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Sqwatchy:That Oil tanker in the Gulf...Isn't here to get a photo opp....It is to be unloaded. If it is not unloaded by Tuesday.....Then it heads to Brazil...and that....will be a costly mistake for the USA alone. 

 Turkey is pulling away, so how are they supposed to settle on the payment for the oil?  Im guessing in Dinars!! and soon!! Sun/Mon.  God Bless...pray this thing in folks! May the good Lord strike down any and all who will attempt to stop this RV and the lifting of all evil in those people.  So we command it done.


Vinman:War between good guys and bad guys, east and west, good and evil is all a chess game and BRICS vs USA is finally calling uncle.

Access to the BRICS 100 Billion dollar development fund is being denied to the bad guys as well as the new 100% safe BRICS swift replacement vehicle launching in the MINT and Next 11 countries.

A new day has come.

Celebration time!

Santa's elves are delivering presents.


MarkZ Tweet @originalmarkz · 1m Life has been nuts! There has been an info brown out in effect. That is a great thing though. Be patient... 


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L kemple: No more War.  A new day has come from The East through the BRICS New Development Bank with 100 billion + in reserves that will bypass the Swift system/Petro dollar. This is the shot heard round the world to fund an alternative global currency from the FRN.  The next 11 countries and Mint countries are on board.  This money will serve as both a reserve pool of cash to those counties for short term liquidity needs of its members (helping to give stability) and giving funding for infrastructure projects in developing nations.  The strangle hold on the world is being lifted.  This is the beginning of the end for the Federal Reserve.  The BRICS will bypass the Fed in this revaluation if necessary.  The Fed will have no choice.

Vinman: War between good guys and bad guys, east and west, good and evil is all a chess game and BRICS vs USA is finally calling uncle.
Access to the BRICS 100 Billion development fund is being denied to the bad guys as well as the new 100% safe BRICS swift replacement vehicle launching in the MINT and Next 11 countries.
A new day has come.

Ranger4564: My take on the Clues.
No more wars between East and West.
Good vs Evil, Good is intently / incredulously watching Evil. Evil is being denied access to funds, but the Villains are still scheming.
New 100% Safe / Secure BRICS financial network replacing the old.
Prosperity for all.
New system is taking off around the world with new Mints being established.
Next 11 countries to join BRICS are in the pipeline.
A new day is dawning.

Carden: Whenever we see the image EAST/WEST it means the RV/GCR is moving from EAST - as in Australia time zones, to West, as in USA time zones with PST being the last one.

T.O.T.: It looks like based on all that happened in the last few days that BRICS probably drew the line in the SAND being 7-25-2014(7-7-7 given by CL) and even though they teased Okie and stopped it the BRICS have decided to move forward and locked the USA out so that they can't stop it.  Countries are joining the BRICS and we are left behind.

Flash Gordon: The infinite plan ... . 
U F O L D I N G ! 
R I G H T !
B E F O R E O U R 
E Y E S ! !

GT: Ok....Back to the Clues.
USA attempted to access the BRICS Money....Access Denied (new & improved back office system).
More Nations (11 known) want to join the BRICS (at some point)!!!
BRICS are influencing the RV to go Public Soon (don't see any dates yet)???
Am I right or wrong?

D Dendrite: The war between the good/bad guys, east/west, angel/devil - the game between the dark and Light ones…being played out as BRICS vs the US, who is festering. Access to the billions is denied to the bad guys. The old, broken SWIFT system has been replaced with a better, more efficient and 100% safe system for BRICS. It is being launched and includes the MINT countries and the next 11 countries

Goodie2014: With the BRICS system now installed, which cannot be removed, the world will now move from an old worn out system, to a new and exciting updated, more efficient, well constructed World Financial system.

My guess:  USA has been denied access to the $100B BRICS financial system.  There's been some Good guy against buy guy stuff, but in the end BRICS is 100% Safe, secure, moving forward and cannot be removed. We now have(for the first time in the History) an independent world wide banking system.  This is GREAT news!!

Susan A. Smith: The war between good and evil, is between the East and the West. The healing of a nation darkness against the light, requires moves of strategy-as in the game of chess. The battle is between the BRICS and the United States of America. Festering, is 100 billion dollars, in which access is denied. There is a new villain. There is money laundering.

Condor: Chess match going on between good and evil- between BRICS and USA. This must play out to remove any illusions.

Michael: I know the BRICS have established a development fund of 100 Billion. Maybe the IMF want acces.

GT: Good vs Evil......BRICS vs USA

Chicago: Is EXO going to reiterate that there "will be no more nuclear wars or bombs ever used again" as stated 3.5 years ago - by Our Galactic Family? 
They also promised us no major devastating natural events - and there haven't been.


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7-26-14 Mary Sherritt: LESSON 1: DINAR RATES AND CONTRACTS:Background: Each country has a currency it uses for its citizens and government to transact business. The USA has the US Dollar (USD). Canada has the Canadian Dollar (CAN). Iraq has the Iraqi Dinar (IQD), Serbia has the Serbian Dinar, Vietnam has the Dong (VND), China has the Yuan, Mexico has the Peso, the new EU has the Euro (EUR), Norway has the Kroner.You will find areas of the globe that use a similar nomenclature for the countries there. For example many South American countries use a peso but each country has its own. North America uses the dollar but Canada and the USA each have their own dollar. Most Middle Eastern countries use the dinar, but each one has its own. So there is an IRaqi dinar, a Kuwaiti dinar, a Serbian dinar, a Jordanian dinar, a Qatar dinar, etc.

Asset backed vs Fiat Currency: The Iraqi dinar is different from other world currencies in that it is required to be asset backed. This is an attempt by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the UN, the US Treasury and everyone else you can think of (except the Federal Reserve in the USA!) to push world currencies to asset backed instead of merely a printing press (known as FIAT money). The USA used to be gold-backed until Nixon took us off the Gold Standard in 1971 because we did not have sufficient gold to back all the outstanding money. The USA is now a fiat-based system.

Exchange Rates and Spreads: Each country currency can be traded for a different currency from another country. There are published exchange rates, typically found on Foreign Exchange sites, such as FOREX, Oanda, US Treasury, etc. Banks will have their exchange rates as well. There are differences in the rates for which the FOREX (like you find at an airport) or bank will BUY your currency which are less than the Sell rate. The difference between the BUY rate and the SELL rate is called the SPREAD. This parallels the BUY/SELL philosophy of buying and selling stocks or mutual funds. Of course, in our case with the dinar we want the smallest spread because we are the SELLERS and the bank is the BUYER.

I doubt if the spread among banks will vary much as it is not in their interest to do so at this point.

IF you SELL Canadian dollars today, the Bank of America will BUY them for .8743 US Dollars. Thus you would sell one Canadian dollar and receive back 87 cents in US coins for the transaction. IF you offered to sell US$ because you wanted Canadian you would get $1.08 Canadian dollars back.

Here are the BUY / SELL rates for the Iraqi dinar today on Oanda:

Selling 1.00000 USD you get 1,160.56 IQD (so your dinars are worth something today even)

Buying 1.00000 USD you pay 1,171.10 IQD (this is what we will be doing but after the RV this rate will CHANGE!)

DINAR RATES: For about 3 months the rates have been kept ever so quiet. All I can do is remember the rates from months ago to report here. They are not likely to match the rates when the RV happens!! Those are the numbers you might find on FOREX when the RV occurs, or posted on Oanda, BofA, etc. THis is for examples only.

Iraqi Dinar international rate: $3.71 (this means when you present one dinar they will pay you $3.71 USD for each one)

Vietnamese dong: $2.10 (Again, you will get $2.10 for each dong presented)

History of Dinar: IN 2003 the world agreed to devalue the Iraqi dinar (which then was at about $3.40 or $3.70 US) to almost zero to prevent Saddam Hussein from squirreling away money that the international community had been giving IRaq. No bank worldwide would take the dinar any longer and still won't. The US and other allied countries accepted the worthless dinar as payment for freeing Iraq and paying for the war, knowing that one day the dinar would be valuable again and their countries would be repaid. The intent was to ReValue the dinar at some point when Iraq reached stability and had emerged from bankruptcy. Well all that has now happened. We just await the RV itself now.

Iraq via this ReValuation (RV) process will have asset-backed currency. Iraq has oil, gold, diamonds aplenty to support a substantial value for the dinar. The world is very interested in its oil reserves.

Dinar Contract Rates: Thus, the US and China have negotiated with Iraq that for each dinar they present back to Iraq during the RV (meant to help Iraq collect all the large notes that are outstanding worldwide that have been needed for the awful rate Iraq has endured for 10 years), that Iraq will provide one oil credit to that country at $32. This means that both the USA and China can obtain a barrel of oil for $32 while it is currently selling on the open market for over $100 a barrel. THis is a pretty good deal!

Enter the Citizens who own dinars. Bush's Ex Order 13303 in 2003 allowed not only the US GOvt to own dinar but the US citizens as well. However, that is not widely known. Only a select few know. Thus, they own dinar and will benefit richly from the playing out of the ReValuing of the dinar.

Dinar Contract Rates will have a high level and low level within each of the US Contract rates and Chinese contract rates because both countries want those oil credits. Remember the FOREX international rate will be about $3.71. Months ago the rates I was hearing were:

CHINA High rate: $36 Low rate: $32

USA High rate: $27 Low rate: $20

Why are these rates different? China is willing to pay more for those oil credits priced at $32 than the USA because buying a barrel of oil at $32 instead of $100 is a good deal and China needs the oil. So CHina pays us $36 for one dinar, buys a barrel of oil for $32, saving $68 on the market price of $100 for a barrel, then subtracts the $4 they had to pay us extra, netting $64 for China for each barrel of oil. It is not rocket science to imagine that China would be willing to pay more than $36 if it had to because it is still a good deal for China.

In the case of the USA, we have our own oil so we are not as desperate for oil. The USA would pay us $27 for a dinar, making $5 on each one since they turn our oil credit around and sell it to Iraq for $32; thus they buy a barrel of oil at $32 and make/save another $68 if oil remains at $100; so the USA makes $73 ($68 plus the $5 discounted purchase of the dinar) for each dinar the UST can gather to present to Iraq.

The object of the game is the same, each country is merely playing it differently: obtain oil for $32 a barrel from Iraq.

WHY THE TWO CONTRACT RATES? Because the USA is trying to make more money. If you take the higher rate the tax rate will SUPPOSEDLY be the capital gains tax rate, and remember the USA is offering to pay you $27 (or whatever the rate comes out at). IF you take the lower rate, the US Govt has SAID (CAUTION: no law is in place, it is merely words!!) that they will give you a tax break, plus it cost them less to buy the dinar from you and they make money both coming and going, so they can reduce your taxes.

International Rate vs Market Rate vs Contract Rates: The International rate above is about $3.71. That is a guesstimate. This will be the rate at which Iraq deals with the world, such as in paying for goods, etc. This will be the rate on FOREX and OANDA and the CBI (Iraq Central Bank), etc. Currencies are not normally taxed when converted. If you buy a currency as a stock then it is, but not if you present raw currency for trade. (THERE is some disagreement on this point).

Let us consider for a moment that the rule is currency presented is not taxed. Then you can present your dinar at FOREX and get $3.71 (less FOREX's spread). FOREX will present the dinar to the UST. Then the UST still gets an oil credit but this time having paid only $3.71 for it, saving over $23 apiece on this end ($27-$3.71). THEN the UST buys a barrel of oil for $32 making the oil pretty dang cheap! Remember it sells on the open markets for $100! So the USA makes $68 on that end. In total the USA makes $91 on this deal. So the rumor is there will be no tax if you exchange at the international rate.

The USA Is not stupid. They know they could give a small bonus to entice you to sell your dinar at a cheap rate and not the lowest rate to eliminate FOREX. So the USA is offering (last we knew) a Market Rate, which will be about $5 or $6. That still saves the USA about $20 apiece on this end. The tax situation has not been stipulated. SO in the end the USA still makes about $88 per barrel of oil at this rate. 





Just heard from nephew's banker:
says - "that all steps are complete and just waiting for his GM to announce that the appointments will start coming in. Expecting it to go Monday or Tuesday"

Looks like this is finally it. 



GOOMBA1: A big announcement at 7:00 P.M.  

MARCIA: This has nothing to do with anything. If the clue is meant as more Intel at 7:00, then it is only 7:00 in one time-zone.... probably East Coast since most sites report using EST. Use Pacific time and then it is 4:00.


Zebari said in a televised interview with "Al-Jazeera", said the coming days will reveal a lot of secrets. He predicted that the decision is to choose a candidate as prime minister within two weeks, adding that it is the prerogative of the National Alliance, and must be accepted by the Sunnis and the Kurds and the Shiites themselves.


7-26-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar   [Are you expecting this to go to the federal court?]  Not sure yet if that will be necessary but it could come done to a legal definition.   It is not over until it is over meaning a new PM nominee that is acceptable to all.  This issue "largest block" is a contentious issue and I don't see it resolved yet until either the courts make a ruling or the SOL has enough defections come over to the coalition as to effectively change the dynamic within the NA to allow for the coalition to present its nominee.  That is why this may end up in the courts whether they like it or not.   I hope I am wrong but if the SOL has the legal right to call the nominee, this won't be over for months if this year at all.   [post 2 of 2]

7-26-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
  Article quote:   "...the swearing began talks on forming the next government amid controversy over naming the largest parliamentary bloc."   it comes down to this.  Who's interpretation will the courts go with and what determines the biggest block.  Maliki's interpretation or the coalition (Jubuori).   Jubouri says it is whoever has the most MP'S on the day they vote and Maliki  continues to  insist he won the election and they are the owners.  Let me simplify. Jubouri will win this argument in the court if they will hear the case and make a ruling and when they come to that conclusion through the courts, the coalition will by pass the SOL altogether. The SOL as a political party will have committed suicide and will become irrelevant altogether maybe even no longer existing as a major party.  Constitutional interpretation will determine how this ends.  Very nice job Jubouri. 


Happy R.V./GCR the day will be filled with disinformation. the admiral is still being told he is too be ready at the drop of a dime. The driver will pick him up when they are ready...this is the third time since april we have been on this kind of alert

the TRN's were paid out this morning on a trillion dollar deal that is a secret so we are not supposed to know it paid out at 7.00 dollars per dinar the 45 countries 30 of them on the verge of bankruptcy received just over $6.00 per dinar close to $7.00. and the other 15 countries would be broke this monday because they are relying on the worlds help to stay afloat. 

the Brics counties stall has actually been their involvment of linking the treasury and the brics software for them to jive...another secret we are not supposed to know. we must all try to understand the powers that be are lying to us as if thats what we deserve. the republic is about to be at war with the nato and the countries and powers of the world are in colusion to destroy the dome of the rock in isreal. 

they have an agenda to begin the temple of solomon on that very site. the badguys believe they can call down God by their genocides and distractions throughout the world. The opec nations are the leaders behind many things follow the money.the brics go online the PP's are still expected to go tomorrow and the historical bonds will then pay out the rest of the humanitarian projects and such. the public is being told they will wait until july28th to august 8th. as the politics of iraq are pointedly designed to lead the public by means of deception by the main stream media. 

But information has it that the budget is set the country of iraq is set the politics are set the only ones that are finished is the worlds Global currency reset. The USA is in trouble because the Bible is pointing to the next thing to happen is the clown that carries the key to open the abyss to release the 51/2 months of trouble will it be the feather in the throat or the wasps that sting. May God have control not man. The world is a script according to the Author of the Plan and the Powers that be. God Bless you all Keep your enemies close and your family safe from them.


Wilbur grodan:Ag closed at or near the HOD today. This is bullish for next week. The problem for new market entrants may come in the form of a substantial move before our markets open MONDAY. This is the in-your-face 'hard way' recently mentioned. MONDAY activation of the BRICS development currency complex is a natural consequence of a hard dollar sell off. It could start in JA MONDAY morning and would be consistent with this set of intel pics. Sound reasonable?


[Papajack] Good Morning everybody how are things this morning?

[Papajack] My computer has a mind of it's own this morning

[Papajack] The bad guys are probably listening in on me, but they are going to jail soon I hope.

[Papajack] They don't like it when you expose their evil ways.

[mrbiz] The Good Guys are listening too

[Papajack] By now everybody knows where I stand, they run for cover.

[Papajack] I've been in this thing going on 7 years, it sure has been an education, and Okie has been in it longer than I have.

[Papajack] Don't worry about interrupting me there's not much to say, everybody does their job to get the RV done and the Cabal always finds an excuse to derail it at the last moment so they can continue their Smoke and Mirrors conman games.

[Papajack] Here's one for you, when we are born they issue a Birth Certificate in all capital letters so they can say YOU are a corporation and under their corporate fraud and their fraudulent legal system so they can steal from you all your life. Then they issue a SSN so they can steal more.

[1166] straw man issues

[darkeningskies] Papajack yes, and use you as an asset for the corporation, and at the same time smugly claim that slavery is no longer a problem within the USA

[Papajack] But if they keep dumbing down the kids they can keep the shellgame going. Their greatest fear is America finding out the truth. Keep this in mind when you exchange post RV, they won't suddenly just become honest.

[Papajack] You are most likely going to have to stand up for yourselves as most of our elected officials are on the bad guys payroll in both parties.

[Papajack] Admiralty Law is the British legal system under the Cabal, that's why lawyers have to pass the BAR which means British Accredited Registry which is against our Constitution, again a deception but we were all born into the fraud.

[darkeningskies] 1166 and use words that have another meaning then normal folks think. I understand Blacks 4th edition law dictionary, is considered the best one to look at.

[Papajack] These are just a few of the things the NEW REPUBLIC will change, we go back to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that was hijacked by the Act of 1871. So for 143 years the bad guys have been scamming America.

[Papajack] Just think how different things would be if they taught the truth in our schools.

[Papajack] The reason we are still waiting is they are working to do away with the Cabal financial system we know as the Federal Reserve which wants to keep the fraud going while the rest of the world is trying to get back to an asset backed currency system. You see the FRN's are just paper backed by nothing but promises of the people we know we can't trust.

Thus the reason we need the TRN's so we exchange into the new system. The bad guys want the old system to keep going that is rigged in their favor known as the PETRODOLLAR which requires all natural resources worldwide to be traded in FIAT dollars. This is what the BRICS are fighting and why we need to keep an eye on them.

[Papajack] This is what the GOOD guys are working on behind the scenes on our behalf. I hope this helps you all know what we are up against in getting this adventure done.

[Papajack] I know all the delays are frustrating but when you know why the wait is more tolerable.


[Papajack] You don't want to exchange into a crooked system and have your blessings stolen the Good guys want the blessings to make the world better.

[darkeningskies] Papajack because soon we in the USA will become a Republic again

 [Papajack] That beats the devil with an ugly stick.

[Papajack] We are on the winning side and history will prove it.



7-26-2014Tony: [via Adept1]   Speaker has been announced publicly, and the President as well.  All the positions have been selected, and it just hasn’t been made public for the PM. That means we only need one more person before we get the RV.    I don’t think it will take months for that to happen.   We feel good with everything we’re hearing over there and over here. We’ve heard several people say they want this to go to the 1st of January.  As far as I know, almost everyone wants to get this done right now.  [As far as dinar and dong go, you don’t think it will go past October?]  I don’t think it’s going to go past this month!  Are there people still trying to drag it out?  Yes, but right now we are looking good.  We hope this is the great weekend you’ve been looking for the last ten years. 

7-26-2014 DC:
 [via Adept1]  In Iraq...everybody is happy there is a President and Speaker of the Parliament. The PM is selected but not public. The ISIS continues to be routed, and normal political stability is actually working. Everyone is ready, announcements have been made about announcements, and recordings have been done.  They are just waiting for those to go out for the RV notices.   Many organizations are physically represented in Iraq now, helping out with  various issues including the RV.  It’s really hot in Baghdad right now!  In DC the IMF is ready and coordinating timing on this event.  Once the PM is announced, it will be really hard to stop this thing from happening.  [Is dong going to have a contract rate?]  They are definitely giving a a contract rate for the dong; There are two contract rates for the dong...we just don’t know how prolific it will be. [ Do you think they will announce the PM in the next couple of days?]  They have planned the celebration to do that now, but it does have to be coordinated through the IMF and others because the announcement and RV are supposed to occur at the same time


The currency of Vietnam is called the dong and has been pegged to the US dollar for a very long time. The dong has been devalued consistently over the last 4 decades to facilitate the exportation of dollar inflation. Within the country the dollar is predominately used and loans by local financial institutions are predominately denominated in dollars. But all of this is about to change.

The Vietnam Business Forum has been working on methods of stabilizing the Vietnamese dong and its Macroeconomic Policy Working Group (MAG) has just released its recommendations and they are dramatic to say the least.

As reported by Vietnamese Dong News, the following quotes are taken from the substance of the MAG report.

“Yuan, the currency of China, the second largest economy in the world, and Vietnam’s biggest trade partner, has never gotten a foothold on the foreign exchange market in Vietnam.”

The implication from the report is why would Vietnam continue to use and peg the dong to the US dollar, who it does only marginal trade with, when in reality China is Vietnam’s largest trading partner.

“Experts: heavy dependence on US dollar not good for Vietnam.”

Extremely self-explanatory.

“The report released by MAG last week pointed out that Vietnam’s dollar-pegged foreign exchange policy has had a negative impact on its trade balance.”

This is obvious and timely. We covered the reasons for this in the post “Why the Vietnamese Dong will Reset”.

“In terms of Vietnam’s sovereign debts, its biggest creditors in 2012 included Japan (34.5 percent of Vietnam’s total foreign debts), the World Bank (28.8 percent), and ADB (15.5 percent). As such, Vietnam’s foreign debts have been valuated not only in the US dollar, but also in other hard foreign currencies, including JPY, SDR and EUR.”

Of course the SDR is the mechanism by which most sovereign debts will be restructured. Debt will be consolidated and packaged as SDR bonds.

“MAG’s experts commented that it is unreasonable for Vietnam to follow a dollar-pegged foreign exchange policy, while its trade and foreign debts depend on other foreign currencies.”

With China being Vietnam’s largest trading partner we can assume which currency is being referred to here.

“Therefore, Vietnam has been recommended to apply a new foreign exchange policy which allows it to valuate the Vietnam dong in correlation with more than one foreign currency. This will be a reasonable choice which helps both stabilize the exchange rates and ensure the flexibility of the nation’s policies.”

The operative phrase in the quote is “a new foreign exchange policy”. As stated, it is likely that the dong will be pegged to a basket of currencies. Which baskets now exist outside of the Euro and the SDR? None. But with the announcement of the BRICS Currency Market Stabilization Fund this week and its $100 Billion injection from the BRICS countries, it is possible and probable that the BRICS currencies will form a stabilization basket from which other currencies, like the ones belonging to the Next Eleven countries, of which Vietnam is a member, can peg too and stabilize.

“Now is the right time for Vietnam to follow the new policy, as it now has all the necessary conditions to do this. Vietnam has wide economic openness, but it <does | should>not depend on any one trade partner.”

The right time is strongly implying imminence. The BRICS Development Bank and the currency market stabilization fund are vital components of the policy being described by MAG.

“Therefore, if it were to apply the policy, Vietnam would be safe from the shocks in other foreign currency markets, if and when they occur.”

This statement is suggesting sudden and dramatic adjustments to the foreign currency markets, which is likely focused on the US dollar and the coming changes to its status as the world’s primary reserve currency.

It is almost surreal that what we have been describing from the beginning is now taking place. The world is on the verge of huge and dramatic changes.

The BRICS currency basket will eventually be integrated into the larger macro SDR basket, most likely at the end of the year when the 2010 Code of Reforms are finally passed and the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund is restructured. This fits perfectly with what we have described as the local currencies of countries consolidate into regional currency groups which will then make up the SDR supra-sovereign basket. See the post “The Arcane SDR Supra-Macro Asset”.

The US dollar continues to be isolated around the world and the critical stage of actualization for major adjustments to the currency markets has arrived.

And for those who continue to propose that the BRICS Development Bank will compete directly with the World Bank and IMF, you will be severely disappointed when these organizations begin to announce macro financial agreements. I’ve already discussed how the World Bank has expressed its full support for the BRICS Development Bank in the post The Emerging Multilateral.

The World Bank is also openly supporting Vietnam’s policy group and mandates, as described here. Be sure to read the full article as the World Bank describes how China’s oil rig being placed in Vietnam’s Economic Zone has had no negative effects.

Additionally, the World Bank’s President will be visiting Vietnam on July 16th and 17th to strengthen the partnership. These are the same dates as the BRICS summit from which the official announcements of the New Development Bank and Currency Stabilization Fund will be made.

And as we’ve explained already, the World Bank has offered its full support for the BRICS Bank. This is not a coincidence and is making it increasingly challenging for those who attempt to convince us that their are two opposing sides to the economic reset taking place.

Its obvious that the Vietnamese dong is about to be revalued but how that revaluation will look on the other side is not clearly determined. Those who have dreams of getting rich from the dong reset may in fact see some sort of upside but it is just as likely that capital flow restrictions could very well hamper some of this.

Much is known, as can be attested from the above information, but there still remains large components of this financial reset which have been well hidden. But let us not forget those around the world who have suffered tremendously under the past imbalances, none more so than the Vietnamese people themselves, who have shown strength and perseverance through decades of war and economic sanctions. The fact that they have modernized faster than any other country in the world is a testament to the power of the human heart and mind. – JC


T.O.T:Something to think about, Okie said the PP would start Sunday Afternoon.  So 48 hours would be 4 pm Sunday but for the Prosperity Packages.  The RV that we are looking for should happen prior to the PP.  So, we can expect the RV like tonight or tomorrow.


There is absolutely no delay or holdup whatsoever.  Things
are going exactly according to the specific time constraints as
outlined by the PTB via Kerry and Biden weeks ago. 

We are still well within the parameters set by the AOP.  We are actually 6 days ahead of schedule.  All of the major players in Iraq, the United States andBritain are ecstatic about the speed and efficiency of the political and economic  progress of the newly formed government. 

The Maliki problem was dealt with by Jabouri and McGurk in a meeting with Hakim and Sadr the results of which will be announced shortly. They are also dealing with a major ISIS offensive which is being squashed in real by
 the PTB special ops. The constitution stipulates they now have 15 days from Thursday to name their PM. This morning Grand Ayatollah Sistani said in no uncertain terms that Maliki must go one way or another for Iraq to remain within the specific time constraints of the constitution.  

Their recent TV newscast have consistently reported to
their citizens that the security threat is diminishing and the newly formed special committees will immediately ratify a budget in conjunction with the necessary laws to allow the CBI to initiate the necessary economic reforms up to and including the deletion of the zeros otherwise known as the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. 

Based on newly acquired top level intel the new confirmed window for the CE/IR/RI/RV is Monday July 28th thru Friday Aug. 8th.


EXOGEN July 26, 2014 at 9:01am But you have to also look at the London Fix, TRN's, Gold, Metals, Platforms, Swift System, BRICS etc to FULLY understand this. Most Iraq news articles are DAYS old. Our contacts in Iraq get us information before it becomes an ARTICLE. And if you do not have global FINANCIAL contacts you will not get what is going on with the BANKING side. Just like the 15 countries who just TRADED and used IQD 48 hours ago to save their ECONOMY or SEE rates on BANK Screens in REAL Time.

EXOGEN July 26, 2014 at 8:58amThe prime minister is already in place. Just like the Kurdistan BUDGET is COMPLETED!!!

EXOGEN July 26, 2014 at 8:56am See the new President in IRAQ will make the announcement of the NEW Prime Minister. That is why it was so important to get the President seated for the process to WORK 


Exogen: Where we are?  Days left.....

T.O.T: Based on the BRICS, I am thinking 3 days at the most