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AUGUST 4, 2014

Last week, the TRN was supported by gold, and tomorrow, the TRN is to make its debut. Historic bonds will begin trading on Wednesday. The RV is to be announced shortly.
The end-buyer is active in Zurich at the moment, and will be active for a few months providing settlements on boxes and loose bonds. All types of historic Chines bonds are being processed, as well as the US boxes (TOV, FRN, etc). Locations are Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Philippines.


Ranger4564:OK, finally, out from work, here's my summary.

Doorbell Rings - hushed silence - who could it be... SANTA?
Doorbell rings.
Knock on Door.
Phone rings.
Do not freeze up in panic.
Banks and Exchanges are being held up.

Chinese Yuan is isolating itself as a special currency.
Jack Lew has been eliminated from the equation.
Chinese Elders and BRICS nations hold the best hand.

Prying loose new doors, keeping the pressure on, drawing a line in the sand, opening the flood gates.

TRN's are flowing to the BRICS, 11 next, and MINT. They are speeding ahead of everyone.

Drag races, and just drag, bravado, machismo, will the bragging never seize?
Look for Shangai to add additional resources to the prosperity packages today.

Look for Global Treaty signed by Obamination, authorizing the Asset Backed Currency. I thought it was a done deal years ago. Still signing? Maybe it was just another signing statement elevating himself to God of Golf?

US Patent Office finally releasing all the hidden / suppressed technology, it's landing now. We are saved !
Treaty meeting, tug of war, Washington is running out of time, we're at the 10 yard line. Just a minor setback from the 1" and 1/2" and 1mm line we were at the weeks before, but sometimes, you have a do over.

Look for New Prime Minister.
Meetings in Washington are finished.


Vinman:Prosperity packages being delivered today.
Watch for international treaty being signed by Obama regarding asset backed currency.

Looking for new prime minister.  
D.C. meetings finished.

New patents and technology taking off/being released (some are 100 yrs old!)

Meeting to sign currency treaty going on now.

Idiots fighting over the future of the dollar in D.C. (is idiots redundant?)

Time is quickly running out......

We're in the red zone...first and ten...our goal is in sight

Gt: Last Clues......

China's adding additional Backing

Prosperity Packages are being delivered AGAIN TODAY (how many times has that been)

World Agreemnent being signed by President O guaranteeing Asset Back Currency (ABC)

Omegaman:currency treaty signed by the "president"....TRNS to be live very soon; the rest falls like dominoes... into our laps like  a lap dance from heaven...


BLINDSAY: I do not know if I am allowed to post this; if not please remove it.  
Earlier Tony made this statement,

" They have asked us not to talk about the Zim any more, because that makes them move the basket.  They have changed the rate of the Zim to make it too expensive for you to get."

Well I found this info on this site--

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Exogen Direct Intel at 4:12 pm est:
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Vinman:The door bell is going off, the phone is ringing and someone's knocking on the door but the U.S. is not answering.
The UST is holding up the banks from exchanging.
China threatened to pull their gold that is backing the TRN.
But Jack Lew has now been eliminated.
The elders and the BRICS are holding the high cards....and have the leverage.
Time to have to lube the system now and get things moving since the world is drawing a line in the sand.
The TRNs are now ready to pop!
The BRICS, Next 11 and MINTs are racing ahead....in the transition between the old financial vehicle to the new one.

Nana7:The Next 11,What countries are these?

Janie Waters:N11 is considered to be the next BRICS and include the following countries:

Bangladesh , Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, South Korea and Vietnam.

Within the micro N11 there is another partnership called MIKT.  This macro partnership to the micro N11 consists of the following countries:

Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey.

Together the MIKT countries make up 73% of the
 total GDP of the N11.

Carden:Here is my insight into these clues... 

Cleverly applied leverage strategy has been initiated by BRICS and the new financial system which has brought proper pressure to bear on the UST which is now cooperating. 

Sting operations were the final maneuver to catch the thieves in the act. Now, and after many missed calls/knocks on the door - seeking entrance, the US is finally cooperating. 

All challenges are met and dealt with as in EXTERMINATED. This is JUST MY GUESS, guys! But, BOY, HOWDY! I hope I'm right.
.....I've got to make dinner for DinDong and family now. :-)))))

Gt:Clues (so far).....

No answers from the intel (Doorbell & Phone)......

Hold Ups with the RV activation

Looks like the Hold Up is in China (their pulling out)???

That's what I'm getting so far


  1. Tony sincerely appreciates the cards, flowers and people attending his mother's funeral.
  2. Changes and unexpected delays over the weekend. But we are back on track.
  3. Iraq PM selected but still didn't ANNOUNCE.....  (arrrgggghhh!!) PM and RV still scheduled together.
  4. Rollercoaster started again over the week-end but now everyone is in agreement again.
  5. Timelines are being tightened up by request to prevent the constant delays and that should help.
  6. Thurs.  exceptional occurance that Tony was going to talk about on Friday was one of TNT's contacts was called back to Iraq because "the family had too much money" for him to remain in school here in the USA.  They needed him at home!
  7. Deliberate misinformation has been put out to throw many parties off ie:  us, the bad guys various political people...
  8. Tony says he and DC are here to represent the Dinarland people involved in the RV.  They don't want to take sides and sure don't want to be pointed out as the problem but they are asked to help smooth out the process.  So many times they are having to hold information back and they don't like to do that (like Friday)


TNT Call Notes 4-August-2014

Tony:   Good morning, TNT!  Thank you for all the card, condolences and flowers for my mother, and thank you all the TNT people who showed up from various states.  It was amazing that TNT people came to my mother’s services, and stood in front of the church and talked.  There were several ministers and bishops that showed up and took part. Thanks to all, and we will get through it as a family – our family and the TNT family.  Do you want to say anything, Ray?  [working on the sound quality]

Today is Monday, August 4th, 2014, and August 5th at Pam’s house.  Things have happened over the weekend, with changes to our program, both pros and cons.  There was something that was unexpected, but not unexpected because we’ve gone through it so many times on the rollercoaster.  At this moment, things are on track and we’re looking for good things. We were off track because of things in Iraq, and we are back on track again. We’ll say what we can…

DC: East to West… in Iraq they have a PM selected and it’s all  done. They are waiting on announcements, had celebrations scheduled. They are ready to go.  IMF and everyone else has accepted it. As has happened before many times, as they were getting close to going through this weekend, the rollercoaster started up again. Most people are now in agreement again, and we expect things to mover very quickly. Everyone on this call has had the same thought:  For the love of God, don’t give them that much time!  Many are getting their backs up an pushing forward quicker timelines, and we pray this is the final thing we need.

Tony:  I know it was a confusing weekend in Iraq, and people heard different things from people and articles. Why are the articles so important, and people are not seeing the reality? What is the reality that we should see?

DC:  A lot of those articles are recycled several weeks ago – word for word with the dates changed.  Those who understand Arabic are seeing this with some of the original dates, even!  This  has gone on  for ages.  It’s partly a security thing, and partly like the US has newspapers that lean a particular way.  A lot of them have been told not to say anything, or else, so they put out the old stuff.  There is also a certain amount of misinformation to keep speculators out of it and to confuse some of the parties involved. Almost three weeks ago, they published the news that they selected the PM and had the cabinet arranged.

Tony: So we said there was a new PM and then the news articles come out saying they have a new PM – but we haven’t seen who this is yet.  Does that make us right or wrong?

DC: Most people are seeing the public RV and the PM at the same time.  That’s changed a little bit, but for the most part we should see them at the same time.

Tony: Friday we couldn’t talk about what happened on Thursday, and people hate to hear that.  On Friday morning, one of our people was called and told to come back home because we now have too much money for you to be over there messing around!  Did something significant take place on Thursday?

DC: I think so, my friend!

Tony: There was a group of TNT people here at the weekend and they were saying, “Tell the truth – there is no PM, there is no RV.”  Because they just don’t see what’s happening in the back room that are not being shared for political reasons.  I’m not stirring the pot, I’m trying to explain to people where we are right now. Those things occur – they put out old or mis-information to the public until this happens. 

 Any guru can tell you they do that all the time, although some believe what they read. They are not digging deep enough to help people.  Our goal is not to work for either side;  we don’t work for them. We try to assist where we can, and Pam is saying that the word is out there that we are just trying to keep the masses calm and under control, as if we work for them. 

We are only doing things in the best interests of the people, keeping you involved and keeping the dinar in your pocket so that you don’t miss out on this great opportunity when it does happen.  We are the people’s representative, making sure you are treated fairly, not trying to keep you in a cloud.  At certain points, though, we cannot do anything dangerous or foolish, or becoming the issue as some people want to paint us that way.  So everyone understand that.

DC doesn’t care;  I don’t care.  We don’t want to be Snowden or Ollie North, or the mayor, governor or member of Congress. All we want to do is to provide  you with the most information without getting into trouble.  We do get asked for direction sometimes so that we can smooth things out.  But it’s still all about you, the people we are here to support.  WE don’t want to cause a rift in the middle of a meeting or discussion…

DC: Tony and I don’t’ work for anyone.  We do this 60+ hours per week for free. Why? Because we’ve been thrust into a position where we have a responsibility that we take seriously.  There are 4-6 million with dinar, and 250K really pay attention. 

 We view it (and others do as well) as having the ability to gather information from all corners of the earth and bring to everyone on here, for better or worse.  It’s out intent to be the representatives of people on both sides.  Sometimes someone will call and ask us not to share something because it’s sensitive and they explain why. 

 But our end gaol is to have people treated fairly and to do our own exchanges.  As a result politicians and other respect and listen to us.  There are several key meetings going on right now that they have asked us not to mention, so we won’t.  Now they see us as a necessary evil, and sometimes they call us. We just want to get it done.

Tony: Going back to Iraq, people are haring that Maliki is still on the scene and part of the issue.  We know he is still trying, but we also know that he was asked to leave the building today.  You don’t just ask a supposedly influential person to leave unless their time is over. The game is still being played, but it’s not what you think.  We had a rollercoaster ride this weekend, but as of this morning we are in a good place.

DC:  Everyone is ready in Iraq.  In the USA, everyone is dusting things off after this weekend and now seeing how to get things done.  That is making a lot of positive progress. It’s a matter of delicacy on what we can say.
Tony”  There have been eye-opening events and new agendas over the weekend, with people clearly letting it be known where they stand. I don’t want to say too much.

DC: People are getting back together and realizing the worldwide part of this is important. Everything seems in the right position, and we’ll keep the thoughts and prayers focused on that side of the game.

Tony:  We are still geared up to do our part.  When we get to the party, we are still here to do our part:  go to the bank, do exchanges, make a difference in the world.

DC:  Indeed.  If we take any callers in the next 20 minutes, talk about the good you intend to do in the world.

Tony:  Some important people listened to t he last call, and that helped to make a case for us. They could hear the sincerity and they realized we are not the people others have led them to believe.  Don’t make things up, just talk about your plans and projects.  And if I have talked to you in the last few weeks or months, put your hands down and let others have a chance.  I don’t want to be the one to put your hands down;  I want you to do it and let others get to the top.  Some have been on a long time, and I don’t mind talking to you but I’d like to talk to some new people, too.

DC:  It’s been quite a rollercoaster, but things are looking good again and we are expecting good results.  Tony, do you think we could do a tweet tomorrow after the meetings, to give everyone a heads up?

Tony:  Yeah, we can do it tonight if you like!  If not tonight, we’ll send out a few tweets tomorrow to let you know where we stand. I don’t you to think that we think we know everything.  We don’t.  I thought we had 90% of the intel, and DC said we had 60%!  You don’t have to listen only to us;  we don’t know everything, and we admit that.  We didn’t believe in the Prosperity Packages, not for years, but then we got confirmation.  You cant’ buy your way into a lawsuit, but we found out the PPs were a reality.  I found this out from a credible government source.  

All the people I know who are involved in it didn’t pay a dime, but they are receiving more than they could have believed. If it had been presented the correct way, I might have believed it two years ago. One of my very best friends called me and said the government paid off her mortgage as part of the Prosperity Programs.  So far, four of my friends have had this happen, and they didn’t pay a dime;  this is just something they are doing for the people. 

 I know some people got taken of advantage of in how they got involved, but there it is.  I didn’t believe in the groups because the information was crazy and the numbers were unreal. Then I saw the contracts and how they were operating.  I got verification from the UST, from people I knew, and that’s when it became a reality.  

Then I also found out how many people were taking advantage of those groups, and the organizers were making money when the ordinary people were getting skinned because they didn’t know what the real rate was.  I got really upset about the groups trying to divide up a trillion dollars.  You don’t need that – it was pure greed, and they didn’t need to do that to people. 
I was talking with Pam and Ray in the car, and we agreed that we didn’t come here for the contract rates.  That’s not we care about for ourselves, we just want people to get what’s fair. 

 We can’t quit now if we wanted to because we have a responsibility.  DC?

DC:  I’m good for another 20 minutes.

Tony:  I’m going to hit refresh, and hopefully people who have been on the line in the last weeks or months will give others a chance.  It didn’t change at all.   Maybe they weren’t paying attention.

903 caller:  We are the people. 

719 caller:  It’s been over a month since I’ve been on the phone with you, but I do sound like my sister… I have a good friend whose son needs a heart transplant, and that will cost about one million dollars. They don’t have insurance, so I intend to cover that.  The local school and library always need help as well.  You have said there are things you cannot say, that maybe others can say.  One friend says that every Monday you say it’s a go, and then it doesn’t happen. People are getting really tired.  

Why can’t people let us know where we stand?  Is that in our favour, or are these the people who want to block us?

DC:  Quite bluntly, we have a lot more contacts.  We want to keep them involved, and they often say, “Hey, see if you can’t talk some sense into these folks!”  We’re not going to burn the folks who are actually trying to do something and solve the situation.  Sometimes we can use our position to further getting things done. 

If it will slow things down because I burn some person organization, even if they have done something I consider abhorrent, if that is going to hurt the situation further because it gets them focused on us… they tell us to be quiet because it caused an issue, even if it’s nothing to do with us.  So we are trying to placate people so that we get to what we all want, which is to get paid.

Tony:  We have the largest group of listeners.  We have eleven countries or more that are plugged into our calls (and not the other calls).  We have government people plugged into our calls, and taking our information back to the negotiating table.  I get messages back from Iraq to tell X this or Y that, and we know those people are listening, then one guy went over there and found they were all listening to us from an internet café in Iraq!  We don’t want to affect a global event. Some people have asked us to, but DC has quietly said that we cannot, as long as people are doing the right thing.

When I did this years ago, and they first connected the global system and we thought the RV was happening, when they were first pinging the system… we thought it was the RV but it was just a text.  Anyway, I walked down the street and bought everyone hot dogs, an they remember that from four years ago. 

Caller: That should be the name of the movie:  The Hot Dog King and the Broker!

530 caller:  I have my husband and my son here on the line as well from Placerville.

Tony: You should drive on down!

Caller:  What will we do with the money?  I have made some recent changes in my life so that I can support my boys in going to college and pursuing what they want to do… contributing to the world. I do have a substantive question.  Now that Iraq is a parliamentary democracy, they have procedures.  The PM is last one to be placed.  Has the parliament actually voted on this?  How and when did it happen without becoming public in Iraq?

DC:  I love your response about how this will change your life. About the parliament, they took a straw poll for the three highest position.  The most contentious person was the President, and that was settled 2.5 weeks ago.  Everyone knew where they were on the parliamentary schedule, and they know who will be elected.  There are some timing issues and they have been asked to wait on the official timing. 

 A lot have learned from prior examples, and they say that while they are waiting for this to happen, they want to make sure everyone on the Council (or Cabinet) is selected correctly.  The Sunnis were the most scared because they were the least represented last time.  So now everyone is on call to go, just like us.  After Ramadan, they voted – that was last Thursday, and they voted on the whole package. 

 They are now waiting to announce that in the Gazette and celebrations accordingly.  We have heard this from six different folks, independently of each other.  It happened.  Why hasn’t it shown up? That is the question we have.
Caller:  So they don’t require that to be a public process?
Tony:  They do have a process, but they are a new democracy, and they are used to a dictator who does and says what he wants… they make the laws but don’t have to follow them.  We just have to see what happens.

Caller:  So is it significant that they are having a public meeting?

DC:  The only thing they have to decide on is the Budget because everything else has been decided.

Caller:  I came across some notes from before 2002;  are they still legal tender?

DC:  I don’t know, but I don’t think so.

Tony:  Don’t throw them away – take them to the bank and ask them!

817 caller:  You were going to tell us when we bypassed the windows. What’s going on with that – windows that we are already passed when we thought it would go.

Tony:  We didn’t expect to be here this morning, that’s for sure.

DC:  We bypassed all four windows on Friday, yes.  There were four for Friday, two for Saturday and a couple for Sunday.  There are some others windows of opportunity where a lot of folks are focused, and they are getting back on board after the rollercoaster.

Tony: There have been meeting today where they are going over the timing.

DC: They were ready to go, and schedules were sent to all the banks, the government, reps and senators, central banks, CBI, UST, the Fed, the IMF, etc. They told people to get geared up and ready to go; that’s what they mean by a window.

Tony:  We were given four times on Friday that they were going to try to do it, and each time it didn’t go through for reasons that we are not going to talk about.

818 caller:  [Condolences]  Are Zim at a contract rate or a permanent rate?  I’m not asking about any particular rate, but it has been talked about in the past about a new rate for Zim.

Tony:  This is what I can tell you, which hopefully not cause a problem.  They have asked us not to talk about the Zim any more, because that makes them move the basket.  They have changed the rate of the Zim to make it too expensive for you to get.  There are other currencies that they have now put in the first basket, so that when this goes, you won’t be willing to change losing what you just got or the amount it would cost to make more. They know you are not gamblers, so they have made the new prices significant so that you won’t be able to invest in more currency unless you have very strong nerves.

Caller:  Is the 5th the last day to elect the PM according to the constitution?  Or if they have already done it, does the announcement have to be done by the 5th?

DC:  I believe there is a short timeline by which it has to be announced, but we don’t know what it is.  I don’t believe in any kind of backwall, because other countries don’t care if they choose to delay it.

Tony:  Already they have asked for a one-week extension, just to let you know.

Caller:  Can you explain the Prosperity Packages?  It’s all mumbo-jumbo to me.

DC:  I have had to eat a lot of crow over the PPs.  Once it was finally explained by a person who is part of the process, then we got it.  After WWII, the destruction of life, the economy and physical damage, they were dragging Germany, Japan and other countries out of the depths. They were afraid the world would never recover.  So they planned to put an immense amount of money into a joint account, and give it out to countries who needed to reconstruct or juice the economy. 

 It looked very dire because 60 million people were dead, tens of millions were injured, plus bombing had immobilized everything. So they needed to kick people into gear and created this system.
It turns out the human spirit was more resilient than they thought, and other factors helped get the system running again.  So hear was this huge pot of money getting bigger and bigger, and they used it for some things, but they need to wind it up, so they are handing it out to people and organizations that helped with this project.  Most of Europe was involved, plus China and Japan.

Tony: People will get different amounts, as checks or paying off mortgages, and such.  Starting January 2013, they started paying off people’s mortgages with this money.

DC:  I don’t know how those folks were selected.

Tony:  The people I know don’t understand how they were selected either!  They were just told the government was doing this, and did they have a problem?  Of course not!  This is happening now, and it wasn’t presented this way four years ago.

Caller: So the PPs are being paid out already;  they are not a trigger for anything?  They are being released to governments if not to individuals.

Tony:  They are not being paid to individuals yet, but they will be. 

702 caller:  [Condolences]  My questions have been answered, thank you.

303 caller:  It seems like these windows are really thrown out as eyewash;  is that correct, or are we really getting somewhere with these windows.

Tony: That’s the message I got this morning, that is not really happening.  Guys, we give you information and especially the windows… that is NOT the information they want us to give you. The only reason we keep you informed is so that you don’t throw out your dinar.  So when we give you intel, we’ll tell you when it should have happened.

Caller:  The Budget that they are supposed to past in the next meeting on the 12th, does that require the RV or not?

Tony/DC:  We understand that the RV is already in the budget, and it’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

Caller:  I read a post yesterday about the control being taken away from IMF and CL, and given to the BRICS. Do you think that is true? What impact would that have on the RV?

Tony: They asked us not to antagonize anyone today. DC, what’s your answer

DC:  We’ll just walk everyone  through the logic of this.  IN 2010, the IMF passed a deal to change the veto power of the US (in the IMF).  They voted to change it and the US agreed but refused to ratify it in Congress.  This aggravated the folks who wanted to get this done.  

Finally, the BRICS believed that they want to fund their own global bank to fund some items in their countries and others that the IMF is not treating so well.  Everyone put up some money and everyone has a say, and no one has a veto. This is in addition to the IMF, and the IMF would rather have that money to spend on their projects.  This provides a little extra motivation for countries to play by the rules.  Also, there are five mini-IMFs that plan to do something similar, and use their currencies rather than the US dollar for trading.  There are more issues or reasons that things are not being done.

DC:  It provide more pressure on everyone to get it done.

Caller:  What I want to do with this money is this:  low-income housing.  I want to dedicate myself to providing low-income housing in the US and in other countries that have had natural disasters.  I want to get together with other billionaires to get that done.

970 caller:  I have a banking question.  I’m a little confused;  I’ve been instructed to open two NIB accounts for each currency, with one holding 50% for taxes, then open additional accounts and move the money into that for security.  Then DC said to park the money and let it sit to let everything calm down.  So if we are parking the funds in NIB accounts, what am I doing in the second appointment?  What should I be asking my financial adviser about the best place to park my money while we work out investments?

Tony: I’m not concerned about putting my money in NIB accounts – I like my money to make money, and I’m not concerned about the bank going bust and taking my money.

DC:  People were concerned a year about Cyprus, but I believe in earning interest with my money.  In Cyprus, the government took part of their funds and it was catastrophic.  I’m not worried about that, but those who make money as a windfall, the best thing is to calm down, get out of debt, and then just relax and get used to the positive shock.  By all means earn interest.  Ask your wealth manager, and s/he will say six months rest is a good thing. Ask for what very conservative and safe programs you can put this money in.

Caller:  You say that there are people that don’t want us to have this;  do they have more power than those who do want us to have it?  It’s clearly the US that is blocking this;  why?

Tony:  Those who want us to have it are not giving up, but they are obviously up against enough resistance that they have to persuade the others to give up their objections.  One day it will just happen, and they will not be able to do anything about it.  I can’t tell you what I want to tell you and what you obviously want to know, because that’s one of the things they are concerned about my telling you.   I don’t know that this is the time or place to do that. Everything is good that we heard this morning;  let’s see how it plays out tomorrow.

Caller:  We are looking at earth sustainability, and also looking after younger children, getting them involved in extra-curricular activities because their parents cannot afford it.  We’re looking for ways to help kids participate in sports, and also children’s hospitals and helping children who need help with procedures.

Tony: Are you looking at putting tennis courts or mini-gyms in lower-income neighborhoods to play games they have never been exposed to?

Caller:  We are looking at various ways.  Initially, we’d like to help kids do dance, gymnastics and other things that kids want to do but are kind of expenses, so that kids can explore their natural gifts and talents. Your idea is also a great idea. Our children have to  have something to keep them off the streets or making wrong choices.  My brother, who is a year younger than me, didn’t finish high school and ended up in prison because he fell in with the wrong crowd.

Tony:  So you can set up scholarship programs, or you create the facilities, or you can get your money making money and earmark it for those projects.  It’s a legacy and being a good community leader and role model for others.   DC?

DC: Thanks for sharing what you are going to do, because it makes us redouble our efforts as well.  We love hearing the generous side of folks;  it supports why we are doing this, and reaffirms for others that we are looking to help folks as well as buying fancy cars.  I think many folks are more inspired to think more clearly about their projects and plans as well.

Summary:  Life looks pretty dang good after the rolllercoaster at the weekend. Iraq has made major strides and we’re waiting for public announcements.  It’s a tight timeline and I’m optimistic about what we’re doing.

Pam:  I want to thank all of you, and the government people who are making this happen for all of us.  This is about the journey more than the destination, and how we are making the journey for other people, too.

Ray:  If Monday is not as marvelous as you wish, look forward to terrific Tuesday.

Tony:  Thank you to everyone who came to my mother’s service.  I want to thank people on OpenMic;  they may not be able to get on the forum, but they are part of TNT. We are all dinarians, all trying to get to one place at one time, exchange at the best rate we can so that we can help humanity as best we can.  Guys, we don’t do this on purpose, say there is a great Friday and then get let down on the weekends.  For you, it’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday;  for us it’s every day including the weekends.  We don’t share that will you because even more people would quit if they had to go through it ten times a day like we do.  That’s not our purpose, it is what it is.  And when we get to it, it’ll be a great day!

Pam:  Thanks, everybody!


8-4-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker   ...in the news today...Parliament Speaker Salim has demanded Iraqi President Fuad Masum to announce the National Alliance as the biggest bloc in tomorrows session, he's ask him to submit its candidate for Prime Minister and for them to form a government.  ...another article...states that according to a member of the Citizens Coalition the National Alliance will present their candidate during the Parliament session tomorrow as well.   yet another...the Parliament Speaker saying that he will not postpone tomorrows session no matter what and the National Alliance will be named the largest of the parliamentary blocs on Tuesday. Then the National Alliance will nominate its candidate for Prime Minister.  So as you can see, I feel this could be a very important time for us...

8-4-2014   Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man

8-4-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 
  Maliki wants amnesty for his whole family and his Chief of Staff.  Amnensty was given to Maliki 2 weeks ago but his family and associates are soiling their sheets with fear of being left open to prosecution. Second, Maliki would like to keep his government mansion, private intelligence force and private security forces. Maliki wants to keep all government offices where members of his party reside and he wants Masum (POR) to appoint him the VP or another position...plus members of his party get appointed positions.  In other words, Maliki will give up the PM name only as long as they all get amnesty and get to keep what they have...along with their political positions.  What a guy!!


SOUNDOC : BANK INTEL: Banker said:Just got out of the meeting all the posts that I am seeing are 100% accurate we are in a 24-48 hour window. Blessings from Wells Fargo Co.












Carden:I will add to this... I understand that there has again been a delay in payout in HK historic bonds transactions with another 24 - 48 hour window given (yesterday). 

IMO this puts us to TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY for public exchange. The reason is that the TRNs must be moving smoothly throughout the banking system in order to buy/pay for the IQD. 

This is in play now. The next reason for my comment about PBX occurring simultaneously is that no payout anywhere can be spent unless the TRNs are globally accepted currency. I mean think about it


Political News 4/8
Vietnam eager to spur cooperation with Zimbabwe

Vietnam Ambassador in Zimbabwe Le Huy Hoang has expressed the nation’s resolve to constantly boost the close ties of friendship and cooperation in all aspects with the Government and people of Zimbabwe.
At a recent ceremony to present his credentials, Hoang extended an invitation to visit Vietnam from President Truong Tan Sang to President Robert Mugabe.
The Vietnamese diplomat briefed his host on the situation in the country, international integration and recent developments in the East Sea, and discussed measures to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in trade, economics, health and agriculture.
Hoang asked the Zimbabwe Government to recognize Vietnam’s market economy and support Vietnam’s bid to run for a seat at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.
For his part, President Mugabe expressed his admiration for the courageous spirit of the Vietnamese people in the past struggle for national liberation, independence freedom and unification as well as the current tremendous achievements in national construction and defence Vietnam has recorded under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.
President Mugabe said he hopes both nations will continue bolstering good political relations  and economic and trade cooperation by intensifying goods exchange and implementing tripartite agricultural and  health cooperation projects in Zimbabwe as Vietnam is successfully carrying out in many other African countries.
Mugabe voiced support for Vietnam's policy of promoting international integration and its stance of solving all problems through peaceful means in accordance with international law and the UN Charter.
Earlier, Zimbabwe's Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and ambassador Hoang examined ways to enhance political and diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Minister Mumbengegwi said he wants the two countries to further enhance coordination at international and regional forums including the Non-Aligned Movement and the United Nations. He promised to work with relevant agencies to consider Vietnam’s proposals in a positive manner so that his nation can recognise Vietnam’s market economy status and its participation for election to important international organizations in the future.
On the occasion, ambassador Hoang had working sessions with a number of Zimbabwe officials and entrepreneurs to exchange market information on rice and Tra fish products from Vietnam.
Vietnam urges respect for ceasefire agreement in Gaza
Vietnam calls on all parties concerned to respect the newly-reached ceasefire agreement in Gaza Strip, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Le Hai Binh has said.
Binh made the statement while answering reporters’ questions regarding Vietnam’s reaction after Israel and Hamas accepted the US and the United Nation’s proposal on a humanitarian ceasefire within 72 hours in Gaza.
“We support all current efforts of the international community to early bring about a comprehensive ceasefire for peace and stability in the region,” he stated.
Party leader visits Ha Nam province
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on August 2 had a working visit to the northern province of Ha Nam to inspect socio-economic development, new-style rural area building and Party-building work in the locality.
Working with the provincial leaders, the Party leader said Ha Nam should work hard to fulfill set targets as it remains a poor province with low per-capital income.
As a southern gateway to the capital city of Hanoi , the province needs to developing agriculture in combination with processing industry and export while focusing all resources on human resources development, he said.
Party leader Trong asked Ha Nam to enhance connections with other regions in the country to further develop in the future.
He also urged the local authorities to well prepare for Party congresses at all levels towards the 12 th National Party Congress in early 2016.
The province should continue to well implement the Party and political system building work as well as creating a strong and united apparatus that can be resilient to negative phenomena, particularly corruption, the Party chief noted.
According to the local authorities, Ha Nam has enjoyed an annual GDP growth rate of 13%. The economic structure has changed in a right direction with the proportion of industry and construction rising to 53% and that of agro-forestry-fisheries dropping to 15.6%.
The living standards of locals have much improved while the new rural building programme has seen remarkable developments with three communes fulfilling all targets and 11 communes meeting 15 criteria.
Earlier, the Party leader visited Binh Luc district’s Vu Ban commune, where 85.5 percent of population live on agriculture, and the Number 1 Ha Nam –Tan Hiep Phat Co. Ltd in the Kien Khe 1 Industrial Complex in Thanh Liem district.
Lawyers’ role should be enhanced to avoid unjust rulings
President Truong Tan Sang on August 1 emphasized the need to improve the operational efficiency of lawyers’ organizations at a working session with the Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF) in Hanoi.
Leaders from the Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform, the National Assembly Justice Committee, the Ministry of Public Security, the People's Procuracy, the Supreme People's Court and the Ministry of Justice were also in attendance at the working session.
VBF Chairman Le Thuc Anh said that since its inception in May 2009, the number of lawyers has increased by nearly 40% to 8,675 and 63 provinces and cities nationwide have established Bar Associations.
Over the past five years, lawyers have become involved in defending and protecting the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and individuals and have dealt with nearly 67,500 criminal cases, over 54,000 civil cases, nearly 5,500 economic cases, and 4,423 administrative cases.
In addition, the VBF has provided free legal aid to 31,271 poor and social policy beneficiaries. Lawyers have participated in 100% of cases required by legal agencies and the quality of defending counsel in the cases has been enhanced, Anh said.
Along with its active participation in law-making work, the BAF has expanded cooperation with international bar organizations from Canada, the US, Denmark, Germany, China, Japan and engaged in the Asia Pacific Bar Association.
In his speech, President Sang commended lawyers’ contributions to reducing unfair rulings and protecting justice, promoting judicial reform and improving the quality of litigation.
He underlined the need for the BAF to work more closely with local agencies to well perform lawyers’ role in protecting the legitimate rights of the people, revamping the legal system and increasing wider international cooperation to become involved in resolving international disputes when the country is boosting deeper global integration.
Party leader hails progress in Thanh Hoa
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has lauded the progress the central province of Thanh Hoa has made in socio-economic development, defence, security and Party building.
At a meeting yesterday with key officials from the province as part of his working visit, the Party chief noted that after four years of implementing the 11th Party Congress's resolution, Thanh Hoa had maintained a high economic growth rate at 11.3 per cent per year.
As a result, the province's economy has expanded by 54 per cent compared to 2010, with the industry-construction sector accounting for 42 per cent, services - 39.6 per cent and agriculture - 18.4 per cent. Per capita GDP is estimated at US$1,320 per year.
Last year, Thanh Hoa ranked eighth among 63 cities and provinces nationwide in FDI attraction and stood in sixth position in the provincial economic integration index and eighth in the provincial competitiveness index.
By 2013, 19 communes in the province met all the standards of the new-style rural areas, while 10 others met a large proportion of the criteria.
However, Trong also pointed out that the ratio of poor households in Thanh Hoa was still high, urging the province to work harder to fulfill its targets.
The province should also get itself well-prepared for the 12th Party Congress, he added, stressing that Party building and personnel work were key to effectively implementing other tasks.
Also yesterday, the Party leader toured the Nghi Son Economic Zone where he held a working session with the zone's management board, inspected the progress of the Nghi Son Refinery and visited the Nghi Son Port.
Ceremony honours first victory of Vietnam People’s Navy
A ceremony commemorating revolutionary martyrs and people who sacrificed their life in a sea battle in the Gulf of Tonkin 50 years ago was held in Ha Long city, the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh, on August 3.
The fight against destroyer USS Maddox and aircraft of the United States on August 2 and 5, 1964, was the first victory of the Vietnam People’s Navy and the army and people in the north during the America’s war in Vietnam.
Speaking at the ceremony, Rear Admiral Dinh Gia That, Commissar of the Vietnam People’s Naval Armed Service underlined the historical value of and lesson learned from the incident, saying that the sacrifice of naval officers and soldiers is always a good example for Vietnamese generations at present and in the future.
He also affirmed that the Naval Armed Service will continue strengthening its force as well as improving its capacity in managing and safeguarding the national sea and island sovereignty, while maintaining peaceful and stable environment in the country’s waters.
The same day, a get-together to mark the 50 th anniversary of the first victory of the Vietnam People’s Navy was also organised in Vinh city, the central province of Nghe An.
Participants at the event looked back on the triumph, which is considered as the traditional day of the Navy over the last five decades.
On the occasion, representatives from the Navy High Command presented insignia to a number of naval ex-soldiers and gifts to people, who participated in the fight.