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evjnol: Is there a contract rate for the zim or will there only be an international rate?

Dr M J Randy: No contract rate for the Zim. Contracts rates are for the Dinar and Dong only.
          Take care, stay well and God bless.

winneriam: I have heard on many calls that six zeros shall be removed and the rate of the zim will be between .22 and .30 depending on what you're willing to pay in taxes. I cannot fathom China, which is backing this RV, not offering the contract rate since they almost own Zimbabwe now with all of their mines. And, there is more gold and diamonds in Zimbabwe worth more in value than all of the oil in Iraq's reserves. If the RV does not give a good rate for the zim than Vietnam and Iraq, which has tons of Zimbabwe currency in their own reserves will own that country. Either way, if a good rate is not put in front of you, you can exchange the other currencies and hold the zim until it does go up. JMO. 

fitzgerald: ZIM is a Sleeper 


TNT Call Notes 11-July-2014

Tony:  Don’t hit record yet!  I just want to say this part.  I think they intentionally made the report of LeBron going to Cleveland to throw us off this call.  I was a Heat fan;  now I can’t be a Heat fan anymore.  LeBron is gone, and now I have to be a Kings fan again.  Now hit record…

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, July 11th, 2014.  I cannot believe we are all the way there again.  We have a smaller group today, only 109 people with their hands up.  If you have been on in the last two weeks or month, put your hand down and give someone else a turn to ask a very intelligent question.  I like it better when you do that on your own rather than me having to skip you.

This is going to be a difficult for me.  It might be easy for DC.  They asked me not to do some things I planned on doing this morning.  I think  there is way too much BS flying around.  I asked DC to cut me off on this if necessary.  I don’t see a reason why you guys are not at the bank.  There is no major reason for you not be.  There is a reason and I want to tell you, but I don’t see how to without being blatantly honest, which some folks don’t like. Things are being done and discussed, meeting this morning to finalize everything and to get us  to the bank, is my understanding.  DC, before I completely go off… because you know I want to!  DC, where are we at, east to west?

DC:  Parliament is nice and settled with the right folks, good to go over there.  There is a tremendous security gain, so congrats to the Iraqi army and advisers.  Everyone is notified, everyone is retired, and Iraq is pretty much there.  Everyone is in the right spots.

Tony:  They are taking back their towns, M is gone, they have decided who is in what positions;  does Iraq want this to go another six months?

DC:  Iraq wants this right now.  The question is do they announce the positions first, the RV first, or both together. Friday is a holy day in Iraq, so it would be like doing a major announcement in the US on a Sunday.  However, their Saturday is like our Sunday, so… tomorrow is the relaxation day, although some people definitely work on Saturday, and Sunday is the start of their work week.

Tony:  Follow the steps here.

DC:  Everybody is ready whenever they choose the exact time. There are people jockeying for position with respect to the timing, but it’s not truly settled yet.  There are strong arguments for different times in Iraq.

Let’s go to the US, New York first and the European Union.  The UN wants 24 hours for security’s sake, and some folks got a little nervous and they want six hours to settle everything down. Then someone had the great idea to make sure they have everyone in the right spots, then some more conservative guys said, “let’s make sure we get the vote in writing”, and that has been done now.  That was driven by the UN and conservative folks.

In DC, the UST is very eager to get this done and it pushing. The administration is quite ready;  centers and reps are ready, too. Banks are doing group cash-outs, too, and that is going well. Everyone is sitting around waiting for the exact time they do this. There are two different rollout plans that are being debated right now --- the old shotgun approach on the one hand where you just turn it on and let it rip on Forex and the banks, letting us do tweets and other news.  That has been the way many want to do it, but now there is a plan for having a slower rollout in the US, meaning 24-72 hours to send out emails to people and then start appointments.

  If it goes down tonight, for arguments’ sake, it will leak out slowly and then everyone will start making  their appointments for Monday or Tuesday.  That would be helpful for staffing over the weekend, to have the news after Friday night. That is what they are trying to work out now.

Tony: Here is the issue as I see it, squarely on my shoulders, just me.  First of all, this is not rocket science;  we don’t have to reinvent the wheel here.  Giving them a little bit of credit, we have some really bright intelligent people who are in another world, different from our reality.  

ON the 16th floor, they are making decisions for the ants on the street level.   They have never even been that far down, so they don’t realize what is going on in other people’s world..  They are doing their best but don’t look at our world the same way. So they are trying to make decisions based on how they think people will react, rather than just asking people down here. 

They are spending more time complicated something that could be simple.  Instead of sending out advance notice to a couple of thousand people, thinking they will not tell anyone and creating a fire storm, why not cut the dealers off so that no one can order any more? Say “this is when it will start for everyone, and no one goes to the bank until this time”, so that people can call the 800 numbers and set up their appointments knowing what to expect.  That would be so much better than letting it leak out and then having people rush the banks. 

 If they let everyone know and let us go over the NDA with them so that they know that and can feel comfortable at the banks, and the same with the contracts with the three options, A, B and C., then the bankers don’t have to answer that over and over again because people will get that on the call! 

 That would make a lot of sense if they are worried about chaos and people storming the bank.  It will go much smoother if they let people know what to expect, and when they get to the bank, that is what happen. People get caught up in indecision, when there is a simple way to get everyone through the process.  Keep it simple!

DC:  That plan has resurfaced again, in terms of the how the US rollout will be.  Internationally It has already occurred, and now they are talking about how to keep people calm, with good security. They have had how many years to figure this out?!  Frankly, it keeps changing based on who is in charge, their affinities, and their inclinations towards those in the process.  

Personal grievances are clouding the lenses for some, and that leads to clouded judgments as well. We are all thinking, “Let this go, for god’s sake!”  But that is what they are thinking about, and we would prefer for everyone to get the announcement and we can move on.

Tony:  This is not personal.  You are too big and too responsible. You are public representatives, and I expect more of you than to do it personally.  You are not doing for us, for tony and DC, but for about more of us.  You were voted in to represent the people, and I truly AM representing the people, so it’s mind-boggling to me why you would get upset and mad at someone who is trying to get what is fair to the people. We are doing what you were hired and elected to do!  How can you get mad at that?  We are trying to do what’s fair.  Let’s get this going;  once it’s going it’s in the past.

  Once it is going, if we treat people fairly, if we give them a path of success with it, of what to do with that money that will help you multiply it, not just spend it and give it back to us…. That is just the wrong approach to me, and I don’t understand why you are doing it.  Let’s just get it over with. There are a lot of people hurting out here, and there is no reason for delay apart from people trying to work out how to do this!

DC: We don’t want to make this phone call at all.

Tony:  Nor me, when the only delay is they are trying to work out how to do something that is not that hard to do. They don’t trust the people, and they don’t trust each other to do what they say they are going to do. We have already agreed to what they’ve asked, so why they keep bringing that up, I don’t know.  We are willing to do what we are supposed to do if they do what they are supposed to do.  Let’s get this thing done!

DC: Everything is right here, right on the edge, and they are trying to figure out what to do with the public.  Banks, Iraq, administration, they are all ready, so let’s go!  Let’s do the one question again…

Tony:  We went from 109 to 102.  Okay…

908 caller:  Tony, ask DC a question that hasn’t been asked before.

Tony: We know there is nothing holding this back, so if you were in the mood to blame someone, who would you blame?

DC: I’m not a bright man, but I’m not a stupid man.  I’ll let that lie.  Let’s not let that cause any issues at the end.  Everyone will calm down and agree in time.

805 caller:  Sounds like DC is frustrated!  You’ve addressed many times that the old Treasury notes are still valid and spendable if you don’t value them as a collector’s item.  If we hold onto a 25K dinar, can we spend them gradually over the next few years by taking them to the currency exchange?  I saw two currency swaps in Mexico where ten pesos would swap for ten dollars…

DC: The peso redenomination is not a revaluation. Inflation was very high and with poor management of the currency and bad economic conditions, and the currency got devalued. This is the opposite, where they have been holding the currency back while they prove their oil, gas, agriculture and water, so it’s really opposite where they will pop this and let it go. 

 Yes, you can spend the notes later, but they want to pull the dinars in for the oil credits, and also for money laundering.  I can carry a note in my wallet that would take a truck to carry in USD.  Also, they want to move this on, so we don’t know how long the US banks will accept dinar.

 They are encouraging everyone to pull those in as quickly as possible.  Their primary concern is allowing criminals to move currency, and they cannot track that in.  they think most world citizens will take the money and run. If I come in with a couple million dinar in three months, they will investigate it, because that’s what they are concerned about.

Tony: There is no reason for people to hold onto these higher value notes when there are lower denominations if you want actual currency for some reason.

301 caller:  About the NDA… if someone is with an NDA doing this, and someone doesn’t have an NDA still talk to those with NDAs?

DC:  You can talk to them about anything but dinar or dong.

Caller:  Which banks started those rumours?  We’d like to withdraw our custom from that bank.

Tony:  I asked for a comment from them, but DC got calls asking us to play nice.

646 caller:  has there been any talk about the RI going before the RV?

Tony:  Hypothetically, the RI comes out on Monday and it’s 4.50;  you cash out two million dinars and now you have nine million dollars.  You know that they will RV this money 3-4 times what it is now. What do you do with that money?

DC:  Take a little bit out for fun and use the rest to buy dinars and watch it go up.

Tony: So the people they didn’t want to become millionaires are now going to be billionaires, so that is highly unlikely.  Then they say there will be a GCR ten days later, so what will you do?

DC:  Make even more money.

Tony:  That makes no sense to nobody, so if they do that and I’m not under NDA, I will come here and show all of you how to do that.  They just won’t do that.

520 caller:  I want to tell you how mad I am at Wells Fargo, and thank those unsung heroes you mentioned who don’t get our applause.  We should be trying to heal the US economy before anything else by creating new industries and jobs, and such.  I do have one question that hasn’t been addressed at all.  Back in November, someone said something about this quarter… is that a new quarter now, and will we have the same opportunity as the banks to invest our capital?  That was a problem back then, that the banks wouldn’t do anything because they were so close to the end of the quarter that they wouldn’t have time to invest.  Will we have time to invest before we have to pay the taxes.

DC:  I think you are getting a few things mixed up.  Q3 is July, August and September, if you have a yearly financial period.  Q3 is when the political guys wanted to do this so that when the numbers come out at the beginning of Q4, it’s right before the November elections.

 That is why they want this at the beginning of the quarter to give people time to buy houses, furniture, cars, give to charities, and all the rest. That gives the Democrats a chance to hold onto the Senate.  So they want this quarter to show that economic boost.  They don’t have that many days left to get the maximum effect out of this, so that’s why the third quarter is so important. The banks are making 2% off the top, and more in fees and charges and such.

Caller:   We have our companies picked out to invest in, or our non-profit donations before we are taxed, like the banks, at the end of the quarter?

DC: That’s a really good question.  On the tax situation, mostly people will have to start paying quarterly income taxes from now on, once you get to a certain level. This is based on the amount of money you have;  you won’t pay yearly taxes but quarterly taxes, at the end of each quarter.  Some folks will pay games with that, and that’s what tax attorneys and CPAs are for. 

 Most transactions will NOT be taking taxes out of it because they don’t know what you tax situation is, if you have kids or other deductions, or businesses or whatever.   You need to get together with a tax adviser who can tell you what to pay and when. Most people should look into the safe harbour rules to minimize their taxes.

Caller:  That’s what I wanted to know, in terms of giving 10% to churches, or setting up trusts, etc.

Tony:  Whatever time frame it is, you will have to the end of the quarter before taxes.

316 caller:  All this fooling around is just letting people like me buy more.  Is there something that might prevent us from qualifying for the contract rates?  Should I take rupiah and pay off my dinar reserves?  Or exchange one 25K note at international rates to pay off the reserves?

Tony:  What I would do, as I’ve said before, is to call your dinar dealer, and put in a sell order to pay off your reserves;  that way you haven’t used any of your contract money to pay them off.  Or go to the airport and exchange some currency and pay off the reserves.  They are going to track that money wherever it goes and whatever you are doing.  That is why they are going to push you to use checks or credit cards because those are easier to track.

Caller:  If you pay off all your reserves before going in for your appointment, you should be good.

Tony:  I will go through my dealer, because the banks stopped even selling the currency.  I don’t care if they make money, so long as I get my money.  They are holding up and complicating the process by not doing what they said they would do.  They say WE are causing this to be delayed because we keep talking about these issues and ideas. 

Caller:  Can I be #42 on your call list?  <laughter>

415 caller:  How are you this morning?

Tony:  I’m great;  talking to you guys makes me feel better than I was earlier this morning.

Caller: You said that bank personnel are making their exchange because they were badly treated, sitting at their desks for all those months… I’m sure they got paid when we were hurting out here. Has friends+family (F+F) started cashing out?  Do we need to start up Twitter again?

DC:  Yes they are, and let’s leave Twitter for a few days.  If it shakes out the way it should, most people will forgive and forget.

Tony:  This F+F was being done on the basis that everyone was supposed to go in on Monday, and get the rates we are supposed to get. In that case, it was okay. What are we saying today?

DC:  F+F has cranked back up again and it’s going on right now, but not as renegade people [like last winter];  they are buying that currency from WF, and everyone is fully aware of what’s going on.

406 caller:  What’s going on, Tony?

Tony:  It’s an up and down ride today.  If I had to say it all, everybody is right there, and they are just dotting the Is and crossing the Ts for the hundredth time.  They are just worrying about how people will react because once the RV is out, they cannot take it back. They need to just let it go and deal with it.  You can’t kick a can down the road and pick it up and hammer out the dents if necessary.  Indecision doesn’t help at this point.

Caller: do you think the dong will come out at 40 cents or above, street rate?

Tony:  Not that I’ve seen it, but I’m pretty confident it will.

650 caller:  On the blogs some people are saying the 20th.  What do you think about that?

DC: There was a proposal from the IMF/UST around the 1st saying “We need to do it within this window”.  It had stamps from everyone but Iraq and there are some agreements based on getting it dome by then.  Then they said, How about an RI here, then an RV, then the GCR?”  and they gave back the same reasoning we made about becoming trillionaires.

  So they wanted it close to the 1st, but Maliki screwed it up and it’s taken a few days to get it smooth again.  Then others looked at that proposal and the date has peppered itself through the community.  Barring something highly unlikely, I doubt it will take that long.  It’s incredibly powerful to get this done in the next couple of the days, with everyone from Iraq to the White House on down.  There is a strong argument that we will see this within a few days.

Tony:  For some reason people are getting upset at the obvious. We went through the scenario, again, and there are some very intelligent people in this world like finance managers, investment bankers, private investors, and public companies, and they will figure this out!  Who does that make sense to?  That’s why they cannot do it, unless they are purposely trying to make people billionaires and millionaires. Because we know that plan, and now you know it!

601:  Hey!  Hey! Hey!

Tony:  It says you are in Mississippi;  are you really from Texas?!  <laughter>  DC was born in MS, too!

Caller:  I want to ask you, when you have the function in Las Vegas, is the whole team going to be there?  I’d like to meet all the mods, because they do a wonderful job.

Tony:  I’m trying to get everyone there.  Well, Dc will be in disguise.  Some people don’t want me to be there for security reasons, and some want me to be there so they can get a clear shot.  I think you all should have a chance to meet each other having met on the boards and the chat room, and you should have millionaire friends all over the place. You should have to be the only one who knows, because you aren’t going to tell your friends…  I am trying to help everyone right now.  A couple of months ago, a friend contacted me and said Wells Fargo will do workshops to help you all in your future.  Hopefully they will let  us do this.

Caller:  You all helped us so far and when we get to the main event, the RV, they are pushing you away. That ‘s not right. I’m going with my wife, and I hope to see everyone!

Tony:  Let me check this out. “Hope today’s a great day…”  Everyone check your texts, real quick.  We will figure it out.

858 caller:  If we take in one 25K dinar note and exchange it at international rates, that won’t affect our contract rate, will it?  I heard that you have to accept the same rate for later exchanges as for the first one.  Also I’ve been shooting you $20 every time I can…

DC:  Yes, the first note would be at the international rate, but you can still get the contract rate at your appointment.  Most people will get their appointments so quickly it won’t matter, they will just take their 25K with them to the appointment and get the contract rate.

Tony:  Thank you;  we do appreciate the donations.

512 caller:  How are you, Tony?  I just wanted to ask, without being belligerent or raising concerns, isn’t this F+F program what they were doing last winter, calling clients, telling them to buy currency and then exchanging it, then buying more and exchanging it?  That doesn’t seem fair when the dealers are still selling currency!

Tony:  Last time I explained this some people got mad at me, so DC can answer that one.

DC:  First, are they doing F+F now?  Yes, absolutely, and we have multiple confirmations on that.  That is potentially inflammatory and we wouldn’t say it unless it was confirmed from many sources.  Is it going on in a massive way?  No.  What’s getting everyone’s back up is that is does look like back in November, December with political donors and such were making tons of money on it.  

What’s different is that the public RV is upon us, and if it goes today or tomorrow then it’s coming  as we are making our own appointments. That is okay, but if they are doing it like last winter, that is absolutely wrong, everyone knows it, and we will use Twitter if we have to.  That’s why I am watching this so closely, if privileged people get in when ordinary people do not.  We understand that everyone is prepped and ready for us to exchange.  IF those who are power-hungry start up something else, then we will start the Twitter campaign again, which I would rather not do.   If that is what we are dealing with, then we know what to do.

Tony:  This is a limited time thing.  If there is no action, we’re not going to sit around for it.

DC: We have freedom of expression, and we will use that to the best of our ability.  I do think everything will work itself out, and that we will all get paid.

Caller:  My concern is that the WF will use up the contract rate before we get a chance at it!

DC: That is being watched for and squared away.  Cooler heads are making sure that it’s fair.  If it’s not, we will be obligated to bring that forward.

Tony:  What they are getting is supposedly out of a different basket. It is not supposed to be affecting us.  This is one thing you can count on, that we are going to do the right thing for the people. If we feel that someone is taking advantage of us, not using us right or using us as guinea pigs, then we WILL be heard.
951 caller:  I’m sorry you got dumped on the other day.  I’ve had my dinar for about six years, and I have got a bunch of people involved in the last year. 

 I told them about you and they all started listening.  Now they are saying it’s all BS, and two have sold back their dinar, and they are not listening any more and so on.  I’ve been listening to you for three years;  what makes you think that we’re not going to be here next month, or September or next year?  There’s always an issue! We are crying wolf, and now I have three friends who don’t listen any more and they are pissed at me!  [more of the same frustration]

Tony:  Let me ask you a question.  If it does go on, do they owe you money?  Will they give you 10% or 50% for what you told them?  I didn’t think so.   As long as everyone’s making money, it’s great, but if they aren’t, it’s my fault.  I get that;  some of the people on our intel team, who know what we know, they are frustrated.  We do these calls three times a week, but we do this every day.  

 MY phone starts ringing at 4.30am and going on until 11 at night.  We know for a fact that there are government agencies who listen to our calls because they say we have better information than they do, and sooner.  If we say we know what is going on, it’s because we get it as people come out of their meetings, and it can change at every meeting!   It’s a very fluid situation and we don’t control that.  

We are just reporting what is  going on with world leaders, admin people and bankers. I think they are at such high levels, they don’t see what is going on here on the ground, or in the banks when we ask questions there. They know what they think should be happening, but reality can be different.  When I was in the military, the only enlisted guy in the briefing, they are asking ME what’s going on in the flight line.  

They are not out there living it every day.  When we bring in a 2nd lieutenant, 1st lieutenant, even a captain, they introduce them to the NCOs who are making the minute by minute decisions because they are living it every day. Those are the people who they should be consulting.  This is what we living through every single day.  We are not just telling you stuff, we know what we know, and then it changes.  That’s why when we get to the next call, it’s changed, because there have been meetings and messages in the two days between. 

 There are misunderstandings between those higher guys and countries, not just between them and us.  At 12 o’clock everything is great, and then at 2 o’clock something else happens.  As soon as we get to the end  of the game, you guys can rush the field and we can all celebrate. Meanwhile, we are giving you the best information about what’s really going on here!

DC:  I feel your frustration.  Most people don’t know I’m DC guy, they are just surprised at how much information  I have. The process has been stopped and started so many times that it’s driving us crazy. Most people need to put the currency in your sock drawer and wait for the final call.  It’s not like we are making advertising dollars from this;  we’re doing it for free, and it’s brutal.  

 There has been a lack of leadership overall, so it’s created the biggest clusterf**k overall.  It’s been a huge mess;  since April, they have tried this 73 times! People involve din the process are just so disgusted with each other, their agencies, the politicians.  Indecision has become a paralyzing function that has taken over the process, rather than deciding to work out the problems and move on. You’re never going to get 100% agreement;  now they are starting to take the attitude of “screw it, let’s just get it moving!”  That’s my ramble.

Tony: We got through it.  Friends tell me that others are saying I’m crazy when I’m not there.  One friend I’ve known for 20 years said his wife thinks I’m off my rocker!  Is this really real?
There is so much stuff you don’t know and don’t want to know. When it’s said and done, once it comes out, you will be laughing at them for the rest of your life.  Man, I had all that dinar and I sold it back” or “man, I had an opportunity that would have set my family up for the rest of our lives and now I can’t pay my bills”.  

You’re going to lose those friends anyway, so just stick with it and hope that your closest friends have it, keep it and we can live our lives together, without envy.  I know you are going through something with your friends right now.  If they cut you off, cut them off until this is over and done.  Then tell them they owe you some money!  That is our journey but it will also be our reward at the end.

303 caller:  Your lessons on life are jewels, Tony, and also I want to thank DC for his metaphor about the poop in the punchbowl. Is there any reason dealers would be blocked from following through on the reserves?

Tony:  Legally, no.  Can they fulfill their obligations?  I think some people will be really mad.

Caller:  The exchange for one 25K dinar note before the appointment, can those proceeds be used for whatever we want?

Tony:  I don’t think that would be a problem, but I don’t know. Hopefully we will get the package and explain it all before going to the bank.

Caller:  Is the 50 million cap just for the dinar or also for the dong?

DC:  We don’t know.

Caller:  Do you believe this will happen in July?

Tony:  That’s more than one question!  Yes, I do believe it will.
337 caller:  I want to give you some advice. You were ranting the other day about what they were doing to you.  Remember, “no good deed goes unpunished”.  I can see you are a black man, may be a little overweight, and I don’t want you to have a stroke like I had.  

You need to chill out a little bit.  I am from Louisiana, and we have some hungry alligators here, so if you give us the names of these people who are giving you the crap… If you have alligator shoes or purses, there is probably some of Jimmy Hoffa’s DNA in them!  Remember, Jesus picked Judas, who betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver.  We get betrayed by our friends and even our children.  “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Tony:  I don’t mind what people say, because idiots will be idiots.  I do mind when there are meetings and they think, “it’s all about me”.  It’s about us, about the people, and about doing the right thing for the people.  

 I don’t even understand why you get mad that I am doing this, and making suggestions that will get through this so people can get some relief!

Caller:  We know you are not greedy or selfish, you’ve never bragged about what you have.  We do love you and the good guys will keep listening to you.  I just wish there were no Judases.

Tony:  I’m not trying to point fingers or to blame anyone;  let’s just get over it.  Whatever you get, we can show you how to multiply it.  We are not putting it in your left hand to steal it from your right hand.  This is a global event, the first time this has ever happened, and we hope it is the last.   And I will try to lose some weight tomorrow.

936 caller:  Is there any more you can give about what Is holding this up, as one Texan to another?  I was born in Beaumont and I’m in Cotton Row now.

DC:  Everyone is in the right places, and the rollout has been planned but  not executed yet.  Watch Iraq for announcements. There is not much left to say or do, just choose a time and roll it out.  The paperwork is completed and they are doing groups in the US;  all tests have been successful and not much is left.

Tony:  They are not going ‘groups’….

DC:  I meant to say that they are doing F+F and a few VIPS before the big groups got through. Everyone is right on the edge and they are preparing group leaders with their 800 numbers.  They are just not authorized to give them out yet. There are many groups, and all those with whom we have at least two points of contact in are wide open and ready to go.  We’ve been given heads up in terms of everything being ready right now.

Tony: there are over 300 different groups.

Caller:  Have they indicated when they will send you the packet?

Tony:  Yeah, we received it but we can’t tell 
you!  <laughter>  We have been put on standby.

Caller:  could it be this weekend?  Could it be tonight?

Tony:  That’s what they don’t want us to tell you.  It’s very close.  Let’s just hope things go through.  There is a lot of indecision and I think they should just decide and let it go. 

DC: The rollout has to be coordinated with Iraq, but the actually timing is with the US>

703 caller:  Thank you for the explanation which has calmed me down a bit.  How is it that people could be paid in November if it hasn’t RVed?  How could the process be okay last week, but not now?  That just doesn’t make sense to me.

DC:  The frustration that is clear in your voice, everyone feels that.  Tony and I are a little testier than normal because of our frustration.  In November, December and January, they processed ‘forward-based contracts’, meaning in the future this will be worth $3, so we will give you that now and we will take your currency. That is how it is legal here. It have been traded between various countries for a while, and between folks that need to trade it. 

 That’s what justifies the guys who have gone ahead of us. Right or wrong, that’s how they’ve done it, and yes, it rubs me the wrong way, too.  We are just trying to get paid, and every time something gets messed up they use another excuse to create another delay . They have used that for personal and political gains.  However, now everyone is lined up and ready to go, and we hope/pray that this is the very last time.

Tony:  You’ve given the benefit of the doubt where there is no doubt. Let’s just get through the process. We are at the prime opportunity to do just that.  She is right – nothing has changed since last Thursday, and M as gone, and here is it a week later, and we’re still not going.  How are we going to do this and everybody having covered their ass.  

Well, you CYA by getting on with this, everyone staying in their lane and making sure they are not hanging out to dry once they have exchanged.  We need to do the right thing, helping people grow with this money.  This is our teaching time, to teach masses of new millionaires how to handle this money correctly instead of waiting for them to crash and burn.

DC:  It looks like everyone is ready for this to go out.  Iraq will lead it, and so they should. This is coordinated with the US. There is nothing really left to hold this up unless people are jerks.  

Let’s see how the  next few days, expect that cooler heads will prevail and we’ll move on down the rad.  If there is more stupidity, we will bring it up and express it as loudly as we can through our various venues.  Let’s hope for the best.
Pam:  We were not expecting to do this call;  trust Tony and DC, we’re for you guys and we’ll get back to you if there is something to tell you.

Ray:  Let’s hope this weekend is the last one to be broke, busted and disgusted. Enjoy the rest of fabulous Friday.

Tony:  We didn’t want to make this call; it was as the result of meeting last night.  We are not trying to make this harder for anyone;  we appreciate that you are on our side in DC, in the agencies and in other countries.  We really thank our special guys here. 

 We do have to be who we are, and we are here for the people, trying to do our part in getting this whole thing completed, and making a simple transition even simpler.  There are easier ways to do this, but maybe you guys are too high up to see what we see at ground level. 

 What did Hillary Clinton say, that it’s been 16 years since she has driven a car?  So she doesn’t know how to use the new turn signals or the GPS.  Maybe that is what is causing some of this indecision or concern among people who no longer know the effects of what they are planning on the ground.  That’s the purpose of these calls, so that if after day 1 or 2 we need to do something different, we have an avenue to do that, and if that doesn’t work on day 3 or 4, let’s change it again. We just want to understand what can be done.  A little communication goes a long way.
Hopefully we will do a call later today; if not over the weekend, then we’ll definitely have a call on Monday morning.  Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous Wrote: The end has begun for many, hopefully we are next. 

Baring any major slips of tongue derailing events you are approaching the final moments on the ride. 

Wise people are free and clear of legal entanglements of the scammers whilst the stupid will soon meet their fate at their hands. 

There are timings of hours and minutes but perhaps days are more likely so keep your council in these final moments.

Wise people have their plan in place and know that the highest rates and protection is offered by the clearance bank – WF. 

Make sure you are getting the best deal possible,  finally the truth and validity of reputable providers of information will be seen.
You should always insist on no onerous NDA which removes statutory rights, a safe branded bank exchange location, with a de la rue machine to validate notes at time of exchange and the ability to see a genuine rate feed.

Do not let that money out of sight, not for one second.  Ask to see VNN; IQN rates on the screens, before you sign anything, open separate Non Interest Bearing Accounts ( you will sweep later) check all paperwork, if you don't agree to a section

Negotiate – there should be no extra fees beyond the banks official spread, don't accept that, they are making plenty from your transaction.

WF plans to have a easy exchange for those who are wise to maximize.  It will be done at branded locations, with all the machinery to validate your currency on site.

The rates will be high without a debilitating NDA other than one which is there for both you and the banks protection which should read in basic terms – don't speak about the exchange and the rate received. 
It should be a quick and pleasant experience.

I wish you all the very best.

You may repost if you wish to.

By Anonymous