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Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- The new government is going to take its responsibilities by the mid of this month means before 15th of June. The priority of Noor Al Maliki administration is to increase the value of Iraqi dinar in the international market. Now it is time to play as the ground is ready and the stage is set for them. Just few political issues are behind the scene that is major obstacle for government and central bank of Iraq to take action.
IMF and World Bank are also waiting for the formation of new government so that they may finalize the rates of Iraqi dinar against US dollar
Our sources say that they already have given the rates to the IMF, the lower and higher for the completion of revaluation of Iraqi dinar
The final discussion is left for the implementation of revaluation of Iraqi dinar. Soon the people will find themselves in the unbelievable situation when they will be millionaire in the very short time period.
 A member of finance committee of Iraq told us that revaluation of Iraq dinar will be occur in the next couple of days as the new government formed after fulfilling the legal procedure.


15th June 2014 the final decision will be taken. The parliament will vote for prime minister of Iraq in this session. The selection of prime minister of Iraq will make it possible for central bank of Iraq to take final attempt. That’s why June is considered as one of the most important month for Revaluation of Iraqi Dinar. The experts believe it can happen any time before July 15, 2014.

The authentic source tells that World Bank and IMF have completed their preparations to determine the rates. It can be $1.5 or $3 as most of the people believe. Central bank of Iraq is looking toward new government and the new prime minister to get some instructions to finalize the things. We World Bank and IMF cannot take step without final discussion with governor of central bank of Iraq and the prime minister of Iraq. The decisions will be finalized one World Bank and IMF meet with the central bank of Iraq and the Prime Minister of Iraq. The political instability is the major issue for new government because Kurdistan wants separation from Iraq.


White Hats Q & A With Comments Fact Check #122 June 1 - June 6  Part 1 
(Recaps Note: No Comment / Text  has been edited or manipulated or taken out of context  - present or prior posts)

chris g. says:
       June 1, 2014 at 7:47 am  Hello. And thanks again. Will the trn be announced before, after or simaltaniously with the rv?

 whitehatauxiliaries says:              June 1, 2014 at 10:38 am Hello, We have not been given a precise timing, but we do know that the revaluations are to coincide with release of the TRN’s in the USA. The TRN’s have been printed and awaiting usage for quite some time now.  Thank you.

Kellygreen says:                 June 1, 2014 at 11:09 am  Thank you Mygirl

Very good background. How does cottrell relate what has his role been ? Does mark z have a site ?

You may not be able to give I understand on this site. Just wondering if he disperses on his own site as well. He always sounds credible when its on recaps Thanks

XCE says:               June 1, 2014 at 9:30 pm  WHA,  I feel the TRN are an interesting topic, and wasn’t sure they even existed. As you say, they coincide with the RV, and even the CMKX relese, according to Al Hodges. Many are skeptical that the TRN even exist, since there is basically no publicly available credible information on it that is widespread.

Is this something that was told to you by your contact, that they were already printed? It is hard to believe that such a secret was kept, a brand new currency, and it is all of a sudden going to just be sprung on the American public: by the way, we are moving to a brand new currency.

 If your contact said they are already printed, I guess that is that. Any more info on this? Thank you

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 1, 2014 at 9:52 pmYou pretty much covered it.From our contact’s lips to our ears: Printed and ready. As to when and how, we have to wait and see. No more information is available.

chris g. says:       June 2, 2014 at 5:00 am I think it was last year but it was on the news. Some new $100 bills were printed then they disappeared and were never mentioned again. I belive these were trn’s. Imo

LP says:                 June 2, 2014 at 10:03 am  I went to Chase Bank a few weeks back and asked for cash I was receiving to be paid in hundred dollar TRNs and was readily given them.

Occasnl Trvlr says:           June 2, 2014 at 2:27 pm Frankly, I doubt this. No TRNs have been monetized since, I think, the 1950′s. You may have asked, but I would bet one whole doughnut that what you received is FRNs.

Occasnl Trvlr says:           June 4, 2014 at 12:33 pm  “…has ‘Federal Reserve Note’ stamped on it.” Somehow, that must have been concealed from you. I will enjoy the doughnut!

chris g. says:       June 2, 2014 at 10:31 am   Matter of fact october 2012 was when they disappeared

JD says:    June 2, 2014 at 1:42 pm  People are confused I think …. there is a new 100 bil that is in use now… see them all the time… at the time they came out it was rumored, falsely, it would be the new TRN… we all know now its just a new 100 fed note

LP says:                   June 4, 2014 at 12:26 am  Occasional Traveler:   One iphone photo is worth… I just emailed a photo of ONE OF MINE to WHA. I can’t figure out how to upload it here. Maybe Tony can do that. Again, from Chase Bank. Like I said, they are in circulation now.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 4, 2014 at 11:43 am  Hello,  I received your photo and replied to your e-mail.  That is not a TRN, unfortunately. It’s simply the latest series of FRN’s, in this case a 100 note, with the latest counterfeit preventions on it. It is not redeemable in gold or silver and has “Federal Reserve Note” stamped on it.

If you ask any teller to be paid in TRN’s they will default to the only notes they have, the FRN since I doubt they would make a distinction in their minds between the two at this time. To them, hey, the treasury is where the money is.

Thanks for keeping a lookout. I am sure the TRN’s will receive quite a lot of news when they are released.

Terry601 says:   June 3, 2014 at 1:18 am  Happy Anniversary WHA  FACT CHECK#1

Posted on June 3, 2013 • 4 Comments  RV/PP NEWS










whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 3, 2014 at 11:06 am Oh my, it’s been a year since we embarked on this journey. Time flies.  And at that time I could not imagine how such false information could be so easily spread and be so widely accepted. Then, the concept of sensationalism and the use it has in attracting Internet traffic finally hit me. Throw in some Adwords and the reasons are clear.

 The net result is the creation of a huge ball of confusion and the cheapening of something that deserves better consideration than being relegated to a sideshow freak.

All the information in that June 3rd poppycock could have been checked before publishing. But, to have done so would have negated the need for the issuing of it. Thus, no sensationalism, thus no traffic, then QED, no revenue.

Thank you, and I hope to have 2014 finish as expected. One way or another, we will know yes or no quite soon.

alwaysme says: June 3, 2014 at 5:03 pm Hear, hear! Happy anniversary WHA!

Throughout my years in this investment, I’ve sought to align myself with those offering honest, sound advice without ulterior or ambiguous motives… wise counsel, I guess. As most of us know, such has been hard to come by in the land of dinar gurus.  Thanks so much for answering that call!

Your relentless pursuit of truth and your unselfish quest to share with those who seek it is appreciated beyond any words I could conjure. I have no doubt your grandkids will be proud and mine will be grateful.  I feel privileged and honored to be part of this White Hat Auxiliary. Always.

PS: We’re not too familiar with Arizona, but my family is from New Mexico, the Roswell area (lots of great memories from Sumner Lake and Ruidosa). We’d love an excuse to head out west, so please mark us down for any cleansing celebration!

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 3, 2014 at 6:19 pm  Hello,  Thank you!

One year, and we have changed a lot of attitudes, for sure! We owe this to the White Hats and their colleagues. They didn’t have to give me or any of us the time of day. Instead, we have direct access, and the information cannot get any better.

We took that benefit and formed it into a medium (this blog) that could be shared with all of you. It was really that simple. I could have simply kept the private relationship private to myself. But, what good is that to those who were swimming in a guru-fide ocean of market research intel? Not much. That would only benefit the Internet marketers, and would make me a de facto accomplice to such things.

Well, I won’t go to bed with that on my conscience.

I am sure the White Hats appreciate your support and participation

As for a celebration, honestly, WHA has no official plans to organize such, but perhaps we can have a meet and greet at a fine eatery, just off the cuff. Nothing fancy.

I will be attending the official WH celebration, which I am sure will see a lot of happy faces knocking back some well deserved libations after years of some of the hardest work known to man. After that it’s off to the SPA to recoup some health and then we can consider the meet-up.   Thanks again!

Andrew says:     June 3, 2014 at 5:26 am G’Day Tony, I reckon you have a nice little fan base in Oz and if you ever decided to visit you’d have many wanting to go walkabout with you. Hope you’re keeping well.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 3, 2014 at 10:47 am  G’day!  I love Australia and her people. My visit there was far too short. I would love to go walkabout again, and gaze up at the amazing night time skies that are ablaze with all the stars of the Milky Way. Like the song says, when you see the Southern Cross for the first time, you understand now why you came this way.  Hooroo mate!

Seg says:             June 3, 2014 at 2:33 pm  WHA,  You hearing anything at all?

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 3, 2014 at 4:24 pm  Hello,

My position requires that I actually have to call our contact to get information. We really don’t “hear it” as if we are feeling out rumors or chatter in the background.

At present, we have been briefed as much as possible. To continue to update you all would be horribly repetitive.

On a personal level, my overall impression is that all the pieces are assembled, the basic framework is worked out, and the methods and procedures are understood and agreed to.

Why has it not played out in total? My opinion: There is no single reason in terms of tactics (lots of work in many countries). Strategically, the old holdouts from Bretton Woods 1 don’t want to go quietly.

Imagine the consensus one would have to have to get 200 countries moving at once on a plan that all have to agree to. That’s staggering to comprehend. It’s been in the planning for quite some time.

Again, I was told 2014 is when it’s planned to wrap up. If we are told otherwise, I will inform all of you the minute I am told such. Thank you.

kevin says:          June 3, 2014 at 8:55 pm  Hi. If I know someone in Vietnam, would it be wise to go ahead and send them my Dong to deposit in their banks? Would it automatically revalue in their banks and then they could withdraw it for me at the revalue rate in the new TRN? Thanks

Occasnl Trvlr says:           June 4, 2014 at 12:54 pm kevin, please consider the following points:

First, “Would it automatically revalue in their banks and…”. Think about it. Twenty-five thousand dong before the GCR will be worth…(wait for it)…25,000 dong after the GCR. So, the literal answer to that part of the question is “no”, because no currency will be revalued against itself.

Second, for currencies that would undergo significant revaluations relative to the world’s reserve currency, there is reasonable likelihood that the existing currency would be demonetized, and a new currency introduced. Having the dong in your physical possession (I SO wanted to say “in-hand”) may mean you end up with nothing, whereas having it in Vietnam may mean you would get something for it.

Third (this one’s a biggie), if the revaluation occurs as so many hope, and the dong is reset much higher against the USD, do you think the Vietnamese bank would have the new US notes on hand, or would open a US currency account for you at the new rate? Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t, or even couldn’t. Somehow, that exchange still has to occur.

Fourth, no one can predict capital controls. It is likely that you’d have a tough time getting your new-found wealth out of Vietnam, and/or getting it into your home country without high taxation or even outright confiscation.    However, if you were thinking of moving to Vietnam…

kevin says:          June 6, 2014 at 10:11 am   Thank you for your response. I guess my next question would be what is my best plan of action once the reset happens? I’m on the West Coast, I purchased some Dinar and VND on EBay so I don’t have a registered dealer to exchange with.

 To my understanding banks don’t handle the Dinar and VND. So where exactly should I go to exchange these currencies once the reset happens? Should I drive to Reno to exchange the Dinar? How about the VND? Will banks start accepting these currencies after the reset? Thanks in advance for your response. God bless!

Texian says:        June 4, 2014 at 8:10 am Feeling stressed that White Hats and others will not be able to bring down cabal in time for United States. Bad signs everywhere.

Bergdahl treason, seems high rank military can’t or won’t do anything to save us, illegals pouring over southern borders, illegal convicted criminals turned loose…how much more can we take?

We feel particularly vulnerable about 150 miles from border. Today an article says Holder reviving ‘Domestic Terrorism Panel’ from Janet Reno days of America’s destruction.

Holder claims it’s because of anti-government animus. So now they’ll just round up government critics and move into FEMA camps to be destroyed? Or destroy on spot with swat teams in their new tanks?

Hello???? Elections don’t seem to matter. Absentee paper ballots aren’t counted and machines are rigged. And DAVID’s hero Bill Gates doesn’t seem to care about THIS country either.

 He & Buffet have been in lock step with Obama and his handlers.http://thehill.com/regulation/administration/208090-holder-revives-domestic-terror-panel

Anyone know if sweeping arrests of 30 in Venice, Italy for corruption and money laundering are related to cabal issues?

LP says:                 June 4, 2014 at 12:34 pm  Occasional traveler:   Okay, Tony just inspected the photo of a 100 dollar bill I emailed and pointed out that it’s a newly issued Federal Reserve note, NOT a new TRN.

 I am retracting my claim that my bank issued me NEW TRNs. Mine has a blue line across bill down the right side. Magnetic code? Don’t know.  Apologies for passing along the misinformation I received from Chase Bank.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 4, 2014 at 12:43 pm Hello,  Not a problem at all. When the TRN’s start circulating, we will allow you the honor of posting the first picture of one at WHA. This will absolve you fully in the eyes of TRN watchers everywhere.

pacmann says:  June 4, 2014 at 2:12 pm  found this..Anyone you know?  WhiteHat Update  

Posted on June 4, 2014 by Freewill 1 Comment  Sent: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 5:56:37 AM

Subject: WhiteHat Update

Our Earth allies are now busily completing the numerous tasks that are required of them. These necessary projects are part of a larger picture. The dark cabal realizes that its current positions of power are quite fragile. A number of conditions are threatening to redirect vital economic realities.

These economic and political conditions kept the dark in a position of dominance for the last thirteen millennia. The time for your freedom and prosperity rapidly approaches.

The present time is really the final standoff between the dark ones and their minions, and the many forces of the White Hats. The White hate are winning this struggle as the dark’s resources are swiftly dwindling.

This forces them to apply guile in an attempt to ensure that their power remains untarnished, but their “normal” methods are failing. The key to this is simply the fact that the world’s economies no longer wish to be dominated by fiat money stemming mostly from the fiat reserves of the U.S Federal Reserve Bank.

This rising insurrection is leading to the bankruptcy of Western banking and the rise of a precious metal backed reset of the world’s currencies. This is also paving the way for the death of old “special interest” governance and the onset of new global realities.

This reset is accelerating and is applying pressure to force the dark’s minions from power. The White hat are also opening up networks for common law justice and for the arrest and conviction of a number of prominent dark government and banking participants.

These various events are only the start of programs to liberate you from your present condition of debt bondage. You are wrapped in debt from your birth and serve the dark merely as collateral for their immense wealth. They spend imprudently and further maintain this system by careful use of war, hatred and divisions proclaimed by their bought politicians and bribed general military staffs.

This corrupt system is to be stopped, transformed and reduced to a point where they are truly your servants. This “whittling-down” is taking precious time. Nonetheless, the dark, like the ancient Hydra, possesses many heads. New ones pop up when it is thought there are none left.

The secret sacred societies and the enlightened ancient families created a means to truly decapitate these endless “heads” from its vile body! Thus, the final preparations to manifest a new reality continue to move forward. Our liaisons report that the dark’s institutions are in reality a fragile house of cards.

It is this one truth, which explains why the end of this game is finally at hand. The dark is now scurrying to find the last of the resources needed to keep these shenanigans up.

Their global expeditions are failing. Meanwhile we have procured a series of agreements, which promise to end the dreadful tactics of the dark’s last minions. These processes are currently in force.

Programs are underway to complete, as swiftly as provided, steps that permit us to release, under the administration of the items intended to achieve peace, prosperity and new governance.

 We are being told that special parts of the military are fully cooperating with us. These, along with a number of legal elements, can restore common law as well as constitutional legalities for the new governance. The instrument for this initially is called NESARA!

At present, our associates are finishing a set of operations which are designed to force out the dark’s minions and prepare the way for victory. . The dark is reaching a point where it needs to surrender and ask for divine mercyNow the tables are to be turned.

We do not wish to deny them blessings, nor do we desire to let their malevolence continue. Instead they are to be isolated until measures can be taken to prevent any further trickery from succeeding.

The time has come to bring in a new reality, and with it a new freedom for all. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

We deliver unto you divine blessings and a decree that the grand jubilee commences! Long ago, when Lemuria was above the waves, humanity was conscious, free and a steward to all on this world.

A great firmament was in the Heavens. The land was prosperous in all things. Tales of this were famous. Indeed, such tales still permeate the campfires of much of Polynesia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

These tales tell of the time before the rise of darkness in this realm, and it is time to return to that reality. It is time to renew the Earth, her ecosystems and even yourselves.

 Our service is to guide, to heal and to bless humanity. It is also a time to teach and update you. It is time to take you away from the falseness of the dark so you can learn in depth the truths of the Light!

The Spirit of the Light descends in Glory upon the Earth. This Light cleanses you from the hold of the dark and brings you into contact with the wonderment that is in each of you. We have an army filled with Light that resides in each of us. We have the ability to take this army and use it to cast out the dark.

Use this, dear Ones, to bring this much-deserved realm into reality. Envision in your heart what you truly desire to change. Empower it and give it in Love and Joy to Heaven! Let this mighty energy forge it and quickly give it life. Bring this vision forth daily. Let its joys and energies manifest.

 Realize the power within you. Flow within this energy and give it in full willingness to Heaven. Each day, this vision becomes even more powerful. It is in this light that your collective energies can bolster what we do.

Victory is assured. Let us together bring it in and manifest it. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our message. We rejoice in what is happening. ,Dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It!


White Hats Q & A With Comments Fact Check #122 June 1 - June 6  Part 2

whitehatauxiliaries says:
               June 4, 2014 at 2:23 pm  This is not an official White Hat update, nor are they referring to the group known as the White Hats.

I do believe they are referring to the “good guys” within the meaning of the generic term of a “white hat”.  People also like to use that term since it carries some significant credibility.  Thank you.

Andrew says:     June 7, 2014 at 8:29 am  pacmann that is Sheldan Nidle, who is a channel for the Sirians (one of the benevolent ET races). I am not vouching for this information just commenting on its origin.

pacmann says:  June 4, 2014 at 2:27 pm With all this stuff being posted how can we tell if honest intel or not? URGENT. USA Treasury causing problems – pass message

Posted by Ramin Yavrom on June 4, 2014 at 3:46pm

Urgent info:—Anonymous wrote: the UST is on lockdown…The rates did go live in Central and South America as of 7:15 am México time.
  This was also noticed in the Caribbean, as always all parties involved only wait for the northern part of the Americas to finish the loop that is necessary to finally launch the GCR and the revaluations of all currencies.

As of the late Pacific pm hours, the UST sent out messages stopping again all go procedures to all participants involved in this process, he who is giving out such orders in the UST has stopped this process for the longest time now with no valuable reasons as to why.

Let’s make this message roam around so that he may desist in compromising the future of all mankind.Posted by FORO DINAR GURUS at 11:27 AM No comments:—————–

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 4, 2014 at 2:47 pm Honest, or not, the outcome is what people want to see.  Remember, as we get closer to that day, all “sources” will be transmuted into the realm of “correct” at the event horizon, just before the full display of it all. How ironic that at that moment most should not even care, but should be busy effecting their exchanges, etc.

Nature is not without its sense of humor and clever twists and turns.

I think I will market a bumper sticker that reads: “MY GURU WAS RIGHT”. It should sell to everyone, because everyone will make that claim. Talk about a product that would sell itself.

tumbleweed says:           June 4, 2014 at 6:02 pm I don’t care who you are, that’s some funny ****…booking you ad space on Recaps now (small cut, please)…don’t forget about the great margin on t-shirts……BRILLIANT!!!

In all seriousness, thank you for all your efforts and the invaluable education, looking forward to FC “easy as 1-2-3″ (I hope).

Occasnl Trvlr says:           June 5, 2014 at 2:50 am If one cannot discern when they are wading knee-deep in bullpoop, they will spend their lives remaining mired in it.

HIW says:            June 4, 2014 at 5:22 pm  I was playing around the internet today and found this contract for the private dinar exchange that Mark Meersman (PIF) and Dave Schmidt advertised together.

This is THE contract they are “supposedly” using. It is the internet, so it MAY not be the correct one, but there was alot of back and forth in the comments section by the moderator and Mark that led me to believe this is the contract. Presumedly, the dong exchange they are marketing would use the same contract.

I must say that some of the clauses are concerning. Pay particular attention to the verbage under section 8 Homeland Security. Sentence 2 is highly suspect and could literally mean you couldn’t use the money for anything the way it is written.

 Additionally, as someone who uses contracts daily, this is somewhat unprofessionally put together. The multiple spelling errors alone are concerning.

These gentleman may or may not be working with the UST, but anyone who is considering working with them should be careful about signing a contract like this.

This is just an FYI, as I know a lot of people have asked about Dave Schmidt’s dong exchange and WHA’s contact said it seemed suspect. The other thing that concerns me is that it seems, based on OWON, that the US Treasury is basically cabal controlled. I’m not sure that making a deal with them is the wisest choice.  Tread lightly.


whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 4, 2014 at 5:51 pm  Thank you.  A very interesting find.   Correct. Our contact told us that such an arrangement is “highly questionable”.   We will see just where all this plays out in the end.

Terry601 says:   June 4, 2014 at 6:07 pm The Dong deal does not have a signed contract. You keep your currency, go to a specified bank in your area and exchange. There is No obligation to exchange. If you want to participate you can, if you choose not to you can simply walk away. The Dinar private deal requires a contract.

HIW says:            June 4, 2014 at 6:25 pm  Terry601,  There will be a contract. They have stated that it will be forthcoming once it is a done deal

Terry601 says:   June 4, 2014 at 7:08 pm I have not heard about a contract for the Dong. You can walk away if you choose. Not an issue.

HIW says:            June 4, 2014 at 7:33 pm  Terry,  You get a higher rate because you sign a contract. Just because you take your dong to the bank yourself doesn’t mean there is no contract. They, in fact, specified themselves that it may only be with certain banks and that there will be a contract when it is finalized. They aren’t going to give you 3x the dough just because you gave them an email address.

However, you are correct, until you sign a contract, you can walk away. But, if you sign a contract and exchange, you would be bound by these terms. I’m assuming this is a UST contract, if they are doing the dinar with the UST, so it would be the same.They may be great guys, but this contract is very restrictive.

Use caution and if you are not versed in what can happen with contracts, get professional advice.

Terry601 says:   June 4, 2014 at 8:19 pm  HIW,  Maybe you listened to some shows that I haven’t listened to. The procedures haven’t come out yet and they are supposed to be released at the time of the exchange. Maybe you can point me in the direction of your info because I haven’t heard Dave or PIF say what you are saying. I even called Dave’s show and asked for specifics and he did not have any.

Terry601 says:   June 6, 2014 at 11:01 pm  Sorry HIW,  I just received an email stating that the Dong private exchange would require the same paperwork as the Dinar private exchange.   Do you have the power ball numbers for Saturday?

HIW says:            June 7, 2014 at 10:03 am As I said before use caution.

1) You have a contract that doesn’t specify the exchange facilitator, even though it is an important part of the contract.

2) You have no rate specified. Would you sign a contract to buy a house or car without knowing what you are paying for them? Hopefully not. He could exchange for $1 and give you $.01. He’s bound by nothing under this contract.

3) You are giving an attorney-in-fact to a man you don’t even know to represent you on your behalf. That’s just insane.

4) And then the Homeland Security clause is so poorly written and ambiguous. Line 2 essentially states you can’t use the money for anything. If you try they can take it all.

“Participant will not use the funds received from the exchange in any criminal, seditious or other activity of any type or nature whatsoever. Participant further acknowledges that in the event of the breach of this Agreement or in particular this paragraph, Homeland Security may undertake action to freeze or take back any funds derived from the exchange.”

“or other activity of ANY type or nature whatsoever” PLEASE READ THIS THREE OR FOUR TIMES!     I would run from this contract.

john s. says:       June 5, 2014 at 12:12 pm  worst thing about the contract(actually the info sheet which is with the contract) for me is the info sharing with confidential info – passport number – shared with people i don’t know.

Herbert says:      June 5, 2014 at 9:12 am Hello Tony  Hope this finds you well, I have a quick question have read are heard of J. C Collins and what is your thoughts on him if you have. God Bless


whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 5, 2014 at 10:33 am  Hello,  Yes, I read his blog. He is very good.  He is a brilliant economic analyst, along with other top analysts like Jim Willie, Peter Schiff and Doug Casey. I did comment earlier in this thread about his recent critical remarks about the format of the coming revaluations.

 Our contact reads him as well and appreciates his economic analysis, yet points out that his opinions are from the viewpoint of an analyst and not a hands on operative helping to restructure the system that the economists were trained to analyze. Trained by the textbooks written by those who owned the old system.  Thank you!

Terrence R says:               June 6, 2014 at 11:18 am  Hello, WHA. I recall a few months ago, I believe that you had stated that when this does go down, it will be on a weekend. Do you think that will be the case? If so, that will give us time to prepare to go to the banks.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 6, 2014 at 1:05 pm  Hello,  Yes, we were told that it would most likely go down over a weekend or very early in the week. I have no reason to question that information at this time. If we are informed otherwise, I will let you all know.  Thank you!

Gazza says:         June 6, 2014 at 6:10 am Is Dave still on the air then? I’ve been too busy wallpapering my humble abode with dinars to listen in.

I’m fully convinced now from owon, others and my own research that the dinars will pretty much come to nothing or a penny or so. Still a good investment at a penny if you get lucky but nothing like the fortunes the love, light and peace crowd are chanting about.

Another problem is where are you gonna unload untradable paper quickly before the window closes?

Other similar investments may do well. Bitcoins may be just as good or better when the storm hits.

I cant listen to Dave anymore as at first it was funny to hear the sheep hoping on “it could be this week” but now my concious has hit and its just too sad to listen to now.

Keep smoking the dongs y’all! Here’s still hoping for 2014. I would offload yoyr dinars now, though, on Feebay or wherever.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 6, 2014 at 12:54 pm  You would be surprised how defective a star Dave has hitched his wagon to.  Given the relative cost of the dinar, it’s better to hold.

We are still looking at 1.00 to 3.50 there. Don’t ask me how, but those numbers were not given to us just for the sake of posing. Remember, to act quickly.

The numbers many not sustain those rates for long. We cannot know at this time, so best to head the words of those that occupy the high towers.  Thank you.

Dave Kirby says:               June 6, 2014 at 1:46 pm  When you say “act quickly” what do you mean? Within hours, days, or what? Do I have to have a bag packed and by the door every night?

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 6, 2014 at 2:24 pm  Hello,  The moment you hear of a verified revalue, and see the rates have changed, simply gather your currency and proceed to the nearest point for exchange and do so. You do not have to drive like a banshee or run, or panic. Just proceed to exchange, and do so.

The point that we were told in all this is to not sit on it and hope for a better rate in the next few months, etc. Just act right then and there and take your exchange proceeds. This is what we were told is the smart play.

In the end, everyone can do as they feel is best, but the advice from the top is to not wait.

If you have to travel to exchange, then simply do so in a safe and orderly manner. Don’t rush and kill yourself for financial gain.  Thank you.

Ben says:             June 6, 2014 at 1:52 pm  Hi,  Again, I am fairly new to this site. Maybe you mentionned that before or can direct me to a previous report, but here is my question … The Elite, Cabal, Banksters that have been pretty much controling the world (or at the minimum the West) being so powerfull, who are these people that are trying to bring them down ? Where do they come from ?

 Where do they get their power from ? I do not want names, but are they mostly Asian ? Aren’t they afraid of the US/Europe military ? I am trying to understand and make sense of all this. Thanks again. Ben

whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 6, 2014 at 2:46 pm  Hello,  As much as I wish I could give you those answers, I cannot. I am sure the answers exist, but I am not qualified to give them.

My general opinion on these questions would be that the people who are replacing the current systems are more sovereign governments that have agreed on Basel III as opposed to a family bloodline that acts like a Mafioso.

Chinese dynastic wealth is going to play a part, but the precise details of how and the processes involved are not public and never will be, most likely.

The US Military is aware of all of this, but they are simply watching. They are not tasked to make domestic policy, so I do not think anyone should fear them unless shooting at them on a battlefield.

Thank you, and welcome to the site.

XCE says:             June 6, 2014 at 3:06 pm  WHA,  OWON says “The RV is doubtful.” It the header of its latest article, it says “post RV.” What’s your opinion on this confliction?

whitehatauxiliaries says:  June 6, 2014 at 3:23 pm  Read the entire post, not just the first sentence.  When taken as a whole, I take it to mean that we are not there just yet, as put forth by many guru’s who espouse the “tomorrow we will be at the bank” routine to keep up the blog traffic. Thank you.

big nick says:     June 6, 2014 at 4:45 pm  Have you heard anything new today Whitehatauxiliaries?
whitehatauxiliaries says:               June 6, 2014 at 5:39 pm  Hello,  We have recently communicated with our contact and were told to simply remain quiet at this time.There is nothing to update you on, which is not to say there is nothing going on or that things are mired in hopelessness.

As we mentioned in FC 122, we will post anything important from this point forward. Until then, remember FC 115 and stay alert.


6-14-14 Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone. I come to you today to give you an update on the latest attacks in Iraq and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Today is June 14th and I feel like we are sweeping up the floor in the aftermath of a hurricane….lol…..

Remember in recent past new letters I have stated that this week would be a deciding week for the democracy of Iraq. I also said that quite possibly the Maliki government would try some kind of last minute antics to try to derail the elections process and seat himself again for a 3rd term.

I had been proven right once again in my intel and what we witnessed this past week was absolutely amazing drama. It was a planned plot by Maliki, a revolution masked as a terrorist attack. This plot was also part of a coercive strategy on Maliki’s part to try to force  parliament into granting him these special national emergency powers.

The plot did not work. If he was granted these powers he surely would have derailed the election process and legally made himself self-proclaimed dictator of Iraq.

As you may know this past week militants in Iraq gained control to regulate the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant "Daash", the center of Mosul, Nineveh province (the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad) and a number of districts and areas in the provinces of Salahuddin, Kirkuk. They were able to do this with the aid of Maliki.

As the militants entered the town of Mosul, has the Iraq army stood their positions (militants out numbered 40:1) this entire situation would not have evolved. Instead Maliki ordered his defensive forces to retreat leaving behind their weapons and military equipment. They did this in order to intentionally provide the oncoming militants with weapons and ammunition to continue the fight and progress into Kirkuk. Once they reached this area they were stopped and are not being rounded up. The situation is now under control and I am told is winding down. Over 1,000 militants are dead and another expected 500-800 captured or wounded. Some have escaped into Syria.

There are many who look at this as Maliki reprisals against not being allowed to had a 3rd term as prime minister. I believe, as does many politicians in Iraq, believe we just witnessed this devious plot my Iraq’s own prime minister to take total control over his country. We see a definite pattern too with the attempt to seize the richest oil well in Iraq, that of Kirkuk.

Yesterday I watched a news brief on CNN on this topic. I could hardly believe the slant of the news from the Iraq ambassador to the USA.  He would not address the real issues of the situation as the direct questions were asked. He just kept emphasizing that Iraq was now a working  democracy and there was no need to change the current prime minister. he also said it was not the prime minister causing the current situation. We all know the truth don’t we? So can you now see the outright lies being told.

So if you put the pieces together you can get the entire picture of this latest drama of Maliki and his goons generating yet more chaos and fear in Iraq. This is not new to Iraq since over these last 4 years he has demonstrated an ability to stall legislation and aggrevate civil protests as well as holding back the currency revaluation. This is why this current prime minister must not be allowed yet another 4 year term.

This is why the international courts must intervene and hold this man accountable for his actions and his crimes against humanity. This is why too Iraq judiciary must also prosecute this man for the crimes in the many files on corruption they have on him and his State of Law coalition. President Obama of the USA also in a news brief on this topic stated(I am not quoting)  that Iraq will get only limited assistance from the USA on these matters but it must live up to its part of the Security of Forces Agreement  (SFA). He was referring to the national defense and security forces of Iraq and how they are being used as political pawns rather than in defense and security of the nation of Iraq (their intended purpose). He was referring to the past actions of the prime minister Nori Al- Maliki. If you read between the lines you can hear the non-supportive tone of his voice for this current government run by the State of Law coalition. I believe we are about to see a change.

It is time for a house cleaning!

The good news is this  week’s ride is over and the mandate of the Maliki government has expired. Who will be the next prime minister and what is the line up for the other key members of the government? I can now tell you only what I know.

Today’s NewsThere has been no announcements yet in Iraq on the new government. Even the Iraqi citizen awaits the news.

Today is June 14th and it seems the election process is moving forward once again.

Today the  House Speaker Osama Nujaifi  announced the end of the current parliament and his presidency of the Council of Representatives.  He also added, all immunity has been lifted on all members of Parliament and the government as of today.

It was announced today that the new parliament will open it’s first official session on June 30. First on the agenda will be to open the corruption files and begin investigations. Next make recommendations to the judiciary to take action on these files if deemed necessary.

So when do we get the announcement of the final election results?

The election commission announced on May 19th, the results of the parliamentary elections. In this announcement the coalition of state law received  95 seats, and  Menus Bra second place with 32 seats and then a Citizen’s Coalition 29 seats and the United coalition with 23 seats, the National Coalition led by Iyad Allawi, in fifth place with 21 seats, while sixth place Kurdistan Democratic Party 19 seats shared with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) center with 19 seats also.

However the “final” election results are not the preliminary results instead the final results will be the product of all the negotiating and bargaining that goes on between the preliminary result announcement and the deadline to make the final announcement by the judiciary.

A product of this process was the National party and the Citizens alliance forming a strong united bloc along with other parties joining combining seats. The theme of this new bloc was to eliminate Maliki, the Dawa party and the State of Law. This new coalition will be the new government and now has gained the majority seats in parliament. It does not include the State of Law coalition (Maliki’s party). WE also  heard there were 800+ claims in the appeals court as election fraud was ramped. These all had to be reviewed and investigated. These too were taken into consideration in the final tallies.

The election commission announced on May 19th, the results of the parliamentary elections. In this announcement the coalition of state law received  95 seats, and  Menus Bra second place with 32 seats and then a Citizen’s Coalition 29 seats and the United coalition with 23 seats, the National Coalition led by Iyad Allawi, in fifth place with 21 seats, while sixth place Kurdistan Democratic Party 19 seats shared with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) center with 19 seats also.

However the “final” election results are not the preliminary results instead the final results will be the product of all the negotiating and bargaining that goes on between the preliminary result announcement and the deadline to make the final announcement by the judiciary.

A product of this process was the National party and the Citizens alliance forming a strong united bloc along with other parties joining combining seats. The theme of this new bloc was to eliminate Maliki, the Dawa party and the State of Law. This new coalition will be the new government and now has gained the majority seats in parliament. It does not include the State of Law coalition (Maliki’s party). WE also  heard there were 800+ claims in the appeals court as election fraud was ramped. These all had to be reviewed and investigated. These too were taken into consideration in the final tallies.

Yesterday the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov, urged the Federal Court not to delay in the ratification of the election results for the House of Representatives any longer.

Mladenov stressed that in light of the end of the mandate of the current board on June 14th and the recent developments unprecedented that resulted in this last crisis, security and humanitarian situation in Iraq, there is a need to ensure a parliament representing all Iraqis continue its work to address the decisions urgent national importance.

All this news was expected and on time but still we wait for the final election results.

I would expect we should see the announcement of the final election results either today or tomorrow.

What bothers me now is that they have not announced a delay from the June 10th deadline. I am skeptical that perhaps we have monkey business going on in the judiciary. It would not surprise me to see some corruption and a false report of the election results come out. Maliki seems to have is hand in everything.

So the next step in the election process in of course the formal announcement of the election results. Then the taking of the oath by all new parliament members.

These new members then will vote on the candidate for president (as presented to them by the controlling bloc as winners from the election) in the next session.

The president then will announce the new candidate for prime minister to the parliament, which will then ratify and seat him in the assembly.

Up to this point this all could take a matter of days but more likely maybe a couple weeks, since as we have seen Iraq does not rush to do anything. Maybe this new parliament will be different and since they are now moving forward with a new government things may change.

Next the new prime minister will then announce the candidates to head the ministries. Parliament must then ratify (approve) each new minister. The prime minister then seats the heads of the approved ministers.

We are looking at having this all completed by July 14th as an outside window.

These timelines are given of course with no more chaos and games from the new government or the old government for that matter.

Must they complete all these tasks first to see the international revaluation of their currency?

No - I do believe the USA will complete the revaluation process just before or just after the formal announcement of the new government officials. This is my opinion.

Another Option There are sources now telling me that the USA  may wait for everyone to be officially seated and to observe the first real working session of the parliament prior to rolling out the revaluation.

Personally I do not see them waiting this long but it is a real possibility in light of what Maliki did in 2010-2011 when he failed to seat his ministers and instead used 3 proxy ministers (defense, security and interior) his entire 4 year term.

This action, as we all know,  allowed him to play the shenanigans that transpired ever since by the improper use of the military and security forces as pawns in his political game of power. Also remember all the falsified contracts, banking schemes and other corruption in dealing with the interior ministry duties. I just don’t think they (meaning the USA) are going to allow this to happen again.

SummarySo today’s news is all good since I am hearing Iraq is  moving forward with the election process and it does not  include  Maliki and his goons.

We can expect the final announcement of the election results any time now since the   deadline of June 10th  is now 4 days past.

The date of June 10th was never really officially postponed and this bothers me since they quickly announced the postponement of the June 1st deadline. So what is going on?

Since they have already passed the new deadline date and I would have expected some kind of announcement at least of the postponement and a future date to look forward to. Since we have not gotten this new date I suspect we are on the verge of hearing the announcement very, very soon. We all know we saw this crisis drama play out this past week and so perhaps they are waiting to complete the final mop up of the militants?

Possible Coup d'état on the near horizon?

I also believe something is brewing still with Maliki since I am hearing rumors from the Iraq military that the prime minister may try a coup d'état also known as a coup, to cause a sudden and illegal seizure of the country of Iraq through the use of the military and security forces while parliament is not in session and the new government is being implemented. It is to being instigated by Maliki and a small group of loyal army generals.  I certainly hope this is not accurate. I also know the CIA has been informed  so I am being overly optimistic this can be handled before it becomes a problem. This could also be delaying the news of the announcements we wait for.

Will it ever end?

Yes there is an end - I am now hearing from my Iraqi sources that the judiciary has already ratified the final election results but has not yet announced them to the world or Iraq. They are waiting for Maliki and anyone of his followers to not be in the mix of this new government when the announcement is made.

We are in an excellent window to have these announcements this weekend or early next week. Lets’ sit back and watch how this all plays out in the next 4-5 days.

Remember that the IQD has already had in-country revalued at a rate of $3.41 earlier this year so we can expect a rate equal or greater to this amount. We now just await the international rollout.

This final process has been hindered by political forces in Iraq by the crooked Iraq government officials as well as in the USA.

We have also heard recently over and over again that Maliki wanted to complete the revaluation on his 2nd term. I have told you this was complete nonsense and if you have been paying attention to the politics (instead of listening to these crackpot intel sources) you would have realized that the USA was not going to support any revaluation while the government was still unstable. Being so close the conclusion of the elections and forming their new government (without Maliki) then why would the USA allow the RV to complete? We all know they own this power to complete it.  Are we all tired of this nonsense? Is there no common sense in the intel we get. Can’t we just screen out some of this nonsense?

I  want to emphasize once again this final announcement  of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Remember also the revaluation of the IQD is part of the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and so this adds yet another layer of complication to the process.

Peace and Luv To Ya All.