Sunday, July 6, 2014



EXOGEN: The suit is Almost completed!! Watching for Christmas next week. The ducks are lining up. The people responsible are meeting, talking, teleconferencing around the world. All International currencies are moving around the globe.

CONDOR: This is great news. I think we will be in the banks no later than Tuesday (as in day after tomorrow ). Going out to celebrate but will be keeping an eye out for the red suit. Congrats guys. We are almost there. Nothing will stop this now. Even the US wants it to happen to make the third quarter look good before Nov elections. Keep the faith & stay positive !



MIKE ZONAZ: PD can you tell us what currencies you like for the future baskets?

PDIDDY: I'll do one better... I tell you how to do it so you don't have to rely on the opinions of others... Study the VNN and you'll find one of the top economies, that is also expected to continue its growth, has strong natural resources (off shore oil, industry/manufacturing etc) but it has a very low currency value.... because this is a global reset... so you will apply this to find what economies have the indicators that are ripe for reset.

What you have begun to set up is a profile matrix... this is key. Do the same for the Ind Rupiah...

Now do some research on the top growing economies in the world, then by region (far east, middle east etc) and then top forecasted economic growth over the next 5 and/or 10yrs. Look at the same matrix you created in your profile that also have an undervalued currency.. you'll find interesting economies that are can't miss for 2nd and 3rd basket GCR's... for example Mongolia is a definite... ZIM of course (if not done or partially done in this basket). 

Rather than giving you a fish I want to enable you to be independently empowered to find your own... to fish for yourself.... so you are in total control, can make educated decisions and then use forums to compare your notes. I want to empower everyone to not have to rely on a guru or website because there probably won't be one...

MIKE ZONAZ: Thanks, this reply will benefit not only myself but many others as well.

MRT: You could exchange into the Chinese yuan at Sterling and deposit strait into an MCA making it a non taxable event.

PDIDDY: Now the question is, can you also do that at a WF where you exchange right into Yuan, Aus, Swiss Franc and Yen, then take some of the rest and transfer it into Mongolian, Zim and India Rupee... and have that as a non-taxible event (notice peeps, i'm using specific examples intentionally).

So MrT, can it only be a non taxable exent if it's done thru the same institution OR can it be done at WF or BOA at exchange if you exchange directly into that currency per your plan?

Ya got it.. limit your portfolio's exposure to the weak currency by only converting when you absolutely have to... bills, walk around cash etc.. instruct your acct to draw directly from you MCA as much as possible for bill paying.. 

When I was in Iraq and then Israel, I brought my Visa bank card... I could use it and my USD $ would convert immed to their currency at purchase.... so you have a Visa/bank card for your MCA acct and you will be able to do the same thing here!

Everyone else is crying about the bottoming out of the dollar and you aren't even feeling it.... better yet, you hold currencies that are increasing in value!

MRT: We are only trying to use the advantages that the elite use all of the time. Do you think that when Politicians open their books to the Public that we see all that they have. Noooo. Only their USD transactions. 

Remember that you can buy a house with other currencies. Annuities can be bought in other currencies. Also, when making payments on your loans, I think that you could pay those back in other currencies as well.

pdiddy: That would be amazing... but to be honest, I'm not sure Exo could go as in depth as we are and not look like he's giving financial advice... 

This discussion alone will save people millions!

That's the key T. That allows your money to remain, tax free and intact, invested and thus (because it's not yet taxed) can then make you the most money. 

Folks, what T and I are discussing is gold for you. Its up to everyone to take notesd and listen up. What we're trying to do here is educate you in the ways of the wealthy and Elite who have utilized these same techniques and make those who aren't aware pay for their ignorance... you are all becoming armed with great knowledge to play the "post GCR" exchange game and preserve your blessing for generations!


7-6-14 Hub:  ...I have three close very close people [that] know more than we do...real...time business currency business info and they were in on the Kuwait rv and they know the talk and talk the walk...

the real information is the dinar has been revalued. [contact says it RV?
two major contacts,  yes ... 

some of my people are all oil people in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi, and the other mid-east oil people...these people are a special breed...my contact which is a currency broker, made a killing on the revaluation of the Kuwait dinar.

...the dinar has had a value for 200 years and will retain the value...in 1955 it was $2.55 and in 1990 it was $3.22. ...the main outlook is the dinar will revalue...it has too to maintain the history...and so we are waiting for it to happen. I don’t know what it will revalue at.


Nick Fleming:I was just talking to a friend of mine who knows one of the attorneys that represent the Admiral group there in Reno and he told me that they got a call on Thursday to be ready and the  attorney has been on alert and the is located in Florida. 


Making a million dollars isn’t that hard to do . Keeping a million dollars is VERY hard to do. We all have a “COMFORT ZONE” that we live in . This zone can help you or bring you down.

An example is ths. If you are living on 2,000 dollars amonth, for a long time, then THAT is your comfort zone.

When something happens and you suddenly have 10,000 dollars, you will spend ,spend spend until you are back to that 2k. Your back in your comfort zone. Comfort zones can be expanded by SLOWLY making that zone bigger.

It has to be done SLOWLY and continuously. Have a plan and plan on having MONEY people to help you with your plan. Most of us in Dinarland have never had big money. Get ready to have it. Yes, buy that new car or new home but then wait, we’re good at that. Let the dust settle ,set a time out period before you blow more money.

This will be a once in a life time happening. Think, how can I make this money last ? INCOME is thekey that we are looking for. My money is going to make me more money! Little risk,modest income,taxes piad, increase my “COMFORT ZONE”!


7-6-2014  Newshound Guru Millionday   Article quote:  "House of Representatives went to approve the budget of the year 2014 during the sessions of the new parliament. source said "morning": "After choosing the Presidency of the Council of Representatives new this month will be the inclusion of the adoption of the budget law..."  the budget is very important to the position they are in for security among other things and will be addressed right away ---  it is to be addressed by the new parliament...i know many of us have heard the huge hopes on the passing of the budget as well the fact that they have not passed it until now or at least coming up with the first session --- very positive news.

7-6-2014   Newshound Guru Stryker
   ...why forming a new government is so hard...too many parties involved with too many opinions on how and who can take the job of Prime Minister (PM).  They are united as a National Alliance against Maliki but they are all over the place on who they want as their pick as PM.  Maliki is using this in his favor at the moment but if they get together, Maliki is gone.  Here is the guy that can get it done for them in my opinion: Adil Abdul Mahdi an Iraqi Shi'a respected by all. Then the Political and Economic situation would be right for the country in the eye's of Abdul Basset Turki and then he can pull the trigger for what should be an RV.  Next Parliament session is on Tuesday the 8th, keep you fingers crossed for real unity between the National Alliance Blocs.

7-6-2014   Intel Guru Frank26
   To be truly honest ...We felt there would be news two days ago on the sitting.  Then we found out...that NOTHING would be shown to the world until a time frame of 8th to 10th of July.   I am NOT talking about an IR ...We seek a governmental formationWE CONTROL all that Iraq is doing...Try to UNDERSTAND IT IS THE USA THAT IS DETERMINING EVEN THIS SLOW SPEED!



Crusty update early last night: Crusty wrote: Family- Can't get hold of employees Dad - he has made himself unavailable (wink) - so no news !!

zebra01 : I don't post much, but I wanted to share something with everyone. A friend that I shared the dinar with called me last night and told me a friend he shared with has a friend that is in a executive position at Wells Fargo in Florida. She called him to tell him they got their 1-800 numbers yesterday

Zebra01 : Please don't twist it , yes it was one person at a Wells Fargo bank in Florida saying they got their 1-800 numbers. Another spark that it is coming!!!! Nothing more nothing less.

OKRocks: Zebra TY ... meaning they have the official 800 to give to us dinarians 

Zebra01:  Okrocks-- she just said we got the. 1-800 numbers today. That's all that was told to me:)




PDiddy July 6, 2014

Now, before you all read into my avatar change by guessing i'll just tell you why I did it. I'm not communicating any new info thru this.

It's a pic from last night's fireworks... and I believe in my heart that "Independence Day" weekend is going to mean something soooo much more as an RV anniversary celebration from here on.

Ok, investment plan discussion time... I posted this on page 10 of the Exo Clue thread and was told I need to post it where it's not buried so it will help people understand the big pic here.

I was answering a question about exchanging to other currencies with your Sterling reserves because Sterling has other currencies... it ended up being a full on investment explanation... hope it helps those of you who aren't so clear to get up to speed! Enjoy...
"That is correct as long as the rate fits... if not then get your reserve sent to you, exchange personally, directly into an MCA... (Multi- Currency Account) diversify the currencies you exchange into, some for stability (AUS, Swiss, BRICS members etc) then a portion into speculative 2nd & 3rd basket currencies.

This basically creates a "mutual fund" like hedge with your currency mix... USD is going to plummet for a while so even your conservative currency investments will grow in value compared to an exchange straight to USD and having a USD based annuity where that value shrinks just because of the currency you chose.....

ya got to think outside the box of what youre used to operating in.. do you think USD is the only currency they do annuities in? Yeah, exactly peeps.... think this thru.

Its why Exo keeps pushing everyone to think about your plan.. because S3 is more interested in you keeping and growing you money....I love S3 because we have these discussions.... we're already living in the next chapter of this book which is why this is light years beyond any other forum...it's the truth!"


MrT > PDiddy July 6, 2014

You could exchange into the Chinese yuan at Sterling and deposit strait into an MCA making it a non taxable event.


Gymrat > PDiddy July 6, 2014   Another advantage to this type exchange is that it makes it a non-taxable event...  It gives you a place  to safely park your funds while deciding what you want to to do either forming a trust structure to safeguard your assets or IBC's.....


MrT > Gymrat July 6, 2014    IBC=international business corporation


PDiddy > MrT July 6, 2014

Now the question is, can you also do that at a WF where you exchange right into Yaun, Aus, Swiss Franc and Yen, then take some of the rest and transfer it info Mongolian, Zim and India Rupee... and have that as a non-taxible event (notice peeps, i'm using specific examples intentionally).

So MrT, can it only be a non taxable exent if it's done thru the same institution OR can it be done at WF or BOA at exchange if you exchange directly into that currency per your plan?


Jason Isham > PDiddy July 6, okay I bank at wells fargo and my banker there said that you can transfer directly from sterling and whatever currency is there dong, dinar so for the rupiah right into your m c a
then once its in your account you can transfer it to Canadian Australian German whatever stable currency you want


PDiddy > Sunshine62 July 6

Yes, that would have to be the case (straight to MCA) and not be converted to USD prior... ok, so what exchange institutions would exchange right into another currency that offer MCAs?


NewEarthNow > PDiddy July 6, 2014 So, are we not able to go directly into Asset Backed TRN's????


Jason Isham > NewEarthNow July 6, 2014  IMO trn are going to be use for exchanges and deals with foreign country they are going to be considered digital here's how it works golden assets back the TRN, the TRN back the Fiat money that we use everyday all digital


PDiddy > NewEarthNow July 6, 2014 at 1:09pm You can, but why would you want to. You'll get a debit/credit card to your MCA that will convert to TRN's/USD when you use it... you can transfer a certain amount into a ho$ding acct for bills and such but leave the lionshare in stable currency until you need it 



PDiddy > July 5, 2014 at 10:46pm

The RV plane is landing... we're on the bridge right now that's crossing into "Exchange-town".

We are right now crossing over.... i'm hearing that groups are hours from being notified... so celebrate!!!

I can feel more relaxed when I get a confirmation from my contacts that they've received private group notifications... I have heard when to expect them and when to expect the 800#s but I don't want to release that... not till its confirmed by more than one source..

 But as soon as I know that releasing that info is not irresponsibly leading you on a hopium roller coaster i'll post it for ya..


Stagealpha forum:

Ranger4564:Government VIP's are exchanging right now, Confirmed.
Exchanging their SKR Live, for checks on the West Coast.
Maliki has a death sentence on his head if he does not leave, his time is running out. 
But Maliki has plans to involve the Iraqi Military.

Dark Pools are exchanging right now.

Top tiers are being hush hush.
War plans are missing a key piece of the puzzle and have been delayed, shhh, don't tell.
Powers that be are trying to keep the people in the dark, misdirecting and misinforming us.
US government plan pending, screw the general public.

Delays and more delays. waiting for the spark.
No more lies, the truth will reveal the government propaganda. No more excuses.
It's Good vs Evil.
Soldiers have arrived to get first hand intel, and have Maliki in their sights.
Media spin and government spin is skyrocketing, leading to more misdirection.

Santas arrival is looking for action from the Vatican.
Keep an eye out for the Admiral.
Obama has his sights on Reno / Atlanta.

Lew / Kerry are meeting with the Chinese and Global network.
Officials are looking at Wells Fargo. Atlanta to be the new Reno.
Treasury employees cashing out since July 2nd.

Media broadcasting Maliki letter of Resignation today, signaling live 800 numbers and Santa's arrival.

Welcome the delivery.
BRICS / Saudi Arabia telling the Petrodollar to hit the road.
First rate stalled at Wells Fargo, confirmed.

Misinformation steering Oil prices higher and Petrodollar decline.
BRICS and G77 countries organizing, piecing together new institutions, building the bridge to success.
Membership applications are on the rise.
Dollar is in flames worlwide, being rejected all over, confirmed.

TRN's / SKR's are being clawed back. Debit cards live, right now, confirmed.

US Republic / Indian Nations are projecting cashing out Next Week, confirmed

Asian Platforms delivered memo, Trillions flowing on the 7th.

Tested and confirmed for next week. 

Watch for US Debt and historic bonds secret plan.
Zimbabwe lopping 0's stalled.

Varied currency portfolios can arbitrage payouts in different forms.
Make multiple plans asap for free cheese, double dipping, triple dipping... put on your thinking cap and be smart with your payout to make it build more wealth.

Currency portfolio can take advantage of lay aways, is a secret.
You are being kept in the dark, brainwashed through media misinformation, but it's too late, the cat is our of the bag.


Stagealpha forum:

Vinman:Look for clues of the quiet plan for the Zimbabwe shuffle (removal of zeros)

Don't be fooled.  Overload on currency for arbitrage then diversify your assets ASAP.
There is a trap for double and triple dippers.
So put your thinking cap on since there are no rules.
Your layaway plan equals arbitrage 
They are keeping quiet to keep you brainwashed and stuck on the misinformation highway.
But the cat is out of the bag!


7-5-14 Frank26To be truly honest ...........We felt there would be news two days ago on the sitting.

Then we found out via TEAM CHAT that NOTHING would be shown to the world until a time frame of 8th to 10th of July.

PLEASE keep in mind .......... I am NOT talking about an IR .......... We seek a governmental formation.

As to who wins ........ Minus the Citizen's votes ......... It is of reduced interest to us.

They WILL sit .......... The GOI WILL work itself out.

And they WILL take all 45 days.

Accepting that equals ........ Less Stress for us.

We NOW ...... ONCE AGAIN........ Have our foot on their necks and ...... GAS.