open on Monday morning…
Tony:  On a recent call, I did say that the best plan was over the weekend.  There are reasons behind it like stability, Forex, and things that get done in order.
DC:  Let’s get into times and dates.  The original man was to do it Thursday night our time, Friday morning in the mosques, which would be their weekend.  They weren’t worried about Forex and such, because they thought relatively few people would be exchanging, not the five million we have now.  Then the Forex guys said, Do it after Forex closes on Friday, so they have two days to deal with this.  As they added other currencies into the mix, they looked at the time the least amount of money is moving, which is Saturday evening to Sunday morning in the US.  Almost all the markets and banks are closed then, so that’s a better time to make a big change.  If you’re going to add in Zim, dong, and rupiah, the weekend is the ideal time.  However, there are other good reasons to do it Tuesday—Thursday.  The banks said that they cannot wait a week every time this screws up, so that’s how it got more flexible again.  That’s how this has evolved from weekends to whenever.
Caller:  On the Zim, is there any confirmation that it will be accepted?
DC:  Accepted into what?  Mugabe basically had a gun put to his head and agreed to no longer be a genocidal dictator and allow economic development.  Zimbabwe is very dollarized and very poor, but it has nowhere to go but up.  It will have a burgeoning middle class when they get some money, and they have a lot of hard assets if they go for global integration.
Tony:  They were supposed to change their currency in April, then in July, and we’re hoping for now.  Every time we talk about Zim, the price goes up – which is part of their plan.  They want to discourage people buying it.
Caller:  When do dealers get notified of the rate change?
DC:  They are on the notification lists same as the banks.  It’s a tight window, and I don’t think a lot of them are not going to be notified until a few minutes AFTER it happens.
Tony:  They have been notified in the past, and that’s maybe why they don’t get notified this time!
972 caller:  I’m in Texas, and I want to follow up on something you said on Wednesday, Tony.  I think I heard you said that we might not get any contract rate on the dong.  Is that really the case?
Tony:  I don’t know how much is in the contract pool for the dong, and it will be out there until that pool has gone.  I don’t know if the dong will go up as much as the dinar will, in the market, because I don’t know if the market will have the same confidence in the dong as they will in Iraq.  DC?
DC:  We don’t know the size of the pool.  With dinar, we think we know the amount in the pool but don’t know how long that will last either.  They have taken a few steps like caps so that people paying attention have a chance at the contract rate.  Even at the international rates, this is a ton of money.  It will be at least ten times what we were hearing four years ago.  When we got into this, people said X rate would turn the whole world upside down, and I know it will be at least ten times that rate now.
Caller:  So it sounds like I should get to the bank as quickly as possible…
Tony:  For most people, that is true.  For those who are into guts and glory, the market rates probably will go up over time, but you have to be knowledgeable to follow that.
Caller:  So if I am too late for the contract rate, then it sounds like I should wait and watch the market rates.
Tony:  If you don’t know how to lock in the higher rates, then you will lose.   You have to watch it and be mindful of it for those three or five or fifteen days it takes to do that.  Most people will exchange and be out spending money!
Caller:  You asked us to remind you to go over the process with the 800 numbers, for the benefit of the new people…
Tony:  We just did that two callers ago!
858 caller:  Will we be able to choose a bank rather than an exchange center?  I would feel safer at a bank.
Tony:  Yes, you can choose, but the 800 numbers are just for the banks and the bank-run exchange locations.  I thought you were talking about the dealers.
DC:  We call the 800 number and say, “My name is Ms. X, and I live in this zip code” and they will tell you the locations where you can exchange, based on how much you have.
Caller:  I was also told some banks might have you sign another NDA as well as the Homeland NDA.
DC:  That is possible, especially if they offer to bump your rate a little for keeping a percentage in their bank for a certain period of time.  They don’t want you to talk about any special rates.
Caller:  Will the smaller towns have exchange centers?
DC:  The smallest towns, no, but New Orleans will have a ton of exchange centers.
Caller:  Should people give their currency to their LLCs now or after the RV?
DC:  I’m not an attorney, but I would definitely move your funds BEFORE the RV!
Caller:  When you go to the bank and hand over your currency and you have verified it, how are we protected from the bankers dealing with it honestly?
DC:  Frankly, that is where you ask for a Delarue machine.  Also, if you are really worried about it, go through every bill and check if before you bring it to the bank. 
Caller: If any are counterfeit, do we have any recourse?
DC:  I’m not going to sweat it at all, because my currency is all from reputable places.  The UST is tracking every single note, so they know what you have!
636 caller:  I know we are still on the extension of Plan A;  is there a Plan B still in place or did that go away>
DC:  It’s still in place, but we have shown that we are helping people solve the  problems.  If we turn out to be turds, Plan B will still be available.
Caller:  If Plan B kicks in, will the US be kicked out?  Will our currency be valueless?
DC:  I strongly believe that will not happen once this is international currency.  They could make it miserable to exchange, but they won’t because they have spent so long setting this up and getting it to work.  They cannot say “the dollar in Tony’s wallet is not worth the same as the dollar in my pocket.”  If Plan B did go into effect, the US would look like the biggest morons, so I think it is extremely, extremely unlikely.
Caller:  Does this RV have anything to do with the petro-dollar, and forcing Iraq to use the petro-dollar…  can you explain that?
DC:  The petro-dollar is economic slang for the price of oil being based on dollars.  The oil is traded dollars, and the USD is the world’s reserve currency.  Oil dominates the world economy, and we have a massive addiction to it that will not go away. So you will often hear petro-dollars being traded because oil is traded in dollars.  If China wants oil from Iran, they will first buy it in dollars.  It’s the world reserve currency that is also mixed unto those discussions… because oil is traded in dollars. 
Caller:  Is the petro-dollar going away any time soon?
DC:  Everyone is trying to get away from USD and into SKRs, or baskets of currencies.  Some areas are moving towards their own regional currency systems, like the five mini-IMFs, or the GCC (Gulf Coat Currency) which will combine into something like the euro. The BRICS are pushing to get to SKRs, which is a mixed basket of currencies.  Iraq will use the dinar.  That will become a dominant currency and you will see USD:IQN in the newspapers post-RV.
Bottom line:  Everything looks wonderful  The worldwide dress rehearsal went very well yesterday.  Congratulations to everyone doing that. Everyone is prepared, ABadi is back in-country, and everybody is ready to go across the entire world.  Thank you for all the nice wishes for my daughter;  I will share them with my wife.
Tony:  The dress rehearsal was the ‘pinging’ from the CBI to the IMF last night, as they ran that through the system.
Pam:  Thanks for your support.  Remember, if the ‘fidiots’ are working this hard now, think of how much more they will take advantage of you when you are millionaires. Have a team of professionals, and even a team to watch your team!
Tony:  You know what messages come from us, and it won’t be a bunch of BS.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy fantabulous Friday and I’ll see you at the other side.
Tony:  There is NO bad news.  We looked!  Everything is good, everything is being done, the process is alive.  We were asked not to tell you everything, and we know it will all be over by the 1st.  But if you were in charge of this, would you leave it until the last day and have people all lined up at the last day.  We don’t understand why our own banks are not giving you some information so that there isn’t chaos.  We hope we will have the opportunity to do a call to tell you the whole process.  Make your plans NOW, read your notes and be ready for that call.  Stay ready and able to go on a moment’s notice.  Enjoy the rest of your day and the weekend, and if something outstanding happens and we need to do another call, we will let you know!


We're at the Finish Line (Checkered Flag)!!!
But we've ALSO Been Blocked Multiple Times to Score
The "BAD GUYS" are getting their head placed on the chopping Block!!!
Have Multiple Plays ready in case you have To call An Audible!!!

Wilbur Grodan: Activation on a weekday early enough to give AU/JA access
USA wakes up to a BIG SURPRISE

Brandi: According to TNT the pinging we got word about last night was "dress rehearsal" "testing" that all passed with flying colors and some did exchange out during this test run. We should have our plans in place and be ready between now and Wed. They said.


OMEGAMAN: things with the bonds are rumored to be moving on two separate fronts, not confirmed; as rumors have been live too many times, thus only time will tell, not i, this time...else helpless, trapped, upon the rocky shore at high tide...

Everything happening now, including the resignation of the chief Barrister (of London), the Crook, AG Holder, is related, all pieces of the puzzle that must fall into place...CONgress is next to resign, and 0 (zero)bama as well (ihopium)...long live the REPUBLIC...

OLDSCHOOL: Think about this. Tony and DC are on lock down. Mark Z and eagle1 are on lock down.<br />
So it would not surprise me that the goat is on lock down. Also think about what all of these gurus have in common. Tony and DC did the twitter campaign and got shut down. Mark Z was going to name names. As far as eagle 1 I have no idea but I am sure it was an exposure issue. Just my observation . The closer we get to the end of this I am sure the hotter it will get for the intel providers . They can shut us down and a thousand more will stand in our footsteps!! Evil has no peace or hiding place!!


ECPOPE: I got a call from a friend who was/is in a group, No I will not tell the group, why? because he would not tell me the name. he is under a DNA, but he did say his money has been on hold the whole time. He got a call yesterday saying his money will be released next week. That falls in line with Tony and others. Woo Hoo we are so so so close. Take as rumor but I trust this guy too


Economists are demanding action against intervention in the Central Bank calling for respect for its resolutions

September 25, 2014


BAGHDAD / Ghazanfar Laibi
Economists on government intervention in the work of the Iraqi Central Bank during the past period hindered the implementation of many projects that will bring significant economic reforms, including the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency.
While the experts stressed that the political , security and economic conditions unfavorable at the moment to delete the zeros from the currency, noting that the government’s objections to the work of the central bank “respectable” but it should not be up to the extent of interfering in the work of the Bank and impede the activity of the central bank , an independent body of the government linked directly to the House ofRepresentatives.

The CBI confirmed, (April 25, 2013), that there is no intention at this time to restructure the currency and deleting three zeros , denying the reports in this regard.

In this context, the former central bank governor Shabibi said in an interview to the “long”, that “the project to delete the zeros is a project that can be implemented within the short term, which undoubtedly requires political stability is not available at the moment,” noting that “must complete the preparations and the work in the project to delete the zeros will be implemented immediately.”
Shabibi said that “preparations have almost finished days our management including categories , designs and communication with international companies, but that the negative attitude of the government of the previous administration towards the bank in a lot of its last execution , especially the subject of such needs to be cooperation , coordination between the central bank , the government and the private sector.”

The expert stressed that “the Iraqi economy is large in terms of spending, the alternative to the deletion of zeros is to resort to the categories of larger cash while maintaining the zeros, this will lead to practical problems and arithmetic,” pointing out that “the aim of lifting the zeros is to facilitate deals, especially if we take into consideration that the economy will see increases in spending, which willcontinue to be a critical period for the unknown.”

Shabibi said that “the process of deletion of zeros is not an economic process, so it does not affect inflation,” explaining that “what affects inflation is monetary policy, that the deletion of zeros does not fall within the monetary policy, which is not of their tools.”

Shabibi concluded by saying that “the process of deleting the zeros will encourage the use of smaller groups of cash will help on the use of metal categories.”

In the same context, an economist Maytham Laibi in an interview with the “long”, that “the introduction of a new governor of the Central Bank could be a good step to open a dialogue subject to delete the zeros, especially that Mr. Alak is a good listener, tries to open channels of dialogue fruitful with specialists,” noting that “the lifting of zeros from the Iraqi currency is not a new project, because been since 2005, has received initial approvals on it in 2010, a power that was still strongly believe it’s the body responsible for Central Bank, which is preserves its independence from the government.”

Laibi saying that “the government’s objections to the work of the Central Bank respectable, but at the same time you can not reach the stage of blocking its activity, I think that the draft lifting of the zeroes is not for the objections of the government, which has turned into a snowball toppled by former management”.

He was surprised “appropriate to talk about placed the deletion of zeros at the present time,” adding that “the proposed lifting of the zeroes is the work of a reformer in final stages , central bank has succeeded where only the security and political conditions existing unfavorable at all for such a procedure.”

He continued by saying, “It was supposed to be a project to raise zeros culmination of the efforts of the Central Bank, to put us in front of the completion of a historical era important in the monetary history of contemporary Iraq,” noting that “the proposed lifting of the zeroes will remain in place pending the economic and political conditions and adequate security for its launch.”
He called to “the need to ready the relevant project authorities to delete the zeros ,the completion of tools and configuration ,” adding “the process of switching the currency denomination of ten thousand dinars edition with new technical specifications and high quality security , the replacement for the rest of the categories input appropriate for the application of the lifting of the zeroes in the stage that follows”. 

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives had previously revealed, (August 15, 2013), the postponement of the process of deletion of zeros from the currency until after the parliamentary elections
The CBI said, (in the July 3, 2013) that Iraq is “in control of its money and treasury of gold” in which global banks acting on, denying “the existence of frozen funds outside the control of the Iraqi administration.”

The International Monetary Fund, declared, (March 23, 2013), that the financial balances in the Development Fund for Iraq rose in 2012 to 18 billion dollars, the cash reserves of the Central Bank of hard currency to 70 billion dollars, and pointed out that this increase came from ” unexpected oil revenues, “while the Iraqi government called for an end to the control of state-owned banks on the banking sector, stressed the need for the strengthening of Iraq’s public financial institutions to ensure efficiency and transparency in the use of oil revenues.

The American Agency for International Development, (December 3, 2012) that advises the Iraqi economy, the Arab countries during five years, asserting that Iraq possessed all the qualifications to be a powerful country economically. Iraq is trying for years to attract foreign capital to develop its economy in the fields of industry, especially those related to oil, housing, oil and gas extraction, need of the funds for infrastructure development and reconstruction, but observers contend that the lack of interest of the state to the private sector and the absence of investment laws which guarantees large investors and the absence of Other laws are still obstacles to the development of the economy in the form required.
Iraq, which has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world at 95 percent of its annual budget on its oil exports and currently produces about 2.0009 million barrels a day, while the issue up to 2.0002 million barrels a day.