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Chadwick:between friday of this week and friday of next week. about  Eight days you should be in the PUBLIC EXCHANGE.......C


@THE_TNT_TEAM: Frank26 is telling you what I hinted at on the call today. Guess it's public information now. Time to get ready to party. #wearethepeople

Tony's call notes in brief - the last of Adept's transcription: Tony: I don’t think you’re going to wait until 30. June. I think a new government is going to be formally announced and you will see an RV and CGR immediately after that… (deleted text)…They put the results out today; I’m actually reading it! That’s really good news – the basic hurdle….

Franks call, live streamhttp://new.livestream.com/accounts/7854492/events/3104291

mention on the call: 
From Fox Business news a clip from Stewart Varney who specializes in Iraq is reporting that the news on the ground is grosly being misreported. He is boots on the ground, and he considers that IRAQ is the best place to invest in right now.


6-16-14 TNT TONY CC (Notes by Claude):Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventID=56627391TONY- Good afternoon, it's June 16, 2014 and we never expected to be here but you're going to find out why. We have had a tiring day already, back and forth, up and down. Info is less right and sideways, and it's still coming in. Nothing negative. I didn't have the greatest Father's Day like I expected.

T - We had a plan for this weekend. There was even a schedule for this weekend. Is there a reason for the madness we're experiencing today? Yes but it's not the end of the world. Let's let DC explain…

DC - Good afternoon. I know you're all extremely frustrated like we are. It's aggravating to be doing this call today. Bottom line is that a very last-minute agreement was reached at the very last minute to not release this to the public until the GOI is seated and going through. They wanted a smoother transition. We understand that's any minute, any day. They are announcing they have the votes and it frees up again when it becomes official and goes forward.

DC - Also, as we've said in the past there were massive protests last July and August and they released Qi Cards and it all died down. A lot of the tension will die down once it's released. There are some bad apples in there doing bad things but it's not a major problem. The country hasn't ripped apart. It's very solvable. That's what I got.

T - I'm going back to Friday and work to today with more in-depth info.

DC - Be careful! T - I want to give more details without getting us in trouble. Okay, lot of money at stake. It's Maliki's last day/week in office and things could get out of hand. Some could take money that doesn't belong to them and run. Some could be forced into those situations here at the last minute. Also, just like with our gov't when people get certain benefits and they didn't reach their goals, some believe those benefits belong to the position, not the person in that position. That becomes a sticking point right at the end. It has gone as far as some reaching out to others asking for help to protect their money. Those issues had to be worked out and a deal was put in place.

T - You should be at the bank right at this moment. But the schedule was blown apart. We are trying to solve problems in the future and we not create them. A month ago, two weeks ago, Friday we didn't think we'd have to wait for the new PM. But it's now part of the new agreement and it's not going to be weeks or months. We're getting calls from people over there telling us it's not like what we're seeing on TV here. There are some things going on but not like that. They're playing old footage. There's a purpose for that but we won't get into that.

T - We are still in a good place and things are moving along very fast. It's been one heck of a day already. We're in a good place to get things done and we haven't been affected much.

T - I will tell you that bank people, on Monday/Tuesday last week were told to go home and not come back until July 1. But on Friday night they were all called in. That's how close we were. You were supposed to have a great weekend. But we're still not that far off.


T - We are almost there. I understand frustration. But I'm cryptic because I'm saying things I think Americans would understand. But there are some countries listening to this call who don't support us and some who do. There are people who are not supposed to know what's going on. You can pick up on things I'm saying without being too out there.

T - There are reasons they let things happen. The articles coming out of Iraq, the chat room chatter, etc. all that was planned, staged, but got a little out of hand. None of this was by accident. It's not like they didn't know it was going to happen.

DC - Nobody wanted anybody hurt or killed. But they wanted the country to grow up. They had a good election that was well-executed. A lot of things are under control that are not being described on US television. T - I can again today "everything that glitters is not gold."

C - Do we have to wait until 7/1 for them to announce the new GOI? DC - They are supposed to announce the new GOI at anytime, any day. June 14 was the last day of the old gov't and they are operating with an interim gov't. We are now waiting on all the official things about who's in charge to be announced. Could be at any time.

C - Will there be an RV announcement, per se, or will it just show up? T - They didn't want it to be an announcement. They just want it to show up. You're probably just see it and then hear about it here on the boards. Anything could happen.

C - What kind of transition will there be for their new Parliament? DC - That's a real question about what Maliki will do. As much as he wants to continue as PM, that's extremely unlikely. Once election results are formally announced, they form a coalition gov't. There will be a lot of horse-trading going on. They need 170 votes so they negotiate among the blocs and make deals. We understand those deals have been made. They are waiting for the formal announcement which can happen at any time. They are being encouraged to get it done quickly - a few hours to 4 hours at most.

T - We know there are 220 votes.

DC - This is what the new guy wants and thinks he has.

T - Everybody is accepting this except Maliki. Even though his time was up on Sunday and they're in the transition period, everyone is okay with the new guy. Even the Sunni's are okay with the new guy. His reputation is he wants to unite the country regardless of religions. He's telling people he wants to bring them into the 21st century, remove guns from the streets, give people their money, etc. The minute it's formally announced the tension will dissolve quickly.

DC - There are 2 issues: fair gov't and their money. It's just going to go away once it's announced.

C - Have you heard of anybody in recent days doing exchanges?

T - Yes, some private exchanges of people buying dinar to make more money by reselling it. It's just private groups.

C - Are we still looking good for double-digits?

T - High singles but I think it will go up there, IMO. Contract rates are in that zone but we're not supposed to be talking about it.

C - You think we have a good opportunity for this week?

T - Yes, you should have been in there this morning.

C - Is this going to November?

T - No, I don't believe it will. If I have to give a back wall, it would be July 1. If the gov't is seated it will go by that time. If it does wait until the 1st it'll only be a few days afterwards for you to get to the banks. But the plan isn't for it to go that far.

C - In 2003 there was a rumor that Bush bought 5T so he could pay off the debt. Is that still feasible? T - Yes, I heard that. C - Is Obama going to pay off the debt?

T - I don't think we'll have a GCR on Tuesday and pay off the debt on Thursday, for example. It's too hard to explain.

T - There's going to be 2 sets of books. As the economy grows, as we get ours, it will slowly be put in there so it'll look like a natural process.

C - What about the IRS going away?  High hopes?

T - Right, high hopes. Who does that make sense to?

C - If it goes until June, will taxes be due July 15? How are we going to estimate it?

T - I don't know. You'll have to see what the IRS says.

C - As it stands right now, what's happening in Iraq shouldn't affect us right now?

DC - Right. The situation in Iraq should expedite it.

T - Up until Friday we were correct about that. There were still some bad apples that need to be taken care of but that's all. It's going to happen but only the timing has been changed.

C - Does the VNN have a contract rate or just a walk-in rate?

T - It has a contract rate and you have to set up an appointment.

C -When this happens is the rate going to start low and work its way up?

T - Yes, I'm referring to the int'l rate. The contract rate is different from the international rate and won't fluctuate.

C - My son saw a brochure about the global change and it mentioned July 1. T - I'm not saying it definitely will done by July 1. That is when they wanted it done. It could go there but right now I think it may be a couple more days. They old guys are out and can't take the money and run. It has to be given to them by the new regime, so nobody has an argument. Because we got to this point the situation is different.

C - I don't want this to be considered negative, but is it possible that other countries could go while we wait on Iraq?

T - No, not at all. And I'll give you a hint: some currencies in basket 1 may show up again in baskets 2 & 3. My understanding is the dinar, VNN, Rupiah and ZIM are all in the 1st basket and are not the ones I'm thinking about showing up in subsequent baskets.

C - If all this stuff going on in Iraq is nonsense, why is CL about to be on FBN telling us the business in Iraq will affect everything? T - If it WAS going to affect in a negative impact, why would she wait until the markets close to bring it up? Why would your own president be saying something if it was terribly wrong?

C - We got to the 1/2 inch line and "they" stopped it? Who is "they?"

T - We hear this all the time. We put out names on the last call. The bottom line in this country is that the buck stops with the POTUS.

C - ZAP's post listed about 15 who are now gone.

T - If they're gone how could they hold it up? The IMF, BIS are all ready to go. The World Bank is ready. We've been discussing that the US didn't want it to go because it affected our economy and 350M people. We have to let the our gov't do what our gov't does. You have no idea what kind of deals have been cut here. We keep track of it. I can't get mad at somebody when he's trying to protect our country.

C - Do you think Maliki is actually gone?

T - Yes, unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

C -Once he realizes he is done, to save his reputation do you think he will declare the RV?

DC - That's what was supposed to happen. We got REALLY close to that happening on Friday. Somebody is really good at holding this up - a really good silver-tongued devil.

C - Can the post-RV calls be recorded so those who can't get in the queue can listen afterwards?

DC -I think there is a lot of concentration on making sure this gets done and I think there are procedures here to get it done at the end. We are getting a lot of mixed signals from different folks with different agendas. We don't make any money, some want us to say other things but we can't say some things.

C - What about the market rate?

T - Whatever rate it comes in at I expect it to go up once the fund managers and people in the markets realize it's real. If you don't know how to play that game, don't. Look at Kuwait's rate. The market will push it up and then it will come down. The Kuwait rate came out originally at 3.22. It shot up over $10 then came back down.

C - There's a guru out there (BGG) saying no GCR, no basket with dong, nothing happening for years. It's very frustrating. DC - What I do know is when 13 or more banks across the US that don't know each other come out and say they're seeing XXX on the Dinar and XXXX on the Dong on their screens with different rates, then I can tell something is going on. It's in the process of revaluing.

C - I would think this would be a perfect opportunity for Maliki to get out of Dodge and leave a legacy. Now we hear Iran is getting involved. What does that have to do with anything?

DC - Good question. Iraq and Iran are neighbors and have many, many religious ties. They cross borders constantly. Iran doesn't want an unstable Iraq. Iraq wants to play well with their neighbor. Iran has been supporting bad guys in Iraq for a long time. They want Iraq to be calm and have been offering support. They are extremely involved with Iraq. Like here in the USA, we have a huge border with Mexico. And what affects one affects the other.

T - The real issue is that Mexico can stand on their side and shoot bullets into TX. So we have to be concerned. Iran has sanctions we imposed on them. Maliki did some backdoor deals with Iran to work around those sanctions. Iran took him in so he's paying them back.

C - I would think they would want to pull the trigger now before the new Parliament is seated. T - A month ago that would have been the best thing to do. At this close point in time that doesn't make sense now.

C - Did the RI really happen with Maliki or was that a smokescreen so he could get re-elected?

T - I'm going to help you out: DC tell us when the RI happened and why nobody else can see it?

DC - Okay, the RI happened on June 26. It confused everybody and a lot of horse-trading went on to get around doing it and having it rescinded. It was a pretty good move to get it cancelled by leaders around the world. One of the deals was it was rescinded so the RV could go forward. Then Maliki got greedy and it backfired on him. At this point, Maliki said he'd RV before he leaves to get credit for it. So the deals were cut so he'd get credit for it as well as some other benefits. Here at the very last minute, some extremely high-level diplomacy came in and traded with him to not pull it off now until the new GOI is seated.

T - He has a deal in place but he showed his hand too fast. So they made a new deal and told him he had to take it.

C - Are there new UST notes coming out? I have a friend who got a new $10 note yesterday. It looked like regular money with gold around the corners, etc. just came out, according to the bank.

T - The $10 bills have been out a while.

C - So it looks like our gov't is planning for July 1.

T - That's been the plan since January and today is June 16. They pretty much got what they wanted.

C - I have a question about the new GOI and Parliament. I've read that the current head of the Parliament has said the new GOI Parliament won't be seated until June 30.

T - I can tell you I don't think you will have to wait until June 30 and a new GOI is to be announced followed by the RV. It is scheduled before then, but that's the best I can say.

DC - The old GOI ended on June 14. Now they have an interim GOI to just keep the lights on. The issues are that the elections results are formally announced and candidate XYZ took this precinct and wins this seat, etc. They have very specific law and procedures to follow. The express way to accomplish this could be 90 minutes but realistically probably 4 hours. All the horse-trading that is going on occurs before that. Once it's called it's going forward.

C - When will the election results be released?

T - I'm reading them now - they came out today and that's very good news.

C - I have a question about our news coverage here? Do they think we're stupid? Not one mention about the Iraqi elections.

DC - I think it's hilarious. They keep mentioning "Prime Minister Maliki." Their sources need refreshing. It doesn't take much to get updated info.

T - You can look at the news across the nation and the newscasters are reading word-for-word the same copy. We hear from Canada all the time that we're not getting the news.

DC - They just don't do the research.

T - I got the call again this morning that's it's not as bad as it's portrayed here. We've seen more about Iraq in the past 72 hours than we've seen in the past 3 years. Why would that be? Think about it. They're saying "there's 5-6M people out there with dinar and if they see this they won't expect it for another 3-4 years." It has a purpose. We can get 40-60K in who did their homework and can get in first. That's great for us. "They" don't have to worry about the idiots who don't listen to the calls. It has a purpose.

T – Okay, guys. We wanted to come on a little late to get the right info. We wanted to explain what happened on Friday and over the weekend. There was actually a schedule of events. But here we are. Time is on our side now.

DC - I'm going to say that things are looking extremely good. We are getting some extremely conflicting info about our involvement post-RV. It may happen quickly and if we are not there it's because it was beyond our control. If it's not us, please help educate the folks. Things can change beyond our control.

T - I'm always willing to do an extra call. We don't want everybody going crazy at the spur of the moment. Let's work together to get it done. The most important thing now is "we the people." Let's do it right. END OF CALL.


[Papajack] I just wanted to drop by and let everybody know that as I was ministering prophetically to another dinarian the Holy Spirit spoke and said IT'S OVER!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!!!

 [.~KiniBop] Papajack Whoooooo Hoooooo!!!

[.gypsymama] Papajack WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

[Papajack] It has been a glorious day!!!!!!



Gatorguy:  July 1.... End of 2nd quarter, New Gov't seated.. ISX GOES LIVE

Regarding KTFA CC Monday Night:

Elmerfud123456:  Eagle1:  from Fox Business news a clip from Stewart Barney who specializes in Iraq is reporting that the news on the ground is grossly being misreported. He is boots on the ground, and he considers that IRAQ is the best place to invest in right now! Cha Ching!

[cozmo] Eagle 1 is on the phone with Frank now

 [dakotaman] Eagle1 28th or 29th June

[cozmo] frank asking Eagle 1 is we will see a seated gov by the end of June .. Eagle1 .. think it will be the 28th or 29th .. due to the ISX market opening

FlameforFreedom:  CBI can pull the trigger anytime"..... Very Interesting Call ...

Normanros:  delta just said cbi can do rv now

AngelEyes:  Frank26 says believes cbi will have something to announce important to the world

Zebragirl:  from Frank:  If they announce this parliament there's no reason for them not to announce an international rate...."

Flameof Freedom: Frank is expecting CBI has something to say to the "World" before the end of this month. ISX being discussed now.... IMF Article 8 Freedom of Movement of Capital...(Required)....

Spinnerbait:  On Frank's call. all are agreeing CBI can pull the trigger anytime...

Elmerfud123456:  CBI will make a big announcement vry soon! WoooooooooooooooooooooooooWhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Red:   Things are getting super heated Frank is saying that the announcement for the new prime minister will be any moment now, and Tony said we could expect the RV shortly after that announcement!

BabyBear1895:      http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/3625310197001




DC: Bottom line, what happened, an agreement was reached to not release to the Public until Gov't is seated & goes forward





Frank26:   KTFA Family .......... IMF Christine Lagarde was on Fox Business News today at 10:30 am est.

She said Iraq issues are going to affect USA.

Then she said she cannot talk anymore on this subject until 3 pm est today.

KTFA,  Frank



PappaJ:  2 questions FRANKIE:




Frank26:  Take notes for.. Then call me or post them.

Right now I am with the Weatherman......

KTFA, Frank
Waiting3 » June 16th, 2014, 2:28 pm  •  IMF's Lagarde: Iraq Oil Shock May Threaten U.S. Economy
By Matthew RoccoPublished June 16, 2014FOXBusiness

The ongoing turmoil in Iraq has the potential to throw a wrench into the U.S. economy, International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde said in an interview on FOX Business.

Escalating battles between Iraqi forces and an Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist group, which has taken control of several key cities, have fueled concerns over an oil shock. Brent crude oil, the international benchmark, climbed 4.2% last week.

On Monday, Brent crude was up 47 cents at $112.93 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude jumped another eight cents to $106.99 a barrel.

“When we look at big geopolitical risks of that nature, we have to look at the spill of the consequences on the U.S. economy,” Lagarde told FBN’s Liz Claman. “We believe the oil shock that could result from the current tension in Iraq in particular might affect the economy.”

For that to happen, the shock “would have to be rather deep and rather long lasting,” Lagarde added.

The interview followed the release of the IMF’s annual report on the U.S. economy. The organization slashed its forecast for 2014 economic growth to 2% from 2.8% in response to a weak first quarter. Its growth projection for 2015 remained at 3%.

“What happened is [the first quarter] was dreadful,” Lagarde commented. “Our forecast is revised downwards, but our expectations are quite high and positive for the coming months.”

In its report, the IMF said the U.S. should consider raising the minimum wage, which is currently 38% of the median salary.

“I know it’s controversial. But we also look at numbers, and we see that the United States is within the last three countries (among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development members) with a minimum wage that is less than 40% of the median wage,” Lagarde explained.

When asked about concerns among small and large businesses, Lagarde acknowledged there might be a loss of jobs “in the short term.”

“When you look at the significant increase of income that poorly paid people will have, we believe that in the long run it will be net positive for the economy and for employment as well,” she added.

The IMF is also recommending a gradual elimination of itemized deductions and other tax reforms, with Lagarde saying the tax code is too complex.

Based on its latest report, the IMF believes the U.S. economy will not return to full employment until the end of 2017, while inflation estimates remain low. As a result, the Federal Reserve could keep its policy rates near zero “for longer than the mid-2015 date currently foreseen by markets,” according to the IMF.



MoneyTalks1:  Remember Frank has said several times that as soon as the Judicial body has ratified the election results (which happened today), that there is a strong possibility that we will see the IR shortly after that. Well..will i guess we will wait... Chow for now.


aggiedad77:  I agree.....what I am surprised is that if the Court truly ratified the election results why wasn't there more media coverage of the event......still smell a pole cat in the wood pile for the time being.....ever watchful.  Randy


Moneytalks1:  I  like "pole cat". I think within the next 2-3 days, we will see some more transparency with many issues . I really believe that an IR is just on the horizon.  Almost there!!!




Sager:  Here is the interview (text)... I don't see where she talks about needing to be silent until 3pm:



@originalmarkz: oh where oh where could that pesky RV be? Still looking, Good progress though....


6-16-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   Article quote:  "Days after Iraq's second-largest city fell to Al Qaeda-inspired fighters, some Iraqis are already returning to Mosul, lured back by insurgents offering cheap gas and food, restoring power and water and removing traffic barricades."   Only days after Mosul fell, Iraqis return to find lower prices, restored services and more.  like old POPPY3 TOLD YOU THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER VERY FAST.    


6-16-14 Hub: (We need the dinar history post - motivational.) Well here we go...go to the 1955 funk and wagnels and you will see the Iraqi dinar exchange value was $2.55, at that same time, the dong was $2.20 and it kept its value until France went into the country...and we all know the dinar was $3.22 with Saddam...so now that all the unbelievable resources found in Iraq, it has to go up to the value of the country.


Frank26:  KTFA Family ......... If we have SECURITY and STABILITY then watch the OIL of IRAQ flow like ........... LAVA.

The KURDS are in control is not just a catch phrase......... It is A PLan.

 Articles are good but the KEY is we are BACK to the end of o's mistake in 2012. As if our USA Troops never left.

Article 140 is alive again. The cost for oil goes up and so does the SALE of it? Not ironic........ A Plan.

Back to the end of 2012 when o made his mistake to pull out of Iraq TOO EARLY !!! USA TROOPS .... Only ...... BACK in Iraq. A Plan !!!

IMO ........... MR (Monetary Reform)  Dominoes are falling like Giant Redwood Trees.

C U on Your CC tonight KTFA Family in 8.

Lets Pray to help .......... All we can.   KTFA, Frank

quattro1:  Frankie, Frankie ...

out of the 430+ battleships that the US owns ... isn't it ironic that a huge super-carrier (insurance policy) appears in the Persian Gulf with the name of

USS George HW Bush on it? "

Hey Frank ... does LAVA FLOW -FLOAT?

Frank26:   You are the first to notice this because I would be the Last ............ To tell You so.
Unless You were with me yesterday in the 50 + postings I made with many simply saying ................... "M.A."............ (Mission Accomplished)

One has to read my Blue Posting daily in order to pick up ........... All the clues.

C U 2night........... Aloha.    KTFA,  Frank


DonarTattoo:  FRANK!!!! Quick question!! I saw today on the news that the Iraq defense Minister released bombing video on militants.

Does this mean we have seating if ministers going on???

Thought M had control of that or perhaps a new PM has the ministers all sat. Idk could be drawing straws here what do you think of this


Frank26:  In the last 7 days I have littered KTFA with enough HINTS to suggest a new PM ......... New GOI functioning ......... Ect.

What do I think? ............ I think You are catching up.

KTFA,   Frank


quattro1 » June 16th, 2014,   Ah Frank ... I read every post you did yesterday with great interest ... and family, I highly suggest that you do the same if you missed out on the absolutely HUGE good news that poured out of Iraq yesterday ...

News that you won't find looking at your TV set by watching the "Drive-By-Media."

Frank -- your Newshounds are absolutely the very best on the net! (I was merely trying to point out the obvious that there is incredibly good/encouraging news coming out of Iraq ... "IF" ... you watch with the understanding Frank's "Lava Flow" analogy/parable).

IMO -- the USS George HW Bush supercarrier is evidence of "floating lava flow!!!"

Hats off to you and your Newshounds sir! God is certainly guiding your steps!



DesertDawgWA: Tonight tonight tonight. Let's talk about rates!!!!

VNN Dong
International Rate.........$ .78
Market Rate.................$2.13
Contract Rate...............$4.06



JAJRUTH : OK...I'm gonna hit it, Gang!  There was just some slight movement on the IDR and the VND on the German site, although nothing on the Aussie site yet.  But, the fact that there's movement at all on the others.


6-16-14  Newshound Guru Tlar      So by Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday we should see the process again moving along only IMO it will move quickly because all the main players have already been chosen and agreed to.  So potentially up to Friday next week everything will continue to look confusing especially if you are reading the US media.  Everything will become much more clear by next Friday or before. The crux of the hold up is the election results not having been ratified yet.    [post 2 of 2]

6-16-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar   The process to change the country has begun.  Maliki tried to get the federal court to grant him the state of emergency and they declined. So he just declared it all by himself. Everyone is ignoring his self proclaimed state of emergency. The parliament is the only organization that has the power to grant a state of emergence and rather than do that they called for the government to resign.   ...the election results will be released in the next two to three days. The election committee had reported that the numbers floating around a week ago will not change much.  Once the election results are ratified the new parliament will meet and get down to the business of changing the government which is now operating under a caretaker government. 


This post from Eagle1 is in response to an earlier post that  was stated as being from him - Please accept our apologies Eagle1  and thank you for  alerting us to the fact and giving us a way to know for sure in the future.

  Greetings, Everyone!

 I’m sorry to report that someone has spoofed a post purporting to come from Eagle1.  I’ve tried to make it clear in the past that any post that I share publicly first goes to KTFA.

If you don’t see my post on KTFA, there is a high probability that it didn’t come from me.
There have been a couple of occasions during the past few years when I’ve sent out some private posts to a very small group with specific instructions that the information was not for public dissemination due to the confidentiality of my sources, and someone has violated the confidence.

None of the information in this alleged Eagle1 post came from me, nor is it anything I’ve shared privately with anyone.

 As a result I’ve been far more cautious in sending out updates on any intel I receive and have chosen not to report anything that I can’t support from multiple trusted sources.

The phony information put out in the fake post alleging to come from me is not something I would have put out.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are very near the end of this ride, but it serves no purpose for the Dinar investment community to broadcast false or misleading reports just to spread some “hopium.” 

For those of you who caught this post as a misrepresentation and forwarded it on to me, thank you very much.

I appreciate the confidence extended toward me and want to maintain the integrity of any information shared.

 Blessings on you.  Eagle1