Monday, July 21, 2014


LBJ brief summary:  Close friend called me, at one of the big four. Teller friend told him she heard RV was IMMINENT. He is super honest guy.


Three ways to protect yourself from a dying dollar

I recently wrote to you about the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation – the eastern bloc I think will come to dominate the faltering eurozone. It includes Russia, China, Iran and plenty of smaller nations that are bullied by US-led sanctions and dollar asset confiscation. They’re saying to the USA: “We don’t need your currency system!”
And now the counter-attack gets fiercer still.
That’s because there’s a group of nations that overtakes even the SCO’s power. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (the ‘BRICS’) just announced the first stage of their own new currency system.
These guys are fed up with the US and Western-centric banking and foreign policy, and now they’re doing something about it. They’re setting up the institutions you need if you’re going to run the world’s reserve currency yourself, like a mini-IMF and development bank.
Not that you’d hear much about it in the Western media. This is a story that many in the West would rather gloss over. It’s a story that says we’re in terminal decline, that it’s only a matter of time before the new powers flick the switch on us.
Today let’s look at how we got to this point, and more importantly, what you and I can do to protect our investments when the domination of the dollar does finally come to an end.

The emerging markets want their dues

After the Second World War, the US was the only major superpower, and certainly the only country with any money.
A new financial world order was created, and alongside it came institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bretton Woods agreement. This confirmed the US dollar as the preeminent currency for cross-border transaction.
But since then, the US has lost a lot of its clout – and emerging markets have become more and more powerful.
Today around 20% of global trade comes from the emerging markets, a percentage that could be much higher if they were allowed more control over the global monetary system.
And yet they hold only 11% of the votes at the IMF’s table…
For years the IMF has promised change. In 2010 they promised a series of reforms that would give the southern and eastern nations a greater share of the pie. Alas, nothing has happened, and given Russia’s recent branding as pariah, there’s little chance of meaningful change happening.
So how have the emerging nations responded?

They’re cutting out the middleman

Well, they’ve given a great big two-finger salute to the IMF.
Last week the BRICs signed an agreement to set up both a new development bank – capitalised at $50bn – as well as a ‘contingent reserve agreement’ (CRA) to bail out members in trouble, potentially stocked with $100bn.
The development bank will make loans to enable the emerging markets to establish key infrastructure projects – things that will bring electricity, transport, telecoms and water projects on line.
The contingency fund will help ward off speculators from trashing local currencies and help them help themselves during times of financial stress.
And to top it off, they’re setting up a system that will allow them to hold their massive reserve savings out of reach of the powerful Western nations and their hugely conflicted interests.
These commitments are formed on bilateral currency swaps that specifically avoid the US dollar. And that’s the point – while they all use the dollar as a mechanism for valuing their own currency, they no longer need the dollar to effect transactions.
And while this might sound like an insignificant circumvention, believe me, this new development has serious global significance. This is no idle threat.
You and I need to realign our interests, but how?

Three ways to protect yourself

Make sure you’ve got exposure to emerging markets

It’s true that in the past, these markets have been highly volatile. But, of course, that’s because the West has made them that way. During times of stress, the Western banking system has hung them out to dry. Right now, these guys are saying “No more!” and I suspect that the emerging markets will prove even more defiant going forwards.

Make sure you’re well stocked up on resources

Oil, gas and key minerals will be in increasing demand. The southern and eastern nations are pushing ahead with infrastructure projects, and a plan to take a seat at the high table. All of this requires resources. To my mind, we’re still in the middle of a global commodities bull market, it’s just that there’s been bit of a slowdown. Take a 20-year view on commodity stocks, and I don’t think you’ll go far wrong.

Keep an eye on precious metals

The Bretton Woods system was established on a dollar/gold relationship. Basically, a nation’s trade would be transacted in dollars and settled in gold. As we all know, that relationship was dropped in 1971. However, the emerging world is starting to impose its own rules now. And that looks increasingly like a new Bretton Woods – call it a Shanghai Woods.
The new world bank is to be established in Shanghai, Russia will hold the first chairmanship, India will be the first president, and Brazil will chair the board of directors. A regional office will be established in South Africa – yes, Africa is very much involved in the new regime.
I think that this emerging world bank will dwarf that of the current system in due course. These are the guys that are building a savings resource, these are the guys that are feeding the world economy’s consumer appetite. While Western nations bloat on the welfare/warfare state, the south and east make hay.
This is a game-changer. Hold your hands over your ears if you want, but I, for one, am taking this very seriously.
More to come.


Update From an Anonymous Person: Our Investments are in a very good Place right now. Let me finish my Point. The Bad Guys are not pocketing the matching funds no more the intelligence cowboys are back to work the Republic is silently in place and getting ready to do their thing. The bad guys are going to trade their million-dollar suits for shared underwear. 

The Central Bank of Iraq president Turki has been given the opportunity to remain in his position as its in the worlds favor to revalue the currency. The Parliament is resetting the budget to include the reality rate to be approved by the IMF and then signed ito law at this point don't look for anything to happen according to rules laws and/ or constitutions the world is allowing the back peddle process to keep everyone out of the know. It looks like at this point that everything is now being demanded to get-r-done.....and expected in the next 48 hours The world financial systems are still busy trying to highjack the souls of mankind. 

And this Financial reset will help us to put a stop to their crap. They have no souls and their cause is to depopulate the earth. Your LOVE will become the biggest helpmate to change things back to where it needs to be. We need to concentrate on ending the wars and human suffering. CREATE JOBS, and plan for Humanitarian aid. whatever it is in your heart There is a way to take the MONEY you are about to receive and do well with it. Many folks do not know what this is about. 

The Five Star millionaire tour has been a great success You new millionaires If you need me I am right here.........We are setting the TRADES up now and Bond Sales do not buy bonds unless you know how. The thieves are out in full force...........................PUBLIC EXCHANGE ON FRIDAY.


Bluwolf Update ... Monday July 21... 4:45 PM Pacific

Update from the sand box, meetings are taking place without interruptions and this is a swell sign, key positions are to be voted upon shortly, please remember folks this like everything in God's eyes has a perfect timing and place.

And we are at that pinnacle place and time right now,

if you were to stick to the original plans you will be greatly rewarded,

I will be back to congratulate all God's warriors just as soon as I get the notification that the PM is fully seated and that should be at any moment. All are ready to receive, UN, UST, IMF, BIS and of course Wells Fargo.  

Be blessed Bluwolf Na'maste


Message from Deep Source(s): "Nothing Last Forever"

07-21-14   7:47 PM EST

"Please be aware that within this process, there will be deception and misinformation to throw us all off. Be aware of the fact that all intel is raw and may or may not be true.

If you have been paying attention, you should realize that there is always something looming in the wake that procrastinates the process. There are no excuses. It is simply a person telling another person that he's catching his flight tomorrow, but does not get on due to problems.

This then repeats over the course of everyday and the other person perceives to no longer believe him. But the fact remains, the flight is real and he is trying to catch it.

This process is agonizing and frustrating, but nothing last forever. Results will show up sooner or later, hang-on folks."


  1. The meetings discussed on Friday were FINALIZATION meetings and they were successfully completed - some more finalization meetings are going on today, as well.
  2. Tony says the call on Friday had some unexpected listeners that we were honored to have listening.  They were impressed with the PIF (pay it forward) plans expressed and very complimentary of what they heard.
  3. And there are STILL some people who don't want us to get paid said Tony.  But, far more are on our side.
  4. Iraq - GOI announcements waiting on FINALIZATION of meetings of the RV - Iraq is READY. Have been ready for quite a while - It is a COORDINATION ISSUE with "everybody else"  says DC.
  5. International politics are what we are now waiting on.  - That's what the finalization meetings were about Friday and today.
  6. Timing of RV is very very secret
  7. Previous attempts  to RV allowed way too much advance notice which allowed "monkey wrench" delays to continually be employed.  NOW they are saying it could go at any time so NO advance notice to eliminate those delaying tactics we all hate.
  8. The expectation as of TODAY is that Tony and DC WILL be allowed to pass out the 800# info!!  (yay!)


7-21-14 TNT TONY CC (Notes by Duke):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#


T= Tony        DC= DC Guy            C= Caller

T - Good afternoon, TNT. It's a great day in the neighborhood. DC is here. It was a nice, quiet weekend, right DC? Everybody understand that we had a really good call on Friday about meetings and decisions taking place. Over the weekend you were expecting tweets to keep you informed. There are still meetings going and all those people are still getting together to make final decisions. There was no hold-up, fuss or fight. Just final decisions, some of what need to be made today. We are close to the end. Sometimes the madness will stop. The call we had on Friday was informative for a whole lot of people, esp. people who didn't know who dinarians are. They were interested in your goals and plans for all this money.

T - There are def people out there who don't want you to have it. But there are many more people proud to be on your side after Friday's call. We showed how we can help our fellow man. So, thank-you for expressing that part.

DC - Our phone call on Friday had some unexpected people listening. They were very complimentary of us. The rest of the world is moving towards the RV. East to west: first of all, they have everybody picked out and ready to go. There was a little fussing. The articles are a little behind the times. But we understand every position is picked out and ready to go. They are waiting for specific timelines - 2 they are working on. They have been trying to hold off until the 3 main positions are released. CBI, new speaker, PM, etc. are all ready.

DC - The fighting in Anbar is being dealt with and they are decimating the ISIS. Iraq is ready to go. Not much else to say. Timelines have been leaked out (but not by us). T - Iraq is great. But that's what you said on previous calls. Why is that? DC - Simply, because they have been ready. It's now just a coordination schedule with everyone else. They have been trying to coordinate with the int'l community, specifically the USA.

DC - The UN Security Council is okay with everybody they've picked. The IMF is helping with their usual stuff. The US is helping with some coordination. There are a little bit politics being played about when it gets revealed. Quite simply, that's what we're waiting on. Not that much has changed. Everybody was quite happy with the outcome of the meetings over the weekend. It's kind of a non-answer, and there's not that much to say.

T - And that's a good thing. There's really not that much more to say. Banks have been ready for months and months now. Final plans are being laid out. The IMF is ready. BIS is ready. World Bank is ready. Iraq definitely has everything they need, from their banking system to the QI Cards, to the GOI, speakers, PM, president, etc. It's all got to be coordinated to that one hour so speculators don't jump on it. That's really the fine point. Others can say this and that has to happen, but most of those things have already happened.

DC - Timing is being extremely closely-held. They want everybody involved to be really, really prepared. In the past they spent hours and hours going through it, training, checklists, etc. Then somebody got in the way and messed it up. So the mentality now is to basically give everybody a super-broad timeline, pull the trigger, and let everybody catch up with it. They told everybody they are free to pull this trigger at anytime they want to and let everyone catch up. That makes sense.

T - That makes sense. They can't give too much time or someone will mess it up. Finally, there is where we're at. The decision will be made and it will go. No pre-warning to the banks. We're waiting for that one call or tweet, however they decide to do that. What should we expect after it happens?

DC - You'll have a lot of banks scrambling to catch up. Everybody is so well-rehearsed it will go well. There's a 75% chance guru-types (including Tony and myself) will do call and give explanations for about 7-14 days. We're back on to the training calls, we'll get the 800#s to tweet out, then to a very straight-forward calls explaining everything. T - Guys, we have no window, so don't ask. Our goal, for us as dinarians, is to just get through this thing, get our procedures and go. All we need to do is anticipate when the announcement will be made, then have your plan ready when it is.

T - You should have your 10 things ready to go. We're not going to be crazy. They now understand we are not some crazy mob who will riot and tear up the streets. We are educated. Let's prove them wrong that 90% will be broke in 2 years. Have your plan and work your plan.

Q&A beginning…

C - At this point, most of us realize that we get different info for different reasons from different levels. Please explain what you go through to get the intel/info.

T - We get info and try to verify it from 3-4 different gov't sources. We also go out of our area, out of the country. We have Canada, UK, Iraqi citizens, businesses, gov't officials, many different countries (Holland, New Zealand, China, etc.) and they bring us the info and we put the pieces together to put together a likely scenario. We always get more info than we give you because a whole of people can't handle the truth. We try to take that part away from you as much as we can. It can change multiple times a day, i.e., news articles vs. what we already know has taken place. They usually do things 2 days before it's released to us.

T - My phone starts going off at 4:30 AM in the morning to 11PM at night. And those calls aren't for Tony - they're for you. They are trying to help you. This morning, for instance, stuff happened over the weekend. Mandela, MLK, Gandhi went through it. I was asked if I was going to go through it, too.

DC - Most of our sources truly believe they are helping others. A lot of my sources I know personally. My boss told me that Tony is the least full of B.S. That's why I joined this. Why do people put up with the personal attacks? We do it because our sources want to help make a better mankind. We don't always get the best info from high sources. They all have different viewpoints depending on their affiliations, i.e., the UST, Parliament, etc. We put the pieces together.

C - There are no WF banks in West Virginia. I called a lot of their 800#s in the eastern USA and none would discuss anything related to the dinar or dong with me. Where should I go? 

T - They won't discuss it with you until it happens. Afterwards we will get a list of 800#s of banks in your area.

T - I placed an order with Sterling through WF and they closed my account for "risky business practices." These people you're calling now don't know at their level.

C - One of the 800#s I called told me I would have to go to TX to exchange or wait a week to get the money.

DC - Very few banks have a De LaRue Machine that are built to handle the dinar. Most will send it off and credit you overnight.

C - Do we still need CCC (Clean & Clear Certificates)?

DC - Most likely no. However, if you're buying an expensive house where you don't live in one now, they might ask for proof of funds. Most of the time the banker can give they a call on your behalf and verify.

T - Banks have a Foreign Currency Book now. You can go ahead and start checking the 7 specific points you check and verify yourself. Go in there with confidence.

C - On last Wednesday's call you said we need to make a decision and "they" keep wavering back and forth. They've already done this a few times, i.e., back in November, the elite, the F&F program, etc. So, being this close, could they cheat us out of what was promised to us by giving us the int'l rate and telling us to be happy? I get the idea they (PTB) thinks a bit less of us. I don't trust what's going on. 

DC - You're looking for reassurance and, if not, some other scenarios to look into. There are some bad apples in this and history will show it. And law enforcement will deal with that. There are a tremendous number of people trying to maximize and make this as profitable and smooth as possible. The vast majority are very much in that camp.

DC - The vast majority are on our side. It boils down to a lot of people trying to get this done with contract rates. We've always known the contract rates wouldn't be available to everyone but some will get it. If you've been paying attention, those are the ones who will be up front and take advantage of it. But most who gave a 5K note to Grandma, who don't understand all of this, will get the street rate and be happy with that.

DC - In terms of other scenarios, this will be like the wild, wild west. It will be extremely volatile and then settle down like Kuwait. Playing the Forex game is for those with advanced understanding. It's tough to do (playing the market). You could lose your I owe you a 25k dinar for trying to cuss!. The trader's market is full of sharks. The vast majority will take the street rate and that's a great return on their investment.

C - Regarding the 800#s, have you gotten anymore clarification? DC - It's like a yoyo and changes all the time. Right now we feel we will be helping you mostly because of the Friday call and who was on that call listening. If it's not us, fine. But we want somebody to help y'all through this.

C - Is your intel ahead or behind Mtn Goat?

T - I haven't read Mnt Goat lately. DC - Neither have I. 

C - She says August and nothing happens until the PM is picked.

 T - First of all, you have to remember the whole scenario before in April we didn't have to wait for the GOI to be seated. We know those people have been agreed upon. No one is saying they HAVE to wait until August. If they go by their laws they can take until August. But this new gov't is eager and ready to go. There is no doubt that Mtn Goat gets good info and that she tells you something I want to tell you. The only think I don't want to do it go against our own gov't or country, especially if it will benefit our country for the next 40 years. We are only concerned with the dinar and that we get treated fairly here. I tell you I'm in CA because that's where I'm at. I'm not in Germany or pretending to be.

C - I never hear from anybody else about a contract rate, just an int'l rate.

 T - Believe me, if I had never told you about the higher rates my life would be so much easier now. But it made things easier for The Evil word that should never be mentioned again is to prey on you (by you not knowing). But we know thru our sources that those rates should still be in place. Those opportunities will be there for those on these calls and who are actively engaged. They will not be there for 4M other people.

C - Some of us feel there might be some motivation there for the PTB to plan meetings to plan meetings. Frustration gets to the level where they keep putting this off and more of us will say "screw it, just give me an int'l rate." 

T - I understand that. DC - The entire process has made everybody frustrated. It's palpable in everybody I speak with. I don't have words to describe how frustrated I am.

C - Is the dong still with the dinar? T - Yes, I believe it is.

C - Can you take someone with you other than your lawyer? There are people with sight problems who might need help. 

T - If someone is disabled I'm sure they will let you help them.

C - It's hard to find a lawyer. Any suggestions?

 DC - We will all need really good tax attorneys and reps for sure. I just don't have a good answer for you on that.

T - If they do this process like we think they will, I don't think you're going to need an attorney there for the 1st appointment. This first meeting is about signing the NDA and exchanging. Hopefully when we get the package we can review everything. DC - Think "cattle call.”

C - Where can I get good info about different trusts.

 T - Try the forum.

T - I just googled types of trust and lots of info came up

C - Have you gotten any updates from the banks on how they're going to handle reserves? Will they lock in our rate at the 1st appointment? If they won't what happens? 

T - It would be wise and make sense for them to lock in your rate up front, but until we get the package we don't know. Remember that the dealers will be exchanging at the int'l rate. You always have that option. Either way it works for you if it's just that rate. Explore your options, banks, rates, dealers, etc. Don't get locked in until we get the package.

C - Can my adult 3 children go in with me? 

T - No, if they're adults they'll need their own appointments.

C - Can we talk with friends and family that signed NDAs? 

DC - We understand that the NDA is transaction-specific. It will cover everything related to that transaction, so you won't be able to discuss it with anyone. I think it's going to be a big issue.

C - How are you going to know if people get treated fairly and what rates they got if everybody is under and NDA? 

T - We will discuss it with some who have exchanged. We just don't talk to bankers.

C - When EF Hutton talks everyone listens, like the Holy Spirit talks I listen. He told me in January that the Iraqi dinar was going to shoot up overnight this year in July or August.

C - What about Wyoming trusts? Do you know anything about them? 

T - I would definitely talk to a trust attorney. Wyoming does have really good trusts that no one else has.

T - There are ways to structure your trusts if you don't think the beneficiaries can handle it.

C - Earlier DC said there was a decision-maker. Who is that?

 DC - If I said there is one person, then I misspoke. It's a group of people.

C - Are there any ramifications for the US if this is continually delayed? 

DC - Yes, there are all sorts of issues economically, politically, regulations, everything. Delays have a real cost.

T - Ray says the Zim will be ZWN.

C - I have a little dong and dinar. I cannot find receipts but I have the letter of authenticity. 

T - I'm not sure you'll need that. It's a currency exchange of currency for currency. You can always take it back to where you bought it as they'll have record of the purchase. You can go to the bank and at least 1 dealer will come to you. If they want to take it, do it. They won't require receipts as long as it's good currency.

C - Now that we've gotten rid of Maliki's skanky a*s, who's on first now? If it's the Dragon Family, tell them we are humanitarian, not political or bankers. I'm going to have a huge foundation because I don't do anything small. This is causing more stress by waiting. 99% of Americans are fed up with the Cabal, the Bushes, Cheney, et. al. I'm d**n ready. We know what we are going to do and how to do it. Just bring it on!

C - Are they exchanging in Puerto Rico? 

T - Not that I know of. DC - There are several groups there but I don't think they're actually exchanging.

DC - Iraq is ready. There were important meetings on Friday and Saturday. There won't be much spin-up time. They'll pull the trigger and everybody has to be ready. My belief is that all parties are picked. They have enough votes and ready to go. It could be anytime now.

 T - Belief it or not, it was a good weekend. Some decisions were made over the weekend and today. Every agency is ready. All green lights. We're just waiting for somebody to give the go. Again, hopefully we'll be able to send out that RV announcement tweet as soon as possible. I can't give you a window to get you excited, but I can tell it can be at any time. 99% of the people involved are ready and are trying to decide the best time.


[.MikeH] bluwolf welcome to the get team

[bluwolf] hello everyone good evening

[bluwolf] hope that everyone is in complete health and doing well in Jesus name

[bluwolf] we are waiting for the new PM to be announced as seated…from that point on then and only then will we expect this rv

[.MikeH] bluwolf sounds good

[bluwolf] I am only here for a couple of moments

[bluwolf] I will suggest for all to be having all paperworks ready and all dinars and dongs counted with their original receipts
[bluwolf] please remember that is not up to us but to the ptb to push the go button

[bluwolf] are there any questions

[beach] bluwolf do you think it will RV soon?

[bluwolf] jejeje

[bluwolf] of course like I said above once we get notification of the seating of the new PM we shall see this rv

[.MikeH] bluwolf do you have any idea of what the rate might be knowing that the offical rate will not be know until the RV

[bluwolf] look the parlament is all done, the budget approved, all we now need is the announcements of the the president and two pm's and we are through

[bluwolf] Mike i do not give out rates or dates.

 [.MikeH] bluwolf understand

[bluwolf] but its high,very high

 [bluwolf] Anonymous as written by THE SWORD OF ST. MICHAEL: From Barcelona Spain, we get news pertaining to a certain group of people that are holding dinar in Puerto Rico. Seems that a certain two banks from two distant countries managed to lure them in to do a private and illegal exchange of dinars. According to some in these groups they are seeing bank slips with deposits to their names and they all have gotten vouchers or skr's. They were informed that they cannot get their monies until the Puerto Rican government gets its special and unknown 10% on taxes. They informed them that this is the primary delay to their not getting the funds this minute. The truth is that it is completely illegal to do transactions with any currency that has not officially gone international with its revaluation, so for the most part these people have been had by first of all getting a cheap rate, and second they will be surprised when they find out that they will have to wait just like the rest of the really legit groups for the revaluation to occur. It is simply disgusting to even think how these people will feel when they get (and if they get) that cheap rate while all the rest of us get the highest rate already discussed and accepted between the American government agencies and the highly elected bank.

[bluwolf] seems that we are close now right ?

[.MikeH] bluwolf yes it looks very close

[bluwolf] I honestly hope that all will maintain with there original plans.

[.MikeH] bluwolf yes we are all praying that they do

[waynoiam2] What's the holdup

[bluwolf] there is none

[bluwolf] do the right thing both for you and your love ones, this is a one time deal folks, please take advantage of the most highly possible rate.

[bluwolf] do not go fishing…..for you may lose the bait and the rod

[.MikeH] bluwolf that has been my way of thanking all along

[bluwolf] I as a leader want the best for my people.

[bluwolf] and guess what you are my people too

[bluwolf] do not fall for cheap change…..be wise…….its coming.  very swiftly and unannounced

bluwolf] be blessed get team   and have a good night

[bluwolf] when I get my 800# message i will be back

[bluwolf] Na'maste Bluwolf


SITREP (Situational Report)

1:13 PM EST

Deep Source #1:
"The selected individual has not yet received their special briefcase for the release of global funds. Possibly receiving the special briefcase could be in-line with the seating of the PM."

Deep Source #2:

"According to high level sources, the situation in Iraq is improving rapidly. RV imminent. The next couple of weeks will reveal important information."



7-21-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

7-21-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:  "Mehdi al-Hafez: positive movements of the adoption of the budget Simply put, it is believed the 2014 budget can be approved and that there will be a serious endeavor and attempt by the Parliament to do so...even before the complete formation of the government.

7-21-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
 Many of us expect this week to be a pivotal week in the revaluation of our dinar investment. I have to tell you I think it will be but not in the context of a revaluation announcement as most think will happen. Also do not expect other major announcements all happening on Wednesday as some believe it will happen.  We are going to have to wait yet another week for the PM voting process to play out and then we have a very, very good window following that next session on 7/30 to see our RV.  Remember also they have not formally announced the next session after Wednesday’s so it could be bumped up or moved out further. Let’s see what happens. [post 2 of 2]

7-21-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
 we have waited anxiously for he next session of parliament to decide the next “president” if Iraq...this is now the actual presidential position (outgoing Talibani) they will now be voting on along with his two vice presidents in Wednesday’s session.  I strongly believe that these are the only positions they will be voting on in Wednesdays session. They will then take one more week to put the presidents cabinet together and solidify the nominations for the prime minister, the last of the presidential vacancies to fill. This is what I am hearing from my Iraq contact.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

7-21-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [how close r we do u think?]  fairly close - however, I don't think I'm ready to quit watching the news daily (just yet).

7-21-2014   Newshound Guru Chattels    This parliamentary election process may go on for awhile and there is nothing which says that when there is a next and fully seated GOI that our liquidity event will occur. Manage your expectations. This is a distance run of indeterminate length. Pace yourself.  Allow for the unknown unknown

7-21-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3  

7-21-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
    this was a press statement to the citizens this morning [Sunday].   Quote:  "...financial expert Ali Fukaiki importance of adopting measures trade in local currencies across the border for its role in facilitating the smooth flow of traffic of goods and international cargo across the countries that adopt this process."  they are announcing the trade of currencies with other countries which will require a reality rate they are starting international trade with the dinar...they will become internationally recognized through the process of acceptance because of the reserve they have to back it up.  they are calling for it to begin now due to its demand and the supply they have to back it up...the rate is not changed right now but they are asking for it to be activated now according to this.


UU8690 – Moving Forward

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a very brief update on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government  and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

So what has happened this past week and what can we expect this coming week?

I am going to tell you.

Today’s News

Today is now Monday July 21 and we have waited anxiously for he next session of parliament to decide the next “president” if Iraq. I put the president in parenthesis because this is now the actual presidential position (outgoing Talibani) they will now be voting on along with his two vice presidents in Wednesday’s session.
I strongly believe that these are the only positions they will be voting on in Wednesdays session. They will then take one more week to put the presidents cabinet together and solidify the nominations for the prime minister, the last of the presidential vacancies to fill. This is what I am hearing from my Iraq contact.

Many of us expect this week to be a pivotal week in the revaluation of our dinar investment. I have to tell you I think it will be but not in the context of a revaluation announcement as most think will happen. Also do not expect other major announcements all happening on Wednesday as some believe it will happen.

We are going to have to wait yet another week for the PM voting process to play out and them we have a very, very good window following that next session on 7/30 to see our RV.

Sorry everyone !  

Remember also they have not formally announced the next session after Wednesday’s so it could be bumped up or moved out further. Let’s see what happens. I am telling their current game plan now.

Finally  we not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but we are beginning to feel  daylight and it feels very good for the people of Iraq and for us as investors in Iraq.  There is a new government being formed, free of the Iranian influence and Maliki tyranny.

Some are still denying that the speaker of parliament is in fact seated. I have to tell these people that he is and it is done.
All the members of parliament are not also sworn in and have taken their oaths. I have also found out why those 4 candidates earlier were delayed by the judiciary and that was because they already had other positions in the GOI and were forced to first resign.

There was also some hanky panky.. lol….going on with the voting on one candidate. This has all been fixed and in the 7/16 session they have all been sworn in. Its done done done !

Some also believe that since the parliament is seated that the government is seated. This is not true. The government is not fully formed until it is fully functional and meets all the Iraq constitutional requirements for a fully formed government.

Go read the constitution for yourself. This means that Iraq needs all 3 presidents and their deputies and ministers to be seated. We witnessed last week the first of the presidents being seated. We will witness the next in line this week and the following week the plan is to seat the prime minister, the third of the presidents.

Could the plan change?

Yes it could but highly unlikely since now that Maliki and his goons are out of the way. Yes he is gone as I have told you again and again. You did not see it immediately because the old articles had to catch up us outside of Iraq.

They delay the news and also recycle old articles with new dates on them to confuse us. Yes – Maliki is gone !

Did you see the article about him cleaning up his desk and being loaded on an armored vehicles while he waived good bye? This picture was taken almost 2 weeks ago and just last Thursday 7/17 made it to main stream news media. Go figure !

 I want to note I really enjoy listening to and watching this new speaker of parliament Jabouri  at work. I think he is a dynamic leader, honest, tenacious and has the fortitude to do what is necessary to turn Iraq around from the last 8 years and create the necessary stability.

The key word here  is “stability”…hint… hint…lol…. of course he will need the help of the new president and prime minister and all his elected representatives too.

So what can we expect in the coming days?

They must choose a president within 30 days of electing a speaker. The clock started ticking on 7/16. I believe they will have the president announced on 7/23. As the president of the parliament, Salim al-Jabouri opened the door for nominations to the presidency  for a period of three days starting on Wednesday (16/07/2014). So far I have heard all the nominations for president were sent to parliament on time.

They must nominate a new prime minister Within 15 days of the president's election, so this will bring them to a constitutional deadline to seat the PM by first week in August.

I strongly believe they will have a vote in the next session which will be a week from this Wednesday 7/30 and not wait that long. The PM will be seated at that time.
Is Talibani alive?

You know …..lol…..I feel like we are experiencing the ongoing saga of Elvis dying all over again….lol….. Yes – Talibani lives!  They are not using a body double…lol….I have witnessed and talked to Talibani myself just under a year ago now.

He is alive and well but has some lingering handicaps. He is in a wheel chair, a nice fancy one. He had chosen this time to come back to Iraq to assist in the selection of the new Iraq president. After all he is the leading Kurd in the government and the outgoing president.

The position belongs to the Kurds. It is his rightful place now to given support tothe nominees. The question on my mind now is this. Will they allow him to sit in parliament during the voting or ask him to leave in Weds session as they did Maliki and his goons? Lets watch and find out.


From my perspective everything now in the election process has settled down and we are seeing real progress and its all on track.

Maliki and his goons have been eliminated or neutralized in the process. The militants are under control and there will soon be a swift purge to eliminate their influence on the stabilization of the country. Watch for this move….its coming and it will be swift.

Parliament can legally also conduct some business of their own and has now begun to address the budget. They are going to combine the 2014 and 2015 budgets and conduct the readings shortly after the prime minister is seated and the government is fully formed.

This action now is underway.

They are also prioritizing other bills and laws that need attention and so we may see a bundle of laws passed in one foul swoop in the coming month. The budget is not a determining factor on getting the RV completed. In fact it is just the opposite. They need the RV to open the budget.

They are going to jump start their economy and you will soon see it take off. If you are an investor - you are about to witness history in the making. Something all have been talking about for years.

So when will we see the revaluation of the IQD?

Remember that technically the IQD has already revaluated in- country and we are just waiting for the final rollout to the international financial sector. At this time we can go to the bank and exchange.

The CBI has stated many times that they fully intend to complete the rollout process in the coming weeks and so I believe this is their intent and I see no reason now (with more and more stability in Iraq everyday) that this would not happen according to their new plan.

Iraq can not move forward in all the required financial sectors of the international community with the lowest artificial currency rate they have had in 50 years.

Remember also that once you take the “uncertainty” factor  out of the RV process (meaning the State of Law and the Current Maliki GOI) then plans can solidify and they can move forward more rapidly without having to readjust and constantly re-plan every move. Things can now move forward quickly and will. Finally !

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government (all three presidents, deputies and council of ministers are seated) and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in (non-sectarian).

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat


omegaman:don't be surprised if tomorrow holds a surprise..

OSOMAMA:Tomorrow sounds really good, just waiting patently.. 

STAYPUFFMARSHMELLOMAN: Someone said u called The RV today so where is it just wonderibg

OMEGAMAN: nope, i never said today, i did hear from several sources of mine that 7 20 was to be the release of the trading platform funds for the H. Bonds....and that the 23rd was day of Public exchange; today i heard that the Admirals group is on high alert, so we are close..

today is a great day...prepare for an exciting week...

PT and I are in touch, and some of what he tells, i relay; one source is not enough for me to post,  i rely as well on my HK source...which has info regarding the TRN's and the Bonds; now that all is released, it wont be long, and that, IMO is a fact...


Wilbur Grodan: USD is set up for a BIG overnight move

Danny Stein: Yuan replacing the FRN in Iraq right about now.

Omegaman: FRN's will be traded at 8% less than currently; TRN's will be the choice of the world, and US...the delay on the announcement of the TRN was obvoiusly to allow the PTB more time to secure their hide-outs; for when we the Peeps are ready to bring justice to them, they will need a cave in hell to hide themselves, and they will have one..

China must have VND revalued to support its oil and gas deals. This is LONG OVERDUE. The time has run out on their patience over this.
Bottom line for us here is that this rate may be acceptable rate in other countries and NOT IN USA. We may have another "sanction" or "Executive Order" issue to deal with. Meaning, no exchange in USA... ugh!

L KEMPLE: The BRICS are holding the high cards. Time is running out.
The bricks are going around the US to revalue the dinar/dong

The dollar is under extreme pressure due to the BRICS alternative banking system.  Other countries joining and can detour around the dollar.  Dollar not being used in global trade.  Jack Lew involved with trying to keep dollar from crash/burn.  We are watching the value of the dong vs dollar.

WILBUR GRODAN: Tonight looks good for a big gap down in the USDX which is currently flat from the FRIDAY close. Very boring day for the USD so far.


1. FRN's being burned and destroyed world-wide
2. Countries no longer accepting US Dollars
3. Jack Lew under high pressure to release the Asset backed TRN's and time is running out

MATT ROHDE: Burn those frns the trn is live!

RICK W: Look for BRICS to revalue the Dong by detouring around Iraq and the US.

Last minutes games are being played, but time is running out.


WHOO HOO!!!! I finally was able to override my virus protection to get java to work again.

 [Papajack] Not bad for a low tech redneck

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack Woooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo!

 [Papajack] What's the good word?

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack Do you know anything about the Mongolian currency?

 [Papajack] No nothing about Mongolian currency but there are 198 countries supposed to change.

.~dinarmama7] Papajack Thank you. I was asked if 2008 or 2011 is better and I do not know

[Papajack] I have heard there are private exchanges happening and groups are next, then the public. And I heard they will allow Iraq the honor of announcing their currency going international but that is all they have to do with it.

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack If money is flowing it is a good thing.

[Papajack] All has been done for a long time but the Cabal kept doing things to delay so they could keep the old system running but I'm hearing they are on the ropes and the PETRODOLLAR is toast. This BRICS thing is a good sign.

[debann] Papajack thats what i heard , that our dollar is absolutely worthless as of now!

[Papajack] I can't wait until we see the bad guys start doing the perp walk.

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack Would love to see some of them orange non tailored suits

[Papajack] It will surprise everybody, a lot of well known perps.

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack ~ckgdrums Would be a lot better in Sheriff Joe pink rofl

[~ckgdrums] Papajack It will be interesting to see if the actual arrest list matches mine! Lol

[Papajack] Just wait until the truth comes out about who is really crossing our Southern border.

[Papajack] And how those in high places that want our way of life destroyed.

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack It is amazing to me how many "Americans" have not caught on to that yet. HELLO! WAKE UP AMERICA!

[~ckgdrums] What, exactly, do these idiots think is going to happen to THEM, after America isn't America any longer... boneheads!!! :{

[Papajack] My hands are clean I sounded a clear trumpet most of you can remember that. I still feel the same way and I think many are catching on.

[Papajack] The great thing about the NEW REPUBLIC is the CONSTITUTION is already in place all we have to do is expose the FRAUD and boot out the bad guys and their minions. No need for revolution just enforce the real law.

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack Yes and rescind all the illegal ones.

[olesailor] papajack can you give us a hint as to who is really crossing the border?

[Papajack] olesailer Jihadist muslim terrorists and foreign operatives working for the Cabal

[Papajack] I believe the Border is a False Flag event.

[~ckgdrums] Papajack that's not what I wanted to hear... :(

[Papajack] They  has installed very high level Muslim Brotherhood members in high level positions in the Department of Homeland Security. This is well known, they are so arrogant they are not even trying to hide it. They think the public is too stupid to notice.

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack That is so true.

 [Papajack] We just have to trust the GOOD GUYS have it under control.

[Papajack] Sadly most of the younger folks are more concerned about their lastest cell phone and sports team than they are about being free.

[~ckgdrums] Papajack They don't understand what it takes to provide that freedom... THAT is the sad part!

 [Papajack] There is plenty of blame to go around. I'm glad I won't be them when they stand in front of the REAL JUDGE!!!!!

[IUA3] Papajack Amen!!!

[Jubilee] GOod morning Papajack! Been lurking and watching conversation. I am so grateful that God has raised up voices of truth, justice, and exposure of the enemy. You are one of them... thank you.::: Sometimes I think it's so overwhelming, and we have come to the place of feeling powerless to do anything.... that people are afraid to know....

[Papajack] You can't put a band aid on this, the tares have to be pulled out by the roots,  that is what the NEW REPUBLIC does, it is a reset just like the Global Reset. But it is just a starting place we will all have to do our part for it to work. It won't fix everything but it fixes the rigged, fraudulent system we were all born into.

[Jubilee] Papajack I beleive once the truth is put out there for the masses.... there will be a unity in it again.... it just become so convoluted... and it has been a brilliant scheme of delusion.

[Papajack] People really only want the same thing, a safe, happy, place to work and raise a family. It takes a minion of Lucifer to keep people at odds and divided. Most people don't have a chip on their shoulder, when the trouble makers are dealt with there can be unity. I believe most people are basically good it's those that want to control everybody that are the problem.

[.~dinarmama7] Papajack Amen

[Papajack] Well my Honey Do list is long and distinguished so I better get to it. Blessings