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Omegaman:Sunday looks to be live for new rates on FOREX...we expect...Bonds to begin trading monday(if Forex is live sunday).

we got boots up the cabal's asses...that's why we're gonna rv...sunday..monday for PBX imo...expectations are high, let's not let em move the cheese for the 100th time...


Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- With the expected nomination of Abadi as Prime Minister of Iraq and with the developing peace in the country, the stock market of Iraq started showing better index rate. The US air strikes have stopped the advancements of Sunni Militants in the northern areas of Iraq and Iraq security forces has taken back the control of many of the towns controlled by Sunni militants. The Kurd forces also claimed that they have taken back the Kirkuk completely from militants with the help of air strikes of US forces.
The security forces claim that the peace is not too far and soon the people of Iraq will see a new sun that will bring happiness of Iraq people back in the country. The multinational companies are now again looking towards Iraq because they know what they have in Iraq. Especially the oil companies that were operating in Iraq are coming back when the air strikes weakened the advancement of these militants. They are confined to northern areas and now unable to make any further advancement because of air strikes. The northern area is now fully secure and available for oil companies to operate peacefully.


DC: The important thing is that Maliki peacefully stepped back and said he supports his brother Abadi. (Is M ever to be a concern of our again, so far as the RV or the new GOI?) Because he made it so public, he is out of power now... in terms of the GOI, or CBI and the RV, he is out of the game.
Their PM is official, and they are saying they will announce that Saturday or Sunday. We have had reports of the GOI being seated...some say they are and will announce on Saturday, and others say that two positions still need to be seated but will be by Saturday...it is supposed to be coordinated with the RV.
The finance minister spoke on television yesterday and today, saying that currency reforms are taking place, and they are the strongest currency in the region. The CBI has given notice to the banks for a public rate change on Sunday.
Some cards still have different rates, so they need to regularize that instead of five different currency rates. They have told them to expect this on Sunday morning, and we have two confirmations of that.
CBI and all their folks in the central banks are all ready now, with systems linked through the CIX. We will not give an exact timeline, but everyone is pushing strongly towards finishing this now


8-15-2014   Intel Guru DC     The finance minister spoke on television yesterday and today, saying that currency reforms are taking place, and they are the strongest currency in the region. The CBI has given notice to the banks for a public rate change on Sunday.   Some cards still have different rates, so they need to regularize that instead of five different currency rates.  They have told them to expect this on Sunday morning, and we have two confirmations of that. CBI and all their folks in the central banks are all ready now, with systems linked through the CIX.  We will not give an exact timeline, but...  Everyone is pushing strongly towards finishing this now.    [post 2 of 2]

8-15-2014   Intel Guru DC
    [via Adept1]   The important thing is that Maliki peacefully stepped back and said he supports his brother Abadi.  [Is M ever to be a concern of our again, so far as the RV or the new GOI?]  Because he made it so public, he is out of power now... in terms of the GOI, or CBI and the RV, he is out of the game.  Their PM is official, and they are saying they will announce that Saturday or Sunday. We have had reports of the GOI being seated...some say they are and will announce on Saturday, and others say that two positions still need to be seated but will be by Saturday...it is supposed to be coordinated with the RV.   [Post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

8-15-2014   Newshound Guru lojak
   Iraq has been broke for sometime, and needs this RV themselves to survive.  Their currency has been placed in a worthless position for over ten years...We all know its worth a hell of a lot more.

8-15-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:  "Maliki to leave the family to Beirut"   In the recent days Lebanese officials at the Beirut airport have reported a number of Maliki's family showing up with large loads of bags....reporting that Maliki's family and his son apparently have left for Beirut several days ago.

8-15-2014   Newshound Guru wmawhite
   Article quote:  "Maliki to leave the family to Beirut 47 mins ago Lebanese sources said at the airport in Beirut, said several flights carried out by close family and members of the al-Maliki to Beirut during the five days with large loads of bags. mentions that the family of al-Maliki and Abu Ahmed Rehab and son left Iraq a few days ago."  

8-15-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:  "UN welcomes the resignation of Maliki from office"  UNSC Secretary General Moon welcomed Maliki's decision to step down and to pledge support for his successor, Abadi...Moon added he is looking forward to a swift transition.


8-15-2014   Newshound Guru Chattels
   Article quote:  "Ebadi said in a press statement "There are several priorities for the next government such as eliminating the corrupted officials and reduce the costs of the ministries in the next budgets by reducing the number if the ministries."  the foregoing taken together with a news article from several months ago may mean that there will be only 16 Ministers in the " new" COM.  Quote:  "there is a vision within the National Alliance to reduce to 16 ministries and ministry only, noting that" this vision have been welcomed by most of the political blocs."

8-15-2014   Newshound Guru lojak
   I hate to break the news...but things will be going VERY fast, including the new govt and monetary policy change.   : )

8-15-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

8-15-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

8-15-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

8-15-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
 Article: "Maliki: relinquish the premiership in favor of Abadi to facilitate the functioning of the political process I am certain that Maliki would never be acting this way unless there is motivation. He pretty much dug himself in and stated he would not give up a third term.  Article:  "Failed assassination attempt on Prime Minister-designate Ahmed Haider Abadi, led by Nuri al-Maliki led to the injury of the latter injured"  Looks to me that we have a clear reason for Maliki's change of heart...he got caught!...it seems apparent that he tried to take out Abadi today which then would have kept him in power (at least for the time being). "A change of heart" does not cut the mustard when it comes to Maliki.

8-15-2014   Intel Guru TD 
  Make no mistake much work lies ahead to now form a government, establish and modify programs. And of course address the security situation which will require months of rebuilding the military to regain the over 1/3 of the country lost to the disgraceful ISIL group.  I can tell you firsthand that a new era of hope is swarming through the nation and it's heart warming to see this occur. [post 2 of 2]

8-15-2014   Intel Guru TD
   YEP, M is gone BECAUSE he got most everything he wanted: immunity, residences, pensions, lifetime bodyguards, etc. etc. In any case people are relieved and finally able to look at a new and certainly more of a promising future. Word from there indicates that both Masum and Abadi are honorable men, persons of character and inclusive in both mind and heart. Iraqis are FINALLY blessed with the proper leadership. Both Masum and Abadi want and will improve the daily situation of the average Iraqi and eventually that also means being able to live on better wages and more purchasing power. This info is coming from my contact who has inner contacts with these folks


LVegas : When saw the first post this AM about calling, I jumped the gun and called. I had to leave a message. He called me back and that is what he told me. He calls himself a Financial Advisor on the Wealth Brokerage Services side of Wells Fargo.

He indicated the bank was working on all the procedures of the exchange today and lot of meetings were being held. He also said he would not be talking to us about the exchange until AFTER our exchange itself, but talk and come to him about our investment and what we want to do with it. We would be dealing with the currency exchange side of the bank first, not the wealth manager side. But he for the first time, did not deny it and said they were about there today.

All the times before he would deny knowing anything about the currency exchange. So felt very excited about the call. My gut tells me we MIGHT get info on exact procedures today thru Sunday, then able to go the banks Monday.. JUST MY OPINION. Do I want it today, for sure. 

EXOGEN : LVegas,This is happening Nationwide NOW!!!


Wilbur Grodan:Markets are in an unusual condition rarely seen

7/17/2014 was likely the beginning of a 7 year bear market

Conditions favoring monetary reform improved today

FRIDAY(today) may surprise with even more public acknowledgement 

Markets may wait until MONDAY for activation

PM producers are mixed 
Many nice reversals off morning lows
Ag started moving just as equities began to sell off


EXOGEN: Group Exchanges are projected to start PRIOR to General Public.......

IQD investors who are plugged in are NOT classified as the GENERAL PUBLIC
If you have a banking RELATIONSHIP a 1-800 number will not be NEEDED or REQUIRED.


TNT call notes 15-Aug-2014
Tony:  Good morning, TNT.  It is Friday, August 15, 2014, and we truly did not expect to be here today.  Things have changed, and it’s all good news from Iraq.  We are getting closer and closer, and will tell you everything apart from the minute you go to the bank.  This is a super-fantastic day because all obstacles we know about have been removed publicly.  We have a lot of information that we will try to share with you, and where we are, and why you should be very happy.  Lots of things happened in Iraq last night that would never have been allowed if M was in charge, like throwing shoes at his picture.  The people there felt like they were finally free, at last.  Today is a new day for them.  We know that they have said on their television and newspapers, and what they have planned for the weekend.
DC:  I hope everyone is doing well.  I congratulate Iraq on their amazing progress this week.  In this one week, we had a former PM refusing to leave, with guards and tanks in Baghdad, and with some skirmishes.  Now, the former PM stood next to the present PM pledging his support.  The government is seated and everything is moving forward.
ISIS had a really bad week due to British and US special forces, routing enemy positions.  Iraq had a huge week, and we are so happy for them.  There were air strikes this morning, too. 
East to West – Iraq is knocking it out the park, doing amazing things.  M is out of the country, and we had four confirmations of that.  He publicly resigned and that is going fine.  Abadi is being very inclusive, including a Sunni defense minister, and also Shi’a moderates from a spread of provinces.  As we saw on television, people are jumping up and down, so happy with what’s going on.  We have had reports of the GOI being seated; some say they are and will announce on Saturday, and others say that two positions still need to be seated but will be by Saturday.
Tony:  The announcement was supposed to be this morning, but it got moved.
DC:  it is supposed to be coordinated with the RV, and they want to clean up some messes when M left, and catch some speculators, too.  Abadi is listening to all the right folks, very inclusive.  The finance minister spoke on television yesterday and today, saying that cur4ency reforms are taking place, and they are the strongest currency in the region. The CBI has given notice to the banks for a public rate change on Sunday.  Some cards still have different rates, so they need to regularize that instead of five different currency rates.  They have told them to expect this on Sunday morning, and we have two confirmations of that.  CBI and all their folks in the central banks are all ready now, with systems linked through the CIX.  That’s working fine.
ISIS is getting routed badly now.  They have a much more inclusive government, so the US will be more supportive of the Iraqi military.  There are celebrations planned this weekend for GOI and CBI, as well.
Tony:  CBI released everything on Wednesday – it started on Monday, actually – so that part is out of their hands.  They scheduled all the announcement and celebrations hoping that M would leave, and now they are tearing down all his pictures and saying they are finally free.  The finance minister came on again and said that their currency is the strongest in the region. They were supposed to announce this on Friday morning in the mosques, but moved that to Saturday.
DC:  Their PM is official, and they are saying they will announce that Saturday or Sunday.
Tony:  We know for a fact that the bankers have been given a memo to be aware of the official time things should occur, whenever that time is.  I’m not saying. We know they have gone that far, and everyone over there is preparing for something.  Last night, there was a plane on the tarmac with 25 people there, and they did what they were supposed to do, and that gives us all the confidence in the world.
DC:  One of us has seen pictures of the plane running!
Tony:  We’ve heard it before, but it actually occurred this time.
DC:  The important thing is that Maliki peacefully stepped back and said he supports his brother Abadi.  That took some skeptics by surprise.  To the folks who did that, thank you.  It was an outstanding job!
Tony:  Is M ever to be a concern of our again, so far as the RV or the new GOI?
DC:  Because he made it so public, he is out of power now.  He has some buddies still there, but in terms of the GOI, or CBI and the RV, he is out of the game.
Tony: Governments around the world have changed their opinion of Iraq and what they are willing to do for Iraq at this time?
DC: Not just the US, but the European Union, the UK, Russia… the changes they have made are amazing, and everyone is astonished and happy.
Tony: The storm cloud has moved on, the sun is shining and they are waiting for dinner to be served.  What’s happening over here?
DC: The UN is ecstatic and pledging more support.  In the DC area, many preparations are being made.  Many things have already occurred, and it’s taken every by surprise how smoothly that has run.  Everything just worked right!  Thanks again to everyone who helped with the technical and procedural process, including those at the world banks and all the rest.  They allowed for technical problems, but they overcame then in minutes.  When they called the bosses back and said, “We’re done!” everyone was astounded.  
   So now the folks managing the public rollout to the world need to have their people in place.  They are changing a few procedures as we speak, when to bring in different people and coordinating with Iraq.  This is all  more ready than they expected.  Everyone is being supportive of each other’s deals.  
  This is Iraq’s deal, and they are talking to everyone else as they flesh out their final plans.  We may know 50% of the plans, but all of those plans are having their final touches put on as we speak, including banks getting geared up, the Fed, UST, international banks and national banks.  Their plan is not to wait very long to get this done.  
  We will not give an exact timeline, but they are doing this very actively, and many very positive actions have already been taken.  Those less helpful before are now being very supportive, and impressing on people that they were dragging their heels because they didn’t want M to get the money.  So everyone is saying “Great, let’s get this done!”  Everyone is pushing strongly towards finishing this now.
Tony:  I have a question.  All this time, all these starts and stops, all the time we thought this was going to go, how could they now be caught unaware about the final rollout? And why didn’t they consult us?  <laughter>
DC:  We are all relaxed and happy today… What do you mean they didn’t have this planned out?  They have had plans upon plans, but given that they wanted to make sure about Forex, the markets, the windows for the international banks and all that, they are having to adjust their plans.  Also, the political landscape has changed so many times that they have to look at their plans A-D, mix parts of A into D with a dash of O.  
some were resisting by NOT planning, and now they are trying to play catch-up. Everyone is now working diligently to get this out.  Also, they thought they would have a lot more trouble from M and from the administration side, so now that everyone is working so well together, they want to change it again. It’s like the last-minute huddle before the big game…
Tony:  I knew we would have those question!  We didn’t cross any line, give out too much information, but everything is moving forward.  Iraq is giving out more information about timelines than we are!  But they are still not exact.
Pam:  I want you to talk about the thread on the forum called “TNT gives back”.  That started with your request that people share what they are going to do to pay if forward. There are well over 500 posts already!
Tony:  You might want to look those over, download ideas, and collaborate on those plans.  “Teamwork makes the dream work!”
DC: Callers, please continue to talk about how you will pay it forward.
907 caller: There are some small things I want to do regularly, and then some big things.  We didn’t have much money;  I got my first pair of glasses from the Lions Club and I will always remember what it was like to see the leaves on the trees again. Also, the Kiwanis give scholarships for young people going to college.  There is also a website where you can buy a chicken, goat or cow for people in Africa, to help them. There is a dinner theatre group near here that is all unpaid, and I love their productions.
For the bigger things, there is a place called Quixote Village in Washington.  It’s a place with cabins and a meeting hall for the homeless.  They do classes for all sorts of things like how to write your resume, cooking classes and such.  The last thing is that my husband and I could only have the one child, and some years ago we adopted a family of six.  
We didn’t realize how expensive it would be to look after all those kids.  So I want to start a post-adoption place, so that we could buy reliable vehicle for a family with that many kids, or they could apply for us to pay their bills.  This sounds kind of frivolous, but we would pay for them to go on vacations.  That’s where you the bonding, and that’s what they need more than anything.  My kids needed each other even more than me.  I said I would take them all or not at all, and two decided not to be adopted…
Tony/DC:  Wow!  That’s incredible!
Tony:  My daughter went through the glasses thing when she was little, and that is exactly what she said; “What are those things on the trees?” And of course we said, “They’re leaves!”  [my computer crashed and I missed a bit]
A couple of months ago this got too intense for me, and I stepped back.  Then I looked at the forum, and there is a place where people do good for each other.  People reach out to others, and you can ask questions, and people do their own research.  I stepped a bit backwards, and I saw your team, where people go out of there way to be of service to each other.  They don’t just talk it, they live it every day.  
Then I took another step back and saw your intel team who put in  all this work and never can be repaid.  And then there are also all these other people impatient to help each other!  It blew my mind!  We were knee deep in a river of decency.
Tony: That evolved over time.  We never intended to do it, but once I got involved I couldn’t back out.  I did say ‘fidiots’ a few times, because I asked someone once what was lower than idiots, and they replied, “fools”, so they became ‘fidiots’.
Caller:  I’d like to ask Pam a question.  Would you like an opportunity to throw someone ELSE under the bus?  <laughter>
Pam:  I really enjoyed what you said also.  You’re right, we have an amazing team, with wonderful people on the site.  We appreciate each and every one of you!  And I do love the term “fidiots”. 
Caller:  You inspire me to be a better person, and I’m deeply grateful. 
512 caller:  Just have one quick question:  when are you expecting the packages? When we will have the post-RV instructions?
Tony:  You mean, when will the RV be announced?  Go ahead, DC…
DC:  We won’t know until right before or right after it goes quietly international.
Caller:  Will the General’s group get any kind of priority release of the 800 numbers?
DC: We don’t know;  they are deciding that kind of thing right now.  If they are given a ‘first at bat’ it will be a very quick one.  I’m not part of that group myself.  Our understanding is that the rest of us will be in shortly thereafter.  It’s more of an organizing function than preferential treatment as such.
Caller:  I thought the General’s group has 300,00 in it!
DC:  I understand that there are 30,000, so I don’t know about that.
Caller:  [appreciation] It wouldn’t’ have been easy getting through this without your updates three times per week.
Tony: I was staying away from the group thing, because I would have told the truth!  Seriously, we don’t know yet.
727 caller:  I am a first-time caller, and on the last call of this type.  We do have a plan.  We lost our youngest son four years ago;  he made a few mistakes, got caught with marijuana and it was a felony.  Or the last part of his life, he went for jobs at minimum wage and no one would hire a young man with a felony.  We want to set up some houses for veterans, and have them help these young people who are otherwise stuck in the system.  They cannot get a job, so they go where they have to go to get money.  So we’ll set up these houses, and have the vets train them in trades like construction, so that they don’t get in trouble or get incarcerated.  We need to change how this works.
Tony:  We can make a difference in this world.  I want to clarify once again that I will NOT be in politics;  it’s not what I want to do with my life.  I don’t’ smoke marijuana or anything else.  Marijuana laws are changing, and the laws are changing because now the big corporations are saying it’s their turn to make the big money  instead of people doing it on the streets. They’re trying to shut down the cigarette trade, and they will pick up the marijuana trade. 
 There are people opening up smoke shops and the states where that is legal, they are make millions in taxes.  Now it is becoming legal and respectable, but people like your son will carry that felony the rest of their lives. Now we can do something for those young  people to make their lives better, rather than paying the price for the rest of their lives.  That can be changed, and citizens of the US can raise their voices to make that change.
Caller:  Then if they stay clean for five years, we’ll run a lottery so that one of the employees can own the home.  That can be the vet or the trainee.  Until then, they each pay a dollar a month and also pay it forward by training other young men like that.  It won’t help our son, but maybe it will help our neighbor’s son.
At one point in time there was a guru who said, “Who does that make sense to?”  It was regarding the Zim and dropping all the zeros.  Now everyone seems to be onboard with dropping the zeros.  Has something changed?  I’ve heard six zeros are being dropped.
Tony:  That makes sense because, just like there was a plan for Iraq and the Middle East, there is a plan for Africa. It makes sense because of the growth potential of Africa, with all the minerals they have there. Africa is more of a project than the ME, so there has to be more of an incentive, but the benefits will be tremendous.
DC:  You nailed it in terms of the incentives for turning decimated countries into a real  powerhouse.  Zimbabwe’s leader is really a dictator, and they are in the plans… If he is out of the way, the country has nowhere to go but up.  If they can get a better government that stops doing bad things, there is a tremendous opportunity.  The same thing is true is the Congo and Liberia.  If you can take those homicidal idiots out of there, they will grow tremendous speed.  It will be like Iraq ten years ago, only faster because they have the guidance and the money to do it right.
Caller:  Have you heard anything about the billions?
DC:  Only about the trillions;  I don’t know about the rest of the currency.
248 caller:  I live in a rundown neighborhood, and I have this fantasy to spruce up my house and move, and also to somehow allow some other people to do the same, so that I can raise up the whole neighborhood.  I’m now sure how to do it yet.  I could have walked away from my mortgage, but I’m going to pay off the mortgage, gut the house and renovate it.  Then I will offer grants so that my neighbors can do the same.  Also I will set up college funds for my grandchildren, structured so that they will also have to pay it forward somehow.  
There are two charities I feel strongly about – the first is for children being sold into sexual slavery.  I will give funds to that.  I am also concerned about suffering animals;  I’d like to set up a foundation for the smaller shelters that take in animals but don’t have the structure and food that they need to expand and flourish.  All you have to do is look around any day, and you’ll see the dogs and cats in the streets living feral.  If people had more funds, they could take more care. 
Tony:  Those are great ideas, taking care of children and animals. When they have those adverts on television, I cannot bear to even look at those animals long enough to get to the donation part.  I can’t watch that stuff!
DC:  It’s rough on me, too.
Tony:  Those are great things to be involved in.
Caller:  With funding any organization, it’s important to do your homework, so that you know who is running it.  Some of them barely get any money to those doing the work. That’s why I want to work with the smaller shelters.
Tony:  There are man organizations that need money, but if you are getting involved with changing people’s lives, you want to get personally involved and relay knowing who you are working with.  Even overseas, go with your money and make sure the right people get it.  They will appreciate it that much more, I promise you.
818 caller:   I  brought a couple of elderly friends in, and they are hard of hearing;  would it be okay to go with them to the 800 appointment so that I can help them understand what is going on.
DC: We have been reassured that anyone with a disability can take in anyone they need. Everyone will be accommodating those who need the help.
Caller:  I want to set up something state by state, working with veterans, helping their families pay bills and buy food.  Then I want to set up a second foundation for vets who have been wounded, connecting them with doctors because they don’t always get the help through the VA.  I want to buy some hotels or motels where there families can be housed during treatment, with food trucks that come by and give them dinner.
510 caller:  I was the one who you thought I was still on but I dropped off on Wednesday.  So I wanted to say what I intend to do. First, though, this is the perfect storm – the markets, currencies and gold are all down.  I see that the PM is getting rid of corrupt minsters and they are reading the budget on Tuesday.  Is that the date?
DC:  There are crossed wires here.  They are seating the government on Saturday or possible Sunday, and the budget is just going over some things on Tuesday.
Caller:  My plan started way before it was fashionable, when I first got the dinar.  Like Tony, I do know how to make money.  I want to give out a billion dollars to create program starting with 200-300 kids full scholarships per year, to any school that they qualify for, and then ask them to volunteer three months per year each. I am bringing on board a businessman I know who is well able to run this.  Take my number if you’d like me to fold in some of your foster kids as well.
Tony:  Do you know Donald Forell?  He used to play for the Warriors and he lives near you.  He has a program like that, and that might appeal to you. You guys can probably help each other.
Caller:  I will have that much after I’ve turned it over, and I might have some ideas for you, too.
Tony:  Will this three months volunteering be after school or during school?
Caller:  They will have to give in an essay on how they will volunteer every year.  That has to be set up beforehand, and they will have to keep up their grades as well. It’s a key point that they must volunteer.
Tony:  It sounds like you’ve got it worked out.  I’m sure we will talk again. 
Skype caller:  So you think it’s going to happen this weekend, huh?
DC:  I very much hope it will. Again, we’ve been proven wrong so many time, you get a little gun shy.  Everything looks phenomenal.
Caller: We are planning to reach out to the ‘forgotten face of freedom’, meaning the families of the fallen.  Many soldiers have lost their lives, some in Iraq.  Many had inheritances or money that came to them upon their soldiers’ deaths, but those children still need help. We want to see what we can do to honor their fallen parents. Wounded Warriors is a good program, but the children are often forgotten.  So that’s a foundation that we will start and work on.
Tony:  I’m glad people are  looking at the children.  They are resilient, but they hold on to these traumas.
Caller:  It’s a one-income family, now, so we want to help enrich those lives.  Also, is there anything in the packages for the non-profits, so we know where we stand?
Tony:  We haven’t got the packages yet.  What would be helpful is if you start a thread on the forum with all the questions you want us to ask the bank.  Then we could be ready beforehand, and you could be doing that right now.
Caller:  We are tax-exempt, but want to know about the process and the calls.
DC:  We haven’t heard about the packages as yet, but so far as I know foundations will be treated like individuals, making their appointments on the 800 lines.
Caller:  Let’s hope this is the weekend the apple shakes free from the tree.
601 caller:  You said you couldn’t talk about the window;  can you talk about rates?
DC: That window has been defined by public sources.
Tony: We cannot talk about the rates and don’t know what the taxes will be, because he haven’t got the packages.  WE have some ideas, but it’s changed in the last few days.
Caller:  Nobody has talked about talking about the elderly yet.  Many have to choose between medicine and food.  I want to start a foundation on helping those guys.
Tony/DC:  Thant’s great!  Whoever you give money to, whether it’s children, elderly, vets or the unemployed, you must think about how it affects their situation.  If you give money to someone in a care home, that goes to the care home.  Find out how giving someone a house affects the rest of their lives.
Caller:  My plan was more along the lines of paying for the drugs at the drugstore, for instance, rather than handing out the money directly.
DC:  That’s a great way to get around that.
Caller:  I’m disabled, and I know what it’s like paying for meds and insurance, and then going to the grocery store…
Tony:  Be careful this this next guy – he’s an attorney and might set traps for you!
Next caller:  Has the PM been officially seated or sworn?
DC:  Yes, they did the  swearing in yesterday, and the seating last night or this morning, and the rest of the government will be seated this weekend.
Caller: You’ve talked about timelines pushing this out – is that around the world or here?
DC:  Right now they are trying to figure out to handle this process – whether to use the shotgun approach, or something more streamlined. There are logistic issues to work through.  With the resources they have, how do they make it go as smoothly as possible for us in the US – both individuals and the banks. They divide dinarland into three categories.  

One is the people in groups, like the Admiral’s group. Then there are the dinarians who are not in groups but who actively listen to us and other gurus.  That’s up to a quarter million people. The remainder is the 4.5 million general public.  

The dinarians will jump on the phone lines, and they want to get us through the doors in an orderly way.  They know that Tony and I want to help, and they see that we can help get that quarter million through the doors before the rush of the general public as they ramp this up.  They have to make sure everyone is in place at the banks, and then get us through as easily as possible.  Some want to use the shotgun and let the chips fall where they may.  Others say that we already have the names and numbers of  people in groups, so we can divide this thing up.  It is not a delay tactic, a stall tactic, or a preferential treatment tactic;  they just want to handle people in the fairest way possible.
Caller:  So are there financial institutions where people can also exchange?
DC:  Yes, that is part of the plan.
Caller:  I want to help the kids of the wounded warriors as well, to give them a college education.  I’m in the same boat as you, DC;  I was mostly raised by  my grandmother and we didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.  I worked for years in petrochemical industry with my wife, and with the crash nine years ago I was out of a job, had nowhere to live, and into a divorce.  Well, you know better than to make a decision in a time in emotion. 
 My father also taught me to treat others the way you want to be treated.  I don’t want anyone to go through what I had to go through to get my education.  I worked the night shift at a funeral home at minimum wage, and it got me through.  I learned a lot, but don’t want anyone else to go through it.  There were positive things about it – if your car breaks down in a small town, there is nowhere better to go.  Education is the key, though, and I want those kids to have that.
DC:  It’s vital to have a plan before you spend any money.  Set aside the money for taxes and for tithing.  How much can you then give folks, and how much will you have to live off. It’s wonderful to have all these incredible plans, but you also need to have a plan on how to keep that going rather than it being a one-time event.  It’s a lifestyle change.
Tony:  What you are saying is that it’s like being in an airplane and the mask pops down.  Make sure you take care of yourself first, and then take care of others.  Make sure you money is making money FIRST, and then give from the profits of your money.  Many people have won the lottery, and they bought everything they wanted like houses and cars. They took the balance of their money and put it to work until they ran it up to the exact amount they won in the lottery, and they use only the income from that money. That keeps their foundation going.  Only the interest can be used, not the capital.
731 caller:  Three weeks ago I was listening to your call, and I wrote down PM = RV.  Now we have to get the government established, and that’s happening.  Now you’re saying we need a stable government – do we have that in the US with all the polarization we have now.  Do you think everything is where we need to be?
Tony:  When I said it’s a super-fantastic day, and all the information DC has given out, and the public information in Iraqi media, it all says that they are pushing the go button. They are working on the exact moment to let this go.  Everyone who had resistance is no longer resisting.  They want to release it with the least turmoil and that is what they are talking about now, not how to stall it out again.  The only thing we are not saying si the exact moment it will be announced.
DC:  We don’t believe they are waiting on anything else.  Some processes are even ahead of schedule, so really this is a last-minute huddle before the game.  They are saying, “Okay, we’ll run this play and that play;  go out and play the game!”
Caller:  Of course we will take of the church first, but after that, my wife wants me to spend money on therapy.  After Monday’s call I woke her up at 1am shouting, “Who does that make sense to?” and then at 2am “Rich people don’t shoot each other!”
DC:  My wife said to me yesterday, “Next time you wake me up at 2am, I’m going to hit you” because that’s when I talk to my Iraqi guys.
858 caller:  Aren’t there problems with ISIS?  Is there a chance of Iraq being split into three parts?
DC:  There is always a chance, but ISIS is being contained by special forces from around the world.  They are not someone to take lightly, but Iraq is now showing themselves to the world as being on top of their game – they are helping themselves and so the world is willing to help them more.
Tony:  I was watching CNN the other day, with all these retired officers, and one said Kurdistan is going its own way.  A few years ago there was even a map showing Iraq and Kurdistan as two different countries.  With all the changes lately, I do think they will stay as one country and they will become a resort location to rival Dubai.
Caller:  I would like to work with children who are at risk.  My uncle built a school for kids who didn’t make it thought the foster system, and they have a 97% graduation rate. I have a model in that residential school, and I want to help them go to college, too.
Tony:  That’s great.  If you have a model that’s working, share the model, the name of the school and they can contact them for help.  No need to reinvent the wheel.
Caller: The school is in Escondido, California.
843 caller:  I’m going to open a foundation to provide therapy for post-dinar stress syndrome.
Tony: They already exist – they’re called shopping malls!
Caller:  If you expect this to happen any moment, why don’t’ you have the packages?  Also, I keep checking the dealers, they are still selling.  What’s going to happen with the dealers and the packages?
Tony:  You apart from our tweets and announcements, where else can you check it out? When we make the announcement, the dealers will have changed their rates. Dealers have changed their procedures, but they are not going to change their rates until after the fact.

 What we are doing is getting you prepared for it.  Afterwards, you’ll see it immediately, the banks will be able to tell you, and then you will know it has actually occurred.  All we can tell you is what we anticipate.
DC:  I would argue that often things change at the dealers, and the dealers we talk to are just as exhausted as we are.  They have been notified many times already, “it’s in the window, trade at your own risk”, and now they are dealing until they get their final notification from the UST.  Meanwhile, they are just as frustrated as we are.
Tony:  They’ve been having conference calls and been given their instructions, same as we do. The whole system gets ramped up;  they just don’t get as hyped as we do.
240 caller:  I have a question about Multi-Currency Accounts (MCA).  Can private citizens have those?  Most banks I talk to say they are for international business.
DC:  If you have enough money, you will get an MCA.  If you have money and you have a justifiable reason for that account, they will set on up for you.  

If you are dealing with several different currencies all the time, with vendors in China or Australia, they pay into that account in their own currency and deal with conversions that way. It is not usually used for currency speculation;  they are providing a service for you.
Tony:  There is a bank that is planning to offer MCAs for private citizens.
Caller:  Will there be someone from that banks on your calls after the RV, when you are instructing us in the packages?
Tony: That is what we have been told, and they are the ones structuring the calls. If it’s confused and messed up, it wasn’t my idea!  We’ll just see how it goes.
Caller:  I mean after the RV, where you are trying to be  part of the solution so this process flows with a measure of stability.  Why not have someone with skin in the game be on the calls, like with OpenMike.
DC: That is the plan, but it’s not done until it’s done.  They may decide “Na, let people fend for themselves;  we are doing to shut those gurus down.” But others know that we are wiling to be the conduit and help with preparations to make it smoother.
Tony:  And we will help, because by that time we’ll be done, and our only aim is to help you guys get through the process.  Even in the meetings prior to those calls, we are in there representing you and your questions.  That is why we want you to post those questions on the forum, so that they can understand the issues on the ground.
DC:  They are making last-minute changes, so we’ll all have to be flexible and make this as smooth as possible.
Caller:  I appreciate that because there are grey areas.  We appreciate all you do.  We have seen the MCA bounced around as a way to avoid taxes, but surely you will have taxes one way or another. Isn’t that a way to put yourself in the crosshairs?
Tony:  It’s more about the first mouse and second mouse, and long-term strategies around further changes in the currency situation.  That’s why I would have an MCA.
DC:  My point is that Uncle Sam will get his cut in the end.  For tax issues, MCAs are kind of rough.  I think people are giving advice from a peripheral knowledge.  They are listening to these calls and watching the boards, and plugging up the holes while they track what we use these exchanges for.
Tony:  That’s the main reason they wanted to wait until the 1st of July, so that they can track those currencies.
Caller:  I want to help the kids and also the police, especially the K-9 police who sometimes lose officers.
DC:  I want to thank everyone for their wonderful PIF plans. That makes us feel like we make a difference here.  The next deal is I want everyone to plan on how to make your money make money.  Don’t give away all your money before figuring out how to make this money last a lifetime. Everything is super cued-up and we are ready for this to have this done right now.  I used only public sources, and not insider sources to talk about timelines. 
Pam:  Boy, that was fun watching DC scramble like that!  This Pay It Forward thing we are spending time on is because we think it will make a difference to those listening. They need to know that we are not a bunch of money-hungry dinarians.  No one will get your names or details – it’s just between us.
Ray:  Enjoy your fabulous Friday and the good that is to come.
Tony:  Congratulations to the people of Iraq, you deserve this.  You deserve to have heat and electricity, food on your table and to take your kids to school.  Your family has a great future.  Congratulations to you and to your government!  Democracy is now in your hands.
There was a negative image of dinarians being passed around, so we wanted people to understand who we are and our purpose in being here.  This RV was not set up for our benefit, but we do benefit, and we will pay that forward to benefit others. 
If you look at the public sources, you can see that everything has been accomplished that was required for this to be released.  Iraq did a total 180 turn in the last 24 hours! People have changed their attitudes, they are celebrating, and this will change their society, too.  I don’t seen another obstacle.  

They are talking about HOW to do this, right now – how to get this party started, and then when to get it started.  That’s a different place than we have been in for the last four years.  I don’t see any way to turn this around when everyone has done what they had to do.
Enjoy your day and your weekend, and I fully expect to do a tweet today, tomorrow, this weekend, and for us to do another call, hopefully before Monday.  Have a great day!