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Dealer of Puerto Rico: 
SUMMARY OF BLOGTALK RADIO OF DAVE SCHMIDT TODAY(Excerpt related the private dong exchange group)

-El Cambio Privado de los Dongs se esta corriendo todavía. Esperen el email para ver cuando hay que viajar para los que se anotaron. TOMAAAAAAA...!!


- The Private Exchange for Dong is running yet. Wait the email for know when you must to travel for The people that filed the papers.


Stagealpha forum:

PRIME:If the ZWD doesn't go by the 4th, they'll end up as XMas Stocking Stuffers.  At the current rate of 100T=276K would be pretty good.  I haven't seen any intel on the country itself to warrant if the ZIM is even worth that. 

GEMINILADY:Zimbabwe is rich in Gold, oil & precious metals.... due to the mismanagement of the country by corrupt government... we don't even know half of what Zimbabwe can produce....this country is a true true diamond in the rough.... also the calculation is incorrect .....that is if its 3 cents to a dollar.... I was told  its going to be anywhere from 22 to 30 cents to the dollar ...with 6 zeros taken off........ I just confirmed that from my friend today again and she said I'm not to call her and ask her ever again cuz she already gave me the information and I should to ignore anyone who says otherwise...

there's a reason why Tony and DC do not answer questions about this them because they don't want people to go out and buy it.... this way people will back off and not buy it ....IMO it's going to worth way more than the dinar..

MIKE ZONAZ: Anyone know a dealer who sells zim?

PDIDDY:  I got mine thru Amazon. There's a great dealer; Beverly Oaks LLC, that has a super high rating. Got some of my other currencies there as well but any reputable dealer at Amazon is prob the easiest.

MIKE ZONAZ: Is there a particular year or series that is better to buy on the sim or it doesn't matter? I am not as familiar with the zim as the others.

PDIDDY:I'm pretty sure they must be the 2008/9 notes if I remember correctly. And you'll want to get either 50T or 100T notes.

LADY SMARZ:Thanks for that calculation update.  I believe in the Zim and that the rate is going to be high. 



GEMINILADY:When I was introduced to the currency speculation, the only currency I knew about was the Zim.....that was what I got....I was told it is the STEALTH BOMBER....I can see why now..From day 1 I was told it will be in the first basket a well as the second basket.....a month ago MarkZ was asked the same question and he confirmed that it will go in both baskets....that is good enough for me. 

My friend who told me about the GCR only owns Zim and Rupiah and she works for the IRS.....Said their are things she cannot tell me until this is over...but whatever I do i must make sure I have Zim in my portfolio....she said to ignore anything negative I hear about the Zim.....and that the return is going to blow my mind.....
I did some research online regarding Zimbabwe and I was amazed at the resources they have in their country....now that China has decided to go in their country to invest and help them..... I can see where she is 100% correct.

GYMRAT: I read a news article a month or so back about the diamond industry.in Zim...  the interview was by one of the smaller of 6 companies which operate in there... they stated this year alone they would mine over 12 million carets of diamonds...  impressive..

PRIME:wow, Having China building a base and investing in the country, Zimbabwe will be a power in the future.


  1. DC says its beyond the point of delaying it further. (hopes that won't come back to haunt him)
  2. RI rate is currently being traded in the back end and had to be out 15 days before JULY 1. We don't have access, yet, at our level.
  3. Bank History - Several months ago, banks revolted and refused to take action until this is irrefutable - as well as some politicians.
  4. But this week - the banks were notified that this is going down - IRREFUTABLY - AND THE BANKS ARE STAFFED AGAIN.
  5. The banks were given 48 hours to ramp up and they didn't start until yesterday.
  6. July 1st is still or even to the 4th is still the goal at the LATEST.
  7. DC says Maliki is not to be completely counted out still for PM but  al -Mahdi (sp?) is more than likely.
  8. Kerry announced formal GOI with a PM must be in place by JULY 1ST or lose USA and UN support completely.
  9. Iraq scheduled for an announcement JUNE 26.
  10. The security situation is serious but it is calming down - ppl will be prosecuted - many are very upset that it got so out of hand from what used to be a "fringe" element.
  12. Explanation of the Global Settlements - their validity - their necessity - their dissemination.  Not necessarily connected to the RV.
  13. DC says the avg person will be very happy with the rates - and the number of ppl who end up getting the contract rate will be surprising! 

Later in the call this tidbit surfaced:
Caller:  If you go with the contract rate, will we have to leave some of the money there?
DC: That has changed a great deal through the years.  Basically, they will charge a flat 2%, and then you will be free to move your funds wherever you want.  That 2% is set by the Fed.  Let’s say I wanted to take some cash to Italy;  I would ask the bank to order 500 euros, and they would charge 2% as a flat fee so they make some money on that exchange.
Tony:  So in terms of this RV, if you have 100,000, they will charge 2%, which would be $2,000.  That’s the money they will make.
Caller:  I read something about the UST spread that is applied in larger transactions that maybe you can negotiate.  Is that true?
DC:  The only fee we know about now is the 2% exchange fee upfront.

( thanks Adept for the transcription notes) !


Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s) - Wednesday Afternoon

SITREP (Situational Report)

Deep Source #1:

"Rumors going around about someone refusing to sign-off on the Global Reset. This is FALSE. According to top level sources, they are awaiting a 'briefcase' to be delivered to this specific person in order to sign-off. Upon completion of signature, funds are to be released."

Deep Source #2:

"There is no hold-up, everything is still in the process. We are awaiting an item to be delivered. Expect things to heat up and go dark."


6-25-14 TNT TONY CC (Adept1):
Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, June 25th, 2014.  There are 87 questions already!  I am super-fantastic! How are you, DC?

DC:  I’m great!

Tony:  I want to address a few things first.  “I listened to a video update from XXX;  he said the most important question we can ask is whether the Dinar exchange is in FRN or TRN.  If they are FRN, then when TRN becomes official, or FRN money will be worthless.”  I’ve been talking about this for years, every time some idiot brings this up.  They are not bank notes, they are like mortgages or bonds that guarantee this currency.  The UST does advise you to put your dinar money in one account and the other currencies in another account. That is because they are TRACKING  it differently, not because it’s a different (US) money.  If the TRN are valuable and the FRN are worthless, what are people in the rest of world going to do?  We have money our accounts and the rest will be worthless in banks and ATM machines and in the shops?  All that’s in your bank account is a number on a screen – that is valuable and the rest is worthless?  Who does that make sense to?

I will put the money in the account with all the rest of my money, and it’s all there, and when it transfers over they are doing to tell me that the 100K you have is now zero?  Come on!  That person should know better, because you know what’s going on in the Federal Reserve and the Treasury.

Another person is asking about the RI:  if it has happened, why haven’t we seen it on the boards and such?  That’s a good question and we’ll address that later.  Also, some people WANT this to carry on until 4. July, but that is their dream date, nothing else.  Everyone else wants it sooner.

DC:  I do believe we are beyond the point of interference from anyone. Even those trying to block or delay this are not having an impact. It is extremely positive for any time now.

Let’s look at the US banking system first.  Many banks over the last couple of years have felt like us, that they have been led on. They bring in their people, do final briefings, and then nothing happens. Meanwhile, they have burned all their people, many have quit, some have got more dinars so they have lost more people. There is only one main Prime Contractor bank; the rest have said they will not do anything until it’s done.  Frankly, a lot of us feel that way. They are not spending any more on overtime, and most have disassembled their cash out centers. They just don’t believe what they hear any more.  Many politicians feel the same, and say if that if they get jerked around any longer, they will fire people.

They were starting to be notified about things on Friday, then on Sunday at 11pm Pacific they were notified that the process was starting right then, and everyone rolled their eyes and said, “We’ll believe it when we see it”.  Then on Monday they continued to report, This is where we are.  On Tuesday, they notified the banks and politicians that we are past the point of someone blowing it up – and some have tried over the last five days.  Then they came back, finally convinced the banks that this is going down, and this is the window. The banks and the politicians believed them, but because they have been lied to in the past, etc., they said “We will give you that window” and the banks said they would be ready during the window, and if we have to send everyone home, we’re sending YOU the bill.  All those things are now cued up, there have been briefings, and they are now sitting at their desks – even those who backed off. They are convinced it has gone past the point of no return, and they are ready to do this.  This is very exciting from the banks who had just had enough. They are getting excited, they are getting ready, and we are midway through that window right now.

Tony:  We know on Sunday, the banks were given 48 hours to do what they need to do, to finish that and get ready to do this.  They didn’t start until yesterday afternoon because they didn’t believe this!  They started at 5 oClock yesterday, then last night’s meetings got pushed back but they completed them.  They are in meetings all day today, and the window is between here and the 1st.  The 4th is ideal because of the holiday, but the 1st is being pushed for what reasons?DC:  There are many different reasons:  new banking regulations in the US, about foreign account holders, reporting standards, and so on. Politically speaking it’s best for the Democrats to have a nice win for the third quarter so that the midterms will be better. There are a couple of other time-lines that are ego-driven, and some project time lines as well. The banks believe it will happen before then. There are international trading platforms plus the ISX will be linked up with the other stock markets on July 1st as well.  That will allow folks to buy stocks on the Iraqi markets as easily as the Nasdaq, for instance. So this has to be done before the first.

Tony:  They are still briefing people right now that is will be done  before the 1st.  That’s why we are this close, at the 25th, and some think it will happen before the first, which I hope is the case.  It will have to be done by the 1st  (so the ISX can function).  The banks are ready, they’ve brought in security and exchange people, refreshed information with everyone, and they have re-established their hours, ready for this to go right now.  The only thing we haven’t seen is public announcement in Iraq, although they have said it is effective and have announced the RI.

NBC news says, “Iraq’s new government is ready and new PM has been selected.  Maliki is preparing his exit speech.” What do you think about that?

DC: It’s wonderful, but things can change until they are formal. I  wouldn’t hold my breath on M retiring until everyone has voted on this.  Maliki is extremely bright and we won’t count him out until it’s done.  I think it’s 85% likely that Madhi gets it, but we have to see.

Tony:  That was NBC today, and CNN is also looking at M:  there is not going to be old Iraq ro new Iraq, there is just Iraq.  Kerry says that Iraq has until the 1st of July to have government in place or lose the support of the IMF, the US.

DC:  they are definitely linked, but you don’t have to have a PM in order to have an RV.

Tony:  It’s not a requirement, but a smart person would want to know who is in charge of this money.  Do they shock the world by doing this first and announcing it afterwards?  I probably shouldn’t have said that;  I’m just thinking out loud here.  There should be an announcement on June 26th, which is tonight in Iraq.  You figure it out!

DC:  Let’s talk about the security situation in Iraq.  It’s been in the news a lot lately.  You have to understand about the ISIS taking over Iraq. It’s not like some giant superior force taking over.  It’s more like the Sunnis being disgruntled about how the country is being run, and their part in that.  The ISIS are walking in with AK-47, and far superior forces are just walking off the job.  It’s more about desertion than about tactical issues.  It’s not like the entire country is going to hell. It’s solvable by three main points:  1) revalue the currency because rich people don’t fight. That’s why you have lawyers;  2) they want more Sunnis in the government, and all three parts have to be well-represented with credible folks in the government.  Some well-respected Sunni tribesmen have come back and said ISIS has got out of hand and they are calming down. The statesmen and imams have helped calm things down as well.  The third thing is that where some bad things have happened they will be prosecuted, just as a police force.  Iraq is not as volatile as we have been seeing on the news;  most places are okay and some people are just annoyed the situation has gotten out of whack.  A small extreme element has been allowed to get out of hand, and that is an easy thing to get over and move past.  Everyone we speak to says that they will have a clear and immediate reaction to a new PM, a new currency, and bringing people to justice.

Tony:  What we are waiting for has been processed around the globe, and it’s sitting in the banks waiting for the opportune time. They are going over their procedures and the package so that we can help you know what to do. All that is going on right now. The day this does happen, their goal is to get you guys through in the first 72 hours, all those who are paying attention on the internet.  Because of that, you guys who are listening right now, they are trying to get you done first, before the other 4.7 million people find out about it.  The real goal is for us to go through things with you and you get paid without telling anyone else.  They will get the knowledgeable people through smoothly and then they can deal with the rest.  Think about that… think about Who Moved My Cheese.  We are here to help everybody, but it’s worth your getting through first and then tell everyone who wasn’t paying attention.

310 caller:   My daughter is out of the country, but I have a power of attorney to exchange for her, with the routing numbers of her bank, etc.  Can I exchange for her?

DC:  We don’t know until we get the package;  it was verified again this morning that we will be getting those packages and they will explain it all.

512 caller:  No answer;  maybe he’s going out to start the bus!

909 caller:  There’s been a lot of stuff on the blogs lately, and I only started investing about six months ago when I saw some movement.  Is there anything true about the global settlements?   Do they have to be done before the RV?

Tony:  I didn’t believe in those for the longest time, but nothing has to be done before the RV.

DC:  I didn’t believe it either, but 1) I was wrong about that, and 2) It has been exaggerated, I think.  It has been explained to me by some bright people who keep up with that, but I’m not involved with those settlements.  As for the RV, the train has already left the station.

The global settlement concept is that there are several large lawsuits and other issues that have been waiting for resolution for some time.  There were funds left over after WWII, when Russia and Asia were massively destroyed, and their economies devastated.  Some towns were wiped off the map.  So they came up with a plan to reinvigorate the world economy, because it was a real issue that only the US economy was intact.  It was like the black death, when the world went to crap for a hundred years. They set up money for reconstruction for the benefit of those who won the war and also to help the enemy lift themselves back up.  They had an insane sum of money at the time, and they said they would throw money at things to kick back off.  The countries economies did roar back and they didn’t use most of the money, which was invested and has been growing ever since. So this global settlement was about how to deal with this huge amount of money that has been sitting there for 20-30 years.  Nobody figured out how to deal with it, but now there is a plan to get this money to different people.

Tony:  This is why I never believed it, and neither did DC. A lot of people took advantage of what DC just told you.  The lawsuits were started by some people, and others piled in as recipients, and there are a lot of false names on that list. They have been charging people $100-150 to put their names on the list, and to me it doesn’t make sense to buy your way onto a lawsuit.  We actually found out it was true because I know some people who have been added in to a federal list to receive $1,000,000,000, and they didn’t pay a penny. If people had explained it right instead of setting up a scam where people are buying a place instead of getting on the government paying people out for free.  The government will be sending out checks, for free, and tax-free.  WF has sent out notifications that people’s mortgages have been paid off by the US government, and that was part of these programs.  I know several people who have received this.  I just couldn’t believe it when all we were hearing was from these people setting up groups to take your money to do it.

Caller:  Is the Dragon family or Sukarno family connected to this?  Is any of that true?

DC:  Madame Wu exists.  I’m not online much reading about this stuff, but most of it is nonsense.  Madame Wu is a senior diplomat with the Chinese government…

Tony: … but if you think she is here to overthrow the US Government or meeting with guys in Reno, then I doubt it.

Caller:  People have been talking about quadrillions in gold, and if there was that much gold, it would not be worth anything.

Tony:  That’s nonsense and we won’t discuss it.

Caller:  My final question is this – If you and Tony didn’t know each other, what question would you ask each other?  I heard that asked a month or so back, so I thought I’d ask it again.

DC:  Tony, how to you feel about the next four days?

Tony:  I feel great!  Okay, DC, what’s the date and rate?

DC:  I’m not answering that!  <laughter>

Tony:  The next four days are great, and obviously we’re not telling you everything.  Do you think the average citizen is going to be surprised yet happy about the rate when it happens?

DC:  I think the average guy will be happy, and the number of people who get the contract rates will be surprisingly high.

646 caller:  At the beginning of this call, you talked about the RI.  Shouldn’t that be showing in the banks?  What is the timetable on that?

Tony: That’s what we’ve been talking about, between now and the 4th.  The RI is already live;  it has to be live 15 days before the 1st.  It’s trading on the back boards.  The banks have the rates, they are just not dealing with the public yet because they want to do the RV and the GCR at the same time.

DC: That is one of the reasons that has convinced the banks and politicians to take this seriously.

Caller:  So if I call the bank, will I get a rate?

Tony:  No.  It is being traded on the back screens;  it’s not on Forex yet, and the banks aren’t giving us access yes.

Caller:  Fox news says Maliki has a third term – did you see that?

DC:  Well, CNN says he is retiring, and I think that is 85% likely.

Tony:  This thing goes back and forth, hour to hour, and we have been bringing it to you as it happens.  It could change again because they are negotiating about this all the time. Maliki will get anything he can get up to the last minute, for himself, his Cabinet, his family, and all the rest.

727 caller:  I live in the US and in Italy.  Some time back there were rumors that if you try to take dinar out of the country, they will take It from you.  Will it ever be possible to take dinar to Italy and exchange it there?

DC:  Yes, if you fill out the correct forms and follow the rules and regulations. They don’t want it to bee about money-laundering, because it has so much value.  You can carry millions in your pocket, so they will be watching people.  So long as you follow the rules and pay your taxes, you’ll be fine.   Just declare it and follow the rules.  TSA is trained to watch for dinars.  Where in Italy are you?

Caller:  Just outside Naples, Santa Maria – looks like Switzerland but the food is better!

DC:  The food is amazing – I’ve been there.

650 caller:  Anything about cashing in a 25K note to pay off reserves?

Tony:  I haven’t heard anything on that until we get the package. That was always the plan, but they change every day.

Caller: In terms of this being connected to the GCR, many have talked about debt forgiveness, too.  Do you have any information about this?

Tony:  The only thing I know about is President Obama forgiving student loans.  I do know the government is paying off people’s second mortgages;  every person I know of has been part of Wells Fargo, and they just got letters saying their second mortgage has been paid off.

Caller:  You have implied that WF is the lead bank;  is that correct?

DC:  By no means are we supporting one bank over another.  But what has happened is that WF is in essence the prime contractor because they have set up the main exchange and are setting up systems for the US citizens.  They have also bought a system from the Bank of Ireland that deals with tier 2 banks.  If you go into those smaller secondary banks, they don’t want to deal directly with something this big.  They will examine the currencies, and then ship it to a WF facility to be authenticated and counted.  That’s how a lot of the tier 2 banks will handle the currencies, just like they handle any other foreign currency.  The other big three banks have been jockeying back and forth on all this; t here are also some large banks that are prepared for the RV process. The rates were going to be different, but now they will all be pretty much the same, and everyone has been trained to handle this, even at the tier 2 level.

Caller:  So what you’re saying is that if you go to your preferred tier 2 bank, they will offer the same international, street and contract rates as the big banks?

DC:  We just don’t know if they will have the same contract rates or if the contract rates will only be handled by Well Fargo;  it’s gone back and forth so we just don’t know.

Caller:  If you go with the contract rate, will we have to leave some of the money there?

DC: That has changed a great deal through the years.  Basically, they will charge a flat 2%, and then you will be free to move your funds wherever you want.  That 2% is set by the Fed.  Let’s say I wanted to take some cash to Italy;  I would ask the bank to order 500 euros, and they would charge 2% as a flat fee so they make some money on that exchange.

Tony:  So in terms of this RV, if you have 100,000, they will charge 2%, which would be $2,000.  That’s the money they will make.

Caller:  Are there any other spreads or fees that you should be trying to negotiate down?

DC:  Yes, you should negotiate any other fees.  They are going to run us through like cattle through a chute, just to get this done. Then you will have a second meeting with your wealth manager, and that’s where you negotiate any charges, operating expenses and/or interest rates.

Tony:  Don’t do that during your first appointment, though – except for in Texas!

Caller:  I read something about the UST spread that is applied in larger transactions that maybe you can negotiate.  Is that true?

DC:  The only fee we know about now is the 2% exchange fee upfront.

Caller:  I was referring to the actual rate and the fees you will pay, not the ongoing banking relationship.  That is up to me to negotiate, I understand that.

562 caller:  Are there multiple groups out there, or is there only one?

Tony:  There is a whole bunch of groups out there; you’d be shocked at how many there are.  The group is not the question – the questions are about who has your money, what rate they have in mind, and what you are trusting with your information.

Caller:  Has Iraq satisfied the US and US requirements for the new parliament?

Tony: Parliament is in, but they haven’t announced the last four seats.  Kerry says they have to be seated and announced by the 1st of July. They have an announcement for tomorrow.

Caller:  How soon will we have access to large chunks of cash to pay of mortgages, etc.?

DC:  We understand you will have immediate access.  However, we hear that the banks won’t want to do wire transfers over $500,000.

Caller:  If we are in a group, they will do their exchange before the general public, is that correct?

Tony:  We don’t know that.  That’s what I didn’t like, that they were saying that if you don’t sign up for the group, you won’t get paid for two years or whatever.  There are legitimate groups, and they have not been paid, although it’s nearly the 1st of July!  It’s all going to be public, on Forex and Nasdaq, and they want you to believe you won’t be paid for two years?  They are more than idiots.

Caller:  On Monday’s call, you said that when this is announced, there might be a few days so that we can contact an attorney and/or financial planner prior to exchanging…

Tony:  Initially, they wanted people in the bank within two hours, but now they might you want to have more information before you go to the bank.  We’ll see what direction they put out to make it as smooth as possible.

Caller:  Will we be able to get or see the NDA before we exchange?

Tony:  That is what they told us before, that we can post that NDA beforehand and we can walk through it with you and answer your questions before you go to your appointment.  DC?

DC:  I believe that is still what they have in mind.  We will have to go through some of this pretty fast, especially as they realize (say) paragraph B is not clear or whatever. The banks will also bring in people to help with the educational process.  Hopefully that education will get better every day.

Caller:  [appreciation for all the information]

703 caller:  I saw on a post this morning from one of gurus that the CBI governor and the ISX director are in charge of this RV process, and nothing going on politically in Iraq will affect this.  I would think that they would have to have more stability, but is this a possibility?

Tony:  Ever heard the term, “everything that glitters is not gold.”  DC will explain it to you.

DC:  First, the overall political situation in Iraq is linked to the RV, but they don’t have to be in lock-step.   They cannot be too out of whack, like if there were to be a civil war.  Who has control of actually doing it?  Instructions were given on Friday from the CBI, and they were accepted by the ISX, to let the dinar go through at a mid-three-dollar rate. That was agreed with the IMF, with the understanding that it would take a little while to go through the system. Because this is an RI rather than an RV, they have asked for the rollout to be a little slower. They have had tremendous success with the security and political stability.  They have now agreed to a time line, and those are linked loosely to the political situation. They would ideally announce the PM at the same time as the RV, but it’s not essential.

Caller:  It sounds like the RI is more for the back office than being available to the general public.

DC: The RI could be available to the general public if the banks allow that, but the RV is following so closely behind and it will give us a slightly higher number, so they are waiting for that although the RI is being traded behind the scenes. They are waiting for the RV to populate around the world while they adjust the political side as well. They have now been given an absolute window in which to get it done, and if it isn’t done within that window, then they are not doing it at all. That puts pressure on to get it done right now.

Tony:  The RI went through, and now Maliki has pushed it worldwide, so he is willing to wait on the RV until the political side is sorted out.   That is, “If you guys back out and screw me over, this is now a lie and we can force this to the public.”

Caller:  So he still has that last holding card, that he can push for the RI to go worldwide publically?

DC:  They have to get an RV done prior to the RI populating worldwide, so that if the RV doesn’t get done before then, the RI will automatically kick in.

Caller:  DC, in your heart of hearts… percentagewise, how much can this go past July 4th?

DC: The world could stop turning, but I would say that the changes are extremely slim.  It would take not just one person being a jerk, but all the world leaders being jerks.  They are intentionally not taking phone calls from certain people because they don’t want to hear it any longer.  So chances are that agreement will keep in place.

Caller:  That has made my day after such a stressful roller coaster ride.  [appreciation]  The delay worked to our benefit because it let us learn more and get everything solid and ready.

DC: I may be a blind-ass optimist, but I really hope that this timing and the dragging out has focused people’s attention on handling this right.  This is for the rest of our lives and the betterment of mankind.  I really think that a lot of people will refrain from just buying cars, and thinking it through so that they can be better investors and not be the ones who lose it all in a couple of years.

Tony:  I hope that most people won’t just blow it, but put 50% aside for taxes, 25% for investment, and then play with the rest.  If you don’t, you will never have this kind of money again.  If you don’t, the IRS will hunt you down.  If you don’t put the money to work, it will be gone.  If you do it right, even if it’s only 100,000, then it will support you for the rest of your life.

813 caller:   What happens if you are a green card holder and you want to cash in?

DC: That’s a good question, and I don’t have an answer.

Tony:  What we heard before, if you are a resident for six months or longer, you can cash in like a citizen. Hopefully this will be answered in our package.   That is a very good question, especially in Texas and California;  we have a lot of people in that situation.

Caller:  You said you wanted a new name for people who are below idiots?  They are Fidiots!   [appreciation]

DC:  I just got a work thing to square away, so I need to bugger off.  I think this is a really good chance that this is the last call, that the window has locked everyone in.  The train has left the station, and I have a strong feeling it will be before the 4th.  I’m excited, it’s a wonderful thing, and I wish everyone the best.  We are happy to help and educate as many people as we can.

401 caller:  Part of my concern is the whole security issue with the money, especially with the reserves, either getting it to you or cashing in and sending it to the bank.  I called up and they said they would ONLY send the reserves to the person who ordered.  I don’t want the Security firm lumbering up to my door.  Can you help me with that?

Tony:  That’s their company policy.  The only three things they can do is send it to you, have you pick it up, or cash it out and wire it into your bank account.

Caller:  I would be happy if they would wire it to the bank…

Tony:  I know that Sterling will buy it from you and wire the proceeds to your bank account.  That is their process.

Caller:  The lady I talked to said otherwise, and said they would only let you pick it up if it’s 50 million or more.  That would be a nightmare for me, having to deal with that much money.

Tony:  I will call Frank and see if he wants to do another call, is we’re this close. Before, when he was on our calls, it was my understanding that if  you have five million or more, he would fly to you and do the transaction with you, right there… or he will wire it into your bank account.

Caller:  I really don’t want do business with the four big banks.  Will the 800 number people have information about other banks in the area?

Tony:  I understand that they will ask what bank you prefer in your location, but I don’t know that they will have the tier 2 banks on hand.  Remember, you can exchange it and then move your money. I also know that some tier 2 banks will do exchanges.

Caller:  How do we make sure our full amounts are insured?

Tony:  I don’t know.  You’ll have to talk to your wealth manager about that. I’m going to  split mine up between several banks and several countries. I’m not concerned about insurance because the banks will be busting at the seams. You will have a while to consider that before investing.

970 caller:  Can you describe the first basket as you see it, especially with reference of the Zim?

Tony:  I believe the Zim is in the first basket.

Caller:  Will the Zim and dong have contract rates as well as the dinar?

Tony:  The dong does have some higher rates;  I don’t know about the Zim.  There will be great rates, but I’m not going to talk about that.

Caller:  I ordered more Zim that will be arriving Saturday;  do you think we’ll be in the banks before then?

Tony:  There is a high probability.

Caller:  if my choice is to shred the gifting letters to get the contract rate, what do you suggest?

Tony:  You mean will you have to pay taxes?  There is tax at the contract rate, and let’s say it’s 30%.  So you exchange 100K, receive 70K, and give your brother that.  Then he has to pay taxes on that, which takes another 20K.  You are paying tax twice on the same money.  I don’t like doing that.

Here’s another scenario: I can get a higher rate than your gift recipients can, because I take the contract rate.  I can put the money into a trust where my brother and I both have check books.  We both get to spend the money, without paying double tax.

Caller:  If we qualify for the contract rate on one currency, does that automatically give us the right to the contract rate in another country?

Tony:  I don’t know.

Caller:  Will Canada have contract rates?

Tony:  If they have been here for six months, they can exchange (in the US) at contract reates.  They have been updating the packages since last the meeting last night.  [Note, Tony answered for Canadians, not Canada itself.  So far as we know so far, Canada does not get contract rates.]

Caller: You strongly feel you will have the packages and can explain them before we go to the bank?

Tony:  That is what they want and what we are hearing… it’s going to take time for us to go through the package and be able to answer your questions.  They do understand some will go straight to the banks.

Caller:  Are the contract rates and NDA going to be the same for everyone holding dong?

Tony:   No. I don’t know about bank to bank;  I think they will be different rate to rate.

It’s time, so do you want to say anything?  Pam?

Pam:  Nope, just have a great time and hope we’re all done!

Tony:  We are so close;  we are in an active live window at this time.  It could be in the next five minutes, any minute, next day or 3-4 days.  They are going through this just like we are:  they moved people out of the call centers and exchange centers because they were tired of the run-around.  They are now bringing them back in and refreshing them. They are finalizing this now.  If it does go through on the 4th, the banks will open for this.  We gave you a whole bunch of reasons why it would happen on the 1st or before the 1st.  Because we’ve said so much about the 1st, it will probably go before then. We are hoping to get the package, we’ll be trained, and then we are scheduled to do call for 7-10 days to walk you thorough it and answer your basic question.

You need to BE prepared – make sure you have all your documents in a folder, know where your currency is, where you are going… all that planning should already be done.  I am excited;  I think it will be sooner rather than later.

I appreciate everyone on our intel team, and those who feed them information, and all the people in Iraq who are also working on this.  I want to thank not just people in DC, but also people in England, New England, Canada, New Zealand, of course the guys on Wall Street, and all the many people who helped us do this for the last four years.

This is a crucial week from now until the 1st, so let’s enjoy it!


Don’t Let Your Desperation Make You Do Foolish Things~ Freeway Bill

As this blessing gets closer and closer and the news keeps getting better and better, I have heard from so many of you asking questions that scare the living daylights out of me!

 So, from me to you, I am asking you to STOP and THINK before you make any moves in response to something you are being solicited about or things you are being told by the neverending line of "gonna help you" gurus and investment self named professionals.

YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY! Wait until the blessing comes and then follow the instructions that come from people you trust or banks in cashing your currency in.

2. STOP believing all of the propaganda that is out there about special rates for you because you are one of the many thousand that listen to particular conference calls.....  Special Pre-RV rates do not exists!  Everyone will be paid at the same time.

THINK about it ..... so you get to go in before anyone else and your rate has already been "protected" by someone you neither have met or seen in person?


I LOVE ALL OF YOU, but I would never ask for you to be so naive as to hand me your currency or POA for your currency.

3. WAIT AND STAY GROUNDED .....  There is no Pie in the Sky deal that is only good from someone who is posting on these sites.  NONE! ZIP! NADA!  If, worse case scenario, you get $ 3.00 for your dinar, would that be bad?

How about turning your dinar over to someone and never get to see it or the proceeds in real money?  That would be pretty bad after all of this time, wouldn't it?

For those who say this is not a GOD thing, I beg to differ.  However, this has become a "shady deal" opportunity for people who have gained your confidence by keeping you hooked on hopium even when we were far away from the blessing.... Don't fall for it!

 I won't call out by name, but you need to just remember that the only person who should be in control of your currency and it's eventual cash in is YOU!!!!!

Now the naysayers and kool-aide drinking people may bash me for bringing this to your attention.  Hopefully, they too, will listen to what I have posted....  I only post when I am trying to protect you from bad decisions....

I could not possibly have anything to gain from posting this....

I have put it out

please listen and THINK!




The Ghost Writer Wrote:

Manipulation of the Iraq RV and how it is treated and released to the media.

Humanity especially the US has been hoodwinked and mislead for the last 173 years, both from within the political arena with bought and paid for mouth pieces and their nefarious agenda has been reflected back from their media and communicated to every aspect of our lives. 

This is propaganda on a worldwide scale.  They control every aspect of your media connection and they control the info flow in almost every medium.  They are the sculptures of your reality.

You have in effect been brainwashed, although you may think you exercise freedom of thought and expression, if you look beneath the surface you will find that the ideas expressed are usually those which play endlessly in the media. 
This RV is a prime example of a story which doesn't seem to go anywhere and is always expressing numerous outcomes of possibility.   This kind of storyline is even expressed and utilized in Hollywood movies where three or four endings are put it place.

This storyline is coming to an end.

All the major player countries have given the US their ultimatum, to stop the current round of stalling and the issues caused by them.  All these occurrences which we see on some media outlets and behind the scenes have now to stop.

There is a certain country who perceives itself an island in the midst of sharks, that is aware of many plots and manipulations against it, many from its so called allies – this country will attack all and everyone at the slightest provocation.  The world desires peace, the world desires stability and safety for all.

The world wants to change to prosperity and the many benefits that are accrued by it.

Sec. Kerry went to Iraq he talked with Maliki and handed him the US mandate, - for although you may hear different, Iraq still is not freed from the American grasp, they are still firmly under the US thumb.

Iraq has to unite the many separate groups and to seat the newly elected,  they are to stop these tribal issues and they are to honor their constitution,

Maliki is to insure that the newly elected gets seated and there is a smooth transition and then he is to go on his merry way out the door.

The news being peddled on the news outlets after Kerry left is that Maliki ( pronounced Malí-kí - it is pronounced incorrectly) , does not intend to follow that ruling

There is so much nonsense being manufactured for the news, its to sculpt your perception, it is the propaganda machine at full steam.

This insurgency is a managed stage show, a movie fabrication, with no convincing truth behind it.   They talk about refinery being overtaken, beheadings, mass executions, when you examine the pictures, there are kids taking 'selfies' of the insurgents, there are soldiers marching with untied shoes, soldiers marching in clean shoes, insurgents wearing white gloves, nicely groomed and no sweat.

Buildings and streets are intact, they all look like a photo shoot for National Geographic.    Anyone who has been in war or even a little firefight knows you don't look like roses.  What you see is manufactured illusion the words play the sound bites they want you to hear, but the images don't hold up to scrutiny.

Most politicians manipulate and compromise their way into office and once there they need to satisfy their paymasters and backers whilst they all work to fulfill their egos legacy – their mark on public office.  How they will be remembered, most are only concerned for their public image and never for their country nor the people they pretend to represent.

With only two ways out for Maliki - either he walks out having made the announcement of Iraq's currency release both in country, written in the gazette and internationally, or he is placed on a slab, and exits feet first, this is our current time frame.
Talking about time frames, Iraq has no more time left.

Those of you who are wise, know exactly how close this RV is.

You many repost if you wish to.

By the Ghost Writer


UU0025 – RV In July?

Hi Everyone,

Weeks ago Meine Kinder completed their Shulle. Now they are home and we have more valuable time together. They are now asking me what trips we can take this sommer. I promised them a fine trip to Italy soon but first we will need to stop at the bank and exchange our dinar.

I think we may be making that trip.

I come to you today to give you an updates on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government  and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

Today’s News
There is just so much news coming out of Iraq I don’t know where to start.

What can we expect this week from the Election Process?
Let me say that the first session of parliament scheduled for yesterday 6/24 was postponed for three days. That brings us to a Friday 6/27 session.

Why was it postponed?

It was postponed due to the fact that they needed to relocate parliament to Erbel in Kurdistan where it is safer. WE all know about the militants heading for Baghdad. It is my understanding that they already had a meeting in Erbel to swear in the new parliament members. 

So this is now done.

They are ready for the first session. Technically they could have held the session had it not been for some factors. This does not mean (and I repeat does not mean) that the government is formed.

Another reason for the holdup is they are asking the State Law coalition to send another nominee for prime minister other than their current candidate which is Nori Al-Maliki. They have given them 3 days to do so. Once again the State Law has caused delays in the process. Once again they have to rearrange schedules to overcome this delay.

As we know the National Alliance is the majority party and thus has the job of forming the new government (not Maliki as he thinks). They submit the candidates for prime minister to parliament through the new president.

Now that we know the new date for the first session what will be going on in this first session? It is now my understanding they intend to vote on all the three presidents in one package and get it done. Why?  Let’s use some common sense in answering this question. Think, think, think!

They are constantly trying to play catch up. Since the 6/24 date has not working out now they are back in crunch time. Does 6/27 leave them enough time to do all they need to do prior to 7/1 when they need a currency to go international to support the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) international rollout?

How can they trade internationally without an international currency?

So they are packaging all three votes in one voting session. The three presidencies include the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, new President and the new Prime Minister.

Exactly what does to vote in one “package” mean?
What this means is they will line up the candidates for these three positions and vote on them very quickly. In one foul swoop….lol…. They do not expect to have any lengthy debates, all background checks are already done, all negotiating is already done and this should go very smoothly. Remember the National Alliance has over 170+ seats out of the 357 seats that’s 40% of the seats. Well over the needed applied constitutional majority ratio for any one bloc, alliance or coalition.

We may very well get out of Friday’s session with all these positions seated thus a new Prime Minister seated. Thus almost a fully functional government.

Remember they will also have to ratify and thus seat also all the 30+ ministers since the USA government is not about to let happen what happened in 2010 when Maliki promised to seat the ministers in 30 days and shafted everyone.

We all know why he did this. So he could manipulate the duties of these offices to meet his corrupt political objectives and his own personal financial gain. To this day he still has not properly seated the Defense, Security and Interior ministers as ratified (approved) by parliament and properly seated. They are still “proxy” ministers in these roles.

I do not know exactly how they now intent to quickly seat these ministers but I can only imagine they may also attempt to ratify all 30+ of them also in Friday’s session. Yes – they are in a hurry to seat this new government.

They need to seat this new government for many reasons. One of which we can all understand and is near and dear to our hearts.

I want to add one final note to this election saga. Maliki did recently make an announcement -  he prohibited parliament from having their first session for reasons of terrorist activities in the area of parliament. Go figure. Good try Maliki ! Just what is his real intent?

Could this also be why the National Alliance relocated parliament to a safer location in Kurdistan? To get away from the threat of a Maliki reprisal. Almost unbelievable isn’t it? Will this guy pay the price one day for treason for what he is doing to his own country?

Rumor or Fact – Maliki Resigns?

This is factual and not a rumor. However he is going nowhere in a hurry until the new government is fully seated and functional. He also has a habit of lying so who really know if he will keep any promises.

 The actual seating of the new prime minister will make the legal grounds for his final departure. We all know when this government is finally completed he is done. So until then he is still very dangerous and may still try his shenanigans to stop the government from being seated. He gave his pledge to transition, provide assistance and support the building of the new government.

It was very clearly spelled out to him by John Kerry that he was not the overall winner of the elections and to stop pretending that his party was now responsible for setting up the new government. It is the National Alliance’s job not the State of Law Coalition’s job. Let them do their job.

Completing the International Rollout

Let me cover now some details on this topic today since this too is near and dear to our hearts. Also there is still a need to complete the Reinstatement of the currency (rolling it out to full international status by July 1st.) Remember this process was started way back on April 26th. As it been that long already?

Yes – the USA would not let the currency complete its rollout no matter what cunning moves the Maliki government tried. They control the process not the CBI as I have stated many, many times. The USA will not complete the rollout until they are ready.

They need to see progress in moving towards a democracy and not a dictatorship. Iraq needs to use the democratic process to form a government that is relatively stable and fully functional. If they show they can do this then the USA will “push the button” on the final rollout.

If you go way back many years and re-read some of my earlier news letters you will re-learn the final stages to this rollout process of the IQD currency revaluation.

Do you remember what this process was?

I use the term revaluation loosely and to signify the overall effort. If you can’t find my earlier news letters in your mail archives then go back and listen to the very early Wang Dang conference calls since he also spells out the process very well back then.

I believe this process is still in effect and they will follow it. 
We may have deviated from the methods but the over plan of the process is still in force.

This is the same process told to me by my IMF contacts and they have reiterated it time and time again to me.

They still intend now to follow it