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Omegaman: prepare for disinformation, believe nothing until you hear FOREX LIVE...

Bold n courageous: 
It appears from the clues that the Admirals group is getting paid for their dinar in Kuwait right now

Omegaman: if true then the admirals group could be getting paid tonight, or tomorrow, then the floodgates will open

Goodies2014:My guess.  it's live in Kuwait.  army/airforce etc are flying to Kuwait, to do their exchange.  First tier people are also now being paid out.  CBI is live in Kuwait.  Hopefully we're not too far away..

Ok..i reckon...shopping / commerce/ phone systems/ communication systems/ electronic banking systems have all been switched ON!....and things are taking OFF!!!
..Iraq is open for business... i wonder if there's celebrations on the streets.....it would be like Christmas in Iraq.....it would be amazing!!

Nana7:t's only live in Kuwait right now.

J. Harv:Live! Iraq dinars are on the tiers rate..for Kuwait. US Military service personnel are being transported in to Kuwait to exchange.


Resumen del Programa de 9 de Julio de Dave Schmidt: ES UN HECHO...!!
Entrevista del Embajador del Familia Dragón pre grabado por razones de seguridad.

--Están explicando los diferente aspectos/historia de la Familia. 
--Este Re equilibro de monedas es para ayudar a la gente necesitados y no para los super ricos
--Estoy puede pasar ma~nana, dos meses o el a~no que viene....Obvio hay que decir eso porque no pueden dar fecha.
--La situación no va parar el RESET de los Dinares pero debe de mejorar.
--Quieren repartir las riquezas para todos quienes quieren tenerlo.
--Los fondos ya se están repartiendo y es para cualquier momento.
--Hay mucho decepción (Rumores).....No lo hagan caso, son mentiras...!!
--Esto es algo Global....

--Si salen los Dinares ma~nana, estén preparados para reaccionar. Hagan sus listas, sus proyecciones para los próximos 5-10-15 a~nos con el nuevo riquezas QUE VAN A RECIBIR....!!!! Es un Hecho que viene...!!!
--Osea, contrario que han dicho por alli....hay muchos Gobiernos que tienen Dinares en las bobedas.....Como mucho multi-millonarios igual......SE LOS DIJE....!!!
--Este RESET es para repartir dinero a los que creyeron.....entonces nosotros debemos ayudar a los mas necesitados......repito: lo mas necesitados y no a los abusadores...
--Los cambios Privados se van a dar primero entonces para el publico. Se va ser poco a poco.
--Salden sus casas, compren carros nuevos, salden sus billes, etc.....
--Para eso es el Global Currency RESET para los que creyeron...!!
--En cual momento va comenzar el cambio.
--El situación en Iraq no es bueno, pero no va parar el RESET.
--El Private Exchange por ahora es para los Dongs solamente para los que se registraron. Ya ese oportunidad esta cerrado para los EE.UU. Después que salga Global, se va poder cambiar aquí también.



1- They are explaining the differents aspects/history of the family

2- This rebalancing of currencies is for help people in need and not for the super rich people

3- This can happen now, tomorrow , between two months or the next year. Obviously it must be said that because they cannot give a date.

4- The situation dont will stop the Reset of Iraqi Dinars but must improve it.

5- They want spread the wealth for those who want to have it.

6- The funds  are handing out now and is for any time.

7-There is much disappointments ( rumors), ignore them, are lying.

8-This is something global

9- if it revalues the iraqi dinar tomorrow, you must be prepared to react. You must do your list, your projections for the next 5-10-15 years with the new wealth that you will receive...!!!I It is a fact that comes!!!

10- I mean, otherwise they have said over there.many governments have in the vaults Dinars, like  many multi-millionaires.... I TOLD YOU!!!!

11-This RESET is to distribute money to those who believe.then we must help those in need. I repeat: the most needy and not the abusers


13- pay off your house, buy new cars, liquidate your bills..etc.

14- For  That is the Global Currency RESET to those who believed!!

15- The situation in Iraq isnt good, but will not stop the RESET.



Ranger4564:Float...Reinstatement moving forward.

First rate Sunday's RV.
Top tiers rocketing ahead with first rate locked in. 

Maliki is meeting with US officials about his third term right now, (more like third rate)

Maliki sold Qatar, Qatar sold bonds. (wild guess)
TRN is alive, again. (9 lives).
Waiting on Prosperity, (aren't we all), packages and gold certificates.

Platforms ... (missing link)
Look for Sunday GCR.

Mark:It sounds like the setting for a Perfect GCR Storm and it's about to unleash:

1. Maliki setting up exit strategy just in case
2.USA strong on Kurdistan
3.Threats to invade by ISIS
4. Megaships loaded with merchandise to be bought with Qi cards (with what money?)
5. Kurdistan threatening independent currency and government
6. Now CBS has fully functional e-commerce capability! !
Solution: solve the economic crisis, get into the international game, and most of the problems will solve themselves.

Thanks Exo. Go RV/GCR

Exogen:So many on this site focused on the Maliki article yet have not even looked at the GIGANTIC news and press release from the CBI Today, 

Mr. Bond:In case anyone missed it..... Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Iraqi Central Bank announced on Thursday, for the use of the payments system for the settlement of the instruments between governmental institutions and banking, adding that the system would ensure the safety and efficiency of payment systems and clearing operations. The bank said in a statement received "Alsumaria News" a copy of it, that "the aim of developing financial and banking sector in Iraq and reducing the phenomenon of pregnancy and the circulation of money, it has been taking a number of measures in the automation of processes settlement instruments and payment orders between governmental institutions and banks electronically through the payments system Iraqi network which uses safe and effective. " The bank added that "the system will allow for the operation and management of the accounts of the settlement between the participants from which to ensure the safety and efficiency of payment systems and clearing operations." The Bank noted that "the Ministry of Finance has adopted this system in obtaining dues from various institutions instead of instruments," pointing out that "it is considered a key step in the way of comprehensive mechanization of each financial transactions and means of performing the obligations in Iraq." It is noteworthy that the Iraqi banks have not kept pace with developments in the work of international banks, and has been linked through the use of telephones and fax machines, and did not enter the Internet, but after 2004, and sought the central bank to develop the banks associated with it through the introduction of new technologies and linking banks globally automatically , to facilitate the process of transfer of funds to and from Iraq.

Nana7Yes, I posted the cbi press release this morning. It is HUGE!

Exogen:What Maliki is doing is not different than any other Dictator or Power Hungry Gangster/Bankster would do. 

If you pay close attention to the last IRAQ news threads you would see plans are being put in place for Sunday meeting. 

If Maliki can close a deal for a Third term, essentially he would be there as a figurehead but he would have no POWER. He would become closer to a USA President and Government, run, operated and managed by the Shadow Government


7-10-2014   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:   "Indicators on the seriousness of the Iraqi dinar because of the security crisis and the government strongly reassure reservists"   I firmly believe there must be a large number of people around the world that only read headlines and some of these are written purposefully to incite fear just from the title...while many Iraqi's made the choice to remove their money from various banks at the outset of the security issues with ISIS...the dinar itself has essentially remained unphased by the crisis.....as has been repeatedly mentioned over the past few weeks the reserves that the CBI has can easily continue to support the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.

7-10-2014   Intel Guru EXOGEN
   The question is what is the relevance of Maliki?  Maliki has nothing to do with the CBI/TURKI and USA Bank Screens.

7-10-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker
   Article:  "Parliament Official Notice Sunday"  Quote:  "In the public interest and commitment to constitutional contexts in order to preserve and continue to build democracy and again after consultation with the heads of blocs in parliament, we've decided to change the date of the previous call for parliament to convene on Sunday, 13 / July / 2014."

7-10-2014   Newshound Gurus tlm724 & Shredd
      My hope is that when you gain an appreciation of what is all being accomplished, you will see vital progress, not frustrating stagnation...finding this and showing you all so much is and has been moving forward.  will this directly bring us an RV tomorrow?  you all aren't that absent to think as such im sure...but, these all have to have been done to bring Iraq to the place they need to be.  Some say the dinar was supposed to have moved by now as far as the monetary policy and the rate whether it be via a float, or a continued managed float.   But it didn't, did it?   Why? well, in part, these things had to be in place first.   So, be excited we find this being done...great, great progress.  [post 3 of 3]

7-10-2014   Newshound Gurus tlm724 & Shredd
     Trading is the life blood of any investment...once investments are established, the trading within them will take place safely, timely, efficiently and correctly due to the oversight of the ITFC.  If that can’t happen, the investments will die the moment the market fluctuates...So, to see this bill being voted on is awesome to see.  This is yet another “behind the scenes” necessity for Iraq to ascend to a place where investment and banking has a safe place to be...   I’m [Shredd]  a VP in a top 3 international bank and have been with them for ten years.  I have full access to daily global accounts, massive investment vehicles and products and services that cover every single sector. The entire time I’ve been there, Iraq has been non-existent due to what we all know has been taking place there…and they still are today.  These banking and investment laws, this ascension to the ITFC is absolutely necessary for Iraq to emerge among their peers to welcome global investment and to ensure safe banking and trading is in place.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

7-10-2014   Newshound Gurus tlm724 & Shredd   Article quote:  "We will also see the session the second reading of a bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the establishment of the International Islamic Trade Finance"    there has been several arts [articles] recently telling us what parliament has been working on and there was a bill being read that caught my attention...there 56 countries in the organization on several continents and Iraq is already listed as a member - now as mentioned in the above article they state "accession" into the Trade Finance Org.   Imo, Iraq is now prepared to implement and take full advantage of the funds and many advantages of this Org...this accession is huge...major steps continue to take place behind the scenes...that bring Iraq to a place where they are ready to have a strong dinar in front of them.   


OMEGAMAN :TRUTH IS: NOBODY knows exactly when the TRN'S will be released; nobody knows exactly when the RV/GCR will be Public: nobody KNOWS when the REPUBLIC will be LIVE; BUT THIS I KNOW; we are within 2 weeks; and I believe MUCH SOONER; IMO we are within a 5 day window, or less...BE EXCITED, be very excited, for WE ARE AT THE .25" LINE...


Hopefully here I will explain why the Iraq Dinar revaluation was designed in the first place. This is based on a historical view of what has happened the last two decades. Some may read this and say "no way" and that is ok.

My goal is to properly inform you why we are where we are at with the speculative investment called the Iraqi Dinar. Also it may be an eye opener to many on how governments do what they do. So here it goes. 

To tell the full story, I would have to write a book, so I will try to condense as much as possible to bring the main points to life.

Understand my writings are my view from all that I have gathered and I am sure any who are mentioned will deny at any moment this is or could be the truth.

During the term George Bush, Sr. was president, I will say a group of people who have more power than any one government saw the way our country was going to be financially in the next ten to twenty years.
Due to the way we allowed financing to be done, the way mortgages were done it would cause our monetary system to fail in years to come.

It would cause millions to be without jobs, to lose their homes, allow millions to be in a position not be able to feed their families. Sound familiar? That time frame they saw back then that would be was from five years ago to our present time.

They saw back then that we were going down a path where we would be spending more than we could pay. United States as we know it would self destruct. From this, they had to do something that could change the course of events, otherwise, we would financially destroy ourselves.
If it wasn't for what they did, we would have. 

But what they did, will change the course of events just temporarily, until a more permanent fix could be implemented. The more permanent fix was and is a one world currency. But not to get ahead of myself, let me tell the story as I know it.

In order to fix a to be broken financial country, they needed to "use" a country that had all of the right "perks" that could be basically crushed and rebuilt, which would cause a new currency to be developed and then revalued. From this, the monies profited from this could fix the debt that would soon swallow the country if not corrected.

So, they saw that Iraq had all the "perks" needed to be the "fix". But how to get Iraq in a position to where this could happen.

Well, this group that I mentioned earlier that has more power than any one country government, paid Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. This provided the opportunity to go in Kuwait and drive Iraq out.

Having Iraq invade Kuwait, provided the event to oust Iraq from Kuwait which meant Kuwait needed a new currency and then revalue their currency.

This in turn, caused the United States to have a large surplus during the Clinton administration as the profits obtained from Kuwait revaluing their currency.

How that happened is when Iraq invaded Kuwait, they took their currency. So when we came into Kuwait, we had the UN devalue the Kuwait currency so Iraq could not buy weapons with it. Once, Iraq was removed from Kuwait, we had the UN create a new currency and re-implement the previous value to it.

The United States took Kuwait dinar as payment before the revaluation. When it revalued, the US made a huge profit causing a surplus for our country during the Clinton administration.

Now that is what happened that led to us invading Iraq later stating they had "weapons of Mass Destruction", which many found out later was never there. 

It was a term used for US to gain access to invade Iraq, so the same scenario could take place once again like it did in Kuwait so the US could make a huge profit and cure the deficit we created.

The big difference is it also provided us with a new allie in the Arab world that sat right next to Iran. In addition it allowed us the position to create a democratic Arab nation that in time would replicate itself throughout the Arab nations. 

We see this happening now in Yemen, Libya, and other Arab countries. But the main reason as all already know is it gives us a stronghold on the oil situation in the Arab community.
But back to the story.

Once we invaded Iraq, overthrew Saddam and freed Iraq from its dictator, we now had to rebuild Iraq. Like Kuwait, but drastically different. Why? Kuwait was already established as a democratic country. All that was needed there was to re-establish their dinar value after creating a new currency.
With Iraq, it had to be rebuilt from scratch.

We had to assist them to form a government through electoral process. We had to rebuild their electrical and water grids. Had to rebuild their roads and highways. Not to mention their oil pipelines and pumping stations.

Unfortunately, there was some drawbacks that was not foreseen such as no one in Iraq could trust each other for hundreds of years. So to create a government where the people of Iraq could trust took many years, and to this day is still not completely functional as you can see with the continuous feuding between blocs as Maliki and Allawi.

Both think they should be the Prime Minister and both think their way is the only way. It took over 9 months for Iraq to have a semi-functioning government that could start passing laws. And to this day, by their constitution, every law to be passed must be read three times in Parliament, allow any Parliament member to tear it apart before it can be passed by all before it is a law.

So the rebuilding took much longer than did Kuwait. Kuwait, 3 years verses Iraq 11 years and still going.

So when we invaded Iraq, we did the same thing as have the UN devalue the Iraq currency to zero, invaded, ousted the dictator, then printed a new currency, and now we are in the process of re-valuing the currency.

This is the part that makes you and me money. When the new currency was printed in 2003, the US spent $500 billion dollars to print new Iraq dinars, when printed, we took some of the new dinars as repayment for the $500 billion spent.

This was in the amount of many trillion dinars which is tucked away waiting on revalue. When Iraq re-values its currency, many feel it should be closely aligned with Kuwait which is at around $3.64 to 1 Kuwait Dinar.
When this happens, US will say ok Iraq, I have all these trillions of Iraq Dinars I want to cash out. 

There will be more than enough to pay off our national debt if it is chosen to be used that way. In addition, the more than 4 million US citizens that will cash out their dinar, will create millions of jobs that those who are now wealthy will end employment.

Businesses will prosper due to millions buying things. Real Estate will prosper, banks will prosper and IRS will prosper. All will benefit from this.

But, during the process of this being about us, things changed. Different countries who modeled our way of doing things also started tanking and before the Iraq Dinar could re-value it was stopped and the purpose for Iraq re-valuing had to be changed from a US fix to a global fix, which is where we are now.

At this point we have over 140 countries needing the Iraq Dinar to be the fix.
The global financial situation continues to grow into a gigantic world overhaul, which many presume was the purpose from the beginning. Hence, the one world currency which is still yet to be a threat by those same group that are more powerful than any one country.

So today, we have Iraq finalizing the Erbil (governmental power sharing agreement) which will be the immediate fix for the HCL (hydrocarbon law, which divides the profits of oil revenue to the different states of Iraq) as well as will complete the passing of the law of the 2012 Parliament Budget. What is important about the 2012 Parliament Budget being passed is the re-value is in this budget.

Now that you have been updated as to how the events took place to make this happen, lets go into why it will happen.
During Saddam's reign he created a massive debt to many countries. Owing $ billions of dollars to many.

 Once we got him out of power and started rebuilding Iraq, we had to get these countries to not go after the profits Iraq would make on their oil.

Understanding that Iraq has the 3rd largest oil reserve in the world, and soon to be the leader in oil reserves. Saudi Arabia is 1st and Canada is 2nd. I know, you are surprised that Canada is 2nd. I was too.

Anyways, to get the countries that Saddam owed to not come after the oil profits, we as in the UN (United Nations) and IMF (International Monetary Fund) froze Iraq Oil Profits and kept the countries that Saddam owed from gaining access to it.

Eventually we worked out with them that to trade in exchange for Iraq Dinar that was now worthless if they would forgive Iraq of their debt to them. Well, eighty percent forgave the debt owed to them completely in trade of a present worthless new Iraq Dinar and the other twenty percent forgave over eighty percent of the debt owed to them in exchange for the new worthless Iraq Dinar. Makes you go hmmmmm.

Now we have many countries around the world holding the new Iraq Currency that presently is worthless. Why would they go for this? Well, they know that in time, it will be worth what it used to be $3.22 per dinar or more somewhere down the road.
So, we have many countries that will not allow this to fail because they are holding a lot of Iraq's new currency.

We have a country (Iraq) that is pulling more gold out of their ground per day than they are pumping oil out. Which was just found a couple of months ago, right under the streets of Baghdad. Funny thing is, they was trying to fix their rain water run off when they discovered this. 

Now, they already had well over 500 thousand tons of gold in storage. So we know they have massive amounts of oil, natural gas, and gold.

They also have the most fertile ground for agriculture along the Euphrates river. At one time, Iraq was the number one producer of grain in the Arab nations, and will be again. So Iraq has the ability to cover the re-valuation of the Dinar just in assets alone but that is not how they will cover the re-evaluation.

 Let me explain the process, when the Iraq Dinar re-values and we cash out our dinars.
Here is the cash out process. (IMO)

When Iraq re-values their currency they will have to set a rate of exchange for it. They will do this through their "Federal Reserve" they call the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), their website is www.cbi.iq .
Once this rate is set, we go to our local bank, probably one of the main four of either Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Citibank (the same banks that right now say they will not cash out Iraq Dinars, because, they say its not a tradable currency at present).

They, will most likely want to give you a little less than what the CBI states the value is and this is called a spread, which is a percentage or profit margin the bank will make to do the exchange for you (unless you group up with other dinarians and bring the bank an amount that will make them go WOW, lol). I'll explain more later on this.

But lets say for example their spread is 1%. What this does for the bank is the amount of cash, that you make from this exchange, that goes into their bank, will be used in a term called fractional banking. This means that they can now loan money out, ten times, what you put in the bank. So it gives the bank money to make money (Fractional Banking).

The bank will take your Iraq Dinars, give you money in your account, then send the Iraq Dinars to the United States Treasury (UST). The UST will give the bank the money either virtually or wire transfer the amount the CBI rate is. The UST now either sends Iraq the dinars or tells Iraq, they have this much Iraq Dinar, and in turn Iraq will give USA oil credits at $35 a barrel of oil (This has already been agreed upon and is in the records).

Now the USA can either take this $35 a barrel of oil and use it here or it can resell it for $100 a barrel or more to other countries. If they sell it, they just tell Iraq send 200,000 barrels of our oil to Germany for example.

Now, you have been paid, the bank has been paid and UST has been paid. Iraq cost to get a barrel of crude oil out of the ground is around $13. So, Iraq now has made a profit of each barrel of USA sold oil of $12.
In essence, it does not cost Iraq anything to cover the cost of the re-value (RV). Actually they made money by re-valuing their currency!

If this does not drop your lower jaw then I don't think nothing will.

A well executed plan to not only fix USA's debt problem, cover many other countries debt problem but also, place us in a position in the Arab Nation where we can indirectly control the western hemisphere, as well as get rid of the remaining countries dictators which will bring peace to the world all in one swoop!


Akm Imran : In Iraq...we have had phone calls confirming that Maliki has retired... We are quite ready for the new PM, Speaker and President. 

They have been selected although not formally voted on. Everyone is in gear and ready to go, in terms of the ministers who have been selected. 

The customs, border agents, and CBI are all ready for this to get done. Everyone has calmed down and the security situation in Iraq is better due to actions against ISIS and others.

Iraq is absolutely ready to go.

The agencies are all green: UST, Fed, banks, UN, IMF, administration is absolutely ready to go and get things done.

 Everyone...is in the right seat for this to be executed. We don’t have the exact time...Now that everything has settled down, it’s ready to go!



PIF/Mark wants you to know news will be outlandishly crazy in the next 3-4 days. Let it pass and do not react. Let the others outside our PIF group believe what they want to believe and stay calm and collected. Keep your composure; we are in a GREAT spot.


Stagealpha forum: Discussion about Exchange & Multiple Currency Account

Here is the discussion on Sunday 7/6/14 Re: Exchange and MCAs:
(Gymrat) Yes...  You can park your funds into a MCA then set up your trust structure and enter the MCA into it..
 (Mr. T.) Yes Kenpoist79.  It is just an account.  Really no different than what you're used to using USD.
(Gymrat) The Dinar will have a peak even at intl. rate due to hedge fund...  To me that would be an excellent time to diversify...
(Mark) If Dinars are expected to go up.....why can't you just put those into your MCA and cash out or diversify when necessary?
(Gymrat) Yes you can.....Get with your private banker at exchange....  You will have to take international rate I believe because you are exchanging into a foreign currency....  This should be a non-taxable event... Now your currency is parked safe from USD devaluation and gives you time to get with a trust atty. and set your structure....   I will exchange enough in USD to become debt free but even a home purchase can be done in foreign currency   I will use the Chinese Yuan, Canadian and Aussi; because they should remain level or slightly appreciate.  It may take a couple of years for the dollar to bottom out but as it reaches the lower levels you can re-invest in it and expand your finances....
(Shannon) I am SO glad you started this conversation. Wondering now . .
1.consider taking the non-contract rate. Benefits:  Gov't can never have excuse to seize my money; control my investments; talk about this process to anyone I choose; not pay any income taxes
2.exchange into multiple currencies and hold for exchange later?  BRICS, Zim, central African currencies, Philippine,  (others not in initial basket)
3.immediately after, consult with CPA, tax attorney, interview several money managers to compare their fees and philosphies, including a bank wealth manager (though I don't trust the banks)
4.consider exchanging a portion of the currency and waiting a bit for the float upwards
5.consider exchanging only a portion at the contract rate - haven't heard this discussed
(Mr. T.) Here! Here! You're doing good with your plan Shannon! It's great to see how much this family is learning.  It takes a while to grasp it, but once you wrap your head around it, It's like Voila!!!! I get it now. 
(Susan ) Wow. God is stealth. Our blessing will be hidden from the clutches of 'the Babylonian System.' And we won't have to have it stolen from us.
(PDiddy) Yep! He rocks like that!
(Sunshine) I'm not Mr. T obviously, but wouldn't that bank have to deal with MCA's??? To my knowledge, WF does not....Would it make sense that it is only a taxable event if exchanged into USD. ????
(PDiddy)  Yes, that would have to be the case (straight to MCA) and not be converted to USD prior... ok, so what exchange institutions would exchange right into another currency that offer MCAs?
(Gymrat) Another advantage to this type exchange is that it makes it a non-taxable event..It gives you a place  to safely park your funds while deciding what you want to to do either forming a trust structure to safeguard your assets or IBC's.....
(Mr. T.) IBC=international business corporation
(Mr. T.) I believe that if they have MCA accounts, any bank could do it. I plan on using Wells Fargo for some. Hoping that my plan will work there. Also going to use EverBank in Florida.  They are not connected with the fed and you can exchange into other currencies or metals. Same goes with my reserves. Since I am with Sterling, I have a choice of Yuan or Afgani for different currencies. I could exchange directly into the Yuan and deposit that Yuan into Everbank into a Yuan account. Then diversify into other currency accounts. I have ascertained this plan after the 6/26 conference call with EXO.
(Mr. T.) If your reserves are at Treasury Vault, they have a multitude of other currencies to exchange into.  I have not studied those currencies, but they will be revaluing also most likely. We will know what currencies revalue when the RV occurs. So you could do the same as my plan in the Yuan but using other currencies also and diversify. Those are not included will be included in the future baskets and your money will grow from this leveraging of funds.
(Mr. T cont.) Also, remember that after depositing your currencies into an MCA, having not caused a taxable event yet, you can get a loan using your currencies in your MCAs as collateral to spend USDs in country. This is a loan, still, a non-taxable event. Your payments on the loan WOULD BE TAXABLE.
(MT cont.) Now remember that the USD will devalue, for a while anyway. When you think that it is going to start rising, and it will in time, just watch the Forex, you can switch into USD's TRNs USNs whatever, and watch your net worth rise again.
(PDiddy)That's the point! Ya got it.. limit your portfolio's exposure to the weak currency by only converting when you absolutely have to... bills, walk around cash etc.. instruct your acct to draw directly from you MCA as much as possible for bill paying..
 When I was in Iraq and then Israel, I brought my Visa bank card... I could use it and my USD $ would convert immed to their currency at purchase.... so you have a Visa/bank card for your MCA acct and you will be able to do the same thing here! Everyone else is crying about the bottoming out of the dollar and you aren't even feeling it.... better yet, you hold currencies that are increasing in value!
(PDiddy cont.) Now the question is, can you also do that at a WF where you exchange right into Yaun, Aus, Swiss Franc and Yen, then take some of the rest and transfer it into Mongolian, Zim and India Rupee... and have that as a non-taxible event (notice peeps, I'm using specific examples intentionally).
 So MrT, can it only be a non taxable event if it's done thru the same institution OR can it be done at WF or BOA at exchange if you exchange directly into that currency per your plan?
(Mr. T.) Even my local state bank deals with MCA's..  It may not be public knowledge but when I spoke with the Wealth Mgr. It was confirmed.  I don't have direct info on other banks but I suspect through the private side of the bank you will find it available...
(Kathleen) Question - thing is, the MCA accts. would still be in a US bank, WF? Bluwolf says to get the money OUT of US banks, but I don't know. I don't see WF confiscating our money. Chase, maybe; WF? no. Thoughts?
(Gymrat) :))))  My feelings as well....(re: MCAs) unless you are actively planning on doing currency trading then a multi-currency account should be fine... This is one that is capable of holding SEVERAL different currencies that way you only pay banking fee's on one account...
(PDiddy) WF is a tier2 bank that doesn't play heavy in the derivative market... and they are strongly financially backed by China... so yeah, WF is my choice until I am convinced otherwise.... but mine will be diversified regardless.WF does play some with derivatives however it is far lower than the top 4 and with them being heavily financially backed by the Chinese I feel more confident than the other alternatives, however, I am still doing my due-diligence on this and will be diversifying plenty after exchange regardless.
(Mike Z) PD can you tell us what currencies you like for the future baskets?
(PDiddy) I'll do one better... I tell you how to do it so you don't have to rely on the opinions of others... Study the VNN and you'll find one of the top economies, that is also expected to continue its growth, has strong natural resources (off shore oil, industry/manufacturing etc.) but it has a very low currency value.... because this is a global reset... so you will apply this to find what economies have the indicators that are ripe for reset. What you have begun to set up is a profile matrix... this is key. Do the same for the Ind. Rupiah...
 Now do some research on the top growing economies in the world, then by region (far east, middle east etc) and then top forecasted economic growth over the next 5 and/or 10yrs. Look at the same matrix you created in your profile that also have an undervalued currency.. you'll find interesting economies that are can't miss for 2nd and 3rd basket GCR's... for example Mongolia is a definite... ZIM of course (if not done or partially done in this basket).  Rather than giving you a fish I want to enable you to be independently empowered to find your own... to fish for yourself.... so you are in total control, can make educated decisions and then use forums to compare your notes. I want to empower everyone to not have to rely on a guru or website because there probably won't be one...
(PDiddy) You'll get a debit/credit card to your MCA that will convert to TRN's/USD when you use it... you can transfer a certain amount into a holding acct for bills and such but leave the lionshare in stable currency until you need it. More than park it... if you put a % into emerging markets with potential 2nd basket currencies then you've just super-sized your blessing over just exchanging it into USD that will do nothing but decrease your blessing's value... 
 ( Mr. T.)We Are ONNNNNNN  FIIIIIIIRRRRREEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!! Come on peeps, tell me you are getting this!!!
(Giovanni) Look into these and there is advantages for Private and/or Business Type of accounts.
 TD RBC Scotia
 Have not looked at Everbank yet but certainly will.
(Mr. T.) Remember that you can buy a house with other currencies. Annuities can be bought in other currencies. Also, when making payments on your loans, I think that you could pay those back in other currencies as well. We are only trying to use the advantages that the elite use all of the time. Do you think that when Politicians open their books to the Public that we see all that they have. Noooo. Only their USD transactions.
(PDiddy) Exactly, money makes money if you know the rules of the game... if you don't then you'll be like an NFL player who gives away to friends and family and then invests in a bunch of franchises and bad business ideas.... because they don't know what we're discussing... so like they say on airplanes... first put the oxygen on yourself then the person next to you.... invest wisely as we are discussing so that you are set up for a continuous multiplication of the blessing, then help others from your overflow....
Carden) Of course, the discussions here are focused on the (pending) collapse of Tier 1 banks. What is not considered is the amount of $$$ behind the firewall, in NIB accounts, which is NOT LOANED OUT and represents billions/trillions/quadrillions and quadrillions of quadrillions more than any derivative exposure. These banks will not be allowed to fail. JMHO. They will be saved from foreclosure by depositors who will never allow this to happen. It's all good any way you add up the beans. There is plenty for everything to be accomplished in God's Good Time and Order. We await this happy news to arrive.
(DS) This is a list per bank, and the amount of Derivatives they have: http://www.ibanknet.com/scripts/callreports/filist.aspx?type=deriva...
(kalola) APPRECIATE it. If purchasing a house with dinar, for ex, does the tax liability transfer to the seller?
(Gymrat) Boy that is a question for sure that I have contemplated it seems logical to me that it is shifted to the seller once it is exchanged to USD by them......  Damn good question though...  Use a tax atty. for that...  I know Dennis had a post involving a company that would do the purchase procedure for you in any manner you wanted to...  We have the site saved because we may very well use them.....  Good Question....  I like the thinking...  ;)http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cRHpaMXrh8A
Smart Currency Exchange Introduction
(S) Following I copy/pasted into my collections of Dinar/RV info. file from TONY CALL TRANSCRIPT. I forgot the date, though I vaguely recall it was BACK IN FEB. OR MARCH. He quit talking about these things and never touched this topic since. Here you go!
Jordanian Dinar, Somali Shilling, Seychelles Rupee, Sao Tomean Dodra (whatever that is) (Wen: according to Wiki; it's 'DOBRA', and the country is Sao Tome, an island nation off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa), Tunisian Dollar, Syrian Pound, Tanzanian Shilling, Malaysian Ringg, UAE Dirham, Peruvian Nuevo, Philippine Peso, Qatari Rial, Namiboa Dollar, Euro, Nigerian Naira, Omani Rial, Chinese Yuan, Kazakhstani Tenge, Lebanese Pound, Colombian Peso, Bolivian Bolivano, and the Venezuelan Bolivar."
Then he went on to say: "The Venezuelan Bolivar devalued this past week by something on the border of 50% against the USD. The Euro is slated fr devaluation and elimination several weeks or months from now, and it will be replaced by the new German Mark (the Mark II), which will be the new currency of the European Union."
Moreover: "You'll notice that the USD is not among this list. The USD is going to lose value, but from all I've seen and heard, its value will drop and then gain in stages in relationship to other currencies".
(Mr. T.(btw a girl :-))) Many of those currencies listed above are currencies that you can trade into. . I have also heard that about the German Mark and will be one of my stable currencies to use.
(Pal) I'm no expert, but I like- Mongolia Tugrik, Sierra Leone, Turkmenistan Monat, Cambodia Riel, Laos Kip, Papua New Guinea Kina and also Iranian Rials.
(Mr. T.) On my list to watch is the Laos Kip, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cambodia Riel, and Mongolia Tugrik. We are on the same page. Mark Z also said to watch Central African Republic and Nigeria.
(Pal) Cambodia - dirt poor country but Rolls Royce is setting up a dealership there http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rolls-royce-gears-entry-cambodia-0236...
The company recently inaugurated new dealerships in emerging markets including the Philippines and Vietnam.
(Gymrat) K Peeps....  we have all laid out a wealth of info which we have collectively garnered and tried to answer any question to the best of our ability...... PLEASE HEED THIS ADVICE!!!!!!  make sure you have a wealth mgr. and tax atty. in your plan... We all want you to prosper and renew the world together.....  Don't be a lottery statistic......   luv ya all.  Yes even you P Diddy...  but ya knew that..  LOL


PDIDDY: We are in a GREAT place! I know a VERY wealthy Christian man that some how i've been given favor to be considered a friend... had dinner with him earlier this week..... As of 2 days ago he's been told to be on standby... I won't here anything else I expect until after the 800#s come out and i've signed an NDA. 

Exo hasn't posted more intel... because we all are looking for the last piece of the puzzle... the button pushed, 800#s published etc.. it's gonna happen but don't lose perspective. 

Very wealthy well connected people are waiting just like you but aren't stressed because they know how this works.... and you've got a seat at the same table... so PLEASE recognize that an be overjoyed that God blessed you, cuz ya got a seat!


EXOGENLet me put this in SIMPLE WORDS. Maliki us working on a THIRD TERM DEAL RIGHT NOW!!!

VINMAN: Maliki just closed on a house in Qatar?

TRNs are live.
Waiting on prosperity packages and gold certificates.

J. HARV: Live..waiting for Prosperity packages and gold certificates. Platforms watching Sunday for a GCR.
VINMAN: Floating RI rate moving forward.
Sunday RV -  rate tiers skyrocketing.
Street rate now locked.

J. HARV: Float.. RI Moving forward with rate Sunday..RV
Tiers skyrocketing

Maliki being discussed at a meeting with the USA re his 3rd term going into 2014 right now. (Smoke?) Maliki has bought a house in Qatar. Confirmed, sold and he has the keys and title. Live..waiting for Prosperity packages and gold certificates

:)) I was told by Poof (James) years ago when this all comes to the end there would be much smoke and confusion. Stay emotionally detached and observe..

VINMAN: Me thinks you're right...smoke :-)  The last big misdirection.