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[honeybelle] Okay please what was the last tweet MarkZ had TY

[MarkZ] honeybelle That things were cooking internationally basically.
My Iraqi contacts are beyond excited and my European banking contacts say they still have numbers showing. I am awfully excited about this week.

[MarkZ] I thought I would slip in for a quick late evening visit.

[honeybelle] Thanks very much MarkZ

[MarkZ] honeybelle You got the longer version. Twitter only allows for so many characters

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ I was just trying to get the peeps to see that a magicians slight of hand may be at work lately

[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs heck after this ride we should all be masters of deception. :)

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ Politicians???

[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs especially

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ anyways, glad you are here to save my butt

[sananddan24] MarkZ don't forget to tweet "Free Groceries"

[MarkZ] sananddan24 Soon, very soon. Perhaps we should agree on grocery chains so we can all buy stock in them right before free grocery day and watch our good deeds increase the stock price. :)

[MarkZ] Has Digs been in? Someone tell him HELLO when he pops in.

[barb] MarkZ Hello Good to see you

[MarkZ] barb HI sunshine. I am thinking about doing a dinner chat in Charlotte in the next week or two. I will give you a heads up.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Think about what USA made products that will show incredible sales post

[MarkZ] Here are my two educational links for the night.

[MarkZ] https://www.youtube.com/ ··· vTRYzL50 http://sgtreport.com/201 ··· -willie/ 

[superbiz] MarkZ conclusion soon soon?

[MarkZ] superbiz Based on all the intel yes. IMO

[Robertprofessor] MarkZ SpecialAgentGibbs All seems better than ever for us to finally wrap up this global change

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Robertprofessor as the rumtel makes it seem

[MarkZ] Folks on here and other places have started bringing me a lot the keeps me busy vetting it out. I think you all would be shocked in a good way at the level of intel you all get and process without any guru's.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ JMHO but, perhaps the guru's time has come & gone.....

[superbiz] MarkZ HI I never thought I would be on this ride so long without puking!!!

[MarkZ] superbiz I am going to puck when it goes, then step off of the roller coaster and LIVE! ;)

[highlander65] MarkZ love Willie  TY

[MarkZ] highlander65 He shoots pretty straight.

[time4rv] MarkZ Will it happen before the 4th?

[MarkZ] time4rv I was told to give no dates but, If you can find a good link to Iraqi radio you will hear that they plan on an RI early in July with an RV

[MarkZ] time4rv I was told to give no dates but, If you can find a good link to Iraqi radio you will hear that they plan on an RI early in July with an   soon after. What does that mean to us? Let's take a few days and find out. Level heads are what we need right now. We must stay grounded.  soon after. What does that mean to us? Let's take a few days and find out. Level heads are what we need right now. We must stay grounded.

[bryan1972] MarkZ we get a lot of BS without the guru's too

[MarkZ] bryan1972 The guru's are being fed a lot of crap, if they are getting news out of Reno they should vet the heck out of it before spewing it.

[sandytob] MarkZ and do you think that RV will be before the GCR?

[MarkZ] sandytob same time

[barb] MarkZ any rumors on the Zim going now?

[MarkZ] barb I was told by a couple of European 
bankers that it actually made the exchange screens this weekend. Pretty cool..... IMO it is going.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] ATTENTION: GoDaddy has recently released the ".guru" domains.... get YOURS today and be a GURU!

[Myatding] MarkZ I'm a dual Citizen of Australia and USA. Tho I have been living in Australia for about 16 years full time do you know if I might be able to fly over to the US and do a contract rate with Wells Fargo who I already have a long standing account with?

[MarkZ] Myatding You should be able to open your account same day, I believe you will be golden.

[honeybelle] MARKZ last year Jester was saying how the good guys were wanting this for the 4th of July does that play into the Republic release still

[MarkZ] honeybelle I do not think it plays in other than being convenient. It is poetic though.

[Myatding] Because it would mean a completely different rate.

[MarkZ] Myatding The US is a nice place to visit, a crappy place to get accurate news though.

[sandytob] MarkZ do you still think that VND will be high? I heard there was some sort of adjustment

[MarkZ] sandytob I do think it will be high. 
Based on my math a properly adjusted RI would be 2.21 so I believe it should drift up close to that given time even if it comes in low. Only time will tell but that is my thoughts

[Myatding] I can fly over at a moment's notice. Would prefer to get the contract rate if possible, but that isn't an option here in Australia as it sounds.

[MarkZ] Myatding The US is a nice place to visit, a crappy place to get accurate news though.

[MarkZ] sananddan24 That will take longer than I have tonight..... Factions are trying and failing to whip up a world class riot to stall this, it has not and will not work. I believe the facts will show who is/was behind it.

[snowwolfsdee] MarkZ will I be ok here in Canada or do I have to take the tunnel in BC to exchange

[WCW] MarkZ tell me how a currency can RI if it already holds a rate

[MarkZ] WCW Save that question and I will try to stop in tomorrow to explain.


Stagealpha Forum:






WORLDBOSS:can someone any one tell me about whats going on with the zimbabwe currency because only thing i hear about is the RV of the dinar and no info or RV on the zim so can anyone tell me about this and if it is suppose to be RV when the dinar gets RV or is it a complete different situation going on with the zim..

TNDR: I was just on the chat And asked similar questions. The symbol is ZWN, there will be 6 zeros dropped and the rate as of 11/4 was .22. This is a no appointment (800# type), just like VNN and IRN (rupiah). 

WORLDBOSS: Oh ok but when will it rv is there a set day or will it rv when the dinar rv

TNDR: I understand it to go in this first "basket". That remains to be seen as with all this. So, 4 currencies suppose to RV....IQN, VNN, ZWN and IRN.

DINARDARLING: At this point all 4 that Tony has mentioned will go together.  I have vnn and zim in addition to iqn.  I will call the currency exchange office at my bank and set up an appointment to handle those CEs.  (NOT the 800#s for the iqn)

WORLDBOSS: Ok good to know thank you darlin


Porque el silencio preguntan? Gente, ya esta todo listo. Estamos esperando que los que toman la decisión para el RELEASE lo hagan...En Mi Opinión esto se acaba en cualquier momento. Lean el RESUMEN y todo ahí esta claro. Los que creyeron, ya compraron y van hacer Bendecido por la paciencia y dolor que hemos pasado todos estos a~nos. No hay que decir mas nada. Muchos pueden especular la fecha exacto, pero no se sabe 100%. Ya la evidencia esta. Y Si, cuando se algo 100%, voy a parar las ventas. El mismo Gobierno de Iraq a desmentido a TODOS quienes han negado este Bendición. Quien compro, COMPRO. Estamos BIEN y hagan el Bien con su nuevo Bendición. God is Good...!! En Victoria....!!! Guste o no le GUSTE...! Porque YA HAY EVIDENCIA.....!!


Why the silence, they ask me? People, everything is ready. We are waiting that the people that take the decision for the RELEASE,  do it. In my Opinion this ends in any moment. Read the Summary and all there is clear. The people who believed and bought will be blessed for the pacience and pain that we have passed all these years.There is nothing more to say. Many can speculate the exact date, but it is not known 100%. Already the evidence is here. And when I know something 100%, I will go to stop the sales. The same government of Iraq is disproving to all who have denied this blessing.who bought, bought. We are fine and make the good with your new blessing. God is Good....!!! In Victory..!!!!
like who likes or not....!!! Because There is Already Evidence!!!



another mailman :Hi Frank. Is it safe to say that the ISX will not go International nor the Qi card dispursed on July 1st?


Frank26:  IR (International Rate) has to be given to the GOI.

Or ISX .... Qi Cards and MANY other things will be disappointed.

IMO ....... No....... Not yet.

KTFA,   Frank


Another Mailman:   They must have expected the IR before July 1st or why tell the world that the ISX would go international. Also, why tell the people to pick up their Qi cards on July 1st only to string them along for at least another 6 weeks? If I were a mailman in Iraq, I would be ready to go postal, lol!


Kelly123:  Agree!! If anything would cause a CIVIL WAR .. it is this - CONSTANTLY promising them the world and never delivering! So sad. I have faith that it could go live with the reality rate behind us by or on July 1st!

CBI has told them too many times it would be "June of 2014", "Mid-year" "soon", "in the coming days .." ... and also told the world that they are moving forward despite what is going on.

Cbi has said they are ready.

well, I am too!!!!!!!!!

HAHHAHHA. Let June be our month!



KERMIT53: … News from an Iraqi....
Here is a summary what I have from my Iraqi friend as of this morning. His relatives ALL have the Qi cards, both in Tikrit and Baghdad, they have been told that their cards (which as I understand are loaded now, but meager amounts) are to be increased or re-loaded (not clear on this) after the first parliament meeting, scheduled for July 1.

This is no secret, it seems the news is being sent to everyone, and it is raising some excitement. How this is being communicated ranges from TV, the mosques (which DC has spoke about), and radio. They have been told a couple times before that this would happen. Now, with some purpose behind it. They are 'anticipating, cautiously anxious and extremely happy' at the very thought of having their cards be of significant value. 

They have so little to go off of now, he said we (US citizens) really have no idea what basic necessities the people over there have. The ISIS rebels are still not an issue, they laugh at all the hype still over this in our media. They ask "where?" and believe it is all propaganda from M. They really don't like the guy. The govt being seated, the new PM and having the media at the parliament meeting are all key. They are tired of M and want him out. It was stated a year ago from Turki that the currency would go up in mid-year 2014...they believe this is coming to fruition, the people want it badly.

 Good for them, good for us.
He says life is moving along steadily, but the people there are very much anticipating the events over the next few days. Ramadan also started last evening and he said that will be a much needed break from the events taking place to spend time with family. This is all I have for now.
We enjoy getting his little tidbits, puts a little reality into what's stated and read about...



Roberta) He's talking about being careful with the NDA. That you’re not signing everything over to the bank or a 3rd party. If something like that happens get an attorney immediately to address it. The first part he was talking about Kerry and Maliki, and about what will be Maliki's next step, such as his resignation.
(Leslie) Basically, run from groups. And he's negating old exchange info saying most of it doesn't make any sense. Too much to go into here, but perhaps somebody is taking really good notes.
(Susan) Exo said, "To have a lawyer rescind the contract; if you have already signed one. Said the banks are in transition. Said to NOT rush into the bank. The TRN is 100%. Said to " 'Devaluation-proof' yourself." Use Multi-Currency acct.=1 acct. and is charged ONLY 1 FEE. Puts your money in a 'parking garage.' Is 'preservation of your principal'. Protects against market fluctuation. Use it for all of your currencies that you've bought, i.e IQN, VNN, ZIM. This is not a currency exchange. It is electronic, but is not creating a taxable event UNTIL you exchange. Park it instead in a safe currency in an MCA......Or just wait. Said to go to the bank and see which currency each bank covers. All are not the same. Exo is in the midst of obtaining a mobile-phone application for the Stage 4 participants.
(Susan) Said alot of info in Dinarland, re Iraq, they are using buzzwords. It is misinformation and disinformation. Keeps people off-balance. This will adversely affect folks when people go to the banks.
(Leslie) It hasn't really changed, according to EXO. Gurus haven't really known anything. All info has been given to keep everyone off balance.
(Susan) Exo also gave this, "Zimbabwe shuffle hint. 2 times....and then 2 different types of notes. One thing taking place, each time."
(Buddy) Is there still going to be a second basket or was it lumped together?
(Sunshine) Buddy there is strong evidence to suggest there is a second basket. Re the Zim, it seems that the 100t (2008 for both, uncirculated) note may go in first basket. The last I heard was that one will go first and the other would be in the second basket. Remember this: later is greater
(Susan) There are multiple systems running simultaneously. Make SURE you have a Private Banker....because this thing could go live-and you'd never know....unless you had one. There are NO rules in this.
(Susan) Exo, No on a 'Trust'. (Lesie & Gymrat) per Exo.....until LAST.
(Susan)......How to determine what type of one that you need. Alternative would be an......*MCA*, (AB, Leslie, & Roberta) corrected me, on this one...:-), an *NIB*), *LLC*.......is the fastest way to make our purchases, ANONYMOUSLY.
(Leslie) An LLC will make you invisible within 24 hours. Afterwards then you can put a trust in place. Not needed before the exchange.
(Roberta) He said; No on a trust right away. It is the last financial tool you want to put in place.  You need to know more about what type of trust you want.
(Susan) Re buying gold and silver: No to safe Deposit Boxes. NO GOLD in a safety deposit box. (New Rules) that makes FACTA look like a joke. New rules coming (down) the pike that stink for us.
(Susan) Iraq's Turki, has said "Raise the rate of the Dinar-with NO roof." Re reserves. Exo & Rene using a combination strategy. Dealers cannot cover all reserves. If you have reserves, deal w/ dealer. If you have currency, deal with a bank. They said that the playback link will be posted tonight. Arbitrage explanation: In this market you have currency with different rates, i.e. Street, Intl, etc.....Leverage all of these different rates...because at SOME juncture these rates are going to coincide.... COLLIDE. Said that this may not even show up on Forex, as people might think......Exo is checking BANK SCREENS.
(Leslie) Arbitrage - is a scenario where you have a market. In this market you have currencies with different fluctuating rates simultaneously...market, international and contract rates. Leverage all of these different rates because at some specific instant these rates are going to collide. Savvy investors will use the market to their advantage.  Example: IQD revalues tonight at $3.00. From an Arbitrage standpoint, take out a reserve, leverage based on speculation for economic gain. Taking advantage of 2 or more markets...to create profit.
What is leveraging: Rate is today, and what is rate tomorrow? When these rates are moved by the market, people can take advantage of increases. 
Question. If I want to leverage 1000,000 IQD - do I leave it as IQD or exchange for FRN or sit on it and wait.  Ans.  Several different ways. Put in MCA account and get a line of credit or take the 1m IQD and exchange for FRN and then take and convert to another currency.
Also: Rates may not even show up on Forex.  So, only watch bank screens at your own bank.
(Susan) Exchanging directly into gold=taxable event. Gold, approx. a year ago, has started showing up into a legal tender. Re: Gold Last week, no market volatility...and Gold STILL WENT UP. Driving price down-to buy cheaper. Safe to have physical gold, but not big on gold certificates.
CDARS benefit or not?=Certificate of Deposit. FDIC maxes at $250,000. Would not need if you are banking on the wealth side of the bank. They have additional structures for us on the private side of the bank.
(Leslie) Explain Certificates of Deposits: First State Com. Bank, ie. once you get to the 250,000 mark (insurance coverage) some banks will change your coverage to make you insured for higher amount. Other banks can come and split the risk, though you have your account at one bank. *I'm not sure how that's done.  In other words, you want to ensure your money is adequately insured.
MCA - are they available in this country? Should we open up one now? Yes, they are available in this country. No, not necessary to open one now. Instead develop a relationship with your bank. Check out S3A for information on Multiple Currency Accounts
(Susan) Was asked what EXO will do. Basic ideas.....Depends on the rates. Are NOT going to a big bank....Tier 2 banks. Limited derivative exposure.....Are NOT rushing in to exchange....are not calling a 800#....Already have bankers in place....Are no rules. Dumping FRN into cash flow businesses, etc.
(J. Harv) Buying real estate, cars, land etc with FRN's.
(Gymrat) Whatever you feel will be stable or increase in value...
(Leslie) 1. Don't exchange money all at once. 2.  No need for 800 numbers if you have banker in place.  No rules regarding 800#s. Most important, have a plan for all of the different scenarios that could possibly play out.  Very confusing  (in EXO's own words.)
(Susan) Make sure that you are separated from the public side of the bank...because if the bank goes under...you are not exposed....They are using 3rd Party Wealth Advisors, NOT BANK's Wealth Managers.
(Susan) Recommended two Tier 2 Banks; Regions Bank & First Citizen's Bank.
(Leslie) Q:  Where do I find Tier 2 Banks:
A:  Currency Exchange International - Google that
Q:  Are you still looking into a group exchange?
A:  Yes, but it won't be like everybody else. The difference is we're shopping the banks and we collectively decide whether we want a bank or not. No DL, Bank Routing #s and shoe sizes. LOL
Leslie) Q: You mentioned time limits associated with exchange. Should we be cautious and exchange it all.
A:  Logically, banks want the dinars. This currency will be here for a long time. Hold onto some of your gold. Dinar is just like gold. Banks want your money and they know that dinarians aren't savvy and they can set tricks and traps. Dinarians don't know what to believe about anything because every guru says something different. Who cares what the gurus say as long as WE ALL HAVE A PLAN!!!
A:  When do you plan on getting your red suit on.
Q:  From what we heard tonight, two hot hubs for dinar...Atlanta and Reno. Atlanta is the hottest. We know for a fact that business transactions are done there...moving...tonight we talked to our people, Reno is HOT.  That's all I'm going to say. No more intel tonight...
(SpiritDancer re: Tier 2 choice) ...You need to find who is in your neck of the woods.  There are smaller banks available.  Once I found my local tier 2 banks then I went to Bauer financial to find their rating.  Next I went to each website individually to make sure the bank:  Didn't have derivative exposure - has a foreign exchange division - has a Private/Wealth Division.  I also looked for the banks that have MCA accounts.  Just being prepared.
(Susan) Heard that there are two hot 'hubs' (areas) for the RV......Atlanta and Reno. Reno is as hot as the sun. Said, it's like, "Look over there, while we're doing this over here. "Can use credit unions, after exchange. Tier 2s; but not the big 4.
(Susan) Can use credit unions, after exchange. Tier 2s; but not the big 4.
(Leslie) Decide which currency you're going to keep for awhile and which you are going to cash out now.
Q:  Credit Unions? 
A:  Credit Unions will be a great place to go after you exchange to park your money. Tier 2 banks is just not one of the big 4. It's not just about derivatives. Regions Bank or First Citizens Bank are good choices for Tier 2. 
Bauer Financial is a great site to go to learn about Tier 2 banks. You can pick one close to you or not, depending upon your needs. Per Rene.....
(Didley)I thought that you did not want to wire out a lot of money in the first 30 days because  your accounts could get frozen.  Not sure if by the receiving bank or by the gov.
(Spirit Dancer) I think I recall hearing it was ok to wire bank to bank, but to not wire to another person's account.
(Gymrat) As soon as you wire to another institution go in and set up new accounts and close the one which received the wire transfer...  That just another firewall as interbank transfers are not tracked....
(Gymrat) Don't worry so much about it before the event in my opinion...  Once this POPS they will be after you...  Just garner the knowledge...  Your first couple of statements will set the tone for the meeting....  
LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND EXPECT....As Marsh spoke with the wealth mgr. at our bank he confirmed that a non-interest bearing account will not let the bank have control of your money so it is readily available to you... I am trying to prepare for the worst.... I do however believe it will be just like most banking transactions and should go smoothly.... 
As I am to understand from TNT  (we r not part of the forum) There will be 5 or so "gurus" who will do a series of instructional calls every day for 2 weeks after this birthing process is done....  Just relax... spend some time on all the banking info EXO and Rene have provided us... If you already have, then review it again...  I feel this is VERY important....  You are armed with sooooo much info and you don't realize it yet...  Marsh is not a confrontational person at all....  
She owned the wealth manager at her appointment with knowledge. If they see you know what you are doing then your exchange will be a breeze...  :)
(Gymrat) If you change enough to pay yourself out of debt and purchase what you want in FRN's  exchange in currencies that are safe and stable...  It will give you ample time to set up your trust structure or your LLC to aid in your tax liability... All the while parking your money safely...  with protection against lowering your value.
(Leslie) This is precisely why EXO suggested taking an attorney with us to appointment. Most have no knowledge about all of this...complex and confusing. I, personally, will take an attorney. Unless you in all of your wisdom and earthly banking knowledge can put out a bulleted list of things to do, Gymrat.  That would be marvelous!!!!!
(Gymrat) AL, I believe an Atty. would be a wise choice. It will be primarily for the banking contracts unless you are going to sign an NDA. When this thing finally pops you will have no trouble getting an atty. to go with you...  I will have one with me for sure.... we downloaded a copy of just the general WF banking contract.  It was like 28 pages long and very convoluted...
(Leslie) Now that we all have great information regarding what to do with our dinar, don't hesitate to call a bank of your choice and begin to develop your relationship (without mentioning dinar). Get an appt. with a wealth manager, & go out to lunch (yes, it's intimidating).  PM EXO and he will help you with what to say. They should pay for your lunch. LOL. Never mention Dinar!!!
"Do you recommend putting money in a State Charter bank?" Yes, as long as it's not tied to national bank.
EXO gives example:
Call the bank (He who is best with words, wins!).  Example you might use to begin this relationship.  Again, never mention currencies. This is about wealth management. 
"Your bank was highly recommended to park my funds. I need some wealth management and retirement strategies. Who would I talk to at your bank?"
(Gymrat) Take control of your life and funds people...
(Roberta re: Safety Deposit Boxes) It had to with new rules for safe deposit boxes. It doesn't sound like it's safe to use one for your gold. He said it makes FACTA look like a joke.
(Gymrat) Constitutionally gold and silver IS NOT TAXABLE...  Just sayn..
(Sunshine) Absolutely not safe for gold or silver.
(Gymrat re: LLCs) Basically, you're going to be better off in an LLC to start off with because it will protect you more than as an individual. However, you can still do that quickly after the RV. There are so many trusts to go through and figure out what fits your specific needs, that getting your trust structure done will take a little while. And they aren't cheap. LLC's can be done for $100-$200. A trust structure will cost many $1000's, depending on your needs and how many will be necessary to meet them. A NV LLC with a IBC (international business corp.) out of the Cook Islands will cost about $3750 thru bridgewaycorp.com. Check them out, pretty interesting.
(Gymrat re: 'Trusts') I think he (Exo) was implying that they take longer to set up and structure, but the Business corp. is fast so you can protect your exchange until you have everything else in place....  Also the tax rates are better when exchanging through a Corp. and /or Trust if one is already established..  Trusts are more expensive to start..
(Sunshine re: exchanging @ Regions) Regions, is one of the most recommended banks by EXO, as I recall but I can check the Banking Section to be certain. Keep in mind that while many banks aren't showing an exchange center NOW, that can quickly change. One option to keep open is exchanging in the nearest BIG4 Banks, and then quickly transfer to a Tier2... Personally, I would NOT want my currency sent off and that is the reason why I mention the Big4 - they probably already have the Delarue machines back there in the coffee break room (lol) Another way the banks can verify your currency is in the books they have on hand. Some things to consider, right?


6-28-2014   Newshound Guru Enorrste   If...correct that there is a compromise candidate "in the works" Mahdi may well be that person.  The question is whether Maliki has "signed off" on Mahdi or not.  One thing is clear:  he is certainly well qualified for the job. Unfortunately, I still think Maliki is going to do whatever he can to retain his position.  Time will tell.  [post 2 of 2]

6-28-2014   Newshound Guru Enorrste  Article:   "Upper: Sadrists to nominate Abdul-Mahdi of the self-denial and the crowds waiting to see prime minister    Wikipedia quote:  "Abdel-Mahdi is a member of the powerful Shi'a party the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, or SIIC. Long based in neighboring Iran, the group opposed a United States administration while holding close ties with the other U.S.-backed groups that opposed Saddam Hussein, including the Kurds and the Iraqi National Congress.  He is a trained economist who left Iraq in 1969 for exile in France. He worked for French think tanks and edited magazines in French and Arabic. He was educated in France, and is the son of a respected Shiite cleric who was a minister in Iraq's monarchy."


Stagealpha Forum:

FREDRICK L. WARD:My advice is to get your exchange money out of the US dollar and into a solid currency asap.  This FATCA is going to decimate the US economy. Read what the major countries are doing in regards to this action by our government. This is pure blackmail on the part of the US!



06-28-14     09:52 EST

SITREP (Situational Report)

Deep Source #1:

"Bad guys are still resisting and won't give up their grasp of control. Negotiating and fighting is on-going and being prolonged behind the scenes.

This will not last much longer, they are nearing the edge of the cliff. Hang on a little longer folks, while we clean house."



RODJIW: On The Big Call, Bruce has said that he heard anywhere from $4 to $8 on the dong, depending on market vs contract rate!!! Woohoo!!! Bruce has contacts of his own that back up that statement...But, like everything else, we wait and see...





JASON ISHAM: Relax all this is our last weekend we are at the back wall no turning back every country is all in including the USA do hold tight its is coming to a fruitful end there is no turning back or world economies fail ans the dark ages reapear for the next 50 years and the cabal are included in those dark ages too



OLDCROW: Does anyone know if we can split our dinar into two parts? Exchange one sum for the international rate, and a portion at the best contract rate?
My thinking is that I'd like to CE part of what I have at the highest contract rate, and the rest at the international rate.  This way I'll have just that much more to PIF.
It all depends on the contract restrictions.  Will we have to leave a large portion of a high rate contract at that institution?  Will access to funds be restricted to something like an annual annuity payout?  Depending on these rules is how I'll do my CE.  I would hate to be under such restrictions for all of what I have. 
I know DC and Tony say they'll do all their dinar at the highest rate possible. Maybe they know that there might only be a 2% fee??

KATZ9467: crow;
I think we will need to wait for the package, Tony and DC have mentioned many time (wait for the package) even after they answer a question, therefore I guess from what I'm understanding we wait for the package.

THEGRACEMAN: Contracts are agreements between 2 or more parties. I cannot foresee any contract language which would require you to hand over all your currency and void your contract if you did not turn over all your currency. So, I suspect it is highly likely you could split your CE'd funds in two categories ; however,

if you violate the NDA and they come after your contract funds . . . . .
and you have spent or invested some of your contract funds . . . .
they will freeze all your assets and take enough money to satisfy and return all the contract funds . . .
which could end up taking all your liquid capital, or worse, take all your liquid capital and put liens and
judgments on others.

So, it would be best to truly separate your contract funds into a separate entity (LLC or Trust) ; such
that if the gov't comes after those assets, they cannot take your personal assets as well.
If the NDA has a personal guarantee within it, then the LLC or Trust will not be enough; you
would need an irrevocable trust to protect your personal funds.

But, I'm not the right guy to advise on this stuff. But, from what I think I know, put your personal
non-CE'd funds in an irrevocable trust and keep that safe from the clawback scenario.

Call an asset protection attorney and have them help you.

Note: DC was not concerned about the clawback scenario with the NDA; we have not seen the NDA, but DC has
seen versions of it.  The clawback scenario may not be much of a worry, it's a bit of a personal preference wrt
the risk that the NDA bring with it.     Hope this helps.

JOEJABOAH: I think most of us have a tendency to overthink the restrictions. If you have one million dinar and choose a (for example) $6 market rate over an $18 contract rate because the bank might make you leave 20% of the international rate in the bank, have you made a good decision? I'll make my decisions after I know the NDA contents. But more than likely, I'll take the highest rate. I won't tell anyone what that rate was, as the NDA will dictate that as restricted info. 

KAYO: DC has also stated on a previous call that he might exchange at more than 1 location. If so, he would get the contract rate at only 1 location, and would just have to take a hit when he exchanged at the other locations. I'm considering the same myself. It just depends on the NDA and if it restricts the use of our funds.

FOXY56: I believe it was stated on the call that we can exchange one note for the international rate to get reserves and then go to the appointment. I also believe it was stated that once it is live, if we took that rate, it would void the opportunity to claim the contract rate. We will be able to get final answers real soon.


mcdan wrote on June 28th, 2014,

I wonder if a rebase RI caused a drop in the rate and a RV will reset the rate to $ 3.71 ?    Thanks Walkingstick


walkingstick » June 28th, 2014,    Iraqi bond holders to make a profit

06/28/2014 09:22   Confirm the reports and experiences of Iraq to its potential and its full commitment to repay foreign debt enhances the increase fiscal revenue that came from the high volume of oil exports, which recently reached 2.6 million barrels per day. Despite the fall in the price of the Iraqi bonds to 87 cents per dollar - by Reuters report –
but that investors and bond holders have made ​​a profit over the perceptions of the existence of insurance for five years in order to ensure payment in the event of a debt restructuring. In this regard, said economic expert, Dr. Majid picture: that Iraq continuously pay debts of foreign trade amounting to 20 million dollars, stressing that the benefits of it will enter into repayment in 2020 is also due to expire shot on all the bonds in 2028. added picture in a statement (morning):

that there are debts unsettled amount in the highest estimates two billion and 500 000 dollars which is not resolved until Now that he's flying suits, what calls to make sure they are correct If they are correct to be paid under the terms of the Paris Club. , and added that Iraq only commercial debt bonds, which continuously pay them, stressing that the financial resources of Iraq rises over its ability to repay the debt are growing as Iraq has not been without its financial obligations in terms of debt repayment.

Iraq will pay the benefits of it, amounting to 5.8 percent, I do not think that Iraq will fall reimbursed because of its financial resources increasing and continuous from its oil exports, which amounted to 2.6 million barrels, stressing that the reputation enjoyed by Iraq to pay its debts reputation good came through repaid debt of Kuwait and other countries, according to the Paris Club or to the trade creditors are continuous and systematic.

 confirmed that the picture of Iraqi funds are now protected by the central bank as a deal with five central banks of the five countries give protection to the money the central as long as the bank continued to work as an independent body from the government. claims new commercial debt department, including older statute of limitations in time and some of them claims malicious and untrue and without identity documents and other division took a ruling categorically repayment, but there is disagreement about the payment because he must be in accordance with the Paris Club ,

the report indicates that the size of the debt for bonds of Iraq, which was launched in 2006 to restructure the business debt is relatively small and amounted to 2.7 billion dollars. in the same context, said economic expert, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh: that the efficiency of Iraq's financial high, as it has the capacity to fulfill its debts. said in a statement (morning) that some creditors have rulings lawsuit to satisfy the debt to 100 percent and groomed unknown, but it does not pose a threat, and at the same time sizeable, especially as the country paid the bulk of them.

confirmed that Iraqi funds are protected self with the CBI being an independent institution which gives him the power of respect in international forums for central banks. He said the money in the Central Bank is not a commercial, but backup represents the cover of the coin or related processes, so deal specificity of the subject of immunities on the money, as it has immunity implied.

Salih noted that the rest of the reserves of the Central Bank in other countries deposited and managed by central banks provide protection Iraq's money since 2007, so it is not easy to assault her by creditors.



BigIron:   I like your FYI. The $ .87 would be a nice starting point for a float towards $3.71!

“By the end of the year the stock exchange will open if no problems present themselves."

So we should have an internationally traded dinar by the end of the year. If ISX opens on July 1 then we should see an internationally traded dinar by this coming Tuesday. Right? Anyone?

I would think the ISX would want to trade internationally in dinar.


walkongstick :Prestigious companies register in Erbil Stock Exchange

Hemin Salih   BasNews, Erbil

The Arab Federation of Exchanges (AFE) has approved the request of the Erbil Stock Exchange (ESE) to join the AFE.

Following the participation of ESE in AFE’s annual meeting in Dubai on June 4th, ESE requested they take steps forward in confirming their membership in AFE.

The Chairman of ESE Abdulla Ahmad Abdul Rahim told BasNews that following AFE’s annual meeting, they looked through ESE’s CV and chose to accept their request based on their qualifications.

“Being a member of AFE will open doors for the members of ESE that they can benefit from the exchange through training, workshops, and market studies,” said Abdulrahim.

“By the end of the year the stock exchange will open if no problems present themselves. Buying and selling will be based on the shares of the companies and so far many prestigious companies have registered their names. It is also expected that most of the companies in the Kurdistan Region will be ready to participate in this exchange,” added Abdulrahim.

“Buying will be done in Iraqi Dinar and we don’t think the opening of the exchange will have an impact on increasing the value of Dollar or Dinar,” said Abdulrahim.

He also pointed out that AFE membership would increase to 18 when ESE is officially confirmed.

AFE was established in June 1978 to be the guiding body for the Arab stock exchanges, under the recommendation of the Arab Central Banks Conference, held under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Jordan.



walkingstick » June 28th, 2014, 12:09 pm

Kuwait launches new currency Tomorrow   Saturday 28 June 2014

The Governor of Central Bank of Kuwait, Dr. Mohammed Hashel start trading the sixth version of the categories of new banknotes Kuwait on Sunday.

Said Hashel, said putting banknotes of the sixth version of the new Kuwaiti dinar trading does not affect the validity of the banknotes of the fifth edition of the dinar currently in circulation and strongly maintained discharge as legal tender until the issuance of a decision by dragging them from circulation later.

He added, according to the report by the Central Bank of Kuwait, it will be the announcement of the withdrawal decision at the time, and it and until the issuance of the withdrawal decision, the banknotes current of the fifth edition will remain valid for trading rule of law along the banknotes of the new version of the sixth in the current phase.

The Hashel that banknotes new Pfiadtha all will be available to the public via the devices debit at all banks operating in the country and inside the headquarters of these banks and their subsidiaries in addition to the devices debit the company (Ki. NET), pointing out that the central bank has provided all of these papers criticism.

The Hashel to release the sixth new categories banknotes Kuwait was based on the decision of the Cabinet decisions held on June 10 of last year to adopt the recommendation of the Board of Directors of Central Bank of Kuwait on version VI of the new banknotes Kuwaiti including the adoption of categories of issuance, design and colors and other security and technical specifications.

He pointed out that Hashel categories of Kuwaiti banknotes for the new version are the current categories themselves (fifth edition) without adding any new categories and classes are (quarter of a dinar and a half dinars and the dinars and five dinars and ten dinars and twenty dinars).

Hashel explained in previous statements that the volume of money in circulation in the market with a 1.5 billion Kuwaiti dinars, adding that the new offering aims to replace this number of new currencies within a year.

Hashel pointed out that the new currency carry a lot of the protections against counterfeiting and damage, noting that the design and implementation process took into account the highest standards of accuracy. LINK

FreeManna » June 28th, 2014, 1:06 pm  • 
Isn't anyone else excited about Kuwait new currency announcements? Wasn't it thought they would come out with new currency and a possible new rate to stay in line with Iraq????

: I sure am!!!   Woohooooo

Blessed123:   I AM!