Monday, June 23, 2014


6-24-14 Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone. Guten Tag Dinarians. I will make this update brief.

Today all sources in Iraq have nothing but very good news. The CBI is planning to bring up their new site and post new rate for final activation of their currency international.

I have been told this will occur between sometime early Thursday morning and late Friday night. I have converted to eastern standard times already for USA folks.

As you know I have said this many times in past that this is the final step to RV process of their currency. The final steps and process is now in play and if all goes well we might be at the banks within 48 - 96 hours from the time of this post.

As you know I cannot guarantee what I am hearing is 100% accurate but these sources have been spot on each and every time so far. Everyone in the CBI and the Finance ministry in Iraq seem very, very optimistic and I myself have never been more excited. 

Could this really finally be over? As I have said many times in past letters and posts no one knows the date or rate so let us all pray that my intel sources are now correct and we can finally have our blessing and rest after this long stressful journey. Peace and Luv to ya.



PDIDDY: It's all just changing the window dressing... but the view is still the same which is all that matters. Who cares the color of the drapes, the view out of the pre July 1st window is all that matters to us. RV groups by 2nd half of week (prob Wed eve-Fri am) & Public CC announcement immed following. This is the last week! I just keep saying it to help people from emotionally riding the roller coaster fixated on things that don't matter. The US wants Maliki out. They want credit as QB-ing this thing and that's exactly how this is going down and they will, it's why Kerry is down there. Everything else is window dressing that doesn't change the RV view. Its all good in the RV hood!


On the call they said groups Thurs eve/Friday with public notified Fri/Sat and probably exchanging the 1st. So why appts on the 1st for the public ex?? Well... if you don't know why the US wants the public to wait to the 1st, then you haven't been paying attention to what international financial tracking law gets executed on the 1st. 

Whoever knows please tell the entire class..


FATCA Enforcement is right Prime. You get the gold star...

Now you know why they've been dragging their heels in praying for July 1... 

it is what it is HOWEVER (not hopium but positive truth) that means, the timetable for we're talking about for Thurs/Fri groups done, public CC Sat/Sun and public exch appts starting the 1st is something that FINALLY the US is for.


Monday Afternoon     06/23/2014SITREP (Situational Report)     
Deep Source #1:

"Unconfirmed, the funds in Reno have been given the green light to be released today. High level sources in Reno have been put on high alert. Exchange process to be started shortly."

Deep Source #2:

"Boots on the ground confirm Maliki's resignation is inevitable. The people of Iraq are tired of suffering. Iraq is to grow and prosper and become internationally recognized. The world awaits on Iraq.
Deep Source #3:

"New IQD rates to show this week, ready and awaiting certain processes to take place. All currencies to follow. Global Currency Reset is underway. Projects to be engaged. Drastic changes to begin. A new age is on the horizon."


Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- The value of dollar is continuously decreasing in the international market due to unrest political and law and order situation in Iraq. The conflict in Ukraine is also considered as the major reason for decline of dollar in the international market. Dollar declined in the value against, Yen and Swiss Franc and many other major currencies of the world. US dollar was sold in the Iraq market more than any other country of the world for different business needs of the country. But recent conflict between Shia Sunni Muslims caused problem for country and also for central bank of Iraq where it was traded.

Many of the foreign companies and local industries have stopped their operations in number of cities of Iraq where militants have gained control and foreign companies are not ready to invest in the country after looking present law and order situation of the country. After closure of these business activities, the trade and demand of the dollar in Iraq has been decreased at a significant level. Therefore the value of dollar decreased in the international market and it will decrease in the future rapidly if United States of America decided to attack on Iraq to crush the rebels.


TNT call 23-June-2014 Notes

Tony:  DC, we are on the call!  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, June 23th, 2014.  We are here once again. For everyone who called in, if I have talked to you in the last month, because we get the same people over and over, please put you hand down now, so that new people can get on the call and ask their questions.  If I recognize your name or number, I will put your hand down anyway.  Please do that yourself, and give others the opportunity.  Push *2 to raise your hand or to lower your hand.  Let’s make that happen!

We have on our Twitter site an idiot called ScottyD and there are others trying to make a name for themselves. “It’s better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove any doubt!”  I am here, alive, helping and in California, despite what they say. There are a lot of negative people out there; ScottyD was stupid years ago, and he’s stupid today.  He doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on.  I love the way they try to hide behind internet names; everyone knows my name!  These people are using the internet to give themselves fake courage;  if you truly believe in what you are saying, give us you name and background, or tell us what’s really going down. I never see information from these idiots, only stuff to depress everyone else.  Just block them and they’ll end up talking to themselves.

I had to get that part out;  now let’s go on with the real reason you’re all here. We are going to give you the information you are looking for.  Some things definitely took place on Friday and Saturday, and I will try to give you the big picture of what’s going on.  I’ll tell you where we are and then tell you what we think you can look forward to in the very near future.

So, information first, and then explanation.   Thursday we had notification that the RI+RV was going to go through.  We were waiting for M’s public announcement.  On Friday, the RI was completed.  It finally went through. We were encouraged to give you this information. The RI, which had they had signed off on April 26th was finally processed on Friday around the world. Everyone accepted it including the US, they accepted that rate, so the RI is sitting there and waiting to be brought to the public.
It was sitting there on Saturday, and on Sunday, then we got word we would see it on Monday or Tuesday.  M is supposed to make an announcement today, and we’ll expect that every day until he makes it.  M didn’t make that announcement because he is still negotiating for his future. We know that Chalabi has been nominated to replace Maliki.  I brought up the RI, we are now waiting for M to make this public, and he is still negotiation deals.  It could still go either way.   DC?

DC:  Chalabi and some others are in there if they don’t do it.  The news about Iraq has made people nervous as well. What they desperately need is a government that includes a significant number of Sunnis and of Kurds who have credibility.  If one party gets out of whack, ratings go to hell.  This is so important because the other side is leaning more to the extremists, meaning ISIS.  I’ll spend a little time on those guys then bring it back to politics.

There is not a huge battlefield going on in the cities.  In places with 40% to 80% Sunnis, they are saying that M has not been nice to them, so why don’t you join us?  They ended up cutting a deal with tribal elders in those areas.  That is different than some massive civil war. What is happening is that folks are then getting a deal, so the cities are ‘falling’, and the Iraqi forces are either sympathetic to the ISIS or for other reasons, they are leaving their stuff and walking out on the job. When rule of law breaks down, there is a leadership vacuum, that’s all.  The whole country is not going to hell.  It is really important that the government gets formed correctly now and man y are helping with that.  The government was seated on Tuesday, and they all want the RV because rich people don’t fight.  The RV is the very stabilizing.

Each party needs to feel they are getting a fair vote in this parliament;  otherwise, they will not help solve the situation. That’s what they are trying to do, with international pressure. The US has said that this has to be an inclusive government;  we are willing to help with that, without violating Iraqi sovereignty. They would like to have the RV happen in the next week to calm everything down.  There is tremendous pressure to get that and the government in place.

Tony:  A lot of people don’t understand this, and some ‘gurus’ tell you whatever, or people just get on the calls once a month and don’t understand why we keep hearing this back and forth.  

That’s why we are telling you one thing and you see other things on the television. Maliki lost the vote but the US put him into power to do certain things. He didn’t do those things.  The US is now saying: “go and work it out;  this is what we advise you to do, but if you don’t , go feel the pain.” That is what M has done with Iraq.  It’s a growing democracy, and we have to give them a chance to grow and learn, not force them to do what we want. M has said one thing and done the other, doing what he wants to do. 

 Back in November-December, we knew the US didn’t want this until the 1. July;  we just didn’t think they would ever get it to that point. They have done everything they can to string it along. There have been 60+ attempts now.

DC: Truly, the guys who wanted to push it off to 1. July never thought they would achieve that.  It’s been mainly luck on their part, and they were able to delay, delay, delay on a daily basis.  It’s been day to day and then hour to hour, on a tactical level.  They didn’t have an evil genius, they just were better chess players.

Tony:  This is Tony’s point of view – we go up to April 1, this was scheduled to happen with promises made on both sides, and things just didn’t happen. But that was intentional that things didn’t happen that were supposed to happen.  M tried to save himself with doing this at the last minute, and it got out of control.  People came over from Syria and it got out of hand.  Now what do I do?  He asked the US. 

 Now we are saying that M is going to do what we want up front, and then we’ll see what we can do for M.  Right now, he is still negotiating, not for himself, because his deal is locked in, but he has friends, family and cabinet members to protest. We come down to the minute, and there is one more thing to do every time before we can do it.  The RI has gone global and it has been accepted, and now we are waiting for it to be announced in public.   All the wants are shifting and in between there were agreements, and that is why we kept thinking we would see this.  The RI is out, and the RV has come out soon.

DC:  Why does the US want this to come out on the 1. July?  There are anti-money laundering and banking regulations coming in, with tax implications and reporting, and those are coming in on 1. July. They will be able to discern money-laundering quickly and get that money back.  There are other banking regulations that are important to some folks. There are also political strategists advising the President why that is the ideal time for this to happen.  

Right now, everybody knows that the midterms look shaky, next to horrible. They are up a creek and the relationship between the President and the opposition Republicans is not good. They don’t want there to be a two-year ‘lame duck’ situation to develop.  The best thing is to have a bunch of stellar economic figures to come out just before the midterms. 

 Those would be announced in late October, just before the elections.  The final quarter stuff will then be what people are talking about. If this comes out 1. July, we will all be buying cars, houses, furniture, pay off credit cards, give money to charities, and that will engender massive economic stimulus, with the GDP going up 2-3 points and unemployment going down.  

Many economists pay attention to all these numbers, so the smart thing for the Democratic party is to have this as late as possible, into the third quarter.  It’s also what they are discussing in the back rooms, because they are up a creak without this RV.

There is another point about 1. July is the simple fact that they want the rollout to be slow and controlled so that it’s not a huge panic.

Tony:  Talk about that after we talk about what’s going on today and tomorrow.  The banking will be able to track you globally after the 1st, and that follows Basel III, and the balance that changes every day.  They can track every transaction from the airport, dealer, bank, and any things that changes the value of that currency, for example if you have a new agreement with another country.  

The rates have gone up, and the amount the US gets has gone up by hundreds of millions if they do it on the first.  If this GCR happens, we lose more than any other countries – we will take the biggest hit, and the US wants to slow down that rate of change.  This has to do with the things we could not tell you because it affects the whole country, not just dinarians.  There are more factors about the 1st of July.

DC:  This is MY opinion about the plan going forward, as I see it based on the evidence I see.  Starting on Friday, it because clear the RI was going through at a good $3+ rate.  That started going throughout the world, and we got updates from every country.  That took until about 3am EST on Saturday morning.  M had a choice but decided against making an announcement then. That went throughout the global system, and it took about 18 hours do to that.  At 10pm Baghdad time, they were waiting on M to do it, and he didn’t do it. Stuff happened that would aggravate everyone, to say it nicely. 

Some other things happened over the weekend, that were beneficial to some but not everyone.  Then Sunday, it started rolling out in the US, starting with the Pacific. They are rolling it out through the entire US as we speak.  It started at 11pm last night, and they are still testing the systems as we speak. It can talk two full days to do that or it could take less time if there is no one getting in the way and people do their jobs efficiently. T he banks are ready for this to happen right now, on the RI rate. 

As for 1. July, we are eight days away and the strategists say “we can do that by changing the exchange procedures – take our time and spread it out” until they get to 1. July.  On the US side, they intend to do groups and VIPs first, and then do individuals with appointments after 1. July. The groups are not just political, but they have already been approved. That is the intent and what they are pushing for right now. 

 It’s at the banks’ discretion on timing and training;  we also understand that they would like Tony and myself to help with the education process. So that is what we believe is happening right now.

There is a strong change that the rates may even go up again on 1. July as it goes from RI to RV;  it looks very good for that right now. The RV is being thought about and it will be forced on it, and in my opinion that will go through on 1. July with the other currencies that will also change rate at that time.  That is the process so far, and it’s so in place that I think it will go through.

Tony:  This is my opinion;  we are not under NDA yet, and I can say what I like until then.  They have small groups, and some individuals with over a billion. Their rates do not affect your rates. These groups and billion-dinar holders will have a rate that is below your rate. They have their paperwork done, and they will pay them out the RI rate. 

 The only who get RV rates and above will be exchanged after 1. July.  You can wait until it goes even higher;  that is an opportunity the groups will not have.  It will be greater, later.  That is the only way it can work. Those who paid attention will make probably three times what they will make in that group.  I’m not advising you, I’m just telling you from my perspective.

Pam said that all our calls have been removed;  we still have them on our site, and we have over 600 copies of our calls that we have, if it comes down to that.  We will load them back up for those who didn’t get to listen. Don’t be depressed;  the RI has gone, and we know that 1. July was their goal, but they may give it up and let it go tomorrow, and not give you appointment until 1. July.  That’s okay, because we should get the package and have the opportunity to review all that before you go to the banks.  The groups won’t have that.

I was trying to lock in  TNT people at $10, but they say we don’t need to have a special arrangement any longer.  I am NOT saying that we will get $10;  we don’t know what the rate will be.  There will be an opportunity for you to get 2-3 times what the groups get, because that is what they agreed to.  There are no losers;  everyone gets paid, it’s just greater later.

DC:  All the current actions are forcing that.  The RV rate looks very likely, and it looks like ti will increase for the others.
303 caller:  About the Zim, are the still dropping six zeros?

Tony:  I don’t know.

Next caller:  Do they still have the keys of the website?  I’m talking about the CBI website.

DC:  I heard three different questions there.  There is a backup website in Houston, and it’s controlled by the US with Iraqi involvement.  One is in Baghdad, and the third is a backup in another place.  Possession is 9/10th of the law, and I don’t see an Iraqi guy coming to Houston.  That site has to have bilateral approval and passwords. However, they have to send it out through the BIS system and it populates around the world from there. 

 In terms of Iraq wanting this and the US saying No, that’s happened a lot, and that is a constant negotiation.  With the US having accepted the RI rate on Friday, that changed the chessboard, because now we have to roll that out through the entire US. The RV is the real question and we don’t know the exact timing for that.

Tony:  The RI has been released to the banks, and the clock is now ticking for that release. Our understanding tis that you May get the option to get the RI rate before the 1st, but there will be restrictions and you cannot get the RV rate after that or go buy more dinar before then.

Caller: is there any way for us to say that we go in on 2nd July as a back wall?

Tony:  he’s saying, Is there any way for us to force this on the 1st, and otherwise we raise hell?

DC:  The biggest pain in the ass in the administration is trying to hold it off to the 4th so that they can have a three-day weekend, so it’s great for that, but bad for lots of everything else.  I mention that to give my friend some hell, and also to let you know that the hard-core politicians want that. 
Tony: We hope they’ll say “let’s just get this over today”, and then they can deal with it.

503 caller:  This is cool.  We call you Maestro Tony over here because no one could have orchestrated this better than you have.  I want to take several trips to the bank.  Should we say we have X amount and we only want to bring this percent at a time.

DC:  I’m more concerned about security than the rate.  I will find the best rate I can for a certain amount, and then set it out in separate timelines.

Caller:  Can we lock in that first amount?

DC: We’ll have to see what’s in the packages, but our understanding is that once you have agreed the RV rate, they will lock you into that rate. If the rate goes down, they still have to pay it, and if it goes up, they profit.  That’s how anybody would do business, so I can’t see anyone complaining about that.

Tony:  You can go back in but it will be at the agreed rate. 

Caller:  I don’t have reserves, I just don’t want to take it all in at the same time.

Tony:  You’ll still have a locked in rate, I think.  We’ll see what the package says.

505 caller:  What is the ceiling on the dinar and the dong?

Tony:  I know they don’t’ want us talking about rates, so I’m not going to step in that one again.

Caller:  Is there supposed to be another coming out, besides the IQN?  Is there supposed to be some new GULF currency coming out to replace this?

DC: There is a GCC plan for years from now, but the new currency now is the lower denoms.

Tony:  Can you look at that text I sent you really quickly?

716 caller:  I want to give some dong to my son;  should I give it to him before we go to the bank, with a gift letter, or wait until after and just give him the money?

Tony:  I gave it to people before, with gift letters, so that it’s not involved in the NDA and I’m not taxed on that gifted money.

DC:  I agree, and also trusts are a wonderful thing for people under 35; people need time to get used to this kind of money.

Caller:  He’s 48, so he can take care of that.  Tony, I belong to your TNT, and I got left out when you took on TNTSuperfantastic.  I am blind and I’m not good on the computer.  I had Pam call me at one point, but I haven’t been able to get on the forum at all.  Could Pam call me, please?   It would be so much easier if I could get on the forum directly rather than having to ask people.

Tony:  Pam will say something to you.
Pam:  I would be glad to help you;  I will call you right after the call.  It’s probably a technical issue.

Caller:  Thanks, Pam… and stay out from underneath that bus!  [Appreciation]

DC:  I have to go.  I wish everyone a good day.  We believe the systems are rolling out through the entire world and the US. Thank you again to our experienced statesman who has been instrumental in keeping this all together, and thanking all those who support him as well. We hope this is the last time. Best of luck and we’ll talk soon!

Tony:  You want to keep going or cut it off now that DC is leaving.  Pam…

Pam:  We thank you for your continued service to our country, and for doing things that you didn’t have to do… for us. 

Tony:  At some point, people started thinking about you, the dinarians.  A bunch of DC told us that TNT and ‘we are the people’ made a difference forus.  We do a have a sponsor, and he has made a huge difference in bringing us to their attention, and we appreciate that.

609 caller:  You said earlier that the RI has been instituted;  when will we see that in the US?

Tony:  I don’t know.  There is a timeline for the banks.   They are planning on paying out some groups and things first, at the lower rate.  They are getting some people out of the way before the RV rate comes out.  You may see the RI before 1. July. That’s the rate you are stuck with, though, if you take it – the RI rate, that is.  They pushed it through on Friday, although it was first announced on May 26th.

Caller:  What is the ballpark date for the RV?

Tony:  The hard-core people actually want it announced on 4. July, but we should see it between 1-4 July, if not before.  The IMF pushed it through although Maliki authorized it.
Caller:  So why would the government want Maliki out, in that case?

Tony:  The RI and RV will happen in any case. M was trying to push it through so that he could get a third term, despite what the Iraqi Constitution says.  The US wants it on the 1st of July, regardless of whether Maliki stays or goes.

248 caller:  Were our troops asked to leave or did we pull them back.

Tony:  Bush said the troops would be pulled out in 2011.  Then President Obama said that he would pull them out if they got amnesty.  Maliki then created an emergency, then it got out of hand because the guys from Syria took advantage of this opportunity. 

Maliki thought he would still be in power if he could get the parliament to declare a state of emergency.  Parliament did NOT allow that state of emergency. So Maliki asked the US for help, and they said they would only send advisers if there was an all-inclusive government.  Then they would possibly send troops and should down that “insurgency”. In order to do that, there has to be an actual emergency;  we are not going to take part in a civil war in Iraq just to keep Maliki in power. 

 IN fact, 1,700 people moved into a city where 40,000 law enforcement personnel laid down their arms and walked out.  Until it’s clarified, the US is not sending in more troops.

Caller: We are not seeing troops there.

Tony:  And you won’t until it’s time. Everything has a reason in this situation.

Caller:  So the US sends troops and everything magically settles down, but really the RV is happening and that is what really settled things down.  Right now it really looks bad in Iraq.

Tony:  The announcement of an inclusive government with an RV will shut everything down.  I’m trying not to overstep my boundaries on this call. There is a reason they are doing all this. All we are trying to do is to give those involved with the dinar an idea of what is really going on, which is very different from what you are seeing on the news.

I did get some good comments on something we discussed before about bringing you this information today.  I don’t want you to buy dinar.  We are not partners with any dinar site.  I don’t want people to NOT pay their bills because this might not happen until 1. July.

  You cannot base your whole life on all this, because they could change it at any time!  I’m just giving you what’s going on right now, and hopefully by Wednesday they will shut dealers down or make them change their rate so that people e know that this is really going on. That’s what make sense to me.  That doesn’t mean they’ll do it, though…

813 caller:  Another guy asked about the RI back in April, and they said they were trying to push the RV through… I’m confused that you said it didn’t go through then.

Tony:  The RI was authorized by Iraq on April 26, and everyone accepted it then. Then the RV should have gone the 1st of June, and then the 15th.  Meanwhile, they produced excuse after excuse after excuse, then other things were manufactured to stretch it out.  They just wanted to get to 1. June, and then they would find ways to stretch it to 1. July. 

 We just didn’t think they could do that, and earlier I told you how they were extending it and why they were trying to do that, with a higher exchange rate for the US. Our dollar and economy will take a hit because we will no longer be the premier economy.
Caller:  Last Wednesday you said that Maliki would do the RV and give a rate on Friday.  I’m confused about that, too.

Tony:  Maliki did revalue on Friday – to the RV rate.

561 caller:  My six brothers in Iraq are saying what you are saying.  On Friday, my bank said they wanted me to come in.  I went on Monday and three VPs were there.  They wanted me to place all my currencies in a safety deposit bank and they would handle it all for me. They wanted to me help me, and this was one of your favourite banks, too. This was this morning!  I said I had to be on call, and the bank said, “This is the TNT call, right?”  So anyone who doesn’t believe you on this call, they are idiots, because you are 100% accurate.

Tony:  They have been exchanging people today and you might  have to wait until the first, or you might get paid tomorrow. I do know your rate will start out higher than your rate, and will definitely go higher.

Caller:  They offered me $6.25 for the dinar, and $3 for the dong.  I said that when Tony tells me to go, I will exchange, and not before.   An hour ago, I checked my bank account;  there was $5,000 more in one account, so they are trying to buy me.  I called them and said to get that out of my account because I am waiting until the rest of my TNT family goes.

Tony:  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but with the timeframe we are seeing, you probably did the right thing. That is just my opinion;  I’m not an advisor.

Caller: I didn’t speak to you before going to the bank, but based it on previous information.  I knew there was a rat out there.  They verified the currency and they knew I was up there.

Tony: They are trying to pull in those they know have more than a billion…

505 caller:  This is the clearest call that I have ever heard.  Finally you were allowed to explain details that make sense to everybody if they listen.  I’m not clear on the term “public announcement”.  In Iraq, that means it has to be published in the Gazette for 2-3 days. 

 In the US, we’re not going to hear it on the television, and we probably won’t be able to go to the CBI site.  So what does that mean to us in the US?

Tony: The public announcement they want to see in Iraq is Maliki on television and in the mosques. This could be going on right now.  At 5am in Iraq, they were lined up in front of the banks.  

That was yesterday, and we couldn’t get through to Iraq today at all.  Over here, last Monday I was briefed from another country saying Wall Street was told it would go live on Tuesday for international trading only, and the public wouldn’t see it for another two weeks. It didn’t happen last Tuesday, but it did happen on Friday and the RI went through and it was accepted around the world. 

 So public can mean that I get a phone call and we put it out to you. That’s about as public as it’s going to get.  We’re not going to see it on NBC or CNN, telling you all to go to the banks!

Caller:  On the 16th, a hedge fund manager go on CNN and talked about investments in Iraq;  he said that their fund was mainly targeting Iraq and the dinar is  part of it.  I nearly fell off my chair.  That’s a public announcement; did you hear that?

Tony:  No, but we have got many memos in the last month or so of specific times and dates when things would happen. They haven’t always happened on those dates, but they did happen.

941 caller:  [appreciation]  I’m legally blind as well, and I would so appreciate it if Pam could put me on the site. I thought I was out here by myself. [chit chat] I am happy to be doing something that has never happened in history.  Please call me when you get a chance, okay?

Tony:  One of the joys in my world IS throwing Pam under the bus.

936 caller:  On the contract rate, will we still get that with the RI?

Tony:  The contract rates will not come out until after the RV. That’s what I have heard so far, but I don’t know that for a fact.

Caller:  When you get the package, will you have to sign an NDA when the RI comes out?

Tony: They are discussing that now.  By the time I get the package and give you the information, I will be under an NDA?

Tony:  That was our understanding, but that might have changed over the weekend.

Caller:  Let’s say it RIs this weekend and RVs on the 1st, how will we find out?  Y

Tony:  I’ll be able to talk about that – that is what they want me to do!  I’ll be able to announce the RI and its rate, and then the RV and its rate.  Our purpose is to explain the process and what you should be looking for.  I hope we will see this sooner rather than later;  they have their own plans, and they don’t always like it when I give my opinion.  I am giving the viewpoint from this side of the fence, having talked to you and answered your questions for the last four years (rather than the last four months like most of these guys).

760 caller:  [appreciation]  If it RIs, can we still cash out one note without getting lacked into an RI price?

Tony:  It would be common sense if people could just cash out that one note, if they need it.  The closer we get to the 1st, they may say that people can wait a few days. 

Caller:  Those few days could make all the difference to someone to save their house.  I am going out of the country on the 1st until the 7th, and it would be great to cash in one note before I go.

Tony:  I agree.  If people who have just that small amount could exchange for that amount and then they can go about their business… that makes sense to me.

Caller:  That would take a lot of people off the top;  the forest gets thinned out, they have more happy people, the economy would get pumped up.  I’ve been in this for 11 years, and they have done so many things that didn’t make sense.  I would think they would want to help their people.  This is America and we are Americans, and this would be such a big benefit.

Tony:  It would be a great olive branch, as well, if so many people could do this a few days earlier.

Caller: It would be a tremendous gesture if they could do that.
817 caller:  This is my first time calling. [appreciation]  I know you might have back problem what with throwing all these people under the bus, but post-RV you can get a great chiropractor!

208 caller:  I’m a grandmother with six grandkids;  we had to move out of our home, but we have found a temporary place. I’ve tried to talk to bankers and money managers, but they don’t want to talk to me until I have the moment. If I follow your steps, will I be okay?

Tony:  No one will have a problem after the RV is announced. Everyone who didn’t believe or know about it will get memos from head office saying that the government lied to us, and get ready to be stormed by millionaires.

Caller:  You said on the forum that we would lose our friends;  I’ve already lost mine, friends fo 30 years.  It’s taught me a lot about what friendship is, and I have charitable purposes that they will not be able to block.

Tony:  Let’s examine that for a minute. Aren’t you glad you found that our before rather than after the RV?  I had a guy call my cigar place, and saying “That Tony Renfrow is not a  good guy”. We laughed at that!  They laugh at your for this situation, and you get to laugh at them for the rest of their life, because they didn’t buy currency, or sold theirs. You get the last laugh for life.  The best revenge is to life will – live in the house you want, drive the car you want, go on trips that you want, help all the people you want to help. In the end, you win, and that’s all you have to wait or look for.  It changes your whole perspective on life.

Caller:  I’ve learned a lot from you, Tony. I don’t go on the forum and say a lot because I want to keep positive.  Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Pam:  You are so mean to me;  these people are going to kick your butt.  I don’t know what I want to say, we’ve said it so many times. Be calm;  you don’t have to rush out and do anything. Thanks to everyone, including our members.  We have a few kooky ones, but… hang in there.

Ray:  Ditto!  What she said!

Tony:  We tried to do today a little different, show you what happened from January onwards.  We never thought it would go to this date, and even THEY are surprised they go it to this date. We want you to know what is really going on in Iraq; they are just trying to pick the right people, if Maliki stays or goes.  The government is seated and they want to include the right people before the RV announcement.  They are getting M at the end, but only if he does it right now. That’s what is being accomplished now.  

AS much as we have all put into this, they are not going to let it go by the wayside.  It’s not going to take another ten years to get it done. Don’t believe what you read in the newspapers;  there is always more going on behind the scenes.  I hope everyone has learned to look at it from both sides now.  The same people trying to steal you money now will try to do it after the RV, too, because they already have your information, so I hope you learned something from this process.  Look out for those people who say they want to help you – those bankers work for the bank.

 You have to think what is best for your future.  I know they will offer some programs and opportunities, and some will be awesome, things you couldn’t get anywhere eels.  Know what your capabilities are yourself.  We have the brightest of futures if you get this right. If you don’t know how to manage it, you won’t have it long. 
Enjoy the rest of your day;  I hope to make a phone call later, or tomorrow if we have to .  Everything is looking good, so stay positive. 



Frank26:  We have been telling You ....... Guiding You ....... Pointing at Squirrels...... Re-motivating You KTFA FAMILY and praying with You.

In the last TWO WEEKS our TEAMS have painted the events in Iraq with THE CORRECT COLORS on our CCs.

Our attempts to help You KTFA FAMILY TRULY Understand were amplified with double the amount of sharing we normally do.

Many extra BLUE POST during the week ........ Emergency CCs .........

With DELTA bringing You a surprise ..... T's M.E. meeting that was ONLY in Arabic !!

 believe for tonight's CC we are of one accord:

The Parliament is giving birth to The GOI ........ With the strong possibility of M's removal or containment........... As THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'S ARMED FORCES ........... SECURE and STABILIZE ALL in IRAQ ........ For the CBI to also give Birth to ......... Article 8 qualifications.

Now that's a PLAN !!!

KTFA CCs gave You the THE TRUE COLORS that brought us to this point in the last TWO WEEKS.

Guess what our TEAMS will give You tonight?

My Aloha to You and Yours ....... KTFA,   Frank


Sager wrote on June 23rd, 2014, 1:55 pm:

NOTE: Take this as Rumor, but posting this for Frank, Delta and Teams to study:

Finally Maliki resigns

Hassan Yassiri   Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello draw your attention that at ten o'clock this evening will deliver a present to you Mr. Nuri al-Maliki and historically important speech to the Iraqi people great.

Gentlemen, after pressure from us political opponents from the beginning of the receipt of the reins of the prime minister to these time pressures prevented the best of our ability to meet the needs of our people and, most recently sabotage of the streams of Almkhasaman politicians in 2013 (and behind God Abaub Khalsnh of the Rock), even though we judge justly nor Tstouhhoa right through to the lack of Saleckih and we gave everyone his right and when I disagree with my opponents or Athalv Othaor with them or not and will not go to the Islamic Republic, not even to Kaka Massoud.

Because I and provided electricity and REQUESTS streets and improved services and the restoration of security and safety and provided jobs and distributed pieces of land and project millionth Dar week before the election and provided you drinking water from the tap directly drink it and (thousand Afia) and after you buy (unemployment) and plants running at full production capacity greet state productivity is not a consumer and we've created a car factories, airplanes, and heartened petroleum products to neighboring countries and Ahtmina ration cards and put them oil, rice, flour, chicken, meat, paste, soap, razor, salt, lentils, chickpeas and (cucumbers and tomatoes until Tswon them Zlath) after it was Saddam buried in consists of only three materials are oil, flour and thanks struggled entry materials bombing Abu Aalida my computer.

But I succeeded Elimination of unemployment and I have succeeded in the fight against corruption and to hold thieves of public money (because everything I know and what regulates it), but I fear the political process. The successful consolidation of the sons of the country under the crucible and made one of the state media for all, not for one person flatulence and honks his many accomplishments and the things I can not mention them to you

Despite all this, it is today because of political pressures and to maintain the unity of Iraq announced the resignation of this government, led by Ana Nouri al-Maliki, the avenger of blood announced to resign so embarrassed political opponents and put them in the neck of the bottle and put them in front of the reality of the situation and to assume all of them responsibility (and claimed Antaha because heh Aavcna). But My advice to you As His experience in managing successful state very very very man that stood for the rule to Iraq in order to receive instruct and implemented strictly. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.

I am the next day: (Sorry Abaub) notes O Jaafar said the land of Iraq Khalat completely Aldoaash fact of accepting them and Vdilohm Maliki has pushed the account to them and did not pay them the premium the other fact that al-Maliki has submitted his resignation and it had annulled the contract Alinkahi between Aldaasha and deputy political and electricity Ä the continuous 24-hour and even summer become less callousness in Hamaute like spring and winter and butterflies has filled Riad Iraq from north to south, and there was no policeman on the street.


Frank26:   KTFA Family ......... Report just came in :

100% ....... Unequivocally ....... Totally ...... FALSE!

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