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JVILLEJAG28: I only have a little bit of dinar but have the opportunity to get some Zimbabwe currency. I believe in this investment but I don't know as much about the zim. Could I please get the projected return on it please?

DSULL: There's been 100 questions about the ZBN. Seems more everyday. Best info can be found thru the "search box" (above, center), just click on search and type in zbn...that should address your concerns. 

ROADRA93:Zimbabwe is ZWN you need to look up ZWN. I invested in some myself. 

WYZEONE57: I have a few notes myself. It's .22 but I hear it could go to .70. Idk we will see... 

FOXY56: You can search all you want on the ZWN, but you will not learn what you are asking here.
Though it is just rumored at this time, the following is to occur:
The 2008 AA series trillion ZWN notes are to lop off 6 zeros and reval at .22 per ZWN dollar.
Nothing has been confirmed either as to which 2008 AA series notes will lop.Those notes are 10T, 50T and 100T.

You can purchase ZWN on EBay, Amazon: http://astore.amazon.com/dinare00-20

I hope this answers your questions. 

FUTRHSE: FYI: tony notated it in Fridays call as ZNN, lop off 6 zeroes from face value on the 50 T & 100 Trn notes and multiply X .22 cents. this is the alleged post rv value, we hear. 

QSHIPGLIDE: I'll take .22 but .70 would be much nicer... I've got a $1.00 ZWN note, gonna be rich...  Lets see,  $1.00, lopp off 6 0's x .22= $0.0000002 USD.  Yep, .70 would be 
much better.

FOXY56: Tony stated in Fridays call that the ZWN will lop off 6 zeros that he has heard but no confirmations of. He never stated which notes and he never gave a current rate.

MOMODMX79:It's a great investment. The 2008 AA series ia last official year of the zimbabwe dollar. They started a new series in January 2009, but was discontinued in April 2009, due to the fact that they used the US dollar and south African dollar. They both carried more value thenthe countries national currency. The zim currency wasn't gonna be introduced back into the country until their industrial economy got back to I beleive 60%. You can google the history of Zimbabwe dollar to get a better under standing.

Their main capital is diamonds. If you ever saw the movie "Blood Diamond". You can see how valuable the diamonds are in the country. 

FLYSUPERGIRL: If you do purchase ZIM make sure it is either 50 or 100T 2008 AA Series uncirculated and sequenced. My sister bought them on Amazon thru Beverly _____________ ( I don't remember rest) Company and the American Coin Company. I hope that helps. Best wishes. One 100T note lop 6 zeros, at .22 because $22 million.
Awesome investment.



PDIDDY:Hey guys just want you to know that from my perspective this silence is GOLDEN!

I'd really encourage you to use this time to truly plan your financial investment strategy. Financial products, real estate, where to own, what countries etc. 

Unlike previous "shot fakes" all intel has pointed to the 7/1 hard wall. This "thing" is a foregone conclusion so i'd encourage you to plan accordingly because you won't have the same time to do that once the gun goes off.


SITREP (Situational Report)

17:41 EST

Deep Source #1:
"All sources have gone dark. Radio contact has been lost. Things in Reno are heating up at this very moment. Funds are to be released."

Deep Source #2:
"Bad guys being hit hard behind the curtains. Fighting on-going for the future of humanity. BRICS new banking system to be released on the 1st. ISX to be released on the 1st. Drastic changes incoming."


On Friday, June 27, 2014 4:03 PM, Tlar wrote:

Comment - Its official as of 2 days ago. The PRESIDENT IN Iraq has called for the first meeting of the new parliament. Calls are continuing to try to get Maliki to resign and interestingly enough they are even coming from his own party, the DAWA.

(article 1). Also today al-Sistani has asked Maliki to resign. So lets see now. That makes the UN, US, EU, the Sunni's, the Kurds, most of the NA which is Shia and all the countries surrounding Iraq including Iran that are asking that he step down.

The coalition has asked that the media be present on Tuesday the 1st to record the first parliament session.
  Tlar Continues:  Two of the 4 MP'S that were not ratified on the 15th because the courts had charges against them, are now ratified meaning the courts instead of siding with "the government" pressing phony charges that had been brought against them, have cleared the defendants of any wrong doing and approved the eligibility to meet on the first with the rest of parliament.

Everybody but the leadership of the SOL has abandoned Maliki.

The SOL knew from the get go that out of the 95 votes they received initially, that 40 of them were suspect from the beginning as to whether they would support a Maliki nomination.

That number has now grown as the defectors are starting to weigh in.

The SOL held a meeting a few days ago and there were many, many no shows.

Maliki is toast and it is my speculation that he will be a no show the day parliament convenes.

If the SOL leadership holds to their position that Maliki is the nominee and they announce that in parliament being it is their right because they are the biggest block, I would be surprised if he gets 40 yes votes totally.

I think he will get a resounding no to the tune of around 286 no’s meaning he is out and they move on to a new candidate.

There is still a good chance the SOL will un-nominate him and that they will nominate either Chalabi or Mahdi because they would be committing political suicide if they continue to stand behind this looser.

We just don't know their mindset. The leadership of the SOL has been stealing from Iraq since 2006 and may feel they have to have Maliki to continue their protection.

We are today 5 days from knowing the truth of this. Either way Maliki is toast.

 If he shows which I highly doubt, he will be voted out on the first vote for PM and then they move to the next nominee.

The coalition has still not announced a nominee choosing to leave this open until the last minute.

 I believe they are still hoping to convince the SOL of the insanity of keeping Maliki as their nominee and would love to see the SOL choose Chalabi or Mahdi for purposes of unity. So as far as this goes, Tuesday is a turning point for our investment.

OK, I'm going to say something I hope I don't regret. I lost the only contact I have ever really had because of my disclosing facts I was not authorized to do.  In other words my loose lips.

I should have let this person proof read what I was going to let out but I did not and he got in trouble and no longer do we communicate.

Some of you know what I am about to say but I will be sketchy as to some of the detail so as not to repeat that mistake again.

Something went on in California last month that is repeating itself here in Dallas.

Some of the people on this list including myself have been offered to sell their dinars at between $3.00 and $4.00. The conditions are that this sale is pending a new government in Iraq.

It is a legitimate bank that deals in currencies. I did not participate but I have a few friends who did. That is all I can say right now but not this Saturday, the following Saturday or before I will let you know the details.

The thing that I believe from this is this.

 The bank is not full of stupid people. Nobody will buy worthless paper unless they know something and this particular bank would be in a position to know.

The interesting thing is it would imply this is an RI not and RV meaning a reinstatement of the currency.

So far the commitments on this deal are more than two billion dinars. Again the bank has said they will not fund unless there is a government in place that is meaning a settled government IMO.

 It also suggests that an RI will occur shortly after because nobody would lay out this kind of money months before an actual event.

I am sorry but that is all I can tell you and I cannot answer any questions. I will keep you posted. I will give the details shortly. tlar
  A delegation from the Dawa Party, looking in Tehran named head of the next Iraqi government

 Tehran - Eastern June 27 began a delegation from the Dawa Party intensive meetings in Tehran last night and this morning to resolve the dispute over naming a candidate for the position of prime minister in Alaraconql correspondent East News for informed political sources in Baghdad as saying that a delegation of Ali al-Adeeb and Tariq Najim leaders of the Dawa Party and a representative of the Supreme Leader of Iran in Beirut Mohammed Kawtharani,

left in the fourth of Thursday afternoon Baghdad to Tehran in an urgent task may be Hacmaozkrt sources said Tarek Najm most prominent candidates of state law to fill the position in the event of abandoning al-Maliki for his candidacy for a third term.



SOUTHERNLADY: Does anyone know if anything has changed with regards to multiple currencies exchange procedures. Do we exchange several currencies at your single scheduled appointment after you call the 800#? Or do you call the 800# for each currency you hold? I haven't heard anyone cover this subject in a while. Now that we're getting close I want to be sure. Any advice?? Thank you everyone!

XPERSOL: Believe they've said all currencies can be exchanged at your appointment. You shouldn't need multiple appointments. 

DRAGOON: 800# are for the Dinar and the Dong--No other currencies.   

CLARAL: As had been said on the calls, one just needs to keep each currency type in separate accounts as they are handled differently (taxes, etc), and to keep 50% aside for those taxes. 

TEXASMOG: It has been my understanding and still is that xpersol is correct as we have been told since the beginning, this applies only for the GCR.
All currencies at your appointment for a GCR! 
Unless it is a RV appointment then only IQN and VNN are or have revalued. All other currencies will be once the GCR has happened.




I was in a Citibank branch today and spoke to a wealth manager. I asked him if I can Exchange my Dinars at this branch. He made a call and said definitely and when I make my 800 phone call to select his branch and call him with the time of day for the appointment. He knew exactly what I was talking about. Some good news for a change!


*note:  I may be amending this throughout the day.  Only able to hear sections of the call due to personal situation.   (not much "intel" today - mostly advice) So, keep checking back smile
  1. Focus of the call on what happens to us post - RV - Tony feels the RV is a done deal non-issue at this point in time.
  2. DC says even foot draggers that previously blocked everything are now on board and pushing this to speed up!  This is a BIG change!!
  3. Time line is that timeline as previously said - IF NOT SOONER!
  4. Don't be a statistic.  Spend your money S-L-O-W-L-Y.  RESEARCH and PLAN your investment strategy. Pay off debt and WAIT 6-12 MONTHS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING MAJOR.



HISMONEY: Tony and DC,
If the Dinar is going to have greater value than the USD wouldn't I be wise to keep a large percentage of my currency in Dinar rather than to cash out for USD?
Then exchange more as I need it?
His Money

SUNDANCER: Good question

HEREWEGO:It's all in perspective because as the USD goes down in value,
our exchange rate will be higher for the IQD. 

FOXY56:The devalue of the dollar is not expected to last more than 6 months. 

RVDONE: Also, IMO, the 3 zero notes won't be honored for much longer after the revalue so watch carefully if you are holding them after. 

DINARDREAMER: Well said Foxy.
Rv happens then the GCR immediately follows, this makes the Dinar worth $5.00 or more because the dollar drops in value.
So we get more Dollars but our purchasing power drops as well. However our economy gets a boost and the Dollar goes back up along with our purchasing power.
Win win situation for us "In the know". Other Dinarians that don't understand this will spend a lot immediately when the purchasing power is less.
So don't go crazy spending right away, it could really benefit you.

MICAH68:That would make sense only if you believe the value of the dinar would continue to go up and not settle downward. Also the contract rates are limited. I think we'll get the most bang for our buck at the initial exchange.

SPIRITBEAR: You can convert the bills into digital IQD by open a Currency account where you hold IQD. Normally bills expire after 6 month. There is a law in place or at least an announcement from the CBI. 


Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- The news that came in from a source in Turkey about the Iraqi Dinar that it has become stable. This is great news for all the investors and the local Iraqis.  The Iraqi citizens demanded that they could store the foreign currency on temporary bases which would be balanced as per the orders of the governor of Iraq by 1.3% of the US dollar.
The CBI and the Agency Abdel Basset Turkey said that it is their duty to keep the currency stable against other currencies as per law. The management of the bank has to keep the condition of the security of the country under observation and the impact the decision would leave on the financial situation of the country.
According to the source it is very clear that with a good reserve of cash with the CBI, it would be able to control the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar. It is also said that this support would help the 70 billion dollars worth reserves of the IQD and also manage the exchange rate which is 1200 dinars in accordance to 1 US dollar. This proves that the dinar is safe and there is no fear that anything would go wrong with it. Hence, it is a good investment.


TNT call 27-June-2014 Notes

Tony: Happy Birthday, Jaybird!  How old are you – 27, 28?  I think that this will be a superfantastic birthday for you – not that we will RV today, but that you survived until now.

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, June 27th, 2014.  We are here yet another Friday when we hoped not to be.  We’re a day closer, and nothing but good news.  Again, if you have asked a question in the last week or last month, let other people talk. Some have been waiting to get on the call for months or years, so put your hands down to give them the opportunity. There are 67 people with their hands up;  if you could limit it to two questions, that would also let more people in.

I want to do a different focus this morning.  The RV is a foregone conclusion – it’s over and done with, we just want to see when we get started. Your greater opportunity lies in the process itself and what you do afterwards. That is what you should be looking at right now.  

What is your future, and are you prepared for it?  I sent out three tweets this morning;  one was the time of the call, and the other two were direct messages to think about where you fit into this, what you have and haven’t learned.  After this happens, I am going to restricted in what I can and cannot say, even “if it were me, this is what I would do.”  So ask those questions today.  Also, go back and look at what really happened during the time you were engaged in this.  Go back to your first call, and reflect on what did or didn’t happen, up and down.  

Realize that with the level of money you will have, those are the situations you will have:  with your friends and family, investments, and banks. You will be dealing with different people at different levels of information, or just looking from a different perspective – especially with investing.  People will invest and they expect 10% and only got 8% and decide that was a bad investment.  Meanwhile, maybe they made five times the national average!

So when you get into negotiations, remember what you saw here, with last minute changes and all the rest. They were always going to give it to you at the last minute.  People have been doing this for years;  you are the novice, but also the one with the money.  They’ll try to take the business off the table to make you more anxious, but in fact, they know you will snap at it in the end. 

 There are still idiots out there – with everything we have told you, they still say that dinar is a scam and that what we see on the television about Iraq is real.  I just want people to understand what they’ve gone through and what they will have the ability to do now that this is happening.   You are having an opportunity that 99.99% of the population has no chance of taking part in. This will never happen again, or at least not this way.  In two years, they say 90% will be break. In 90 days, 90% of the idiots will be broke. 

There is a process and a payout plan.  We don’t officially have anything, although we have been told that we will be contracted. We have some of the information, but no one has officially contacted us at all. People involved in the process are telling us what to expect, and I know how close you are.   It’s being done, and you should all feel super-fantastic about what’s going on at this point. What you are seeing on the news is being put there for a purpose.

DC:  I hope everyone’s doing well today. There is not that much left.  I do believe that we are in the RV process now, kicked off and ready to go. 

What we have in Iraq is agreement on who will be PM ;  there was a meltdown by some on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, but they are finishing up the process right now.  A week ago, some processes were started and we believed there is a finite window to complete those. Iraq’s stability has made tremendous progress, so thanks for the people in the service helping with that.  

 Also, the Iraqi army has made great headway.  There has been a bit of political wrangling, but that is mainly solved.
In the US, everyone we’ve talked to is trying to speed this along and get it done, including government agencies and in the banks.  There have been successful meetings hammering out the details and everyone is getting their act together.  In terms of getting people through, several key individuals have been told to be prepared. 

 We have not been called officially yet, but others have told us that we are on the list.  We are both extremely happy to help, and want people to know as much as possible and help the process go as smoothly as possible.  We just want to make sure all parties are understanding about that involvement.

Tony:  I just want to make that a little clearer. Several agencies think we have already been contacted, but we have NO.   Just want to put that out there.  Preparation is great;  some of the banks felt like you guys did during the meetings, called BS – and those exact words were used. They are now working back as a team trying to get this done. The RV is a foregone conclusion with a date and time on it.  So you guys should ask what you can now because we are not under an NDA now, today.  Hopefully we have already given you a lot, because we will be limited to questions about the NDA and the process.  We don’t have the package yet, and hope that will be allowed to teach you about all four levels of payout.  We have an idea of what is being offered.

Skype caller:  Would you allow the bank to be your wealth manager, or use a private one?

DC: That is a great question!  I’m not a financial adviser or an attorney.  This is what I’ll do:  from my personal experience and reading/studying about windfalls, I like to have more than one opinion.

 There are some good wealth managers in banks, with well-considered strategies, but it makes me nervous having only one institution handling that.  Interview as many as you, so that you can understand how they talk and what is important to them, as well as what you want to accomplish. 

For instance, you might want to create a steady comfortable income with low risk, or you might keep your job and do risky things with this money. Different banks are built for different transaction levels.  Most come in groups that handle those over 100 million dollars, then down to one million, to five million, to 25 million, then the big jump to 100 million. Once you get to that mark or over, it’s extremely rarified air, and you may need a fill-time staff to deal with your investments.  You really need to give a lot of thought to your strategy, your style and your goals. I

Personally, I will have a spread of advisers to handle low-risk, middle risk and high-risk investments. I am somewhat experience in this area, so I’m a bit more hands-on, and I don’t’ mind taking risks.  I do think you need a range of advisers.

Tony:  There will be many different types of investment opportunities out there.  It’s your money, and you need to know what’s going on, in whatever area they put it in.  Don’t rely on someone else to protect your money and you can sleep at night.  Athletes have been known to do that, and they woke up broke.  Don’t do that!  Get involved in your own future and change it down the road, if that’s required.  Educate yourself!
Caller:  Is there a minimum amount of dong or dinar to have the contract rate?

DC:  No, I’ve never heard of a minimum.

Caller:  Is the contract rate at all negotiable?

Tony:  They do have different contract rates, and you have an option on which you take.  However, you cannot negotiate on the specific rates they are offering.

727 caller:  I am leaving on a cruise.  If I’m overseas, can I call from there to get the contract rate, or do I have to wait until I get back to the States.

Tony:  I don’t know.  You can tell them your zip code for when you get back.  We will get an 800 number to post out to you, and you can talk to them about it.

512 caller:  [appreciation]  You are still saying RV, or is there a chance it might be an RI first?

DC:  We believe that it’s an RV – that has been worked out and it’s fine.  We have evidence of that.

Caller:  Do you still believe we can cash out one 25K dinar note without it affecting contract rates?

Tony:  Something could happen to change that, but we have been told that you can cash out a note. 

252 caller:  After taxes, if you have $15,000,000, how would you negotiate on the interest rate in our second appointment with the wealth manager?

Tony:  I would see what they offer me, then I’d ask for more.  They will give you a range of rates and ways to increase it.  The only way you can do that is to shop around, and you can do that now, before the call.  Tell them you will be receiving 15 million, and see what they offer you at two different banks.  Ask them to give you that offer in writing, and then you can decide.

Caller:  If you have a trust with over 50 million, would your strategy change?

Tony:  I would let you decide.  Take the best package to the weakest guy and see if they can improve their offer.  Let them decide;  they’ll put the numbers out there.  If you have that kind of money, they will want to keep your business!

928 caller:  [appreciation]  What is the easiest way to follow the rates from each bank after the RV?  I understand that there is a big meeting to take down the Internet in some way, and I see that there are a lot of changes and blackouts when I listen on my cell phone, like half an hour delay between this phone and my cell phone.  Is there a backup plan if our basic communication is blocked?

Tony:  Are you talking about dinarians, or the general public at large? 

Caller:  I mean you speaking to the dinarians…

Tony:  Yes, there is a backup plan, but I don’t think we will need it.  They want us to do calls for 7-10 days, and maybe it will only be four days if you run through the banks really quickly.  We would prefer that!  We can still talk to you after the RV, but I won’t be able to talk to you about dinar, or about the last four years, and that is for another 15 years.   That’s dinar only.  We will be able to speak as friends or as a bunch of wealthy people looking at where to invest;  I think those topics will be open, I just will have to stay out of dinar, speculative currency investing or politics. That does cover a whole lot!

DC:  The NDA I’ve seen say that we cannot talk about politics or what’s happened in the last four years, or anything to do with dinar and such, like having a radio show.

Tony:  Each bank has its own site, and you can keep checking their rates.  Some update at 7am, or three times a day or twice a day, so their rates would definitely be different.

Caller:  What is the question you hope people will ask that you are allowed to answer?

Tony: Well, that’s your third question and you’re only allowed two questions.

DC:  “How confident is Tony about the timelines here?”  We do still believe that those windows are in play and we are more confident about that every day.

Tony:  Yes, we feel better about it today than we did yesterday.

480 caller:  I would like to have a conversation rather than a question.  Let’s say you’ve put out the 800 numbers and we make appointments.  Then you set up a call, and we are in a panic because we want to get on the call and there have been so many glitches.  So what is the plan to keep us calm after the 800 phone call?

Tony:  We have had issues and don’t know if they were accidental or deliberate.  I don’t know if I’ll be doing calls from California, Atlanta or DC.  I don’t know if we will use this existing system, or if they have a preferred system, and then we would have to make sure everyone gets that info first.  So much as I would like to, I cannot answer that question.

Caller: I request that when you put out a tweet, you put out when and where it will take place, and where we can find the recording afterwards.

Tony:  The most we’ve had on this system is 83,000.  We have 6,000 on the freeconferencecall line, we have only 500 who can call in, so we have the rest on internet line.  We record on both lines, and Pam posts it a few minutes later on the forum.  That is if we use OUR system, and there is a possibility that they make us use another system.  If that is what they do, then we’ll send out the link using our system.

Caller:  Will you let us know how long you will allow for the call, so that I know when to go to replay.

Tony: they want use to do a two-hour call every day for 7-10 days, although we would prefer four days.  We will do whatever is required to get this information to you. 

601 caller:  You talked a while back about a new law saying that if you buy gold, your have to register its location.  If so, how can you sell it or trade it without getting into trouble?  Do you have to fill out a form every time you buy a gold coin or what?

Tony:  Hold on.  Here’s DC.  I don’t know how that process will working, tracking your gold.  If I were you, buying gold, I would find all that out before I started buying it, what is required for reporting and such.  I wouldn’t do that.

Caller:  Is that for gold, silver, and all?

Tony:  I would think any precious metal, because that is part of Basel III.

Caller;  Wil they pay you for it, or will they just take it?

Tony:  If it’s about the salvation in the country, the government has imminent domain over all that you have. If it comes down to it, that’s the reality.  We have to prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and hope it never happens.

Caller:  DC , you have been asked if you would take the contract rates.  You have spoken about the NDAs.  What should we be looking for in the contracts?

DC:  On some plans, it will give you two options:  international or contract rates. There may be two contract rates. I am going to take the highest rate possible, net to me.  If you figure out the math… For example, I live in Texas, which doesn’t have state taxes, so I know I’ll have to pay 44% in federal taxes, and I’ll work it out on that basis.

919 caller:  After the RV, if you wanted a conservative place to park your money for 6-12 months, which currencies would go up when the US dollar goes down.

Tony:  I can’t tell you that.  You can always put money in Canadian dollars, and the yen.  There are reserve currencies that will definitely change though not as much as this RV.  Hopefully we will be able to talk about those things afterwards because it’s not dinar.  If I told you right now, this is what would happen. On the last call, I answered questions about the Zim, and people sent me all these calls and emails asking me not to talk about that, because the price went up overnight.  They didn’t want it in the first basket because that screwed up the numbers. I don’t want to do that at this time.

Caller:  So after the RV there will be a way to keep in touch and be informed about currency movements? 

Tony: After the RV, DC and I will have horrendous NDAs, but Pam and Ray will be fair game!  I do hope to keep in touch with some people that I want to help. However, I want to keep the idiots out of our circle.  I don’t do it three days per week, but if we have it, there will be a schedule and we can get together where I can recommend certain sites so you can stay involved and where you can look for your own investments.  That actually makes for a better conversation when we get together.  

909  caller:  Is there anyone that can stop people removing zeros from the dinar or dong?

Tony:  There is no plan to do that, so you don’t need to worry about that. 

DC:  I would agree with Tony – the plans are in play and pretty much locked in.

Caller:  Is there an issue with using state or federally chartered banks?  Do you think we should be concerned or at least diversified into state-chartered rather than federally-chartered banks?

DC:  All banks have to borrow money from the FDIC and the Fed, by virtue of being banks.  That is, everybody has to play by the same rules.  Whether state or national, they still have to get money from the Fed, so the Fed still controls those banks.

Tony:  I don’t think it makes any difference to what is happening right now.  Further down the road, you might have to stay informed because some states are talking about creating their own currency.  It’s nothing I would be concerned with today or for the next few years.

Caller:  We have a great chance of changing America here.  [appreciation]

252 caller:  Is there a possibility of putting money into a banking institution that is not making any return? Is there way to test the water, putting money in for 3, 6  or 12 months?

DC:  Any bank would happily not give you any return.

Caller;: They wouldn’t be investing any of my money or putting it into jeopardy?

DC:  You are saying “put it in the bank and leave it, untouched, for six months”, for example.  Any wealth manager has said that the best thing to do is to park your money for six months, pay your taxes but otherwise don’t do anything for six months to a year.  Every single banker or financial planner who has had to deal with windfalls has said the same.   Otherwise you might regret your decisions because it’s a change in mindset.  “You can never spend money too slowly.”  The markets will change in the course of this process. I’m not a financial adviser or attorney, but anyone can see the markets will be very choppy for a bit.  Some who are good investors can ride the highs and lows, but if you not well up on that, you could really lose out.   The markets will settle down and then you can invest.

I’ve got a few things I will do initially because I’ve been watching them for years. However, I’m not going to start a new company for at least eight months.  I am telling my guys to put no more than 5% of my cash per month into the market for a year. I have just received a lot of money, and I don’t need to make more all at once.  Just take your time, do it slowly, and make sure that you’re aware of the volatility of the markets.

Caller: Is there anyone in the alphabet soup or in the government planning to change the taxation or the tax rates? 

DC:  Is there anything that can change the tax rates?  Nothing that I know of.  [Tony agrees.]

507 caller:  In an article I read this morning, it suggested it might take 4-6 weeks for the public to actually exchange.  Is that hogwash?

Tony:  It’s hog something!

DC:  People paying attention will go through much faster.

Tony:  We have confidence in the window we are being told and that is much faster than 4-6 weeks.  I personally think it will be well before the 4th.

Caller:  Do you believe it will be fixed rate or a float?

Tony:  A float.  [DC agrees.]

530 caller:  Things are changing drastically.  Wealth managers have always been taught not to spend your capital;  let your interest pay your bills.  But now we don’t know the good from the bad.  New investments can be here today, gone tomorrow.  I would say not to go with the old system if that takes you into debt, because the principal could go away.

Tony:  You’re right – they are taught to do business a certain way, and they have been doing it that way for years.  You will have to look at your own threshold for pain or risk.  I fully intend to do what I have told you to do:  set aside half for taxes, and set aside 25% to make income for the rest of your life.  Then I will have 25% and know what I can buy with it.  These things that I have taken from this, that we have just gotten, will be mine forever – out of debt.  Because you just got 10 million, it doesn’t mean you can afford a five million dollar house unless you know you can maintain it.  This money didn’t fall from heaven; you need to take care of it.  You need to let this money sit until you have a viable plan for your future.

Caller:  Concerning ISIS and Maliki and that situation, how sure are you that M is actually stepping down, that he is not going to keep hanging on, day by day.  Is M done?

Tony: DC, in your answer, could you let them know they are not getting misinformation but changing information, in the moment.

DC:  Maliki is very bright politician, whether you love him or hate him.  He has outmanoeuvred way longer than anyone expected. They have a power situation arranged and they are executing that.  Anyone who comes to power right now has already agreed to include the Sunni, Shias and Kurds, which each having a significant vote.  Sunnis don’t think that the past government represented them, and that made for trouble, quite understandably.  

I think it’s 50% likely M is out, 25% that he will retire, and 25% that he will hang on.  The most important thing is that Iraq is taking hold of their own process. 
So are as ISIS is concerned, they have done many horrible things, but are they taking over the country?  No.  They have some major issues that they are addressing now, and they have made great progress on bringing these guys to book.  They have made strides on healing the sectarian rift, with everyone leaning in to the table.

Caller:  Because parliament has been seated and the Erbil power-sharing agreement in place, M would not be able to pull another trick to stop this from happening?

DC:  M wants this to happen, and he’s desperate to have it on his watch.  It’s gone to far for M to prevent this happening; it’s past the point of M having much influence.

425 caller:  You talk about our educating ourselves, and I have done everything I can to inform myself about precious metals, the stock market and all the rest.  I hope to at least have an idea of what my wealth manager advises.  I seem to remember you said something about a merger site? 

Tony:   Go to mergernetwork.com;  sign up and they will provide you with counter shells, so that you can insert your business and create an IPO, for instance.  There are many opportunities on the site, if you want to buy a business or meet business people. You can buy a shell for 100K if you want to be a publicly traded company.  You can create wealth or the appearance of wealth through some of these. 

 That’s just one of the things I look at, such as banks for sale and such.  I use other sites as well to gather knowledge, information and opportunities. You have to do some work on your own.  You also want to go to the FDIC and the Treasury, and they tell me the banks that have been shut down, the new tax laws, new programs for community services and small businesses.  That comes every day in my email, for free.  Just go sign up!

Caller:  Do you think that the banks are going to cause people who owe back taxes, that they will take that back tax money from people’s accounts right off the top?

Tony:  DC’s best friends own banks, so he can answer these questions. The bank is not set up like the IRS – they don’t know what your write-offs are, or what you might owe the IRS.  Does the IRS have an attachment for your bank accounts?  Only you and your accountant know that.  If so, they should be acting on that now, not waiting until the RV comes out.

DC:  Banks have to follow the rule of law, so if something has already been levied against you, they have to follow through. Nothing is instant, although there are reporting requirements within a certain time. You will have to consult with your attorney and accountant to know what reporting is being done where.

Tony:  They cannot attach your bank account, but it should be an account you already have.  Is there a way to avoid that?  Yes, but you need to talk to your attorney about that.  It is legal, but we are not going to talk about it here.  Your attorney can inform you, and you will be able to afford him.  They freeze your entire account, so get some advice, if this is your situation.

646 caller:  [appreciation]  I looks like everything is coming down the pike by the 4th, God willing.  I did sign up ages ago, but cannot get into the system now.  Can you pass my info on  to Pam?  Everything looks good and the rates are wonderful, correct?

Tony: The rates I’m hearing are great rates, and a lot of you will be overjoyed. Some will be in panic because it’s more money than you’re used to.  Breathe, take a couple of weeks, and check every other day to make sure it’s still there!

Caller:  I know some esoteric investment opportunities, if you would like to know about them.  Remember the servicemen who bled for us to have this opportunity.  [appreciation]

301 caller:  A while back you said that we should take care of our own appointments before letting everyone else know about this.

Tony:  They want you to do that, too. They want to reward the dinarians for being on the calls and being the most knowledgeable and informed.  So treat yourself right and go along with that plan to get you guys done first.

Caller:  Regarding the exchange the process, if one represents another organization, do you know if they can allow that one appointment to handle both entities, or we will have to make more than one call?

Tony:  They have strict times, three minutes for each  call, and 20 minutes for each appointment.  So I think you will have to call for each entity, and create a different appointment for each one.

Caller:  Are we still using VNN and IQN?

Tony:  Yes.

Caller:  Does any stipulation or restriction applying to people getting the contract rate other than the speed at which we arrive at the bank?

Tony:  I have some information on that but cannot share it until we get the package.

239 caller:  I appreciate you both for sharing your secret information!  [appreciation] 

Tony:  Guys, we do have information other people don’t have regarding the process.  We also have a different responsibility for our information, too.  That’s why we can’t say some things, because that bleeds over to their responsibility to their people. Knowing what I know, the people we’re talking to will have the best opportunities and least regrets than others.  “Everything that glitters is not gold” but you guys will get gold.

Caller:  You have said “greater comes later” but you also say that it may be worth it to get in first.

DC:  Hypothetically, we are talking about 1. July.  The 800 numbers came out today, tomorrow or Sunday. How long does it take to get the banks set up?  It’s going to take a couple days.  So if I were a betting man, I’d say most people are looking at 1. July as the earliest time they could exchange, just because it takes a few days to set up.  

Tony:  There is an opportunity for a rate to come out that is going to float.  You may not wan tto be the first one on that rate. There is also a contract rate that will only be there for a few days.  So look at the opportunities and decide what you want to do.

Caller:  When I go to the bank, do I ask what is the contract rate, the international rate or the street rate?

Tony:  I don’t know what the package will say yet.

Caller:  Who is this ‘they’ that wants us to tell our contacts?

Tony: It’s the Treasury and such?  If they can get us through in the first ten days, then the rest can come in over the next six weeks. The banks won’t care because the rush will be over.  Hopefully they will give us all that information in the package, and hopefully in our own system.

DC:  They are being real sensitive about recordings and such.  I know it’s changed a lot.

Caller:  The  call is often filled.

Tony:  I look on the call 45 minutes ahead of time, and it’s filled with people who have been waiting for 2-3 hours. 

704 caller:  I hope Pam buys Greyhound, so she’s never under the bus again.  I’m in Charlotte, have a non-profit and I’m involved with a church that has missions in the Philippines and Nigeria.  As I am the president of the non-profit, would my donation be considered tax evasion?   Also, I cannot find anyone in this area who knows about overseas trust that will protect my money better.

DC: You will just have to search those guys out and do the research.  Make sure that when you get outside the norm of investments that you know dang sure who you are talking to and who the experts are.  Talk to at least 2-3 folks before making a choice.

Caller:  I bought some of the currency from my Roth IRA…

DC:  There are good ways to handle that depending on your age and other income.  There are definite ways to enjoy the benefits of the Roth IRA without heavy tax penalties.

Tony:  You’re in Charlotte, which is the banking capital of the US right now.  Trust me, they will be looking for you once you have made that deposit.

Caller:  If you can buy a certain deal on Zim, would you take it?

DC:  I don’t like Zim because I hate Mugabe (the president of Zimbabwe for the last 30 years).

Tony:  I would take any opportunity at the moment;  I don’t see how you can lose on those.

631 caller:  When I call for my appointment, can my wife and I make the one appointment?

DC:  Our understanding is one call, one appointment, one cash-out. 

Caller:  [appreciation]

612 caller:  These are all ‘heart of heart’ questions.  DC, is the GCR waiting on the CBI to pull the trigger?

DC: I believe the RV and the GCR are separate, but you can’t let too much space between them.  So in effect, the RI+RV will come through and the GCR will follow shortly thereafter.

Caller:  If you exchange at a bank that does MCAs, and you change directly into another currency, will you still be taxed?

DC:  I don’t know.  I have to pay tax on foreign companies paying in foreign currencies.

Tony:  DC, do you still feel good about the next three days?

DC: Yes.  Tony, what is your estimate of the percentage you feel we have helped?

Tony:  That’s a hard question because some of the gurus are idiots.  The questions we see on the boards show us that people have been learning.  They have used this time bring a plan together with their list of 10, and they are creating their future.  The people who have been listening and using this timing properly are ready now.  We have affected a good percentage. 

DC:  I hope everyone has learned to take it slowly, to buy the smaller house or car and invest the money to support themselves.

Tony:  Some gurus have given out good information. In the end we will find out who had good information and who didn’t.
We are after our time frame and Pam gets upset, so I had to cut that caller off. 

DC:  Everything looks phenomenal, so everyone keep calm. Things have been put in motion, and it is different from the past.   We are so thankful to those who are working so hard in a constantly changing environment under a lot of stress – you are heroes. Everyone else, you are taking part in the most amazing financial change of all time.  Best of luck, and hopefully we will be talking on the RV call next.

Pam:  Take your time, talk to your professionals, and talk the truth.  Pay it forward!

Ray:  Enjoy your weekend.  No matter what you hear or read, the truth is still the truth.

Tony:  We obviously left things out that happened last night.  It was never our intention to affect the process negatively.  We are here to defend and help the people and reduce that 90%. You goal is helping your financial future.  Our goal to bring you the best info possible through this process. we look forward to continue doing that.  it's Friday, I usually smoke a cigar and have a drink, but I wouldn't mind doing another call.  We know how close we are.  We're looking at the RV/GCR as done.  We're looking to talk to you about procedures, with as little fanfare as possible.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  we expect to get back to you later.