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Omegaman: here's some intel just recieved: Back Wall 8/26  - Incoming GOI Monday/Outgoing GOI tuesday;  PBX (possible) Friday/sat....Can it be that the cheese is anchored to a mountain of gold...


IKO WARD: The Gristle of Today’s Call 08.20.14
In deference to DallasDiva who always gives such a superb synopsis, I offer the following read between the lines.

1.      The USA stopped the RV over the weekend.
2.   The rest of the world was ready to go. The rest of the world is now quite angry.
3.      The same people who have been stopping the RV all along (and recently pronouncing themselves Pro-RV) never dreamed Iraq would do such a great job at reform. Now they have to put their money where their mouth is and they do not like it.
4.      The Iraqi people are to be commended. The Iraqi people (not their past leaders, not the present radicals) have revealed their true nature.
5.      The new window is this Sunday, when Iraq is to formally announce the seating of their new government. This Sunday will give the PTB too much time to invent new objections, create new mischief. It is a setup.
6.      The IMF is saying if the US foils the attempt this weekend they will push the button themselves and the US will be on its own.
7.      The people who have been holding this up view life through a distorted lens. They expect us to use our new financial power to seek out and destroy them, to become like them and act as they do.
8.   The PTB do not trust that love is the true power. We will not waste our time punishing the past but use it instead to build a new future, to make America the shining light it once was, the America so many gave their lives to defend over this past century.
9.      The world is changing, the old order cannot stop it. The smart money is on Change.


I have asked many times for Tony to expand on whether or not non-US citizens will benefit from a contract rate. So far the only guidance given seems to be that you have to have been resident or working in the USA for six months.
This clearly is not the answer that most of us want. We need to know if we can come to the US to exchange at contract rate or get an enhanced rate at say any American banks in our own country.
Has anyone got any more in depth guidance on this. Be very unfair if we were excluded.

DEDAR: English White Knight I have been trying to follow also about the rates for Non-US Citizens. You cannot exchange in the US unless you are a citizen/resident or you are living in the US with a green card and have a physical address. 

At one time DC actually said that there may be an in country contract rate for the nations who fought in the Iraq War as allies to the US. That may have been changed as it has not been mentioned again. My understanding is that we are to get the Market/International rate. 

The suggestion that was made is if the currencies are floated we are to hold off a little until the hedgefunds jump in and increase the price and try to exchange at the highest price. The downside to that is if you wait too long they can also sell at the high price and dump the currency causing it to decrease in price. For many of us internationals it is wait and see what will happen. 

I for one will be trying to see if my nation made any contract rates with the Chinese for oil credits. If there are no contract rates then it will be going for Plan B and trying to receive the highest market rate. We are all in this boat together trying to work out the best way to proceed. I hope this is helpful to you.

SUNNYGAL: It would be so great to get a contract rate, we would certainly be able to help more people, but, I'm tired of going back and forth ,,up and down, I just want this to happen already and get on with our lives and helping as many people as possible....we have lost so many wonderful people already, let's just get this done NOW!!!!!! 

DEDAR: "War is waged through finances. If you devalue your enemy’s bank account, they cannot rebuild. So now they are rebuilding through oil credits to the coalition partners.  They set up an economic system that everyone agrees to.  

The US will take roughly four trillion of that, with 2.5 to England and 1.8 trillion to Australia. Then the other partners will take out whatever they had, and that money was physically moved to those countries.  Therefore, there is in circulation less than half of the original 27 trillion.

On the oil credits, how many dinars per credit?  Are dinars worth $32?

DC:  Yes, they are worth that level. They are doing them in branches now, as they try to get the numbers.  They are now at $32, $38, $42, $48 and even higher as they negotiate the contracts.  A long time ago, the contract was $32 per dinar.

Tony: That was signed, sealed and delivered, but the value today…

DC:  They have increased the number of oil credits in order to get some other things they want.  The price of oil is about $96 today, so that is a huge difference, and thus a lot more value."

On today's call DC mentioned that 4 trillion oil credits go to the USA, 2.5 trillion to England and 1.8 trillion to Australia and the other coalition partners will take out whatever they had. So we do know that the coalition who went into Iraq will have a share of the oil credits. What we don't know yet is if any of these countries will be offering the contract oil credits to their citizens for their dinar. This is the information we still need to find out.


8:22 PM - REMEMBER I SAID 8.16
8:22 PM - AND 2.21





  1. Yesterday the site ran out of money - Please DONATE if you can!! Tony said he hoped we wouldn't have needed that money this month but ......
  2. Everything is of still of a sensitive nature like on Monday.  TNT goal is to be helpful to the process and to the members at the same time.  Was asked on Mon. to not do Q&A.
  3. Example of what's happening in Missouri - not getting the complete story - "something's just not right" about the situation.  The same thing applies to us in the Dinar world.  We are not getting the complete story, either.
  4. Two approaches to today's call - many are very very upset that the RV did not occur on Sunday or this week so far and want Tony to reveal all his information.
  5. Because people are really mad they are FOR SURE working on getting this done. And many good people on the other side, don't want too much revealed because of the sensitive nature of the situation. 
  6. But, Tony will say this : For YEARS, this has been dependent upon Iraq but NOW the GOI is in place, ALL Qi cards activated at the RV rate and they are being accepted INTERNATIONALLY, back pay has been caught up andIraq has been asked not to announce all this!  So, we are NOTreally waiting on Iraq's announcements.  IRAQ IS READY!!
  8. UN still happy with progress in Iraq and they are pushing for the RV to further stabilization of the country.
  9. In DC - final docs agreed to and signed earlier in the week that provides a framework for rollout of RV.  Set times agreed to were blown through and suspected to be deliberately missed hence the upset mentioned earlier.  But, DC thinks that has all been put aside and new timeframe set that will be adhered to.


 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventID=59041929Pam:  Public service announcement – when Ray isn’t here, everything falls apart.  The lines were frozen but we finally figured out.  That happened yesterday – the forum went down yesterday when we ran out of money.  We got frantic, and Tony took care of it for us.  We do need donations – we appreciate and hope we can keep going a bit longer.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT.  It is Wednesday, August 20, 2014.  We never expected to be here this long, and today we’ll try to explain why we are still here, as a ‘truth in lending’ or ‘truth in truth’ statement.  Hopefully we will not be here much longer, but only God knows.

The last couple of days/weeks when we’ve been saying we’re close, and excited and happy, and we didn’t give out too much information because people are sensitive. We did our call like that the other, and they asked us not to take questions and be careful because people are sensitive. We attempt to be as helpful as we can.  Six or twelve months ago, I would come on a call and say four different agencies asking me to do four different things.  I want to help them because they are helping us.

I am looking at what’s going on in Missouri right now.  I’m looking at people there who are trying to have a peaceful protest, and there are fidiots out there rioting and throwing bottles.  People on the news are asking “How do we get through this?”  You can’t take the whole crowd, you have to identify and pull the troublemakers out of the crowd.  I try to give that example that anybody can understand – that something is not right about what is going on.  What’s being said at the table and what’s going on are two different things.  How many times did Charlie Brown try to kick the football before realizing that Lucy would always pull it away.

I’ll try to explain where we are, but we have had requests again to be sensitive.  A lot of people are very pissed off today, all around the world.  We’ve talked to four different countries minimum that are pissed off at what didn’t happen. What we got this morning – we have people calling and saying “Let them have it! They made a mess, so just go get them!”  Other are saying they understand we want to tell the truth without hurting the process, so now we are kind of conflicted.  All these are good people who are on our side and trying to get through this process.  People aren’t being malicious, they are angry and mad and we all thought we were through this and on to something else.  I want you to know that the people involved in making this happen surely are mad today.  They want US to do something about it, and I’m not sure I want to do all of that, but I want you to know where we are.  DC and I will discuss this.  Hold on!

So… I just told them about both sides and the request…  Here’s the hard thing for people to understand.  For months/years, everything depended on Iraq – they had to change their government and leadership.  They have done all that.  WE know that they have a new government in place that is supposed to be announced on Sunday night, but it’s already been done a while ago.  They have a government in place, working to get everything done.  Yesterday they activated everyone’s cards, and paid all the ministers their back pay, and it was all at the rate of $3+. This country has been praying and upset, about why their currency has not been revalued and activated… but today we are supposed to be worried that they are not ready.

DC:  We’re not waiting on Iraq!  They have done everything and they are good to go.  We are waiting on the public announcement…

Tony:  And they have asked not to make it public!  So things are really sensitive because we are working within a window.  We are not trying to tell on anyone or expose anyone, just trying to explain why we’ve been doing the calls the way we have.  Some people wanted to tell you a whole lot of things that we are not going to tell you because I don’t want to be in the middle of that… and you would be too if you knew who it is.  We’re in a no-win situation here, although both sides want to do it for the right reasons.  So what do we do? Some people just want us to give out the names, but…

DC:  Iraq’s GOI is done with all their cabinet ministers in place, filled with candidates with experience in their specific fields.  They have made many moves towards a modern democracy in that respect.  ISIL has had major setbacks.  Unfortunately, they put out that horrific video of a beheading, but in military terms they are being routed.  We have been bombing the hell out of them.  The borders are secure apart from the Syrians ones. The oil fields are doing well. Their cards are activated and back pay is being sent to those M suspended.  Money is moving around. The technical notifications are all done as well.  We have a guy in Germany who is using the card with the new rate, and also guys in Jordan, Dubai and other places. They are using them like debit cards, with the new rates.  So it’s there!

Tony:  Plus, we know what a boost of morale this must be for their people, with the international announcement of the RV.

DC: The Finance Minister has been on the news every day saying they are the richest people or country in the world, and the foundation for prosperity in the Middle East.  He is on international news, and everyone is wondering what he is not saying.

Tony:  This country is able, ready and willing, and then on Monday they transferred that power over to another agency, so now Iraq cannot even push the button.  But Iraq is ready, that is the deal.

DC:  Yes, they announced that on their public television.  Guys in the US watching Iraqi television say that they are just waiting for the international agencies to adjust the rate for them.  That was from last week!

Tony:  We are trying to put the story out so everyone can see and understand it, even if we can’t give full disclosure – where we are and why we’ve been doing the calls this way.  So Iraq is ready…

DC:  The UN is extremely happy where everyone is and want this revaluation to get done.  They believe and it has been demonstrated that when you give folks money, they calm down and have more confidence in the government.  That will knock ISIL out of the part, so the UN is pushing on that as well.  In DC, there are some final documents that have been agreed to earlier in the week that is a wonderful thing for everyone. That gives everyone a powerful framework and a timeline on how this will go through.

Tony:  It’s only powerful if it’s honored, though.

DC:  Everyone is cued up and ready to go, excited about things.  They are also frustrated because there were set times they were to go through and then it didn’t.  Some believe that was intentional, and that’s why everyone is hopping mad.  We hope they are through that, and have another time scheduled within that worldwide window.  So we hope they keep their act together and behave with honor within that timeline.

Tony: There is a key word being used in DC today…

DC:  Apoplectic is the word I heard a lot today.

Tony:  Banks are prepared.  They haven’t called security in for months, but had full security in today to have a picnic, I suppose. They were directed on Monday to show up today, and they did.

DC:  Everyone you can picture being involved are all ready to go through, and are sitting there right now, waiting.

Tony: We are telling you this because we don’t want you to be discouraged.  We have been this close several times in the last few days, and here we are again, waiting. The whole world is going through the same thing  you are going through today.  Many high level people thought you would be very happy today.  That’s the frustration…

DC:  Not just in DC but across the world the frustration level is extremely high.

Tony:  It’s not our job, but they have to figure out how to put the spotlight on the crowd.  They asked us to do that, but we cannot do that part.

650 caller:  I’m surprised there is a call today, but someone seems to have moved the goal posts.  What is now the new trigger?

Tony:  It’s still the old trigger – they just didn’t pull it.  Again, it’s like Charlie Brown. It’s here, run up and do it!  The reasons we know just don’t make sense to me.  It’s been a tug of war between this side and that.

Caller:  You’ve given us some clear indicators in the past, and now I don’t even know where to find the goal posts.

Tony:  The goal has been made, they are just refusing to put it on the scoreboard.  I can’t give you a better picture.

Caller:  Relating to the dropping of the zeros… it seems logical from an accounting point of view to do that, and they do appear to be creating low denominations to do that.  What does your intel say about whether they will lop off the zeros (now) or otherwise?   They have to do it now if they are going to do it at all.

DC:  Good point.  Let me walk you through that.  When they say ‘removing the three zeros’, what they are talking about is taking the three-zero NOTES off the streets.  Already 97% have been removed according to the CBI – removed, accounted for, shredded and burned.  Most of the currency is old, and this has been a major issue. 

 Most don’t see what value it is.  They have put out 50s and 100s just to have them out there.  Outside of speculators like us or central banks, very few have three-zero notes. There are still some, because there are seven trillion dinar out there, but really it’s not that big of a float considering the size of the economy.  In terms of LOP vs DROP, the notes will increase in value so much that coins will not be worth very much. They are removing the currencies, and also having  the rest ready to push out to the country through merchants and banks.

Caller:  So you don’t believe that a 25,000 dinar will be considered to be a 25 dinar note?

DC:  No, they will not;  that would mess up the whole system.  Some people will have 25k notes, and others will have a 20 dinar note, which will be worth roughly $60.  There are just not that many larger notes left in circulation.

Tony:  In country, they will not get 25K dinar notes because there will be a double rate in country for a while.  They have declared that in-country, 25K dinar = 25 dinar.

Caller:  When on the 800 number calls, they will ask how much dinar we have.  Will we be limited to what we have then, or can we bring extra dinar if we have been given some.  What’s your opinion on that disclosure?

DC:  You are talking about the banks, right?  When you call up and make your appointment, you don’t have to tell anyone you how rich you are.  Let’s say you have two million dinar – just say you have one.

Tony:  On the other hand, if you are trying to lock in a rate, you might want to give them that total number.  Anything above what they know you are bringing in (as reserves) they will probably exchange at the going rate, whatever that is.

Caller:  Thank you, and I hope you get the score on the board!

609 caller: There’s been a lot of talk on the boards about private groups cashing out.  If that is true, how is that possible without an international rate?

DC:  There are a couple of ways:  1) a private buyer has bought the dinar, at whatever rate has been agreed.  They have done that with a few countries and/or speculators.  2) they can set up forward-based contracts, when it will be worth Y in the future and we’ll give you X now.  3) They may have agreed to some transactions blessed by government agencies based on tests or pre-arranged agreements already worked out.  That is normally to handle large sums to get them all out of the way.

Callers:  You mentioned that in Iraq their cards are cued up with a rate of $3+. Is that today or from the past few weeks?

Tony: They have actively been using five different rates in Iraq, depending on the place or province.  Depending on their welfare or support system, different rates were given out.  What we got yesterday is that everybody’s card was activated at that one specific rate, that is more than three dollars.

Caller:  So Iraq has RVed, but we are just waiting for our country to push the button.  Last Friday, their cards actually went international.  They now work like Visa cards.

Caller:  But you can’t tell us why this is being held up?

Tony:  I can, but have been asked not to because that is sensitive to some people.  We are not here to affect that part of the process.  We just have to wait and hope people will do what they have said they will do.

Caller:  Would it make sense for all the dealers to get a heads up at the same time as the banks, so that people cannot double dip.

Tony:  The dealers will know this is happening before you do.  They have been given that heads up more than once or even twice, and they are just as frustrated as you are.  They have to change their sites and get geared up, and then nothing happens.  They now have determined to keep dealing until the RV is actually announced, for real.  There is a system in place to tell them, and that’s another way we will know.

Caller:  Did Maliki actually leave the country or is he still there?

DC:  He may be back again, but he did leave.

937 caller:  I want to make a statement and I have a question.  Some people believe that the ambassador to the Chinese Dragon Family that they will support the global reset but not the RV because that is Iraq’s concern.  There have been a lot of dinar printed, and more is outside Iraq than inside the country.  Iraq doesn’t have enough to support the sheer amount of currency that exists.  How does that work?

Tony:  How long have you been involved in this?

Caller:  Eleven years, and I’ve been listening to you since January.

Tony:  DC has the exact numbers of what was printed, with the breakdown and what is available today.  That will explain why that 70 trillion USD will not be needed.  Every country is backing that with their citizens.  Also the oil credits are much larger than the dinars.

DC:  Fiat currency is much like the banks, that take in one dollar and lend out ten. That is how the central banks work as well.  They have the full backing of the US government and also money, gold, and other assets.  Iraq have been accumulating assets at a breathtaking pace.  I’ll bet Shabibi is in Turkey for this purpose now.  Iraq has gold, dollars, euros, other metals at an very high rate, before you even get into oil.

Oil credits then kick in – we have a system [call got dropped]  In fiat money, whatever you have in the bank gets sent out ten times.  The CBI governors have done a superb job of building up those assets, and they can lend ten times that amount.  Then you can look at oil, in the ground, and that can be estimated. Iraq has proven to the world over the last ten years what they still have in the ground.  There are many places you can work out how they are calculating this. They are taking that oil value and adding it to the extra reserves.  Then they take the outstanding balance of the dinars printed.  The US printed 27 trillion worth of dinars, mainly in 25K, 10K and 1K notes.

War is waged through finances. If you devalue your enemy’s bank account, they cannot rebuild. So now they are rebuilding through oil credits to the coalition partners.  They set up an economic system that everyone agrees to.  The US will take roughly four trillion of that, with 2.5 to England and 1.8 trillion to Australia. Then the other partners will take out whatever they had, and that money was physically moved to those countries.  Therefore, there is in circulation less than half of the original 27 trillion.

They have started pulling that money off the streets, siphoning some off, accounting for it and destroying it.  Then two years ago, they started it doing even more aggressively to where they now have very little currency out there. They raised the value three times, and that took money off the streets, and they also did promotional sales, as it were.  There is now very little left inside Iraq;  it’s mainly in the hands of investors and central banks.  The intent is also to force the whole country into a digital system with bank accounts, which they didn’t have before hand.  They went straight to the most advanced system, and they are now paying people through digital money.

Tony:  Their credit cards are going to be more advanced and secure than our credit cards are.  In the US, how does our government afford to exchange all this?  This is all digital.  Nobody is walking out of the bank with a million dollars.  It’s numbers on a screen and they know you are never going to spend all that money in one day.  That’s what makes all this possible.

DC:  How do oil credits work and why is China buying them?  Part of the way to work this economic model is to give oil credits where they position themselves to buy oil from Iraq with discounted dollars.  It’s like they have discount coupons to buy oil at $32 per barrel, and they will then allow countries to buy these coupons or oil credits, and they can pull some of them off the market over the next 30 years by exchanging them for dinars.  It’s gradual as their production increases.  That is why countries like China are so eager to exchange for dinars, because they only produce a quarter of their own oil.  They have the money and they will buy all the discounted oil credits they can. That’s why the contract rates are so high, because we are selling them to China for oil credits.

Caller: Does the US government thing Iraq is stable now?

DC:  It depends on who you are talking to. Many thing Iraq has made tremendous strides over the last few weeks.  The vast majority see them as having crossed the Rubicon and processed in a very positive way.

404 caller:  You said that you have the impression the announcement will be made on Sunday – is that morning or evening?  Their time or our time?

DC: That’s Iraqi time.

Tony:  However, they scheduled this last week, too, and someone convinced them not to do it.  They really want to do it. They have got all the Cabinet positions sorted out, and it just needs to be published in the gazette.

Caller:  On the international card that you know has been funded in various countries.  If someone Iraqi came here, would it be honored at that higher rate?

DC:  So long as there is no security issue, yes, you can use it here.

Tony:  The first time it went international, the guy could use it in Jordan but not in the US.  However, they are now telling us that it is truly international, so one would think it is now accessible everywhere.

Caller:  There has been talk of a bail-in that might go into effect on 2. September;  does that have anything to do with the RV, or the German derivatives?

DC:  I think they are not linked.

Caller:  Is this a fear thing to get people in arms, then?

Tony:  Someone intentionally put that out there for you.  They do put out negative stories to piss you off.

Caller:  Congratulations to the new Prime Minister Abadi;  he has done more in the last few weeks than Maliki has in the last eight years!

302 caller:  You always talk about people who will never agree to the RV, so we can assume that those people haven’t changed although fewer are blocking it now.  So the people who asked you to start a fire feel they have no recourse, nor do we as dinarians.  What would you say to us and them to reassure us that this will be released?

Tony:  It will end somewhere, even if those holding it up get what they want.  It will have to happen, and everyone knows that.  Iraq can’t go that much longer. They keeps saying “if you don’t do that, we’ll do this” and that will make them decide to just do it.  The people who want us to burn it down are just frustrated, and we understand that.  However, burning it down does not get us the result we want.  So they go back and discuss it again to see if there is a way to work it out so that we all win. There is already a Plan B in motion and we’ll see how that works out.  There are two many people who need and want this, and THEY are close to breaking.  Things that have come to light in the last 24 hours might change their minds.

DC:  Often, people misjudge situations in negotiations. Those resisting this are playing really rough, and when you do that, you may go too far without realizing it.  That’s what happened this morning, and they were told that they went too far.  There are senior statesmen who are respected around the world, and those calls are being made today.

Caller:  You are sort of underground media, and maybe that’s why these people are being sensitive. Many other gurus are talking about TRNs;  is that a holdup?

DC: There are Treasury Reserve Notes, and they are not fully understood in the dinar community.  In my opinion, the TRNs and the RV are not linked.

903 caller:  I am ready for anything!  Hopefully it will happen soon!

Tony:  No time like the present!

562 caller:  I’m Soulman on the board.  I don’t exactly have a question, but I wanted to follow up with Paying It Forward (PIF).  You have talked about how people should protect their assets.  I want to share some information in terms of PIF.  [Slow down!]  I’ve been an economist, attorney, I work with nonprofits, and pastor two churches.  People should consider two points:  1) you lead with learning, not with spending. 

 Instead of just doing things  with your money, be sure what you feel passionately called to do. There are many more people you cannot help compared to those you can help.  There are all kinds of needs out there, but only certain things each person can do.  So narrow your focus and your vision.  2)  You have to be able to say in ten seconds what you are about. If you can’t do that, you haven’t thought about it enough. 

If you have a particular avenue, goal or focus, you need to be able to express it clearly and concisely. Go out and talk to 4-6 people who are already doing what interests you, and ask them the same 4-6 questions about what they are doing and why.  Also, ask for referrals to others in that field.  Why do they do it?  What are they learning?

Learning with money in your pocket is very different from learning without.  It can be very helpful to partner with people who are already doing it, especially if they have the infrastructure in place.  It’s not like Field of Dreams;  you have to have them come first, put the money into serving people, and then the people will come.  [Too much, too fast] You don’t want to give all your money away in the first two years, and find that you’ve run out because you haven’t been a wise steward of this money.

704 caller:  [appreciation]  You are heroes in my book!  I especially value your sense of humor.  I have never been on a such a rollercoaster in my life, but at the same time, it is fascinating.  I look forward to support ministries, wounded warriors, and also faith-based films based on foster kids.  I am really looking forward to doing those things.

Question #1:  Listening to the different intel people, we hear so much diverse info, such as from four cents to more than three dollars – it’s all over the board. Also, well-meaning people send out ‘simple’ lists for exchange, and I went down the list without understanding any of it.  

There are so many ways of doing an effective exchange!  So I will create my own list;  I have lined up a good lawyer, and I’d like to quickly run down this list.  We call the 800 number on a Trac phone, I gather my currency and two forms of ID, and at the bank, I create a dinar account and an MCA?  I read the NDA from back to front and sign it, then get CCCs and copies of the NDA… Not sure if you create one account to roll over to a second account?  And then call your lawyer?  But it’s all dependent on what the rates will be, won’t it?

Tony:  You read with understanding if you read a document backwards.  It sounds like a pretty good list to me. Thank you for all your comments.  My niece is President of a college in Ohio, and she listens to the calls and finds them educational.  With the other dinar sites/people, the majority are giving you their understanding and resources and people they believe.  I talked to one of our sources this morning, and said that he cannot put 100% into one source, no matter how good.  We have to listen to all the sources, and juggle them to make sense of the whole picture, at their different levels.  That’s what we do, and I think that I’ve got 90% of the picture, and then DC says I have maybe 60%!  So I don’t try to comment on their intel. I just don’t think they have all the information, or the level of the intel that we get.  I think they are going to be shocked when this thing happens.  Still, they are doing the best they can do.

Caller:  I thank you for the 60% you can give us.  It’s important to support you guys! You got into this to do people a favor and it just snowballed…  So don’t shoot the messenger!

Tony:  You know those cartoons characters who are all shot up with big holes?  I don’t have much space left and then I’ll be like Casper!

919 caller:  You enjoying those coffee mugs?

Tony:  We went to the hot dog stand when I went to my mother’s funeral, and he gave me some coffee mugs that said FAT BOY.

Caller:  On the oil credits, how many dinars per credit?  Are dinars worth $32?

DC:  Yes, they are worth that level. They are doing them in tranches now, as they try to get the numbers.  They are now at $32, $38, $42, $48 and even higher as they negotiate the contracts.  A long time ago, the contract was $32 per dinar.

Tony: That was signed, sealed and delivered, but the value today…

DC:  They have increased the number of oil credits in order to get some other things they want.  The price of oil is about $96 today, so that is a huge difference, and thus a lot more value.

Caller:  You mentioned they paid the back pay…?

DC: They paid those with RVed money.

Caller:  Is our friend in the background still helping us?

DC:  Yes, that person is still out there and very much involved in the process.

Caller:  The President talked about ISIL today taking money out of Mosul;  are they going to get the value of what they captured?

DC: It is a huge issue.  Not as much has been taken as reported, but the problem overall is “what do you do about the bad guys” because you have made the transport of money very easy. This creates a constant worry with who has what, so the law enforcement folks are having to deal with it.  The vast amount is NOT in the bad guys hands, and they also believe they can track what money is out there, so that drug kingpins cannot use, or terrorists.  It has been used as an excuse in DC, but most people don’t buy it.

719 caller:  I’m a little tired of you guys;  I hate to say that.  I am so disappointed!  It was said before that we’ve been told ‘any day now’ since November, and the other thing is that the Democrats would like to see some money come out so  that they can boost the economy before the midterm elections.  We would love to donate to our local Senator who is fighting the Koch brothers, and we cannot afford to!  Don’t they realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot?

DC:  I talked to nine Democratic Senators this morning, and they were all hot.  They’re tired, they would like some donations, and this has been a hot potato for too long.  I’ve talked to the Republicans, too.  The politicians all want it to be done and done now.  They think the only thing going on is power politics.  It is my belief that the process and window agreed a few days ago will force this out.  There are now consequences if anyone else tries to delay this.

Caller;  How long can they keep penalizing that poor country?  They are doing everything they possibly can in Iraq, jumping through hoops, then being jerked around and not able to even push the button.  How long can we keep doing this to them?!  This is awful and disgusting.

DC:  My understanding that there is now a timeline/window and they intend to hold everyone to that.  The agreements have a lot more bite than previously, and written to watch out for tomfoolery and shenanigans.  The folks who believe they are planning for Plan B, they are dead serious.  I’ve spoken to several of them today, and they say the minute that window doesn’t work, they are pulling the chain.

Tony:  They know that Plan A was designed to screw up, so Plan B is already in place.

DC: If this goes as far as Labor Day, I will be shocked and surprised.

Caller:  So many are hanging on by their fingernails.  There are 250 people we influence, and I sent them an email saying ‘be ready!’ and now they think I am nuts.  Just know we are here for everybody.

DC:  Thanks for everyone’s comments and questions.  Again, my understanding is that agreements between all the key leaders with specific windows of time and also backup plans if those timelines are met. Those backup plans are very serious and being prepared for now.  Iraq has made tremendous project – well done!  The government, banks and security in Iraq and the US are all ready to go through.  Some things went too far in the last bit, and everyone realized that.  That will be water under the bridge as this moves forward.  Before you start spending money, make sure your money is making money.

Pam: Thank you. I hope this is the last call. Remember, this is the most complex financial transaction in the history of the world, so be patient.

Tony:  Ray is doing a one-day class in Texas that might take a week!  Guys, we tried to honor both sides in the information we put out.  Things are still sensitive, so please don’t beat us up after the call.  We want to give you enough information so that you know things are still good, still moving forward.  I wish it were a tighter window, but at least people are trying to get it done.  Hopefully this is our last call;  if not, we’ll come back and do it again.  It is still positive, and things are still moving and getting done.  

Try to be understanding in the chat room;  we don’t control what happens in Iraq or on television. We can talk about it, but try not to choose side or get snappy with each other. Iraqis are people like us, going through this, and we don’t get to make the decisions, so all we can do is support the citizens of Iraq and their new government. They are doing pretty well, and we think we’ll see a difference.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  I would be happy to do a call tonight or tomorrow – let’s get it done


Vinman:Eirbil agreement signed and power sharing formulas are in place.
GOI is finished and all tasks are completed but it is being kept quiet and they are boxed into a corner an inch from announcement goal.
Watch for TRN to move parallel with SDRs as the new financial vehicle replaces the old one.
Shipments to Iraq are waiting to be paid for and FRNs are not being accepted.

Adoptedson:Picture Clues:
People don't Plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan!  Have your plan ready for ANY POSSIBLE SCENARIO.
Kurds have a Contract for Energy produced from the Hydro Electric Dam that has been approved.
Parliament have completed all their tasks.
It's Out of the Box and Inching closer to the Goal Line.
Obama is watching the TRN's moving down their tracks.
Calculations are being made by the IMF for the 1st Basket of currencies.
Cargo Ships are waiting for Payment, but not accepting FRN's.
FRN's are as good as Toilet Paper and are Worthless as payment for goods.

Danny Stein:Erbil signed the energy agreement and revenue sharing is agreed upon. Movement/ work on it by parliament is finished. While its being kept secret, hidden under the imposed box, the news is peeking/leaking out that the goal has been made. Watching for TRNs moving parallel with the SDR basket.

 Luxury imports are steaming into port for purchase...... are waiting to be offloaded since frns aren't acceptable for global trade anymore. Worthless as TP.


VINMAN: Be careful to navigate the traps from the potential bank bail-ins projected for Sept. 2

Watch US Fed calendar for Sept 2 changes after 9am.
Vietnam banking currency bill takes effect on Sept 2 as well.

derek d: Will the Vietnamese law   prevent people holding on past that date?? anyone?

Vinman : No

Condor: So I think you're saying that the RV/GCR must happen before Sept 2. Thanks Vinman !

GT: Private groups projected to start their exchange FAST!!!

Reset is processing & loading NOW 

Waiting for the timeframe Clue....

ACEWATERMAN: Is the SA3 group "Dinarland" on for the private exchange of the Dinar?  Or will it be extended for other currencies like the ZIM?  That would be great, Thanks!

KAYDONDADA: idq,vnn,idr and zwm will go at same time

ZUVRICK RM :A week or so back when some rates were mentioned by Exo (as clock times, and with the photo of the Komodo Lizard), someone else said that there would be circa 14 other currencies in the first basket. Any confirmation if that is true, and are there any hints on what some of them are? Say perhaps MNT, INR, PHP, XAF/XOF?

VINMAN: Well if you count all of the Next 11 and MINT countries you'll have 15.  But that is not all.  There are 204 countries in this GCR.  Some currencies will go down and others will go up.

ZUVRICK RM: There is some overlap between MINT and N-11, Indonesia is in both and it has been mentioned as 1 of 4 in the first basket. As for the circa 200 currencies, indeed many will drop a bit or stay close to the same. But the first basket, as I've been led to believe, is not more than 20. Not that we're asking for rates, but a hint as to which might go now would be kinda neat-o.

MAC: Sunshine are you aware if those in our government are still trying to stop or delay this?

SUNSHINE62: That is a touchy question for me. Daily we hear about how "they" are delaying this and we know for sure there is a group that has OBVIOUSLY stopped this so many times. I think we are about to see major changes that would tip us off as to WHO stood as an obstruction to this revaluation.

carol bedingfield: Exo or Sunshine? what do you think about the entire dinarians going as a group and being considered to go earlier ? Like the next 48 hours. I understood that there was only one viable group and that was the general 64 group. Next largest group would be those in dinarland.

SUNSHINE62: Let's back up.  The 48 hours projected here are for the small private groups to precede the group considered Dinar Land.

The G64 is a group with the group called "Dinar Land"...I do not think it is the only one viable group but you are correct that the next largest group would be those in DinarLand, generally.

SPRINGS: Money Time I know the feeling about hopium but you have to understand this is not about us. Over 201 countries are involve in this. All eyes are on Iraq, but its not just one country. Their are so many other factors involve in the revaluation of all currencies. People just focus on their situation and not looking at the BIG picture here. Once the RV happens its not going to happen again for hundreds of years. This is a true reverse wealth for God's people. It's still in God's timing. Go about your life knowing you will be blessed in the near future. Yes it is just around the corner which can mean today or two months from now. 

SQWATCHY: Iraq has been the distraction, ISIS is the way this had to be played out in order for the US to get into Syria, and end the regime there.  This requires no Congressional approval...this is an operation to assist the Iraqi gov, and they will chase ISIS all the way to Damascus. All in order to keep the Petro Dollar alive, piss off Putin, and keep the World in fear of terrorism......hence we have a US citizen beheaded.....isn't that enough to gain public support for ISIS being a global threat now???

Once again:
8/23 RV ....rates will show
8/25 exchange public. Same day GOI is completed, announced, and official for the gazette.
36 days for contract rates on IQN and VNN. Rates are great, no need to worry...more than you imagined!